Stop being mean to the Devs

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Sammy, Dec 15, 2021.

  1. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You have no "right" to know anything about what a private company does. Hope this helps. If you don't like it, do try suing in court for your "right," and best of luck with that.
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  2. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    If you don't want to be part of "we" that is okay with me.
  3. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    actually, These forums/game are public, TOS says so, the rules don't care about your feelings either, or the laws... you can , in fact criticize , now different people feel something could be "Bullying" and "some" may not" the fact is, and what i mean, and it is just how it is. cause of the law, Twitter, has given people this need to be "liked" and accepted, and people /companies/groups/ from other older discussion type sites, have seem to have this bleed into their tos and morality in some ways, but the saying what u want, is the point, as long as it's with in reason, if saying something in the game is broke, or complaining that someone isn't doing their job , it's just how it is, its called CSR work, short of Threatening a workers life, contacting their personal email, phone, and sadly since, most companies don't have a rule that having your name RL name and picture attached to your Works and public "key words" twitter account, really kind of messes with a quite simple formula.

    in game chat is even turning into discussions that i see similar when i log on twitter every other week just to check my twitch stuff and what not, but it is poison, discord is now a double dipped hurray twitter with no character limit, and rules moderated privately , some companies, "Crystal dynamics" think Every fan that gives avengers a legitimate fair constructive criticizing point, gets called a bully, and they get put on mod lists on redit and discord, and won't post official notes sometimes on official formats, they're use discord . i bring discord , reddit , into this, because, they are all the same now really, and people go out looking to find people to argue with and offend them just so they can start crap even if something said is really not that big of a deal,

    that is my problem with your statement, cause, as you put it, Muttering to yourself, or to your friends, can be subjective , and DCUO is a public forum, it is not a invite only created Forum site, once your click those TOS, your public, using your real name is your choice, taking offence is how ur views are, there are tons of trolls, there are tons of WAnnaVictims" there is tons of everything,

    you are wrong though, a MMO is public, specially a F2P entry level one, now when you get into , sub only MMO and other pay to play only games, the TOS could be different, but when it comes to Forums, as long as you're a member, that has created a profile and post something , it's public, no matter what, now you can make your profile viewings by others private and some things, but your posts are not private, and a DEVELOPER on the forums, is not a private account..

    i have no idea who was "Supposedly bullied, or what not" i am just giving the facts on the situations that seem to be going on with Social media in general, i would rather, things be more private as in, you have to be a subscriber to post, and such, like older mmos, but sadly the fortnite rose goggles are not off of the decision makers heads yet, and until they are, we will have to deal with Twitter style ideals and bully shaming, where there is none, criticism needs to stand, or things will always be bad, never changed cause of constructive criticism
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  4. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    No, they're not. They're owned by DCUO/Daybreak Games/Dimensional Ink. They are private property.

    No matter how many commas you use. Or how little or much you may understand what "private property" is and means.

    DCUO/DG/DI gets to do whatever they like with their games or forums.

    If you doubt this, please do consult a lawyer licensed in one of the United States' states.

    I'm afraid I'm not up to reading in other than English that is punctuated and at least vaguely grammatical, so I don't know what the rest of your post says, but good luck with it and enjoy the game.

    (You might or might not want to also look into what a run-on sentence is, but how concerned you are with being comprehensible is, of course, up to you.)
  5. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    Agree 100
    i know look at halo infinite, the devs are asking for Criticism good , bad, ugly , they wanto know, cause they are doing what a dev company should do, yes it is harder with a game like DC UO cause it's an IP with tons of micro IPs inside of it, and a lot of tape to cut to get things done, but, when you take Crystal dynamics treatment of the avengers player base, and compare directly to Halo infinites 365 and who is in the public conversations, transparency is always the best way, and they prove it, being transparent doesn't mean, telling people where you live, or what you ate that day, it means transparency about the product you are selling and people are playing, enjoying, taking there free time use on it, the person saying PRIVATE BLAH BLAH you have no rights. that is to what exactly we vote with our wallets with games,

    if you wanto be dishonest to your customers/players how can u expect nothing but positivity . that is simply either a statement made by someone who wants to gate keep, someone close to the developers, a worker themselves, or just simply someone that is a blue checkmark in the form of a Forum username, seeking yay, you're so great", being mean is bad, "you're so nice for sticking up for me" type of person seeking attention from the people on top, even if the product has a clear problems.

