Stats Revamp: Power Cost Update 1/11/17

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Harlequin Loyal Player

    Winter Ward is a shield.
  2. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    There's no reason those can't be balanced.
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  3. KellyCares New Player

    i meant winter tempest was one of the p.i.'s. Must of read it to quick.
  4. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I think the issue with AMs is that after compelting the 1234 rotation the (4) move was wayyyy tooo high.. plus other powers were allowed to skip to their BIG HIT(gadget mental).. Do u remember the time when NATURE used to be BEAST?? that was all DOTS.
    Re tweaking and increasing current LIVE power cost and cooldowns for burst powers as well as buffing the DOTS(possibly allowing more targets to receieve full dots before splitting the damage) and decreasing their power costs can bring balance.. Along side weapon mastery, faster SC build up.. there are ways..
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  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    hmmm, i see you have point there...
  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i created a thread abot it and i think that following is very important, so i will repeat it here aswell:
    this is my oppinion to PI setup and burst powers:

    setups dont need cooldowns. they are not there to hit hard, if at all!
    single target powers are less power hungry, multiple target powers need more mana.
    i think that this difference is enough to make the cooldowns obsolete...
    it is frustrating to wait for cooldowns and to be unable to setup the PI all the time!

    burst attacks however should do twice (x2!) the dammage after PI is set...
    single target bursts use significant less power than multi target bursts, so:
    different cooldowns for single and multiple target burst powers seem unnessesary to me...
    spamming will burn your power pool, you cant attack if you are out of power anyways!

    please tell me your thoughts and oppinions to this ^^
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  7. Light Bender92 Well-Known Player

    Things that need to change:

    1. Increase passive power regen in duos and solos ONLY that way we can actually USE rotations and not die, or spend 30 minutes on 1 boss....... I'm not saying we should necessarily be able to "play from tray" like some of these people are suggesting, but if ppl are getting AT MOST 2 rotations off, and not even a full one on average, then something is wrong. Keep it the same in raids/alerts to entice the use of trolls in those instances tho
    2. Speccing into power has got to go. Look I see where you guys are coming from, but as a DPS whose job is to maximize damage, why am I speccing 100+ sp in power just to BARELY be able to use my rotation? its ridiculous. I feel that the current regen we have now (or well a couple days ago) should be the regen we get without speccing into power, and then if people want to spec crazy amounts of sp into power then they can do so and last very long in alerts and raids even if no troll is present.
    3. dovetails, some are extremely awkward. Reduce them all across the board. If not to pre gu36 levels then at least a little.
    4. Buffs. Why can't buffs simply buff your precision AND might, that way whatever your playstyle is, you have a buff for it. As of now weapon clippers are going to dominate due to this. (not taking into account the power costs)
    5. supercharges. I still don't see how they are more "worthwhile" than they were on live.

    Know the last 3 were a little off topic, but it didn't make sense to go to another thread to type basically the same thing. Anyways, anyone agree? Or do yall have any suggestions of your own, would love to hear em.
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  8. Derio Steadfast Player

    You forget, that AM damage was way too overpowering, thus making all other roles outside of dps almost meaningless outside of 8 man content. On top of that they would have had to readjust existing powers over and over to allow all powers to be viable for an AM loadout, which would then usher in a new never ending power balance and repeat the cycle.

    Nature used to be Beast but for a short time and during that time electric fell short to nature's 7 dot rotation, and like devs stated, all loadout possiblities need to be possible for the game to succeed.

    There are ways but the ways you suggest would take far too much time, and right now electric and nature are not the only powersets suffering from low damage on live.
  9. Derio Steadfast Player

    Actually there is. Random variables, boss vs add encounters and more. If devs were to adjust nature and electricity for DoT damage on bosses, I assure you people would still complain and say the powers suck due to the scoreboard proving otherwise due to the burst powers having the edge up on adds and boss fights lasting under 5 minutes. So many variables to consider when balancing DoTs in general, and then AM only makes balance worse.

    I am all for if they just buffed those powers, but the truth is its only a temporary fix which only causes more work and complaints down the line.
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  10. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I'm in the "I liked AM" camp. I think they could have made it work, but what would be required is something I think they were not wanting to do, since there is so many other things that were needed to be done or added. Which is why I think some of the AMs were really lackluster. Personally, I think DoTs could be balanced out if there was a burst option as well. DoTs are amazing in long battles, but fail in comparison with short ones. After HoP1, they nerfed health. This was where Nature and Electric lost their edge. I think all powers should have been two AM options. That way there is relevant options depending on if you are starting or ending a tier.

    But in the end, they set burst way too high and started designing around burst. That's why the 4x boosted damage had to go. Especially if we want meaningful and complex content.

