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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Quixotic, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Quixotic Developer

    This thread is for feedback on Tier Four content.

    Consider using this basic format:
    • Region/Instance/Mission: Watchtower
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 37
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Mepps
    • Details: In the boss fight with Mepps, Mepps hits really hard compared to all of the other NPCs around him. He seems really overpowered.
    Tier Four Content includes:
    1 Player Hero - Ace Chemicals and Styker's Island
    1 Player Villain - Arkham Asylum and Steelworks

    2 Player Shared - STAR Labs Satelite, and Shadowlands
    2 Player Hero - Hall of Doom: Recovery
    2 Player Villain - The Watchtower: An Opportunity

    4 Player Shared - Inner Sanctum
    4 Player Hero - Wayward Souls
    4 Player Villain - Soul Alchemy

    8 Player Shared - The Gates of Tartarus and The Prime Battleground
    8 Player Hero - With A Vengeance and A Black Dawn
    8 Player Villain - Unpaid Dues and Seeds of Rot

    - Quixotic
  2. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Wayward Souls
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 71
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Ads, second and last boss
    • Details: Group makeup was 2dps/1troll/1heal. Everything hits way too much, the ads and the second boss, hit a ton but life bars were ok. Last boss is completely ridiculous, No one singular healer at that entry CR will be able to heal that alert alone unless there's a tank, there's so much damage being taking and so long of cooldowns with such little power at your disposal you can forget beating it. Had one of the DPSes switch to Healer and we beat it.
    I am done testing until the changes we request for support roles are provided. It's not enjoyable at all.
  3. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one in this thread should be specific to testers testing version 1.1 of the stats revamp.
  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Region: Strykers Island
    My Character CR: 70
    Fight: Rioting Prisoners
    Details: The Rioting Prisoners on the island break out of any crowd-control effect within 2 seconds.
  5. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Region: T4 STAR Labs Satellite
    My Character: 70
    Fight: Turret Room
    Details: I feel the difficulty for the T4 duos are tuned too high for the average CR 70 player, but the Star Labs Satellite in particular was pretty bad. It took 28 minutes to clear this instance. The worst part was the section with the turrets and when the two Brainiac Overseers appear. Mobs flood the room from both sides. If both players aren't focusing on the same group when they appear, it will probably be a wipe.
  6. bmce84 Loyal Player

    I still can't do Prime Battleground solo at CR 176 with 170 SP. I need to know are we not meant to do group content solo or with less players than suggested anymore or is this part of what needs to be adjusted?. Solo content is as intended, the higher my level the easier it gets, group content is the issue (at least what I can enter solo).
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one relate to revamp 1.4.
  8. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    At level Black Dawn is actually slightly overturned.
    The last boss is not bad.
    It's the open world adds that spawn too fast.
  9. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    Ravamp 1.7

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Ace Chemicals
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 71
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Inside mission
    • Details: After Steel gets his prototypes to the teleporter, he just stands there. I had to fly around him several times to get him to move again and trigger the next wave of NPCs.
    For the outside missions I got Outbreak, Toxic Troubles, Morrow's Notes and Proportional Response (x2). These were all about the right level of difficulty. I only had 45 SP spent and no mods. I struggled, but it wasn't impossible or frustrating because I know all the missions quite well. A new player might struggle a bit more, but will hopefully have more than 45 SP and can team up on the outside missions.

    The inside mission was much tougher. After wiping right away, I spent 15 more SP to fill out my crit attack (20/20) and buy more crit damage (13/40). This made a noticeable difference. I used all the workers and teleported in extra help twice. Sludge Thing hit incredibly harder (much harder than the other monsters Morrow summoned). It was a challenge, and it was a lot of fun. The different summoned monsters just might need a bit of balancing so that they're on the same general level.
  10. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    Ravamp 1.7

    • Region/Instance/Mission: Stryker's Island
    • My Character Level/Combat Rating: 71
    • Fight/Boss/Mechanic/Ability: Habeas Corpus
    • Details: The mission is to help officers being held hostage. After flying around for over 20 minutes, I was only able to find 2 officers.
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