Status of Server Lag & Ongoing Issues

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  1. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    They used to say US servers in their downtime announcements but now say NA servers. I sure hope they ain’t using those Canadian servers down in Saskatchewan eh? Because our power generator hamsters are pretty sluggish if they didn’t get their Tim Hortons coffee in the morning doncha know? Wherever their servers are can someone spring for a couple more powerbars there cause they low on FPS juice geez?
  2. arielflores New Player

    I don´t know if someone just mentioned this, did u think how a rage tank can play when basically the mechanics of the power to keep him alive depends of timing? I tried to use my rage tank as was designed and was impossible predict when the rage crash was coming so I changed my Loadout and played as if were an Ice tank.
  3. Silverfencer New Player

    With how things have been the past few episodes, particularly for Switch, I'm not so sure there is an understanding. The last episode released that had little to manageable lag was Sins of Black Adam. Ever since then it's been one lagfest after another. The Shock episode is almost impossible to do group content in most days, and JL Dark Cursed is barely any better. We had already done the events to test lag when Mepps was still around and the response was the same back then too: "we're actively looking into it." And then we get more episodes where you can barely do anything the moment you add a a fifth player into an event.

    At this point, more transparency is needed because people are outright quitting because things aren't being done, and since we're not really told much, it doesn't sound like you're actively investigating anything. I would also like to know what in particular is being done for Switch because I wouldn't be surprised if that was affected the worst by these issues. My league has already had people jump over to PS5 because the play is much better there. With PC, you could at least make tweaks to mitigate the problem or maybe update a graphics card. Switch, however, has nothing. Even lowering settings does barely anything, and I've tried. I'm mainly a healer, so I'm practically useless when lag has me frozen for 10 seconds while I'm trying to heal someone, only for the game to catch up and a quarter of the group is wiped out because I was just standing there. It's beyond frustrating at this point. It's ridiculous.

    Please actually do something and resolve the issue. I want to keep playing but I can't if the game won't let me.
  4. Tropical Skittles Taste The Rainbow

    Day 2 of the new DLC :mad: - This is why everyone suggested to FIX the issue before you drop the new DLC

    1.) Open World: Arachno Overlord Boss - Part of the mechanics is a spider web looking thing on it. As it does that, the Arachno Overlord Healing Brainiac Tumblers come out and suppose to heal it. I sat out in the open world (along with several other people) for 3 hours trying to get the feat "Bug Tester". The boss glitched out by just standing there. You are unable to do any damage on it. The Arachno Overlord Healing Brainiac Tumblers are invisible and healed the boss completely.

    2.) Lag Spikes: Open World, Duo, Alert, Raid, House of Legends, Watchtower etc. It would lag at random times, like dialup AOL.

    3.) Random Teleports: I was in the open world, went to turn in my daily (to superman). It teleport me back to my base. I went back to the open world, tried to turn in my daily again. It teleport me to the house of legends.

    4.) Random Disconnects: Same as #3 BUT sometimes it would disconnect saying "The world is currently down for maintenance. Please try again (0x000E,5,0)" OR it would say "zone unavailable"

    5.) Loyalty Points: I know you get them every month on the same day. Is there also a issue with that too?
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  5. Mr.W Committed Player

    Question regarding the lag & I know it may be a silly question but I can’t help but as….again. When the ps5 servers launched did the team just port over half the ps4 server for ps5 & just leave ps4 players with essentially half a server of connectivity? Honestly I’ve noticed it & it started getting progressively worse when dcuo was announced for ps5. I know it seems odd to think this way but given the recent updates from eg7 about putting less into dc because the game isn’t making the record numbers the pandemic years yet adding servers it seems a little suspicious lol.

    I’ve added my tickets & hope it’s resolved soon.
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  6. iLazy Well-Known Player

    I would like to address the ongoing issue of delays, lag, FPS drops, rubber banding, and similar problems. It was announced that we should report these issues by creating a ticket. I did this a few days ago. After some back and forth, I was told that the responsible people are not in charge of this. Instead, I should post in the forum. At the same time, the forum says to create a ticket.

    I have already described this problem in the original delay thread. Now I am wondering, what are we supposed to do here? It feels like we are just being distracted. We are told to create tickets, even if they don't solve anything, just to "calm us down."?
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  7. Miranda31 Well-Known Player


    I get that some problems have already been discussed and solutions found by players themselves, so it pays not to reinvent the wheel.

    But those problems are the minority these days, and the boilerplate "have you asked on the forums" b/s is immensely frustrating. Lag indicates server issues, demands a Daybreak company solution. End Of.
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  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Captains log: day 4758.

    Lag has continually destroyed our efforts of achieving maximum fun that causes us to open our wallets more. Much of the crew is becoming frustrated to the point of extreme resolution. The powers that be, have continually sent us on wild goose chases, in an effort to shut us up. They have commanded the admirals to bounce us back and forth with stupid carrier pigeon messages that result in no progress.
    The lag has been "addressed" by the crew, but the admirals seem firm in their stance in hopes that we will simply give up with no hope.
    The crew and their captain though, are certain that with proper allocation of funds, and the refusal to distribute, change will be made immediately.
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  9. Dirty Paw New Player

    I sit back and watch you guys dig your own grave, I predicted it would be better to postpone the episode.
    In 8 years of dcuo I've never played such a loveless episode....