    even this game grew and got a lot from criticisms, and "bullying" , and again, Not talking about personally attacking someone, cause people seem to get that mixed up a lot lately, with fake victims, over correcting people for the damndist things.

    i am not trying to hate on the person you replied to saying, we have no rights in a private company, but it seems, the definition of a private company is a bit lost in translation for them. cause technically twitter is a private company, but if something goes wrong or the app breaks, they even usually come out and tell the users what is going on. but i say that with very very much reluctance do to a personal feeling about twitter, but DCUO is not a private game, now..

    Star wars galaxies, a game that was ran by this company, it is offline officially now, there are many "private servers" called EMUs, the mods, and developers for say bloodfinEMU swg, SWGEMU , SWG LEGENDS, they charge nothing, cause they can't but they run the servers, and have there own rules cause it's a private server situation with those games, 100% different then a LIVE MMO company,
  6. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    private property , ya... but read the TOS... u don't wanto listen.
  7. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    seriously post an instance of someone bullying a developer, or give an example, cause i just wanto understand your use of the private property, like a security guard, kicking me off a sick 10 set after trying to backside flip it for an hour. then private as in, access to personal files, the code of the game, developer login usernames, that is private property,

    our accounts, and responding on forums, specially when they forward the forums to twitter,

    unless it is as i said META attack, aka a dox, a personal insult , a threat

    , what you say is irrelevant. cause when you supply a service of "its even in the name" public discussion" forums, i am just not seeing what you are getting at.

    if someone was threatened , doxed , or attacked, it is objectively not illegal, the morality on how people critisize is up to them to judge, that's why posts get deleted and locked. like this one probably will cause were going in circles, cause you won't post a Quote of someone being bullified . i am just giving you plain facts on how MMO forums, and many internet forums are, once you click that little I accept box, create a username, sign in, unless as i said it is a invited private forum, the company itself maybe private, that is not even in question, but the business and service is public...
  8. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You're not making any sense. Perhaps if you wrote in vaguely grammatical English, with actual punctuation, you might be more intelligible?

    DCUO and its forums are privately owned. They're "public" in the sense that anyone can choose play the game and anyone can sign up to use the forums. That doesn't change the fact that DCUO/DI/Daybreak own both as private property. You have no legal rights here.

    Is there anything left you don't understand about this?
  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    This is kind of gibberish, but, no, you have no legal rights to demand anything of the game.

    I gather English is your second language?

    No, it isn't. It's publicly traded stock, owned by the stockholders; anyone can purchase a share. It's "private" in the sense that it's not some sort of public foundation or government-run organization, but it's publicly owned by anyone who purchases stock in it.

    [quote[] but if something goes wrong or the app breaks, they even usually come out and tell the users what is going on. but i say that with very very much reluctance do to a personal feeling about twitter, but DCUO is not a private game, now.. [/quote] Again, this is kind of gibberish. What a company's public relations or other policies are has zero to do with who owns it or what type of corporation it is.

    This literally makes zero sense in English. Are you using Google Translate?

    To repeat: what policies a company chooses has nothing to do with their form or ownership other than that different forms of ownership bring different legal obligations. A privately owned company has no stockholders and thus no obligations to stockholders. A publicly owned stock-issuing corporation is responsible to the stockholders.

    But you should do your own reading if you wish to know more about this. Hope this helps.
  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You literally have no idea what you're talking about.

