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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. TuniKs Level 30

    What damage ? we dont want the SC generator power to be a Encasament that is pretty awful for group to deal with it.
    Put on a CC or Debuff
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  2. TheDark Devoted Player

    Just adding to the above. The cool down on these powers does not make it ideal for these to be considered a mass CC option. In future content with A large heard of NPCs with breakout profiles and short immunity windows, Controller CC is completely limiting to help the group or even suppress the the adds hitting the tank. Controllers are better off using outside tools. Actually do chronoemitters and dazing devices still stun without Dom requirements?

    If I use Mass lev on one set of adds then they're dispatched, I have to wait 22 second before I can use my mass 8 man cc on another set. That's assuming I have room in my loadout for 1 CC power and the rest for Supercharge, debuff and power healing. It's limiting in alert content. Solution might be 2 trolls or even 3rd obviously depending if future content has worthwhile NPCs to control. Latest content did not have high threat level NPCs despite having NPCs you can control and don't need a tank for them even in the new raid corridors.

    Penryn and I saw that mass terror and mass lev stun 8 targets and lev levitates 8.

    What has the new Dom duration formula changed too? It no longer states every 500 points of Dom adds duration by 1 second. The iconic powers scale differently, or were never altered since that's about the length they have on live. Aside from that, feed back on all Mental Control effects is wrapped up. That excludes info from Invisibitlypowers that CC.

    Also for comparison with Mentals Bastion, backflip restore power over 6 ticks per player. bastion does it over 12.
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  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report:
    When you are Invisible, "[*GameEffect*] shows up under Current Effects:
  4. Penryn Loyal Player

    I'm starting to wonder if each power has its own "Stun" duration now. Consider this example of "Ambush: Sleep":

    The stun on that power is ~10 seconds.

    Everything I've used Mass Terror on has been stunned 5 seconds at best.
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  5. L T Loyal Player

    I would suggest that two POTs should stack. Each controller will still have a 12 second cool down, so in any window of time the same max power will go out to the group. The ideal will probably always be to stagger the POT casts... but it's hard to coordinate when running with strangers.

    I kind of dislike not being able to double-tick.
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  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    I just tried it. There is still no movement mode while using the SC.

    The bonuses for Mass Hysteria are as follows:
    +10% Critical Weapon Damage - Self (+60s)
    15% Critical Weapon Attack Damage - Self (+60s)
    6 Mass Hysteria Illusions (60s)

    The pet damage wasn't too impressive.

    Here is an example of fighting Faust in the T1 solo using Mass Hysteria:
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  7. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I've noticed that all pet damage feels like the AI is less aggressive. I was using robot sidekick and he hardly attacked now.
  8. CharlesQuester Level 30

    This post left me with more questions than I originally had when coming to the forums today. Taking away CC abilities from powers that don't necessarily debuff. Removing POT from the two POT powers (Telekinesis & Terror Tendrils). This is close to the opposite of what Mental, and other troller powers, seem to have been asking for! I thought this 'Stats Matter' thing was supposed to be to have Skill Points matter again, not nerf powers abilities!

    The first, and main thing, trollers need to have changed is Thought Bubble (and the other encasement powers) so that NPCs dont end up in a bubble that blocks other damage and will have NPCs flying around the room! I suggested in an email to the SourceCast that all the troll encasement powers instead put NPCs into 'shackles' like the binding powers that the Lashers in Stryker’s Island and Arkham Asylum that just hold your arms behind you and keep you from moving. That would make both defense debuffs much more viable.

    Next, getting rid of the POT powers as they stand now. Why? Why take away POT from a power that actually does some damage AND CC's just to put it into a power that does absolutely NOTHING except pumps your arm in the air?? And why take the CC ability from the moves? Why take away the stuns? Maybe stopping the stuns from 'rooting' NPCs in place so Tanks can't pull them.

    All these changes sound like BS to make the Controller roll even LESS relevant that it is today. Stuns, CC's and debuffs are pretty much all we can do within our role and now devs want to take away the stuns and CC's?? How is that making the role BETTER? At least AM gave DPS, who were usually power hungry due to being inefficient, the ability to regen there own power which stopped the whole 'MORE PAWR!!' sentiment throughout alerts and raids.

    (I apologize Mepps if this is the wrong thread to voice these concerns)
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  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    1. Can a movement mode be added to the Mass Hysteria supercharge form? That would increase its usefulness. 60 seconds is a long time to go without a movement mode in a lot of situations. I'd suggest Flight as a default.

    2. Can Supercharge requirements be added to the power descriptions? Mass Hysteria seems to be a 100% supercharge while all of the other Mental supercharges appear to be 50%. That was useful information when building a loadout.

