Stats Revamp: Power Cost Update 1/11/17

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I don't disagree with you except for this part. It's a good thing that powers are now different again in terms of cooldown and damage. Everything doing the same damage is the GU36 standard we have on live still, with all standard PI burst powers just being reskins of each other. There's still some of that on test (TK Push = Psychic Shock, TK Bolt = Phantom Flames) but that's ok to enable some basic playstyles with different PI. Of course powers that do less damage should either have special effects (like SC gen) or shorter cooldowns so that in the end it evens out.
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  2. Delta796th Loyal Player

    You quite obviously have NO idea what "play form the tray means"
    If your definition means mean I'm almost always out of power, drinking sodas well then sure.

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  3. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Further devs: give us some loadouts you had in mind when you did plan and for wich you were adjusting powers, power costs and cooldowns. Tell us please what kind of loadouts you had in mind and in what kind of situations you were thinking of them being played and how... Just sayin: ppl these days think devs are the biggest n00bs on the server, have no clue how to play, or don't play theyr own game in the first place. Therefore, at sometimes, it looks like devs have no plans at all, and on the first look, it even seems like devs are changing stuff for no reason and reorganize things completely random... SHOW US DEVS, HOW YOU PLAY AND TELL US YOUR REASONS!
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  4. IronPochacco New Player

    I can't use the skip to 100cr. Is it cause up update? Its saying its unable to go to market.
  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    devs ask for feedback, testers give feedback...
    i still sense a lack of communication anyways...
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  6. SkullGang Devoted Player

    I don't want all this work to have been a waste of time but its clear that in order to truly play from the tray we are going to need power regen that is comparable to whats currently on live. There is no reason not to have high power regen when playing content that doesn't require a troll (solos and duos). In larger content you can just reduce the regen due to trolls being present.
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  7. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Agreed, even though it's better now most of the current population are used to being self-sufficient in DPS role now and many love playing from tray. I have no problem with speccing for a lot of Power to be able to play from tray, but it's just not feasible yet with an average amount of SP.
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  8. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Yeah I think speccing into Power should allow you to use more high powered Powers in your loadout rather than playing from tray. I feel there is more of a give and take there.
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  9. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    It's a shame if the work is a waste but it would a much larger shame for anything remotely resembling this revamp to go live.
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  10. Karasawa Loyal Player

    This is incorrect. "It's very doable if not ideal" does NOT mean "it's very doable and ideal."

    It means "it's very doable even if it wasn't ideal."

    I can't believe I even have to point this out.
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  11. spack2k Steadfast Player

    "it's very doable even if it wasn't ideal" means to me the same as "It's very doable but not ideal".

    "It's very doable if not ideal" doesn't even sound like english to me but I am a german guy so what do i know :p

    PS: why are we discussion grammar in a test thread ?

    DELETE !!!
  12. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I would like some guidance from the Devs about their vision for this game.

    Right now we have a passionate group of players pushing for what is essentially an unlimited power option because that's what AM's provide on Live.

    We also have a group pushing back against "autopot" changes to the Controller role because it "dumbs down" the Controller's function of providing power to others.

    However, these are two mutually exclusive and competing visions. If players can achieve unlimited power on their own by simply meeting a few conditions (pop battle display, don't stop casting, don't use weapon too much, etc), then the Controller's function of providing power is already dumbed down as far as it can go and Controllers need to be given another function entirely.

    If, on the other hand, Controllers are still expected to provide power then the unlimited power option can never be a thing and Controllers should be given a variety of ways to blue bar heal.

    I'm fine either way, but I just want some guidance about which way we're going with these power changes.
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  13. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Can you share your ability loadout?
  14. Karasawa Loyal Player not
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  15. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I have tried various loadouts.
    A DOT loadout of MT, PP,PK, TK Push, ML,Terrorize hoping to keep hitting 4 =until dots out.
    A Dazing loadout of ML, TK Push, TK, TK Bolt, Terrorize, Grandeur, 2or 5
    I don't particularly remember the Terror loadout, but I would start with MT, PF, TT, and Terrorize
    I have tried mixing up the loadouts but would start with which ever initiates the PI.
    I try to keep Terrorize in as a Finisher.

    Addendum: Had just re-ran it. With having a Full Power loadout, I feel a need to over spam the powers, as there is not enough damage produced.
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  16. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Another note on the Mental Play by Tray Power loadout.
    I see that MT is still in cooldown after a 3 DOT powers have stopped hitting. This screws up the DOT rotation, and forces other powers to be hit. If I hit other powers, then by the time I can reuse the DOT powers, there isn't enough power to go around. Remember, I'm trying to play by tray on this test.
  17. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I dont understand how is this update more viable than AMs?.. Why not just expand the AMs we ALREADY HAVE, to have more unique loadouts with a bit more power cost requirement.. Why cant Stats Matter and AMs exist in the same universe? Why go from one extreme(powerback mechanics) to another(40k power stat with no power back?)..

    On top of all of that, remove ALL MIGHT BUFFS from the game???? WHY??? i dont get it... Just increase the power cost from what we already have on LIVE.. Why go thru all these drastic changes, giving your development team MORE WORK, expand and TWEAK whats already LIVE.. its backwards thinking.. Changing the CORE FUNDAMENTALS of the game over and over is what got us into this mess.. Electric has now become a burst power. No electric player wanted that, we loved the way electric PLAYED, but just wanted and PATIENTLY WAITED for our BUFFS for over 2 and a half years . WE HAVE OVER 12 burst powers in the GAME! how is this unique? At this point GU47 lookin better than this stats matter update... Power cost is ridiculous. Removing Might Buffs is ridiculous.. investing in the power pool stat and gettin horrible returns in power is ridiculous.. People can still play the way you want by tweaking whats already on LIVE, by;

    1. EXPANDING AMS thats already on live. This gives players more variety in terms of different loadouts..
    2. Giving some powers the versatility to use DOT loadouts.
    3. Increasing the power cost on LIVE. (if youre really trying to encourage 2 trolls) but at least let the power back mechanic give u almost 2+ FULL rotations
    4. Leaving WM to reduce POWER COST, and toning done the WM crit bonus.
    5. Allowing Weapon ATk to be integrated with AM rotations..
    6. Increase cooldown times on certain moves to encourage weapon atks
    7.Reducing the animation dovetail times for faster and smoother gameplay(LIKE WE ALL WANTED). Faster gameplay means more POWER TO BURN THRU, which means 2 trolls.. Thats what yall wanted right?????
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  18. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    And if they have to do that it pretty much means ITS AMs allll over again.. PRe made loadouts giving us the BEST viable options.. Which would mean all of this was for nothing. smh Im not coming at you just pointing out the backwards logic on the devs part..
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  19. Derio Steadfast Player

    You do realize the whole reason they are doing this is because of the fact that they cannot balance DoT AM to burst AM. As well as AM damage in general being overpowered.

    What they are doing is removing/adjusting the massive amounts of variables that cause power imbalance which led to power discrimination which plagues the game
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  20. KellyCares New Player

    there is no a.m. anymore. i Believe winter woad is your p.i. that starts your rotation and will apply a damage effect that cause other powers to hit harder. That was how the game was set up before ams and weapon mastery. (power interactions)
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