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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Lots of DPS choices, but Pet still seems like ideal loadout. Some powers are more ideal than others but everything feels like it flows. Final Ruin seems to be really good too.
  2. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Dps side :
    Karmic Backlash's damage seems low considering its supposed to be the melee range heavy hitting.
    Karmic Suspension doesnt seem to hit for much either. Both seem low considering longer cooldowns they have.

    Heal side :
    Shard of Life was completely removed (why??) and Soul Siphon doesnt have healing component in healer role. So that is -2 Healing powers and Invocation has very long cooldown now.
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  3. MsTickle Fate Loyal Player

    But Offering has always said, since the last revamp, that :
    Similarly, the description for Ritualistic Word has always said, since the last revamp, that:
    So what's going on? Have we been lied to the entire time up to now?

    Or what's new about Offering "offering provides a shield and restores Power over time to your Guardian, Fury or Watcher pet"?

    Because that's the current language.

    Signed, confused
  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    One thing with fury i would like to see fixed is his big attack. When he shoots the ball at enemies it doesn't do any damage unless it hits a target and blows up. That cause fury to miss a lot of attacks when things get juggled. To many times have i seen the slow moving little ball fly right past things and do no damage.

    My suggestion is make fury's attack a instant AoE more like earths Crystal.
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  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Offering had nothing to do with bad karma. All bad karma was was a pi.
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  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm wondering why pi damage was taken down so much in this update? If were trying to incorporate a more skilled or thoughtful playstyle decreasing pi damage isn't the way to go. You would want pi damage to be much better so that people would take time and think about what they would use and how rather then just hit buttons cause the rewards for setting a pi up aren't really worth it a lot of times. Pi damage should be a BIG focal point of dpsing.

    Edit: I'm not sure if you guys went over any damage balance things when doing all the powers but there is some very big discrepancies between power sets as of right now. I'm sure things will be ironed out eventually but man is there a lot of work to be done.....
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  7. L T Loyal Player

    Sorcery DPS plays pretty awesome. Grand Summoning and Arbiter of Destiny are both awesome supercharges.

    Fury seems like it might be overpowered. I saw it land a hit that was as strong as Atomic's supercharge. Might have been some kind of crit... but I thought fury didn't get crits.

    With pets it plays very similar to live. Playing without pets also seems viable, but I didn't mess with that too much.

    I have a problem with red soul aura going away: it looked really cool. Could you please bring it back, even as a cosmetic-only effect?
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  8. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    Did some testing on AMF III Solo in Gotham under siege.

    My optimal Dps loadout for pet powers is

    Pet power (Offering)
    Weapon buff (WoD)
    Area damage over time (CoD)
    Pi applier (Bad karma)
    Pet (Fury)
    Super Charge (Grand Sum)

    I'm guessing most people would agree this is a common loadout. The changes kinda broke this common sense loadout.

    The Grand Sum super is 100% now... Probably because of the super building power (Karmic Suspension).

    But in order to include Karmic Suspension you would need to use that as the Pi applier. which it does inflict Bad Karma ..

    But Circle of Destruction also inflicts Bad Karma..

    So there is no space for a power that makes use of Bad Karma, expecially now that Fury doesn't use it.

    Pet powers are really a precision power set because the Fury doesn't do damage based off of might so the Precision Buff isn't really the thing to trade out.

    Bottom line for me on this line of reasoning is that circle of Destruction really needs to make use of the Bad Karma not inflict it and even fury.

    In line with this thought is the still frustrating limitations that Pat Powers have because we have to use a space for powering the pet and for the pet itself.

    Fix for that is to have it be the same button .. Hold to raise hold to banish tap to power .

    On that note... To much combat delay now that Furys bar must be full to attack and completely empties there after. The bar doesn't regenerate nearly as fast when you're not in combat. My focus is way too attentive to Furys blue bar now.

