Stop changing rules mid-game!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by FrankDma1962, Dec 18, 2013.

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  1. Jamie New Player

    I'm not trying to rationalize it but you are coming across as claiming that SOE is innocent of cheating. If SOE was innocent then you would have a much stronger position to argue from. I wouldn't have even commented but it appears that you are trying to act innocent and are passing judgement. I've heard of glitches from previous raids but I believe those were fixed before I started playing so I cannot comment if people were exploiting these glitches for reasons other than people wanted to get gear easier.
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  2. Evil Leaper New Player

    What I don't understand is the fact for 3 years we have been able to buy a PvP weapon and use it for PvE content but now its cheating.? why wasn't it cheating 3 years ago? the arbitrary rule changes at the developers discretion is a major problem. How are we supposed to play a game where the rules change on a whim. In the last 6 months on these forum I have never once seen someone complain about the fact that PvP weapons can be used in PvE. As a matter of fact there are guides, that help players understand what to do when they hit level 30, tell players to buy these weapons. The main reason for these is because there are no Developer written guides at all. We learn how to play from experience, forum guides, and friends not you. I know you are going to fix the problem in later updates, but you changed the rules now not when the fix was in place.
    You can call me bitter when I bring up a point about the celestial power, but this was intended to show you what most players are asking for, and the PvP gear change was not one of them. I am distraught how quick you are to downplay peoples intellect and ability to reason just because their views don't side with your own. I was a long standing player, but the way you have treated people in this thread has made me upset enough to cancel my subscription.
    Yes players get upset, vent, berate the devs, but its only in response to the changes you or other developers have implemented. You should be there to soothe players worries and help them but as this thread has proven you don't. I have made sure this post is in accordance with the forum guidelines so if it gets deleted I know why.
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  3. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Well when I leveled in 2011 I honestly did not know there was sub 30 pvp gear. I leveled and got rings and things(couldn't resist the urge to rhyme) with relative ease. Yea at 30 getting the weapon you started with was a drag but most of us figured we would get a weapon eventually. I remember a bunch of mental and gadget trolls running around with brawling. My first ever raid drop was a a tank. I adapted until I got a 1 hander and then I finally got MA the weapon I started with. I think a lot players have that I want it now! mentality and playing a game with grind goes against that.
  4. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    And another thing

    People with a level 28 weapon modding their way to t2 can just as easily skip content as someone getting a 30 Cr pvp weapon.

    Both ignore looking for a weapon on t1 if they don't want to.

    But also my intial point, so what if pvp weapons are great for pve, even overpowered ?
    If it hurts pve that people have good stats then shouldn't we be blocking everyone from higher tiers helping out below ?

    And remove all walk-ins and make all gear non-tradeable as it's all skipping content

    If we aiming for a game where everyone plays the exact same number of time gated runs ? Everything else is cheating but then replay badges are okay because you paid to cheat ?
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  5. Jamie New Player

    What I was taught was to never look down on someone when you are guilty of the same thing. The game (dev's) cheated the players and the players cheated the game. The dev's lost any moral high ground so they have no right to look down upon the players. The dev's didn't make a mistake. If it was a mistake it would have been fixed quickly. The fact that i took 4 months to fix when it was just a matter of adjusting the loot table means that it was intentional. Have neither of you ever heard the phrase that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones?
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  6. shadwfyre New Player

    And that response addresses my points how?
    The game offers rings, necklaces & weapons obviously not just intended for PvP(as they don't have toughness or a loss of defense) that are superior to anything you receive from quests at equivalent level.
    My L14 PvP weapon was 10 or so dps points higher than a L14 quest weapon & with better stats, who WOULD'NT buy it?
    Same with the L19, L24 & L30 items.
    The GAME is teaching you "these items are superior" use them.
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  7. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    No one is "looking down" at you.

    That simply doesn't follow. There are always hundreds of bugs to fix, and they have to be triaged and prioritized. Some take a few minutes to fix, some involve revamping the whole game with countless knock-on effects on other game processes, and could require months of programming.

    The only way "if it's a mistake it would have been fixed quickly" is if you think that SOE has paid for a heck of a lot more devs than they have, and resources and personnel were infinite.

    But, hey, they're not. Not in the real world.
  8. Curse Bringer Most Wanted

    thats not cheating on the devs part, are you also gona say that they forced you to buy respec tokens to finish off those pieces ? explain to me how a DEV can physicly cheat a game they created
  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Wow, well, who is going to stay level 14 for more than an hour? Try getting your CR up into the 50s and buy Central City weapons. Meanwhile, buy PD weapons. HTH. HAND.
  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    At this point I think pretty much all the possible questions have been repeatedly answered. People are going to complain ad infinitum because they're coming new to the thread and haven't read most of it. It's probably time to lock down the thread.
  11. JEEBIE Steadfast Player

    Aye, I'm with you. All this talk of cheating seems off topic. The point of the thread is PVP gear. The idea that these people are in any way equal to someone who exploits errors in the game KNOWING they aren't intended is just silly.

    Players went around to vendors found better gear and got it. And they are equal to people who exploit duels to become invincible causing such an issue that we can no longer duel in instances... Really? c'mon now.

    There's a HUGE difference.

    buying gear off a vendor is not in any way comparable to the glitches and strait up cheating people have done.
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  12. Neph Dedicated Player

    GOD MODE / toggle hate :)
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  13. SuperiorMouse New Player

    i must confess i take some guilty pleasure in seeing these exchanges between you and certain players.

    1) because it's nice to see someone unfettered by forum moderation, give some of these people a straight talking to. and
    2) it's sadly comforting to see that you experience the same sort of disconnected exchanges due to the other person's catastrophic failure to comprehend what they have read or information they have otherwise absorbed somewhere, and how they completely misconstrue and reply accordingly.

    ahem. does this make me a bad person to know it's not just me and it even happens to the Devs on here? is the Doctor really right about me being so incredibly horrible? <snicker>
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  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Locking this thread up since it is quite far from the original topic and has degraded into inappropriate, combative attacks. Please remember to keep discussion constructive.
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