Stem's Guide To Celestial Healing

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  1. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    Stem's Guide to Celestial Healing

    Quick Introduction
    Before I begin this guide I would like to give a bit credit to Spin Chop (Guy from odyssey who solo healed nexus) For making me look into using Consume Souls. Other than that everything else I came up with, and by coincidence was what he/she used.

    Strictly Healer
    The Loadout: Blessing, Renew, Admonish, Divine Light, Life Drain, Consume soul.
    I've used this loadout to solo heal Nexus without wipes a couple of times as well as with a Fire tank on all occasions so I didn't have it super easy. Also, this loadout is EASILY capable to solo heal Paradox.

    How to use/ Healing combos:
    Blessing: Shield.. Not much explanation needed but I use this if someone goes down or if I am stuck in a control effect as well as to heal the tank if he/she is taking excessive damage. Oh and if green is on someone.
    Renew: Not much to explain too, your instant heal, can be used to clip. Heals you and most injured teammate.
    Admonish: An amazing heal that makes celestial unique. I use this to start off then combo into blight for a HOT (8-man HOT) and a 5% critical healing chance. Also after your HOTs are out, I use this if 2+ people new a heal and sometimes clip with renew if many heals are needed. Also Admonish clip with Renew is a great tank heal if the tank needs alot of heals.
    Divine Light: Your Jesus heal. Almost a nuff said but... People mis-use this and just use it to start off but think of this as a instant Bloom/Invocation with HOT... When alot of people are low and need heals this is your go to. Use it wisely though it's cool down is bitter. Also you can use Admonish to Divine Light or Divine light to renew, depending on how much is needed to be healed
    Life Drain: Will almost never be needed unless you're out of power to be honest. Or if you are paranoid like myself sometimes when the boss Is low xD, or maybe if the tank stunned by Nexus or if he/she dies.
    Consume Souls: Your go to HOT. I usually start off with Admonish to blight and clip it with Consume souls for a HOT. Keep in mind this is a short HOT but heals kinda big.

    The idea: Use admonish to blight and clip with consume soul to get a HOT so as your team is taking damage you HOT kinda "cancels out the damage". Basically Your friend is constantly getting hit by 600, you're HOT will take care of it and if someone does need a heal you have 3 heals at your disposal; Renew for one guy, Admonish for 2+ guys, and Divine light if the services of Jesus are needed.

    Remander's Transitional Build v2.0

    Loadout: Malediction/Benediction, Admonish/Blight, Anoit, Retribution/Wither, Blessing, Cursed Idol(or Life Drain).
    How to Use-This build includes Renew, which can be subbed in for Retribution/Wither, for more of a pure healing loadout. You can also alternatively spec Consecrated Ground as the Super Charge. The 2 remaining power points go into the 10% crit healing and damage Iconics. Damage heals are set up with McB. Any prec damage for 12 seconds after that is cast is converted to healing for yourself and up to 7 group members with a cap based on your resto (note: it is very difficult to reach this cap, unless your resto : prec ratio is very low). If power is available, you can use RcW. It also applies purification, which creates more healing. When power is low, you should focus on weapon attacks for prec damage.
    What's New?

    Malediction/Benediction: Malediction is a single target might DoT and a small HoT for yourself, but when you combo into Benediction, that's where the fun begins. You and 7 others get heals based off your precision damage (ex: Rifle grenade, Arrow storm, and even your celestial combos, such as cleansed Blight or Wither).

    Retribution/Wither: If you DPS you know what this combo is, but I'll explain anyways. Retribution stuns and gives might damage to your target, and cleansed Wither sets up a precision DoT that gives heals, when corrupted Benediciton is active. That's all? No way! It also sets up the Purification PI, causing your target's attacks to heal for a small amount.

    Cursed Idol: Very low cost SC, so can be used often. Not only is it a might DoT, it's a strong HoT for all allies in range. It has a massive range, and when an add dies in range of it, it starts hitting harder and faster (Yeah, that's what she said xD).
    Anoint- This move is basically a 45% Prec buff that goes to you and 3 other group members. It also gives a small Resto boost. As soon as it goes down it can be used again.