    Last thing I noticed was karmic backlash has a really long cool down that doesn't make much sense ... while it doesn't do a little more damage it's not even close to inline ...
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  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

  10. Elusian Loyal Player

    I do the Penguin Solo (Iceberg Lounge) with each power and different specs (to get some form of comparison) but figured that I melted through the instance with Sorcery and its pet. Used the SC Generator power and Grand Summoning combined with a full Prec mod and SP spec + Weapon of Destiny. Popped the SC on each boss once and they died in seconds. It's by far the strongest SC now, if I look at Electricitys SCs I wouldnt run one of them at all while Grand Summoning - regardless of the uptime reduction - is still over the top in damage output and mandatory for maximizing damage. Granted, I didnt even went for HT mods on the Sorcery only.

    Thats just for initial thoughts and impression after some short tests :)
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  11. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    i didn't mean bad karma that's the pi i was busy testing and type that in, you needed 2 spells from the summoning tree, or Weapon of destiny or circle of destruction.

    you no longer need those to power your pet.
  12. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    your right i was busy testing at the time and wasn't paying attention to what i was typing, i meant to say Two powers from the Summoning tree, along with the Weapon move and Circle of Destruction.

    You no longer need those moves to give fury or any pets power now you can just activate the power and it will give them back power very easy, i tested it gives fury back his entire bar.
  13. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Things similar to what Elusian said.

    Electric is easily the weakest power on test, super charges also need to be looked at and balanced out. Gadgets seems to be better then all the other powers from the few things i've ran with it.

    I'll try to do a write up when i get time of the specific powers and power sets that are outliers. When we get some testing dummies i'll be able to really get into. Right now things are just based off content and some small number crunching. I haven't put any serious math into things yet but its still easy to see whats better then what.

    I'd also like to get super charge head mods to see how they affect things. I have a lot of questions and a lot to say but its hard to communicate clearly on the forums. I think we need some days where we can play and test with the devs so we can better communicate with them and show exactly what we're saying and get/give real time feedback.
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  14. Derio Steadfast Player

    Grand Summoning is what a supercharge should feel like compared to the other powers on test right now. Does alot of damage. DPS without fury is possible, but honestly I feel that any loadout without fury would do significantly less damage in actual content. I did notice fury misses his big attack many times. However when I ran iceberg lounge sorcery felt significantly stronger than the other powersets that I tested( ice, mental, electricity).

    The power cost IMO are fine.

    Healing I am disappointed in the loss of some healing abilities, but ritualistic word change is very appreciated, and IMO all healing powersets should have a move as such.
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  15. Tharkis Well-Known Player

    Fury still misses most of the time with its big attack. The ball flies off into space and does no damage. This REALLY needs to be fixed, as any mobs which get knocked up, knocked back, toggled, etc, heck or who are even just running tend to dodge all damage from Fury's big attack and it will blow all its power for zero damage. This is like the old staff range attack, the projectile move slowly, but whereas staff and almost ALL other 'projectile' attacks in the game were changed so that they do their damage regardless of the graphic, fury's attack still uses the slow arcing lob projectile, and if that ball doesn't hit your target because it moved at all, or the Fury AI predicted it would be in a different location, it blows its power for nothing. In addition fury many times will sit there at FULL power and just chain pulse beam for basically no real damage, again making it not actually do its job. It has been suggested elsewhere that if fury was Martial Arts instead of Hand Blasters, like Crystal for Earth, that it would actually be vastly more efficient with it's attacks in general.

    For healing, right now getting rid of the power back to watcher on Ritualistic Word has essentially made Watcher unusable. Now to use just watcher you have to dedicate 2 of your 6 healing slots to the pet... yet watcher doesn't actually do all that much healing to make up for taking 1/3rd of your whole power bar. It feels 'broken' right now

    Boon of souls also feels way off, as someone said above it seems the duration was cut drastically, which makes the usefulness of a shielding power much less. It doesn't even seem like it lasts long enough to pick up a fallen ally if an enemy is attacking me now, and that's actually one of the major IMPORTANT jobs of a shield, to pick up fallen teammates mid battle before their knockout timer runs out.
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  16. Cyberpunk2077 Well-Known Player

    Grand summoning is only one additional fury. For actual damage from the SC you'd need to subtract your own fury's damage first, which is something many forget. And the Damage is usually spread over time unlike more hard hitting (DPS wise) SCs.