    I seriously wonder what is daybreak's mission ?!
    You can't be about money because you're chasing all the players away and gaming love isn't either because you don't give a :eek: about the game, so what's the goal of your journey?
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  10. C0mbaticus New Player

    And what about the PS5 version? Any fix coming for that. It's literally unplayable. I can't even run a stabilizer event for Pete's sake
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  11. phill132 Level 30

    I submitted a ticket like this dev asked. They didn't read my ticket or respond to it. They just copy and pasted the script about clearing my cache on my ps. Anything I do on my Playstation isn't going to fix your server issues. What a waste of time. Don't bother. This is a joke.
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  12. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Play your own game please … get on the PlayStation 5 client and actually play for an hour or more and you’ll eventually be kicked off, it probably won’t even take an hour go to a particular busy map you guys should have tested this out last week when you had shock as your weekly bonus.

    Now go on ps4 and play the new alert , and raids. You guys should be doing this not us …
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  13. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    You and I have both been cheerleaders for this game for more than a decade. I've left and come back, but seriously wondering why I'm wasting my time right now. I want to play a game to relax, not grind the enamel off my teeth and mutter obscenities when I try to play only to end up getting booted out of an instance or run something and wonder if I'm actually contributing because the lag won't let me see gears turning.
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  14. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Exactly man .. are you using the ps5 client ? I suggest moving back to the ps4 one … atleast you don’t get booted .. as you know I’ve always praised them when they made good decisions or decisions I liked which are plenty and i will hold their feet to the fire when I feel like they are not doing their best… right now there is no excuse for a lot of this.

    The frame rate issue for alerts and raids was mentioned the first day of test … how did that slip through the cracks ? They didn’t even acknowledge it

    This lag and and animation delay has been going on before the ps5 client and it’s gotten worse each week … why has it taken til last week for them to tell us they know .. and how come they didn’t work on it ? How come they need us to tell
    Then why can’t they come check on it themselves ?

    The fortress base been broken since it came out I waited years for it… to come out broken.

    I’m not one of those who think we deserve free stuff when things are going south … and I still don’t (although a 2x nth xp week would be a nice apology gift … it won’t happen) but they really do need to just come out here and apologize for this mess for the last 3 months
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  15. E.K.75 New Player

    The devs are VERY short staffed. On top of that they need to check millions of lines of code to see if that’s where the problem is, or it could have nothing to do with the coding and it could be a hardware issue.
    A while ago a similar situation happened. It turned out that when they ordered and installed physical new servers there were small faulty parts that there is no way they could have known about until they were in use.
    Is it incredibly frustrating? Yes. But they have to check both software and hardware, and we the players helping them will at least give them a clue of where to look. It isn’t “Just check this line of code.”
  16. iLazy Well-Known Player

    That is no excuse for making us wait for two months just to get an answer about whether the developers even know this problem exists or not. And now we're being told to report it in a ticket. When we report it in a ticket, we're told to report it in the forum. Honestly, it really feels like we're being juggled around.
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  17. RTX Well-Known Player

    Well, i already told them over a year ago, what they should do when it comes to performance optimizations. Plus, if you look into EP47 testing feedback how many people have reported fps drops and other unfixed issues they seem to not care, which is pure disrespect to those spending their time in testing and shows that they have people working in positions which doesn´t suit them, cause performance is something you always have in mind within the development process, if you know what you´re doing, short staffed or not.

    Now we have to know how 2 factors come together (lag and fps drops/freezes)

    First of all, these issues mainly started with everyone having fps drops in Dakota City fighting bountys where i told them the reason why that happen and how to optimize it and how they could "prevent" fps drops and people from crashing due to it, by reducing the phase sizes (less to render, simple as that). However i tought they would go and use the tips i gave them to fix the performance issues, to then later increase phase sizes again.

    Now here´s the issue, having more phases results in higher server use the way they created their content. It´s as simple as this (100 players in 1 phase, collisions/scripts etc. has to be processes by the server, now splitting it into 25 players 4 phases you obviously have gotten higher server load) where in return people have less performance issues on their client side.

    In most situations of performance optimization, you push load into different directions, there are only a few things where we could increase FPS nearly for "free".

    1. Reduce draw calls, optimizing mesh/models (batch instead of having every single object/mesh seperate).
    2. Combine static collisions (those are seperate and not 1 for the whole area/zone, impacts both server/client performance).
    3. Keep vertices low in FOV, should be self explanatory. (Dont have to many NPC´s, Pets, Players in same spot)
    4. Some effects are to performance hungry, which is the cause for frame drops/freezes in EP47 "Hall of Doom" as already stated. And a wide spread cause for fps drops in other content, hardware dependent.

    Additionally, there are other reasons for frame drops which are not that generic among players, for example high mouse polling rate (above 1000hz)

    Note: The cause for server lags are hard to find from an external position, and considering what i´ve seen so far, there is a high chance to be a developers fault.

    My suggestion is to get developers with knowledge and love for the game.
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  18. CGEMINI Committed Player

    It’ll be crazy if they don’t compensate for this
  19. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    I don’t give a crap about free stuff .. fix it
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  20. LavaSpitter_json Level 30