    Remander's Aggressive Battle Build:
    Loadout: Anoint, Admonish/Blight, Malediction/Benediction, Retribution/Wither, Divine Light/Plague, Cursed Idol (or LD)
    Info: Takes the 2 power points used for Renew and Blessing from the above build and puts them into Plague and DL. This combined with RcW makes for massive amounts of damage healing. Keep in mind that it's much more power-hungry, though
    How to Spec
    Recommended minimum Skill Points = 94
    This gets you all of the damage and healing crits, in addition to your 7 basic movement mode and 5 basic main weapon (e.g., HB up to Pulse Beam, Bow up to Flurry Shot) SP specs.
    Optimal minimum SP = 108
    This gets you the above plus the extra 180 tier 1 restoration.
    Optimal resto : precision ratio = 4 : 1
    This is what I've found to be best for battle healing at tier level. I use a mix of healer and DPS gear, which I can switch as needed. For instance, I currently have 3840 : 975 in my T5 battle spec. This ensures good base heals, as well as good damage heals. If you overgear the content, you can add more DPS gear to shift the ratio more toward damage. I have run with as low as a 5 : 4 ratio, which is basically DPS gear with a healer chest piece.
    Recommended tactical mod = Core Strength
    To get the most out of damage healing, you have to get rid of the 25% damage penalty in healer stance. Core Strength does this.
    JEEBIE's Battle Build
    Loadout: Renew, Malediction/Benediction, Admonish/Blight, Retribution/Wither, Blessing, Divine Light

    Brief Explanation: This loadout does not require much explanation, because it's quite similar to Remander's. Basically, you are dropping out the SC and Consume Soul, which gives you back 2 PP, so you can pick up the other 2 DPS/Healer Iconics. These are replaced by Renew and Blessing. This loadout is great for damage, and is capable of solo healing in the hands of a experienced Celestial Healer. JEEBIE has used it to solo heal Paradox. Have fun healing while helping with the burn!
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  2. Bandee0817 New Player

    very nice. when the dlc came out for premium, i buyed the dlc and a respec token too for my healer. and to be honest, celestial is the power what fits for me :D the agressive healer type. and i can say, black stem's guide and loadout is very good, i also use this loadout. never had problem, shield is awesome, life drain also saved from some critical situations. but guardians light can be useful in raids. i did not tried yet on raids (i will) but it can worth if someone need the 7 man heal. if anyone have questions and problems, write here i can give advices and im sure stem can too :)
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  3. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    I appreciate the feedback, but the issue with guardian's light is it's cast time and i usually end up solo healing when i heal.... so by the time it gets out people are/can be dead. Plus i feel as if it's not needed it's rare to see the WHOLE group go below 50% or near death, but when it does occur you have Divine light and Admonish. Other than that your HOT usually keeps everyone at around 100 and you have Admonish and Renew to heal those who get a bit low.
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  4. SnipesSaint New Player

    Hi, im new to healing and recently tried celestial. I'm using this loadout too but do each HOT have their own duration? cause i'm like spamming admonish comboing to blight each time i see my team mates hp drops for HOT or sometimes with CS too. And their HOT do stacks right? Cuz numbers are popping up everywhere so i have no idea whether are they stacking or overwriting aech other.
  5. BrotherMutant New Player

    If you are the only Celestial healer, they shouldn't overwrite each other. The HoTs are REALLY fast though which is probably what you are seeing. CS for example ticks in like 3 or 4 seconds IIRC. But the ticks are nice in size and team-wide. Not sure if its Line of sight or the range to some of these heals but certainly a good loadout that Stem listed above. I had almost the same, except GL instead of CS. And I agree that GL is too slow. I feel the same about DL but that could be more on me for having a low Resto and pugging for alerts/raids. Not everyone can be expected to have cr90+ gear and 100+ SPs for FoS3! So, sometimes it feels like healing with Celestial is a chore (when compared to my Nature healer). As I get higher in Resto and gear, I assume it will get much easier for me to solo heal stuff.
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  6. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    Honestly Don't go on spamming your HOT's, They are very short on celestial BUT They're big. So when tho whole group's health bars start to "crack" Put it out again because you don't need to waste big heals to fill all 8 people who are at like 80-90% health. Also when you're healing a fire tank in T5 it's important to keep it up for a good amount of time. Sadly your HOT's last around 5 secs. But if you're using admonish to heal like 2-3 people who are at like 70% health and they aren't taking consistent damage go ahead and combo into blight because why not? No power will be used to combo. It's a bit hard to put into words but i tried xD
  7. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Yeah, that's actually a pretty standard build and rotation from what was found on the test server. I agree with you on Guardian's Light. Too much like Invocation of Renewal and Ionic Drain, from Sorc and Elec, respectively. Never liked either of those, due to the cast time and reactive nature of healing. I told myself I would stick with Electricity, but I may just have to give Celestial a go on live. Heck, I have a few power respec tokens in the bank. Might as well use them!
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  8. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Use the same load out except no sc . I use gl instead. Gl is a life saver if you can anticipate damage. Also faster that the other three powers (bloom iconic). Nice tip; use it when someone is picking someone up. When circle starts to fill cast and if they get up right away the second they stand full health. Can also use it as a third hot if admon and cp aren't enough.
  9. Black Stem Well-Known Player

