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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I wanna ask you guys opinion on this. If power regen was also included with WM combos, wouldn't that just enforce another meta that we have now? Wouldn't that just create another go to weapon that support roles must have or dps with heavy power usage must have too?

    Im not talking damage, just power regen if it was included with wm combos.
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I use 2H>Arrow Storm on my support roles. I know a Controller who uses just straight HB on Live, no mastery. I once saw someone use the 4 hold MA mastery. There are people who sometimes try things outside the supposed go-to weapon combo.
  3. Absolix Loyal Player

    So with the change in philosophy regarding weapon combo damage being tied to animation timed, I decided to look at a few things.

    Most weapons have access to a clippable combo or two with an animation time of 1.3 or 1.4 seconds however many of these are not the combos you would think to use. For example, for bow the only completely clippable combo with an animation time greater than one second is Bow Slam, the tap melee 5x, with an animation time of 1.4 seconds.

    The clippable weapon combo with the longest animation time is 1H's Flurry at 1.5 seconds. The shortest clippable combo with a long animation time is HB's Fist Slam with a 1.4 animation and only 0.4 seconds before it becomes clippable.

    I fear optimal Dps is going to become Fist Slam clip spam with Dps blaming Trols for not giving them enough power again.

    Since WM combos get a damage bonus, I also decided to look for those that would spend the longest percentage of animation time in the WM combo portion. The highest ratio of WM to nonWM is Brawling's Shuriken Storm Mastery with approximately 69.565% of the time in the WM portion recieving the damage boost. Rifle's Air Launch Mastery is a close second with approximately 68.18% of the time in the WM combo portion while also being completely AoE, unlike the nonWM portion of Brawling's Shuriken Storm Mastery, and it is also melee.

    So depending on whether you want to use ranged or melee combos for weapon-based Dps, these two will like two will likely produce the optimal Dps based on the current weapon balancing philosophy.
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  4. Aggro Well-Known Player

    Not feeling the boost on any weapon, Sounds good on paper but the bulltets i highlighted red isnt getting the weapons any credit max precision 175cr Flex sodas and i do the same damage i would going all might if not super close by 1k -3k off

    Now if weaponzation is the difference factor thats interesting but i havent seen a weapon hit over 11k

    My main concern is this game just completely shifting to might only, due to the combo powers also being just might, and having the weapons just for power regen only.
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Speccing into Dual Pistol Mastery breaks Magnum Round. After you spec into Dual Pistol Mastery, Magnum Round appears to only work with Slip Shot. I am unable to use it after Jump Shot or Sweep Shot.
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  6. krytine Loyal Player

    So it means we go back to using bows or hand blasters or staffs or even two handed like the old days
  7. Xibo Loyal Player

    Same thing on Live too.
  8. Xibo Loyal Player

    This is a interesting detail, because on the same time, WM Shouriken Storm is the fastest WM with a duration of more or less 2 seconds.
  9. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Just wanted to add that having a weapon mastery focused build, feels significantly weaker than a tray build or tray/weapon mix build.

    I feel like weapon mastery is not worth performing due to the little increase in damage that you get compared to a normal combo. Just my feedback on that. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong, my spec seems to be fine and all. Precision and power stat specialization, using the weapon buff, and using weapon mastery plus supercharge builder on top.

    It seems like the best build for me consisted of weapon/tray/supercharge mix.
  10. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Problem: weapons are not on a same level neither to replenish power, nor how they play like, nor in how easy and fast they produce dammage. the reason is: you have ranged and melee based weapons that can suck on the other way or even both ways. this is because they are able to do combos on a whole different level. take brawling for example: after you lunge, you can either directly ad a hold (wich can be clipped) or continue your combo just like that. if you play martial arts, after you lunge, you can not add a hold melee attack. also, you have to start a new combo from the first attack. this definitly makes brawling superior to martial arts. same goes for handblaster at a ranged combos.
    weapons have WM, but they are not giving power back and are not clippable, nor do realy more dammage at all... they should be changed drastically, should become costumizable, clippable and give power back at same time... (while not doing more dammage when clipped).
    combos for every weapon should be the same for every weapon or you should be able to costumize your combos and to choose the WM you want to have, instead of predetermined ones that may not make sense at sometimes.
    (if i can shoot laser beams out of my hands, why would i want to use a bow for exactly? if clipped, this is at least not as bad, as long as i dont need to see the animation of the bow attack)

    also: it would help if we players could wield two weapons at same time. one would activate by starting a melee combo, the other is activated you start a ranged attack, and they would continue to be activated untill the combo is clipped with a power or as long as you use either melee or ranged attacks...
  11. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Interesting concept but they wouldn't be able to implement it for at least a year prob because that revamps the entire weapon combo system. I would want 1h (ranged) and shield (melee) at the same time personally.
  12. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Suggestion: counters should deal more dammage if feint signs are deactivated in PVE.
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