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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I was able to get to level 30 mostly by using Weapon Mastery combos, Telekinetic Push, Psychic Resonance, Telekinetic Shield, and Convalesce. Weapon attacks were making up the vast majority of my damage output. I also tried using some other loadouts on the way to 30, but the long power cooldowns turned me off to using them.

    As for Pyrokinesis, it stopped providing a DoT as of Saturday. Look at the patch notes in the first post and you'll see the DoT removal. I thought removing the DoTs from Burning was very weird. Burning was always a terrible DoT, but it was something.

    I think the idea behind Thought Bubble is that it is supposed to do terrible damage because it is your Supercharge Generator power.

    I'd suggest trying out Mental in some group content. Everything in the 1 to 30 content can be steamrolled with a terrible loadout. You don't really get a full appreciation of some of the issues with Mental until you're playing with other people.
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  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I was doing a little bit of damage testing this morning on the Teen Titans in the T1 solo. I was mostly interested in seeing how PI damage scaled. Here are my results with 925 Might:

    Telekinetic Push
    655 to 676

    Without PI: 822 to 873
    With PI 911 to 968

    Phantom Flames
    Without PI: 1169 to 1252
    With PI: 1289 to 1301

    Note that I excluded crits and blocked attacks from those damage ranges.

    It looks like setting up the PI increases the damage potential on those powers by ~10%.

    On another note, using Terror Tendrils -> Phantom Flames consumes almost my entire power bar.
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  3. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Yeah I hate Weapon Mastery and will do all I can do to not use it if possible. I pretty much have been doing 4-6 tap hold combos with Dual Wield and clipping 1, 2, 3, then using my 4 and 5 over and over again until I am out of power while leveling.

    1 = Some damaging power (can't remember the name right now with a relatively short cool down).
    2 = Menace
    3 = Power Back power
    4 = Power with really short cool down
    5 = Power with really short cool down
    6 = I'm not even having to use this slot right now but will later :p.
  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Possible Powerset Bug Report:
    While fighting Doomsday in T1 Smallville, Doomsday suddenly went from half health to 0% health in a second. The second Mental DPS commented that his Psychic Shock hit for 72,000 damage. Jump to 38 seconds if you want to see Doomsday suddenly fall over dead.

    I haven't been able to repo the 72,000 damage number on any other enemy.

    Of course, this could be a content bug too.
  5. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    That's crazy that instant power has a 6 second cooldown, does it still only recharge 3 people because I'm wondering if it should recharge everyone if they are going to make it that long of a cool down.
  6. Bose Well-Known Player

    Why are you removing stuns? Whats the point of a CONTROLLER? Our whole jobs is to control things...stuns, knockbacks, etc.

    Why are you changing the core mechanics of the game? We never asked for this...all we asked for was stats to matter. You never announced anything like this in the stat revamp announcement thread.
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  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This thread is specifically for mental feedback from testers. Big-picture feedback should go in Avair's thread, and questions/speculations from non-testsers should go in the work in progress thread. Thanks!
  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    some of my thoughts for what i have seen so far:

    telekinesis feels odd: it aplies PI only to a single enemy and stays to long in cooldown at the same time...
    i think it should either do its PI (not nessesary dammage and levitating) on multiple adds, OR it should come out of cooldown waaay faster...

    i think movement powers were not adjusted yet, anyways: the describtion of telekinesis says that levitation makes enemies "helpless". now in the flyers movement tree is stated that swoop attack does more dammage on "helpless" enemies. as far as it looks, this is not the case with floating enemies at all after testing it... is this something you will add later?

    telekinetic push, in my oppinion, should work with the PI to do more dammage on dazed enemies aswell, besides of psychic bolt that emptys almost the whole power bar, if used after levitation that takes the first half of it... so, telekinetic push could be an option for a less power consuming loadout, when working with the dazed PI... as it is now, it is almost useless later on, and that is a pity...

    in the description of thought bubble, it says it adds a dot. well, it does not. also: phantom flames and pyrokinesis has none, and i see no reason why dots are removed, especially when burning. just why?

    menace is now a weapon buff and neiter panics nor works witth terrorized PI... are you kidding me?

    thoughts on the powerback mechanic and SC filler: they are taking places in your loadout were you could use other powers, a shield for example. get away with those. just give us the powerback and SC filler and maybe health regeneration granted all the time without them taking away loadout space. i mean: you could get rid of the power replenishing as main reason for trollers as a whole, so they could concentrate on debuffs instead. if debuffs where actually more usefull that is... also: why no stunning anymore?

    all in all it seems that the changes are not realy giving us more choices. it looks like all the three powers available so far are played exactly the same and i think that this is not cool at all. it plays like this (while weapon combos are clipped in between):

    1.) activate PI with your first power,
    2.) clip with powerback activator,
    3.) clip with weapon buff,
    4.) burst power defined by PI,
    5.) SC filler (everything else is in cooldown anyways),
    6.) SC as soon as ready.

    i will test other tactics aswell, however: there is a bug that prevents me from leveling up right now. i will try to take a 35% finisher in the loadout, by replacing thought nubble and give additional featback soon. my impression so far: not impressed by what has been changed and how it was changed...
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