Stop changing rules mid-game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by FrankDma1962, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Good points Sechuran. Yes PVP weapon/jewelry has been a solid option for a LONG time, the quality of it is just continually increasing.

    They've gone to great lengths to help people enter the game smoother lately. I don't see how your requests are unreasonable.
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  2. Mighty Hyperion Committed Player

    it does sort of make sense to have a full set available... but than again when does making sense ever get you anywhere on here? But hey, don't worry build your guy up, grind away and after countless runs of wave you may have the actual weapon you want (in a year or so). Best of luck....
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  3. NorthernLad New Player

    I do agree there should be more weapon vendor options available, besides the lower level nightclub/police station vendors, and then only having a vendor in Central City. But, it sounds like that is being addressed next month.
  4. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Only for the new DLC. we'll get weapon vendors for the best weapons available, but that doesn't help those in older content.
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  5. Poo New Player

    I still don't see why we even have separate gear to begin with. It's an old concept and adds far more issues than it solves.

    It's not like people in PVP are being evenly matched anyway. So don't give me that "too much of a gap in stats crap".
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  6. Tweek New Player

    Thanks for the suggestion. It's certainly a possible option among many. As I said, we'll be talking about a bunch of them internally. When we decide on something, we'll get it in an update. Meanwhile, the content is completely playable without it.

    Oh yeah the content is playable without the pvp breakout trinket but honestly I Don't see why we have to. There are now several threads on here stating players Don't want to play the game without this last ditch breakout to save our butts when we need it most ( you have that power to help us) It is not that we take advantage of your gaming system but we only played with the tools you provided. Why punish us for something that was clearly the DEVS fault. I am so frustrated on how the devs are treating us that my finger hovers over uninstall. I enjoyed this game a lot and have several friends and I have made many a good time here. But as I see it , its a way for the Devs to reverse engineer their mistake and put the blame on us, and it annoys me to no end. I will miss the game and good times. I promised my league a Christmas party and will stay til than. I no longer wish to be vexed and frustrated anymore I just wanted to have fun.
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  7. NorthernLad New Player

    Do we know that for sure, though?
  8. GrumpySnot New Player

    I have been using, breakout trinket in pve, for the past 2 years, on all toons. I do not use gear from one zone to another, for stats. I take pride in the gear i "GRIND" for. I save the breakout trinket, for when im low on power, for a clip, or most importantly, a evacuation. This game is gettn ripped apart... From its foundation, that made the game...
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  9. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    We know basically nothing for sure :)
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  10. Torqz New Player

    Are the Weapons that are on vendors just cr90 weapons though? Or will there be lower cr weapons as well?
  11. Evil Leaper New Player

    My major problem is with my cr 98 main. I don't have good luck with utility pouches so I had the CR 84 PVP case and now I don't. I have all these useless home turf trinkets I can't have equipped anymore. So what's the deal?? Is it that big of a deal that I used a PVP case? I like how there is a ton of other problems with the game so they keep tweaking useless stuff.
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  12. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You're seriously telling the Creative Director of the game that you know more than he does about what's intended?

    As an aside, I've never used a PvP weapon or piece of gear in PvE. The change to when people started doing that is very recent in my sense of the game.

    But why people think that gear that IS SPECIFICALLY SAID TO BE ONLY FOR PvP should be allowed in PvE (or vice versa, frankly), I don't understand. Why do you think the distinction exists?

    The point is that if you get to jump up in gear/stats too fast you DON'T LEARN TO PLAY YOUR SKILLS, which is what the game is actually intended to get you to do. Skill. Not gear.

    Players who think it's all about skipping CR levels ASAP, rather than building SP and skill are not helping the rest of us because we have to carry you.

    You're the people everyone hate in a raid who have no idea how to play your roles or what boss tells are or what the strategies in different situations are or how you should situationally switch up your loadout.

    Spytle is completely right: just play the game. I never used a PvP weapon, and it never even occurred to me to do so. So boohoohoo that you can't.
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  13. Tikkun Loyal Player

    With respect to you, I think this kind of response to a paying customer is on the rude side. It deeply disappoints me to see this kind of response come from you because I really do look up to you and think, regardless of soe and their decisions, you have the players' best interests in mind.

