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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Quixotic, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    This thread is for your feedback on Tier One content. Let us know how the new stats feel in this content.

    Consider using this basic format:
    • Region/Instance/Mission: Watchtower
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 37
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Mepps
    • Details: In the boss fight with Mepps, Mepps hits really hard compared to all of the other NPCs around him. He seems really overpowered.
    Tier One Content includes:
    1 Playery Shared - 8th Precinct, Meta Research Wing, and Joker's Funhouse
    1 Player Hero - Mannheim's Chinese Theater and Lair ofthe Spectre
    1 Player Villain - Gotham Warehouse and Sentinels of Magic Citadel

    2 Player Shared - Gotham University, HIVE Base, Metropolis City Hall, and OMAC Base
    2 Player Hero - Gorilla Grodd's Lab
    2 Player Villain - Gotham Mercy Hospital

    4 Player Shared - Area 51, Ace Chemicals, and Smallville
    4 Player Hero - Watchtower Containment Facility
    4 Player Villain - Hall of Doom Armory

    - Quixotic
  2. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Hive Base Duo
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 39
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Last Boss
    • Details: In the last boss fight the Royal guards that protect the Hive Queen, are hitting considerably harder than the Queen herself. Might be a good idea into checking their damage.

      As far as the Solos go I did most of them except the Lair of the spectre and Meta Research Wing, the ones I did seem fine.

    • Well I'd like to mention that Arkillo's attack in the Metropolis City hall seem also a bit excesive at least when he has his armor on.
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  3. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Gotham University Duo
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 34
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: First Boss Fight / Second Boss Fight
    • Details: First Boss Fight = A lot of damage gets taken in on this fight, caught me off guard, luckily we were a Healer/Dps Combo otherwise we would have wiped.
    • Second Boss Fight = Seems really long and not much going on, the boss stays in his bubble for a long time when he sends his scarabs down, even after destroying them he stays in his shield for a few seconds
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  4. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Meta Research Wing
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 39
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Last Boss (Dr Psycho)
    • Details: Dr Psycho in that fight as well as the Illusions he cast have almost no health they die quite fast.
  5. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Area 51, T1
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 41
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: All ads
    • Details: They all have way too much health, this whole alert took us 40 minutes to complete, we had to switch to a second healer because there was too much damage coming in for the healers long cooldown abilities couldn't handle although we were very spread apart in the beginning. It felt like the damage we received was manageable from all parts of the alert after we grouped together - you won't be able to lone wolf anymore, you'll need to stick with the group, the bosses were perfectly fine to face as well. Our group make up was 3 dps 1 heal initially then 2 dps and 2 heals
  6. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Metropolis
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 44
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Bounties
    • Details: Just wanted to chime in we ran all the metropolis bounties with a 4 man group, perfectly doable, their health might be just a tad high but in general I think its ok.
  7. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Same here. Players rage quitting as it was overwhelming.
  8. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    seconded, lots of damage
  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I just ran all the solos and duos.
    Matches have way too much health. More than any of the bosses.
    Hive Duo is definitely hard to deal with the crab thingys have a lot of health and hit hard. Same with the turrets.

    In the end, aside of the NPCs with too much health, it is reminiscent of when I first started and struggled.

    • Region/Instance/Mission: City Hall
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 39
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Arkillo Fight
    • Details: If you beat Arkillo when his shield adds appear, they bug and follow you.
    • [IMG]
    • Region/Instance/Mission: Faust Solo
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 38
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Final Boss
    • Details: Faust is hanging out in the wrong spot, invincible. At least the cutscene starts if you go closer to where he is supposed to be.
    • [IMG]
    • Region/Instance/Mission: Doctor Psycho Solo
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 38
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Second Fight
    • Details: Psycho kind of wanted to run away. Worried me there for a second. Also, Powergirl's lines don't play anymore in the final boss fight.
    • [IMG]
  10. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I think there maybe an issue with "Suggested Dominance" for the T1 content. The "Suggested Dominance" for all of the T1 alerts is 1000. With my CR 42 gear, I'm currently at 135. There is no way you're going to get to 1000 unless you have a full set of Controller gear. That's a problem since you probably aren't going to have a full set of role appropriate gear until you reach higher tiers. Coming out of Level 30 and going straight into the T1 content, you don't have enough MoV to purchase a set of gear and you are just relying on the odd drops you get from instanced content. With the rate at which your CR climbs, it doesn't make any sense to purchase low-tier gear.
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    That could be a UI tooltip error. That is the current level right now on live, isn't it?
  12. Dalae Well-Known Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Ace Chemical
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 4 man: 36, 37, 39, & 40 (1-1-1-1)
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: General
    • Details: The adds were correct. The side bosses a bit hard but nothing overwhelming (Metal Mimes a bit tedious). Last boss fight was a mess; Impossible to tank. After wipe we went 2 dpses 1 troller and 1 healer and, after a long fight with Chemo spawning some of the special Chemoids, we finally beat him. The "Suggested CR: 30" seems simply wrong.
  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one in this thread should be specific to testers testing version 1.1 of the stats revamp.
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  14. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Stats Revamp 1.1 Gorilla Grodd Duo.

