Stop changing rules mid-game!

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  1. Tikkun Loyal Player

    To many it seems like they always get gear they don't need and this is true because statistically as you gain more gear, the likelihood you'll receive what you're looking for gets smaller. Let me give you an example using apples.

    Red apples are your role gear.

    Yellow apples are your off role.

    Green is everything else.

    Now, put ten apples in a bag. Two red, two yellow, four green. All roles covered, yes? The two extra apples are just random variables. You may or may not find them useful. For kicks, lets throw in 5 oranges to represent plans and more random things or junk drops.

    So we have 15 items in the bag. Every time you get two-three items on average. Could be more. Now, every time you get a red or yellow (useable piece), mark it with an X. You can't equip the same piece twice. Every time you take out two apples, mark the useful piece, and put them back in the bag...just because we got the item, the loot table doesn't know that, so it's always fresh!

    If you follow this logic and example, you can see how it gets harder to obtain useful pieces you don't already have. I know this is simplistic, but I hope it helps.
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  2. Evil Leaper New Player

    not remotely what I was talking about. I'm talking overall not just a specific piece of gear. I'm talking about getting any piece for my specific role in which I play in.
  3. Mirai Well-Known Player

    It sounds like you play much like I do. My advice: Yes, make sure you have a good set of PvE gear, and stuff the PvP gear in the bank until you need it, assuming you ever need it. Note that you don't need PvP gear in Legends PvP, since Legends ignores your armor and weapons. You should upgrade pieces of gear as you can afford them (or get lucky drops) and remove old ones. I'm not sure why you would wait on upgrading.
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  4. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    How can you take advantage of the system in pve ?
    If people show up with hacks for dps in god mode, aim bots and no clipping, are the NPCs going to be upset and quit their subscription ?

    And as far as it being "recently", the norm have been Cr 34 pvp gear in the reactor core from day 1 - I think you know that.

    Want to time gate content additionally that's your call but you can't add by subtracting and let's at the very least, call it what it is.

    A desire to artifically prolong time spent, you time gating content. Laying it out like the players are these huge, amoral sinners when fact is they didn't design the complete lack of weapons, rings etc coming on level 30.

    How about a game where you just enjoy playing instead of forced grinding substituting the content for endless replaying.

    Pvp items being pve Cr 30 will only take you so far and so naturally fits the parameters of completely irrelevant on a larger scale.

    I will bet you anything taking stuff away from people, for christmas at that, is far more damaging for the game than a "free" level 30 Cr weapon would ever be.
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  5. Evil Leaper New Player

    my mail is not working
  6. Radium Devoted Player

    Workin for me bro, a buddy sent me some Nexts last night to tide me over.
  7. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    The answer to your question is simple. Because you are wrong. I am not saying that to demean or degrade you, but the fact of the matter is, your perception of how the loot system works is 100% incorrect - at least the version of it you have been stating in previous posts in this thread.

    Regardless, soon, it will not matter; as we have stated, a major overhaul to how we do loot is coming in DLC9. Furthermore, weapons are being added to vendors in all of the lower tier vendors, and will be released in an update next year (sometime post GU33 when the work is complete). If you want to continue to ignore what has been communicated about the imminent changes, feel free, but continued denial of the facts is not going to get you anywhere except someone's ignore list.

    When you bring up points that have nothing to do with the actual conversation being discussed, it comes off as bitter. Which really weakens your arguments that do relate to the discussion.
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  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Because the overwhelmingly most important stat is your Defense in PvE and your Toughness in PvP. Each has the same function, but you'll note PvP gear has zero (0) Defence, and PvE gear has zero (0) toughness.

    PvP gear is now disabled in PvE. (Pshew!) PvE gear is still allowed in PvP, but it makes you a glass cannon.

    This is tthe reason for the disparity; you're not noticing the Toughness/Defense distinction.

    Depends how interested you are in PvP. Put it in the bank or wear it as you wish depending on whether you're doing PvP or PvE.

    Don't delete anything that's the highest level for that item slot (i.e., legs, back, head, hands, etc.) because your CR (Combat Rating) is the average of the level of your gear weighted by a formula for each piece. You don't have to wear the gear to affect your CR. Just own it and bank it if you prefer until you get an item of higher level for that piece of gear.

    As for what you want to wear, beyond the PvP/PvE distinction, generally you'll want to stick to Defence/Toughness as the single stat to care about, but sometimes you may, as you get higher CR, switch to something that emphasizes your role stat, such as Restoration for a healer, or Vitalization for a controller. But that's not anything to worry while low CR.

    Keep perusing the Oracle's Database section of the forums, though; there are endless guides; also see YouTube tutorials.

