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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Moja Developer

    WM attacks do not generate power, but deal higher damage.
  2. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Can they, since it seems weapons will be needed regardless of what people try, and we're keeping WM so can it regen power?
  3. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Is there a reasoning for this? It already takes more to get there with both sp and combos. Just wondering about that. Is it the full weapon attack option for play?
  4. bmce84 Loyal Player

    You would think the philosophy of giving you more options would apply to WM, which clearly doesn't since a Weapons only rotation isn't viable and tray only either.
  5. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    A weapon only should be viable, since they changed damage buffs to be a flat 10% for being in damage role. Since it doesn't cost any power to combo and it generates powers even, weapon power clipping is probably going to be the only way to dps when this goes live.
  6. Moja Developer

    Yes, as you said, the reason is that WM combos are intended for Weapon focused or Hybrid builds. Hence the name "Weapon Mastery".
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I don't feel WM is even an option for a hybrid build. I can spec all prec and power and still run out of power on boss fights in duos and solos. I realize I could take a soder but that makes Hard Knocks feats unobtainable. Fact of the matter is if it doesn't regen power, no one is going to use it. That includes heals and trolls too.
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  8. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Hey Moja,

    I have some feedback on weapon based DPS. I was playing around with different builds (my powerset was Ice) and I noticed that weapon based DPS is not as strong for me as other builds that I can put together. The weapon mastery combos don't do more significant damage than regular hold combos, I'm not sure what the intention is behind it but I don't see the damage difference on my end. With the cast bar and long animation, weapon mastery combos should hit significantly more than regular hold combos that can be clipped. My build was a mix of supercharger and precision based DPS.
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  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    The power cost is too high ! We need lower power cost for powers , especially for dpses, and better passive power regeneration or better power regeneration with weapon hits otherwise we'll have too many problems with trollers and even without them we'll need too many colas,back ups etc to restore power to ourselves !
  10. Maxwill Committed Player

    I was cr 166 as ice dps, used ice bash and took about 50% of my power bar ! What on earth is that ????Better be fixed before it's relased live and more players get angry about it and cancel legendary and stop playing this game.
  11. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Agreed. I don't know why they are stuck on the power regen issue the way it is as it is awful and def not fun. Fix power regen somehow. I and others have given lots of ideas how (including big bonuses to power recover for completing WM combo) and maybe people will use WM.
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  12. Mystere Well-Known Player

    This is awful. They pittance of extra dmg a WM attack combo does in no way makes up for the loss of power regen. Esp since powers do more dmg that weapons.
  13. Maxwill Committed Player

    What do you mean higher damage? can you be more specific? by how much % they deal higher damage?

    Also please let us know how much precision = 1 damage or 1% more damage , and how much might = 1% more damage coz ingame we can't see that ... We just see : Might increases damage from powers... Precision increases damage from weapon attacks...that's too general, cmon you can do better than that.
  14. Maxwill Committed Player

    Also a developer who knows tell me please what is weaponization rating and how does it work?The more details the better.
  15. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    That has to do with objects (and the damage you deal) that you can pick up. Like if you had super strength and juggled cars around in Metro.
  16. bmce84 Loyal Player

    I'm sorry but you can't have a successful Hybrid build without power regen from WM, this used to work before because of damage buffs but without those and power regen being so low with power cost so high, plus the fact that we need to put so much SP into power alone, at least we need WM to also give some sort of power regen. Not so much that you can run from it alone but enough to make it viable as is Hybrid only means you still need a lot of SP power points for regen to even work if you aren't doing regular combos.
  17. Maxwill Committed Player

    Are you a developer working on those things?
  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Hey Devs, this issue has come up many times before in DCUO's lifetime but please don't tie weapon damage to animation time. Our ability to prematurely clip short the animation of any weapon combo with a tray ability yet still get all the damage turns what is otherwise a 2-3 second animation into a 1 second animation, which obviously allows us to massively increase our DPS.

    The weapon combos that get the biggest DPS increase due to clipping are the ones with the longest animation times such as Spin Chop and Encircling Throw. This results in some weapons being clearly better than others and limiting our choices for endgame content.

    Please consider making weapon damage based on "time to clip" instead of total animation length. Also, I agree with other requests to remove the blue cast bar from weapon mastery combos to allow us to clip those as well.
  19. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Actually, you may as well remove ALL cast bars from weapon attacks to be consistent. Or you could go the opposite route and add cast bars to all weapon attacks in order to remove clipping altogether. The second option would probably see you crucified by the playerbase though.
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  20. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Yeah I can tell that I'm not getting the same DPS with my weapon only build compared to my other builds where I mix super power and weapon attacks. Straight tray rotations and straight weapon rotations aren't generating the same DPS as mixing them together.
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