    What I find concerning is the huge DPS difference between rotations with different weapon combos that have same length. And how you're still dependent on a "Flip slash" for good DPS with sorc.
    Also, like many have pointed out given the PI changes there is a clear optimal loadout which kind of defeats the whole purpose IMO.

    I really think at least 1 more PI needs to be introduced.
  17. Icandor New Player

    I sat there plating with Sorc, I found a load out but in 4 moves I am out of power 175 cr with 185 sp that being said I use 1. Offering, 2. Karmic Suspension 3. Soul Barrage 4. Circle of Destruction 5. Grand Summoning 6. Summon Fury.

    Skills are set to 10 pts crit chance 10 pts crit damage 30 points in health 80 points in might 50 points in def 1 point in power
    on that same not I looked at my toon on the live server and besides the squishiness and power drain I noticed something off...
    My main toon on test Main toon on live
    hp 22423 Hp 21393
    pw 23965 Pw 8145
    def 10031 Def 18482
    mig 11452 Mig 12740
    rest 8210 res 7432
    vit 8210 vit 2997
    Pre 9741 pre 6225
    tou 3000 tou 200
    dom 98 dom 58
    cr 175 cr 174
    sp 185 sp 230

    The numbers don't add up if we are suppose to be going to stat based. however as a DPS one cannot take a hit to save their rear. I went and tested my load out on the Oolong Seige Bot in metro and got smeared like a snot nosed brat on the grid iron after having the ball shoved in is hands. the points you add do nothing to offset the values and make it compairable so you can actually do anything. and the power expenditure is atrocious I can do more with less power on live than I can with more power on test and I can never seem to find power It feels like my power is carl from walking dead .. never around when you are looking and only appears after it's too late the damage is okay a bit clunky but can be buffed with whatever... to get to norms how ever if you find a good load out you can do halfway decent damage, again we go to load outs that work well and what doesn't. The power interactions I love that they have meaning again a bit more than before. .. I'm wonderinf if I get a weapon mastery will it offset the power cost a bit? cause again Ouch.

    SO far the biggest think I believe needs worked on is the Defense and the power usage. a mob half our level should not be able to splat a toon double it's level a Rogue (The Top) almost whooped me I came close to loosing had I not had that soda, my supply drop and back up... that is just no bueno sirs and ma'ams.... another player on ice got smeared bu Weather wizard level 72 CR beat the poop out of a 173 geared with sp and powers.... that does not factor out at all

    Back to the drawing board...
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  18. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    The Watcher actually one of your most powerful healing abilities, whenever it heals it's an 8 man burst similar to the strength of rejuvenate (Live or Test the strength is the same as the Priority Heal) or you can get unlucky and it might cast Soul Siphon instead. One Sacrificial Offering lets it cast this twice so proper planning on when to cast it is needed. Maybe the base value needs increasing, along side our own rejuvenate as the Priority Heals are very weak.

    I've been saying the same things with the shields for ages, feedback hasn't been listened to (From the electric thread) so I think this will remain the same. Sucks I know and fairly useless for picking up people now.
  19. L T Loyal Player

    Watcher is great while running solo content also. You get fairly large burst heals and a few medium-strength damage hits every time you use offering.

    Shields in general could use some looking at. I'd much rather see shields have a longer cool down if it could mean that they're actually useful when activated.
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  20. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I'm very upset that Shard has been removed. It was a great power for when I was running solos in healer role, it would heal me and do damage to my enemies. I know that is what transmute is supposed to do now, (and you'll get it fixed) but I'm not loving my options right now. I like the Watcher now has the chance to do a large damage hit in healing role (when powered) but I'm still overall disappointed with the feel of sorcery at the moment. I will continue to do more testing and will get back with real specifics on the changes.
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