    Character Name: TestingNOOB
    Role: DPS

    I ran this at CR 23, with 30 sp (pretty much the CR you would be if you didn't open up the starting gear box, and if you didn't buy any vendor gear)

    Details: The duo is overall pretty good to run, the only thing you gotta watch out for is Grodd's Ground Slam.


    It'll come close to one shotting you, if not directly one shotting you.
  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Mannheim's Chinese Theater:

    Running this mission with TestingNoob

    CR: 25, SP:30
    Role: DPS( Will run other content as controller when I get the appropriate gear)
    Solo is fairly easy, but you can defeat faust before he even absorbs the greater soul globes.

    Meta Research Wing:
    Same CR and SP as the run above^

    Adds do good damage, DR Psycho himself needs adjusting to his damage output, his illusions of Supergirl, WW, and Powergirl output more damage than he does.
  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Gotham University Duo
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 41 (partner 36)
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Necro Magent Gruhn first part
    • Details: The part that he is first introduced is rediculous. The adds that he spawns have way too much health and there are too many of them. Add on his skull attack can one shot you if you aren't blocking and will 3/4 your health when it slams. Overall, I think the health of the adds should be reduced and his attack be as well. It's not even a reward encounter. If two entry players got in there, they would be gated by the gate part. Overall, the mummies felt like they had too much health, but the rest of the instance was okay.
  17. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Region/instance/Mission: Metropolis City Hall t1 duo.
    Character's combat rating and SP: 26 and 30.
    Powerset: Mental
    Role: Was troller at the beginning, but I switched to DPS afterwards.

    Fight boss/Mechanic/Abilities: This is a beatable duo, as I completed it with Jafin; However I think some of the Bosses Need some slight toning down.
    Arkillo does deadly damage when he cast's his Jackhammer move.
    Sinestro's chainsaw averages around 137-143 damage according to my combat log.
    Sinestro also has heavy hitting quick damage with his lightclaws, according to my combat log: He did 175 damage to my character.

    There was multiple times in the duo when I came close to dying, and to be honest if It wasn't for Mental's healing Supercharge I would've wiped.

  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Region/instance/Mission: Metropolis City Hall T1 Duo.
    Character's combat rating and SP: Unsure of SP, CR was 31.
    Powerset: Mental.
    Role: Controller.

    I got my Mental character to level 30 today and did a solo and a duo, both as a Controller wearing Controller gear. They went great! I'm really happy with the damage that you can do in your support role. In fact in the duo (Metropolis City Hall) my partner was also a Controller. He was CR30, I was 31, and everything went smoothly. There were a couple of times where both our health went low, but nothing a soder couldn't fix. I definitely feel like the difficulty of that duo and the solo, 8th Precinct, are just right. Didn't have time to test any of the other solos or duos but when I do I'll report back.

    Edit: nevermind, just saw Jacob Dragonhunter posted about the duo above me, didn't realise it was him in the duo. ^^
  19. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    Region/instance/Mission:Gotham University T1 duo
    Character's combat rating and SP:Cr33 Sp31
    Role/Fight boss/Mechanic/Abilities

    While doing the First mid-boss he one shot me and my Soulless zombie Supercharge one shot us both.

    Don't have picture at the moment can get one if needed.

    Second mid-Boss fight Necro Magent Gruhn Was doing almost 840dmg each Ground pound he hit us with almost one shot both of us.

    Here's a pics if needed for proof

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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one relate to revamp 1.4.
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