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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Quixotic, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    This thread is for feedback on Tier Seven content.

    Consider using this basic format:
    • Region/Instance/Mission: Watchtower
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 37
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Mepps
    • Details: In the boss fight with Mepps, Mepps hits really hard compared to all of the other NPCs around him. He seems really overpowered.
    Tier Seven Content includes:
    1 Player Shared - Deep Desires, Science Spire, and Oa Under Siege
    1 Player Hero - New Genesis Defense
    1 Player Villain - New Genesis Assault

    2 Player - League Hall: Malfunction, Resource Recovery, Corrupted Zamaron, Flash Museum Burglary, The Demon's Pit, Wasteland Wonderland, The First Piece, and The Will of Darkseid

    4 Player - Fatal Exams, Desecrated Cathedral, Desecrated Cathedral (Elite), The Demon's Plan, The Demon's Plan (Elite), Phantom Zone, and Phantom Zone (Elite)

    8 Player - Happiness Home, Happiness Home (Elite), New Genesis Now, The Bombshell Paradox, Unholy Matrimony, Unholy Matrimony (Elite), Blackest Day, Blackest Day (Elite), Blackest Night, Prison Break, Prison Break (Elite), and Brainiac's Bottle Ship

    - Quixotic
  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one in this thread should be specific to testers testing version 1.1 of the stats revamp.
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  3. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Instance: The Will of Darkseid
    Combat Rating: 174
    Fight: General Arrgany and Mantis&Kalibak
    Feedback: My partner was CR 175 and we found these boss fights to be very difficult. The only way we made it through them was through very liberal usage of Home Turf trinkets. We weren't able to complete them without the HT trinkets. I noted that Kalibak's Theta Blast over 10500 damage to me. At one point he used it twice in a row and I was dead from full health in a couple of seconds.
  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Instance: Deep Desires.
    Powerset: Electricity
    Combat rating: 130, SP: 134 Fully modded(I wanted to keep my SP close to my CR so I can get an accurate Idea, I couldn't properly get to 134 due to gear)
    Fight: James.
    Feedback: Fairly easy boss fight, I melted right through him despite being below Entry CR. The only real time I struggled was with Power but that's not the content's fault.

    Overall: Much Improved on Test over Live Servers, I couldn't beat this at cr 146 on live.
  5. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one relate to revamp 1.4.
  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    • Region/Instance/Mission: The First Piece
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 176
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: NPCs
    • Details: I just think the NPCs swarm too easy. Doesn't give you time to react. Died a couple of times in this instance, but I'm quite a bit higher in health. I know this was made during monthly content release and cr differential, but I think ALL npcs need to get looked at on what potential they could do and and quickly they can swarm.
  7. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Just to repeat my earlier feedback:

    Instance: The Will of Darkseid
    Combat Rating: 177
    Fight: Mantis&Kalibak
    Feedback: Kalibak has a Theta Blast that deals a large amount of damage. I was measuring it at over 10500 per hit. There is no skull for this move and he can use it in rapid succession. It isn't uncommon for him to use it twice in a row. Even if you see the attack coming and block, you are going to take a lot of damage.
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  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Instance: New Genesis Now
    Combat Rating: 126
    Fight: Steppenwulf/LightRay, second boss, First Boss(Last boss)
    Feedback: for Hero side, this fight gets a little too chaotic and is full of oneshots with the Maniac Parademons.
    The second boss, the hammer mechanic is doing too much damage even with two healers.
    First boss is alright.
  9. Xibo Loyal Player

    Instance: New Genesis Now Open World
    Combat Rating: 201
    Fight: Dregg Berserker
    Feedback: i have tried 3 times and was died.
  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: NGN
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 166
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Open World Raid Dregs in phase before 3rd boss
    • Details:These dregs are at least in a group of 8. Their attacks were ranging anywhere from 800-4600 in my combat log. It is nearly impossible to pull one or two at a time. This has always been a harder part of this raid unless you had a lot of stuns from controllers. You will not be able to rely on counter mechanics to prevent damage and healers won't be able to keep you alive. My health as a tank is 38000 and is rapidly depleted.
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