    There are many reasons or times one can use PvP or PvE gear interchangeably. Granted, I'm not saying run PvP or PvE fully in the wrong gear, but part of what made this game great to me are the options! This game used to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, but more and more you limit it...or rather "dumb it down" so everyone is forced into a cookie-cutter way of playing. This is extremely disheartening and not what an mmo should be about.

    When I first started playing and got to 30 nearly three years ago, I had no idea there were vendors for the first tier of PvE, so I PvPed until I got the top tier of PvP gear in order to survive in instances long enough to get PvE gear. I did this for all of my alts as well. I only found the PvE low tier vendors when I was doing style feats and by then I was full T3! (This was back in the days MoK were the big thing) My suggestion to you is to at least cut the players who don't consult the forums a break and make the tier vendors for PvE easier to find.

    Right now the outlook for DCUO is looking very bleak compared to what it was to many veteran players, but I have faith you can turn it around. We went from having over 20 league members on at a time and each of us spending $10-$20/week and now there are maybe 2-5. Most of us have ventured into other MMOs until the new dlc drops, and the new dlc will decide whether we continue to put our money into DC or invest it into a game with more options. I really do hope the new dlc goes back to what made this game great...teamwork and being your own unique superhero. Stop making mechanics and limitations that kill creativity and force players to play their role the same as everyone else. I do acknowledge your amazing work with Celestial heals because of all the ways it can be played. Do more things like that and focus on team dynamics and this game will do great! Focus on the whiners who jump to crying for nerfs or removals and you'll just keep upsetting long-time players like myself.
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  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I don't know why my comment reposted. Text deleted.
  15. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    It'll 'always' be mid-game. =_=
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  16. Hawkboy Well-Known Player

    I've been saying this for a while now. Why not impliment PVP mods that you buy with PVP marks. You slot them in your PVE gear and, boom, you have gear that's for both PVE and PVP. This makes even more sense now that we have PVP seasons. Season ends, mods expire, you start over again.
  17. Poo New Player

    ^^ Seriously. The amount of people that would participate in PVP, if there was not separate gear, would increase dramatically.

    I mean, why even have the PVP phase? You can't shouldn't be doing PVE content in PVP gear right? But if you are not in PVP gear then another toon can just come by and kill you.

    Really poor design. If there was only one set of gear, I would likely do all my PVE stuff in the PVP phase. That would be amazing!
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  18. SuperiorMouse New Player

    they ban paying customers on here too. it's mind boggling.

    seriously, there's nothing wrong with what Spytle said. being candid or frank with someone is perfectly acceptable in any industry.

    Fox posted AFTER spytle. you quoted them to make it look like Spytle's reply was potentially directed at Fox when it wasn't at all. essentially you're misconstruing the context of Spytle's reply to make it appear as though he's being rude to Fox's reply.

    Spytle's post is pretty clear. 95% of players using PVP gear in PVE are doing so intentionally to fast track in the game and circumvent normal pve progression. very few players like Fox are doing what Fox has done and it's obvious from Spytle's comments that this change is not directed at concept character players like Fox -- they're simply an unintentional casualty.

    Fox made a very valid point in his reply to Spytle, and hopefully it'll be addressed but don't fabricate drama where none exists.

    Also, just because something is in the game or possible in the game... does NOT mean it is "working as intended". it's obvious to everyone who plays the game, that PVP gear being used in PVE was never intended. it wasn't a big deal or gamebreaking at lower tiers but now that the tiers are so mature allowing this completely compounds the issues and sidesteps normal pve gameplay. with the upcoming PVP season starting, players would have been able to buy the current tier with 8000 or something health, for cash! even without defence stats on it, that's more than enough health to walk through content -- a t5 tank doesn't even have that amount of health. this would literally invalidate 1000s of hours of resources and development getting players to play through and enjoy the game as it was actually intended -- and this robs players of the amount of content they have to play. and then they complain they have no content and nothing to do. smh.
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  19. Neph Dedicated Player

    Shirley, you cannot be Frank...
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  20. twist New Player

    Normally I wouldn't reply to this sort of mindless attack, but I will make an exception in your case. I've been playing this game since launch and you have no idea who I am. And please, if you are going to "quote" people include their full post. I made no claims as to the validity of using or not using PVP gear in PVE. Whatever in the world makes you think I'm the " people everyone hates"? Where in my reply to Spytle did I say I used PVP gear in raids? Take a deep breath and quit being so's just a game.
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