    Yep, it's a nice change from any power type really, I use to hate healing due to how boring it was but with celestial I've been having alot of fun. Nice change from electric too, your power consumption drops by alot xD, and I've Made an amazing DPS loadout also. I say you should give this power a shot it's fun as hell, it's no quantum xD.
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  10. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    Actually its' the same time as bloom an IoR, all of which are 3 seconds. But it is faster than iconic, 4 seconds and works with the channeling mod.
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  11. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Well, made the switch over the weekend. On test, I was more just trying out the combos, but didn't heal much real content. Healed some alerts this weekend, and really like it. Feels like a Sorcery/Electricity hybrid. I like the clipping of cBlight with Consume Souls to set up the 2 HoTs. Really takes some hard hitting to knock someone down through that. Then, it's just Renew or Admonish. Not sure I even touched Divine Light or Life Drain. Used Blessing primarily during boss fights. Was using MA, so found myself in the mix of the fight most of the time. Missed a combo here and there, but will get that down.

    Of note, I also like to get in cCurse and cDeath Mark on occasion. The healing from target deaths is really fairly sizable. You just have to time it right, because the effect is extinguished after about 10 seconds, if the target isn't put down. It's no loss from a power standpoint, of course, but if you're going to do the combo, it's nice to see it pay off.
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  12. SnipesSaint New Player

    Still a noob in this but is there a need to AcB to get the HOT cause in hectic moments i using just adm without Cblight?
  13. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    In emergency moments no, you can just use it as a burst.
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  14. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Agreed. If you are in a "hectic" situation, you should be bursting anyway. Don't worry about the HoT.
  15. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    I recently spent the PP on Curse to have for PVP. Not sure if I will spend on Death Mark. Renew/cCurse is a quick combo and I love it for duos.
  16. tman Well-Known Player

    anyone use annoint
  17. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Curse-crenew is nice a raid; especially the t5 raids where almost everyone is taking some type of damage all the time
  18. BrotherMutant New Player

    Not since I hit 30. After that, the minor Annoint upgrade to my Resto/Prec wasn't worth it. Had a leaguemate that was using it, MaledictioncBenediction and Benediction straight (didn't combo it) for his buffs and like two or three attacks, but rapidly saw that his DPS, while good, was being passed by those of us using MalcBen and DP alone (obviously for a dps loadout). He has since switched to two buffs (I assume what we all have been using for DPS).

    Only reason I would assume you would want to keep annoint would be for its clipping potential. If that is the case, which "heals" are you using that need to be clipped? Wouldn't work on GL (IIRC) but could be useful for Divine Light or Blessing perhaps?
  19. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    You would need to spend 2PP on anoint and WotP is nearly useless to healers.
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  20. Remander 10000 Post Club

    Ran Nexus last night with the following: Renew, Admonish (cBlight), Malediction (cBenediction), Blessing, Divine Light (cPlague), Consecrated Ground. Rifle as weapon. Went well, though the final room was bugged. :mad: I was behind in healing somewhat, but it was to a Sorc who had my resto covered by a good amount. Ended up 4th in damage by a significant margin. The 3 DPS, naturally, and one troller (who madly DPSes in every role he plays, LOL) finished ahead. I had more damage out than the other healer, the other troller, and the tank combined. We ripped through everything smoothly, until the end, which as I said, was bugged. Power consumption was also fairly low, as expected. Really liking this loadout. Am going to take the PP out of Plague, because I didn't find myself using it, and put it into the 3% crit attack chance.

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