    In regards to power return, I think what it comes down to, they want us to use our weapon. It would be possible to use powers, but only for setup or clipping. Which is why the from tray option is really lacking, since you have to spec power and choose low cost spam powers. It's very limited.
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  11. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I just tried doing tray-only in Iceberg Lounge and it was pretty easy actually. I didn't even have to change my spec at all. I spent my SP by getting the breakout innates, all crits, a single point in Dom/Resto/Prec/Health, and 45 points each in Might/Power. Mods were 8 Might & Power, 1 Might & Health, 1 Health & Power. I had Reserve Tank.

    Here's the vid:

    (1) I should have waited to regen my power before engaging Pengbot Maximus.
    (2) Bolt Barrage is freakin amazing.
    (3) The total run was between 8-9 min.
    (4) Kinda fun actually.
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  12. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I liked the idea of using only powers very much at first (especially because it replaced WM, wich i hated). However: pressing only keys to do your rotation was not funny at all, it has lead to ignore the basic fight mechanics lunge, block and breaking. Though you had these with powers aswell, you were doing your rotations mostly without even noticing. And dammage became a simple 1234 and repeat key mashing.
    Therefore, i am glad weapon combo clipped with power will have its comeback... I enjoy LPVE, so this is a good thing to me. Players may need to relearn how to fight with this simple rock paper sissor system again first, but i am sure that it will worth it. It will be so much more fun to play if you need to watch the enemy and react to them, instead to simply rotate your AM as fast as possible no matter what happens and while hoping to not get interruptet before you land your big hit. If you have good reflexes and as soon as you are ready: try to deactivate the faint signs on your enemies (yeah, those are the yellow rings popping out of them to warn you) and have additional fun...

    Suggestion: counters should deal more dammage if feint signs are deactivated in PVE.
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  13. Mystere Well-Known Player

    You are only 4 Dr lower than the trash mobs which die easy, like after 3 powers and you get blue baubles back! At pengbot fight your almost always out of power. That is after orbital, which is op ATM, supplies etc. at penguin you used sidekick and soda etc,. Thus there is no way to tell if you are playing from tray as you got power from so many other sources. looks like you can get maybe 4-8 powers off before being out of power - depending on power used. This is not equivalent to playing from tray imo
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  14. Karasawa Loyal Player

    You're grasping for straws there man. I literally started Pengbot Maximus at just above half Power, and I sodered at the end because I literally had 1 HP left after being hit by those stupid exploding penguins.

    Instead of screaming your head off every time why don't you just go try it yourself?
  15. Mystere Well-Known Player

    I have played. I broadcast. I do not use soders, sidekicks or supplies. Try a run without any of those and just use powers. Give it a shot and if you find you can play from the tray that way please let me know so that I learn from you cause without power regen from other things like supplies etc, I have not been able to do it without running out of power all the time.

    You can not say that using soders, supplies etc is the same as playing from the tray as it is now on live. Is it possible to use only powers, of course, you just did with soders, sidekicks etc, but in no way does it come close to live.
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  16. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Dude, no. I played it exactly as I would any other content on Live. I'm not going to abide by some stupid rule you apply to yourself like "no sodas" or "no home turf" just because you think it's more honorabru.
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  17. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I agree with you 100 percent but I'm not sure the devs have came out and said they couldn't Balance the dots and gave up on dot powers. While I do believe that is the case I'd like more transparency from the dev team as to why we are going thru massive changes to the game and to certain roles. Healing was fine on live. There is no need for massive changes to healing. Electric was already the weakest overall healing power, not saying it was bad, and this is just making it less user friendly. I heard that Mepps had said they had 2 healed all content in the game with the way electric is on test. I'd like to see that video.
  18. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I agree with Mystere. We shouldn't have to depend on a soder or sidekick to replenish power. It's giving bad feedback if we are using those to determine how power costs are on test. I don't run with a sidekick anyways. I use end game trinket, supply, orbital, and either cc trinket or seasonal trinket. I should be free to use whatever I want to in my utility belt. Now the general feeling is that the sidekick is a must. How's that giving me options as to how I Can play?
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  19. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I did not soder for power. I do not use Sidekick for power.
  20. Mystere Well-Known Player

    But you get power from them. So the way you ran that instance means you can't really test playing from the tray.

    Playing from the tray as implemented on live currently allows for someone to spam certain powers over and over and not run out of power. That is not possible on test ATM.

    You can you get off about 3-8 depending on powers on test, probably, but then you are out of power and the power regen without any other form of power regen, from baubles, soders etc, is too slow for boss content compared to live.

    You may think it is fine on test but I am pointing out the differences between test and live and IMO do not think they are even close to comparable.
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