    Or, at the least, you can't express yourself coherently enough in English to make sense of what you're saying. I'd respond to this if there were something coherent to respond to, but there isn't. No insult intended. It just isn't possible to communicate clearly with someone who can't construct coherent sentences or thoughts and who doesn't comprehend the subject under discussion. Maybe other folks will have more luck at getting through to you.
  11. Tiffany6223 Dedicated Player

    Enid Global 7, the parent company for Digital Ink and Daybreak Games is currently trading for 3.32 Euro on NASDAQ Nordic.
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  12. NIckNock Well-Known Player

    Ms.Tickle you are in a fickle. Butchering a text into segments is against the forum bi-laws and personal attacks against someone whether it be about mental prowess or physical attributes is toxic and unacceptable.

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  13. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Claiming someone wrote a comment that another person wrote doesn't fly very far.

    I don't expect you'll apologize, though.
  14. Kabr Level 30

    So I s
    we you are the one that reported me. Its all good. And no I did not violate any tos.
  15. Kabr Level 30

    Because have legitimate complaints about this game being broken right now. This whole thread of "Don't be mean to the devs" is an absolute joke. What does this post have anything to do with this game being broken. Nothing. Just some people looking for some favor with the Devs. That's it. This has been the same problem for 11 years. These posts shouldn't even be allowed. And I'm the one that was reported and warned for the above comment? Why because its the truth. I have noticed over 11 years if you post the truth about the game or certain people then your a troll. Accusing someone of trolling is trolling. Its crap. There is someone on this thread disrespecting people left and right but that's okay. You called my comment unnecessary BS. And this whole thread isnt. It's players responsibility to call out the devs about unsatisfactory work that breaks the game. Not disrespecting them. Which I didn't do. But I guess Meals loves all the praise he receives even though he's not a dev because he warned me my comment went against community standards.
  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Your TOS-violating comments:
    And that post of yours has been removed for violating the TOS.

    Except for where you did. What is the point of your denying the reality we see?

    "You sound extremely unintelligent" is a violation of the TOS. "Wipe your nose. It's got brown on it" is even more of a violation of the TOS.

    Hope this helps you understand what "violates the TOS" means.

    I hope this helps. Here's an attempt at a helpful hint: if it occurs to you to make references to excrement and to claim posters here are ingesting it in some fashion, you're probably violating the Terms of Service for the forums. And by "probably," I mean "surely are."
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  17. Kabr Level 30

    Definitely blocked. You are the type that has ruined this game. Bye
  18. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Feat achieved!
  19. Crimson Crossfyre Well-Known Player

    I think reading this entire thread lowered my IQ several points. So much nonsense.

    1. These forums are public and private. Public in that anyone can join but private in that DBG can enforce the rules stated in the TOS. However, the laws of each country in which DBG allows players access to its game may or may not place legal burdens on DBG and/or users.

    2. The title of the thread is a bit presumptuous. I don't recall the nomination of any forum user as "Protector of the Electronic Realm." If any Dev was truly annoyed by a post by any forum user, they have a banhammer to use. The employees of DBG and Dimensional Ink have no need for amateur forum censors. The only thing accomplished by threads like this is a great deal of drama and angst.

    3. There are several reasons why the Devs do not respond to most criticism BUT still allow players the freedom to express their discontent with the product. The Devs really do read through most of the posts, especially if alerted by Mepps of something of particular importance or controversy. The hotter a discussion thread is, the more likely that it gets a read through. The Devs don't respond to the childish insults for obvious reasons but also refrain from responses to avoid the trap of appearing to promise delivery on anything. There are forum users who will analyze, parse, and misinterpret every single word a Dev post to a thread so it is easier for the Dev team to limit responses.

    I have high hopes that a community relations team member will take pity on our sanity and lock this thread from further comment as it accomplishes nothing.
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  20. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    Nothing but respect for a Robert E. Howard fan. A true Artist and storyteller. Valentine Day pvp got the axe according to so and so because it had glitches or because there was not a dollar sign attached to the baby cherubs. Every dlc runs smooth for the few days and then comes the classic "take-a-way close"