    Hope this helps.
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  9. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    This really saddens me. The answer to the specifics you list in your opening statement is simple - because it is cheating.

    Games have rules, breaking them cheapens the challenge and experience. When you are playing a multiplayer game, it is actually affecting the people that play by the rules.
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  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You don't seem to realize you're contradicting yourself here.

    You're saying that on the one hand, the issue of PvP disablement in PvE is highly upsetting to you, an issue of great importance to you and your enjoyment of the game.

    But on the other hand, it's so unimportant to you that you "have bigger fish to fry than to worry about Dcuo updates."

    Pick one.

    If you care so much about a trivial issue like that, follow the patch notes and forums. If you don't care -- and why anyone should care about a temporary exploit that most of us have never used, I don't know, beyond pure inexperience, since it's totally unnecessary -- then you can't claim, you can't assert that you really really care. Pick one.

    This has been answered innumerable times in this thread. Read through it for multiple explanations and answers to your question. Consider also how unfair it is to your healers and other teammates in an alert/raid/arena to have no Toughness in PvP and and no Defense in PvE. You're stealing all that power and healing from everyone else. That's selfish and bad for the group, as well as not the way the game is intended to be played.

    There's no problem with using PvE gear in PvE. Obviously. Use it.
  11. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    People like you are the reason this screen pops up every time I watch one of the Blu-rays I buy. Thanks for that, btw.


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  12. Hawkboy Well-Known Player

    Do you guys have plans to 'back stock' some of the older styles in vendors? Styles only... not gear.
  13. Radium Devoted Player

    Play, Stop, Play, Stop, Play

    Life hack that skips right to the main menu. You are welcome.
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  14. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    A systems designer was sharing his plans on several fronts with me earlier. No confirmation at this time, but look for news down the road. Appreciate your patience.
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  15. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You don't seem to understand that the PvP weapons being any use at all in PvE is only a very recent change of a few months ago in a three year old game. Only people who are relatively new to the game ever had any reason to even consider using PvP gear in PvE (which is a terrible idea, anyway, but that's a different point).

    So the majority of the players over the course of the game haven't "experienced the game" like you have, and you know what? THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH USING PVE GEAR IN PVE.

    Or, you know, you could use PvE gear in PvE. Wacky idea, I know.

    (You'll mysteriously be about 20 to 50 times more survivable, too.)
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  16. Decree New Player

    I would love to get the traces in time style on my alts because I will never be running them again since I got the main style feats on my main. Hate those raids... sooooooo much
  17. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

    Well, I recently reached level 30 and went to poke the vendors in the watchtower. I picked the wrong one first and nearly had heart failure at the prices and then I found the nice T1 gear guy and bought my first couple of pieces and another vendor that had some level 30 weapons so I got one of them as well. That weapon was a PvP one although since I haven't done any PvP (*shifty look* I'm not really into PvP, is that allowed?) all I really noticed was I could get the weapon I wanted and I could get it for my class, which was a *yay* moment. I ran a bunch of general content and nothing dropped that was better than my weapon so I didn't replace it. I then found out about the change with the patch and I wasn't totally sure whether my weapon would be affected but I figured if it was I could buy a new one from the broker (since it seemed likely that that would be fixed when the patch was done). Of course it wasn't, my weapon was disabled and I ended up buying a new one from the vendor at Midtown. I have run a bunch of stuff since then and gotten weapons that were better than the Midtown one (but not as good as the PvP one) but none that were my preferred type or role.

    If I'm understanding this right, I was being either stupid or exploitative for buying/using a weapon that far exceeded the stats on my initial one and that was available right by the gear I was supposed to be buying. I didn't just use the wrong vendor by accident, there actually isn't a vendor for weapons at that level and I have to run content and cross my fingers and pray that the RNG decides to give me not only my ideal weapon but my ideal weapon, in my chosen role? Or I am supposed to respec into a weapon I dislike using because it happens to drop? Why isn't there an equivalent vendor for PvE weapons? It seems fine that better gear would drop in the content but surely there should be a basic weapon that I can purchase along with my nifty suit of armour?
  18. Little Sister New Player

    Don't let them get you upset Spytle ! Many of us are happy about the changes and also looking forward to DLC 9. It's great to hear that you may be restructuring past tiers to include weapons to purchase !
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  19. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Spytle, I'd totally have your children. If I were single. And a woman. If we can get past that, bow-chicka-wow-wow!

    I kid.

    But, seriously, will my Tom-bot ever scream "Destroy them!" ala the Ace Chemicals solo? Please say yes!
  20. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    We can't be everywhere. Please report these players as you see them. Discussing and promoting exploits is a violation of thew ToS.
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