    3. Would it be possible to list which powers retain invisibility in the power descriptions? Most of Mental's powers break Invisibility. However, you can cast Menace, Psychic Resonance, and Bastion without losing Invisibility. There are probably some others, but I haven't had a chance to test them.

    4. One of the problems with having all of powers unlocked is that the Loadout screen is very messy. If you aren't familiar with all of the icons, it can be frustrating trying to track down a specific power. I currently have 5 rows of powers.

    5. I don't know what power should be the Supercharge Generator, but I'd recommend using something else besides Thought Bubble. Encasements are usually very awkward when playing solos/duos. I don't want Encasements removed. There are still places where they are very useful, but I don't want it to be one of my main powers.

    1. When I'm Invisible, it appears I lose my role bonus. However, I still retain my role icon on the HUD. Is that intended?
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  10. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I got to Level 25 on my Mental toon tonight.

    I found possibly one bug in the process that was brought up to me by another player and I found it to be true once testing it.

    Psychic Empowerment grants back power to the user.
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    +1 to this. I noticed it yesterday too but just assumed it was a new feature. Never even entered my head that it could be a bug.
  12. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Would it be possible to make Psychic Resonance (and all self power heals for that matter) usable while controlled? There were a few times today during the Whisper A'Daire fight that I was stunned and out of power and every time my character naturally broke out of it she would stun me again so fast that I didn't have time to cast Psychic Resonance to get my power bar back up, and my soder was on cooldown.
  13. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Did you try it in a group? I'm curious how many will be getting the power dump and if you'll end up taking one of the 3 spots to recive the power.
  14. boibrion New Player

    Why so SeRiouS change??!
    I trolled my first alert and I felt like an idiot. My power bar was almost full the whole time and the rest of the group was almost empty the whole time; I couldn't pump power out fast enough because Psychic Empowerment's cool down is way to slow.
    An alert made of a troll, heal, and 2 dps: the troll NEEDS to be able to do serious CC cause there is no tank. My group was getting clobbered due to the CC nerfs.
    PS I've been a member for almost 4 years now and have always wondered why there's no tutorial on roles and powers? You have to figure things out for yourself, which can be very fun but for the most part I think it keeps people in the dark. Once you attain your role and queue up for Area 51 you pretty much go in blind. There should be general solo and duo mission tutorials you enter as your role and practice before the alerts.
    Also, now that powers are attained through leveling and not power trees, we have to wait to experiment with (level 16) powers until level 30. If we can use every power now, why not keep the power trees and just give us a power point every level instead of every other level? That way we can at least start to experiment with every power (selected ones) by level 16 ( kinda like it is now in game) and by level 30 we'll have a solid understanding of powers, game-play, a good load out, and prepared for tier 1.
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  15. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    So there no instant power?
  16. Isif Well-Known Player

    So Bastion is no longer a group shield? Is it just a supplement for the new low PoT option? Will you have rotate PoT/Bastion to be an effective troll?
  17. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    There is. But it has a 6 second cd.
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  18. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    It's still a group shield.
  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    My alert setup:
    -Psychic Empowerment
    -Thought Bubble

    Reso, Psychic Empowerment, and Thought Bubble used off cooldown.
    Menace used off cooldown if extra power exists.
    Rest of my time was spending speeding up weapon combos via bot clipping for increased power regen and clipping Cryo for more damage and the cc effects on adds. Constantly attacking using certain combos and using thought bubble off cd make my supercharge regen pretty fast to have a use of bastion in most cases where we needed it. I was running that in 3 dps 1 troll setup. For the giant healing robot in watchtower we had to switch to a healer though.
  20. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    While I need to get to 30 to test out the final few powers I can unlock (currently Level 25) I have to say that I don't mind the changes and how it feels in solo content. Except, for these god awful long cool downs. They just feel weird and not even close to how I want to play DCUO. I play DCUO because of the semi-fast paced combat. I can only hope for players with my taste, that it will be viable to take a load out of essentially nothing but the short cool down powers and utilize them at a faster pace instead of chopping away non-stop with their weapons while they wait for their powers to come off cool down. Also, regarding the extremely long cool downs on some things, it is odd when the power doesn't even hit hard. A good example is Thought Bubble. That thing hits like a wet noodle yet has a rather lengthy feeling cool down.

    I also, wanted to ask, "How long has Mental not been providing DoT for powers like Pyrokenesis?". It has been a good year and a half if not longer since I was Mental but I clearly remember that power applying the Burning interaction and then providing a DoT because...well the target was on fire. lol. Pyro isn't doing that on Test at this time.

    In the end, while I don't mind the changes mostly in solo content I do have to say it seems like, at least for the DPS side of things, the Developers went over board. Re-doing all the power sets like this just seems...over kill. But I guess we will see how it plays out once the other power sets are put on Test. I'm eagerly waiting for Light to be put up but at the same time scared they are going to destroy the only power set I truly enjoy playing.
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