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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Removing CC effects from Debuffs and moving PoT to a non stunning power seem like the worst idea Ive ever seen at forums or heard in game. This is not going to end well.
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  2. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Also I see why the whole update is taking so long:
    • Convalesce no longer performs Breakout
    • Bastion no longer reflects damage.
    Why would you spent time removing functionalities that have been working the same way since the beginning of the game? No one ever complained or requested a change related to how Detaunts or Shields work.

    Sry about double post, guess I pressed Reply instead of Edit previous time.
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  3. light FX Steadfast Player

    The change to bastion, reflect dmg? I dont remember the group shield ever reflecting dmg. It was a shield that stopped dmg. Right? And it had saved many groups from wiping in some raids and especially SM when people were dead in aoes or the only tank went down. If im wrong how the group shield sc worked before please correct me. When i think of reflect i think of the dmg being applied back to the person who attacked the shield.

    And i dont understand why this change was made at all. Why even have it as a group shield if it doesnt work like a shield does? If it doesnt stop any dmg? Like it was said above, ive literally never seen a single complaint about how the group shields work for trolling.

    I also saw the comment this is just how the system is now referring to trolling. Its currently day 2 of testing. I think accepting this is how things are on the 1st day of the 1st build to a very big update is the wrong approach. Changes will happen and we should be providing feedback so changes can be made and other options can be considered. Not trying to be critical of that comment. Imo it just seems too accepting of things on the very 1st day. If this is how things are now then why give feedback? Why ask for us to test and give feedback?

    I did some testing of trolling and my initial thoughts are it isnt engaging at all. Trolling on live can be very boring because debuffs dont do much and ya barely have to stun anything if a good tank is in the group. Its mainly dump power and every once in a while stun something or throw a debuff here and there. I felt like the power i was giving wasnt doing much and was so much slower because of the long cool downs. I also saw it said about being in a raid with another controller and how PoT works now. Some people literally never communicate and i agree 100% with what Mightyhon said above. Pot being reduced from 20 secs to 6 seems to extreme.It was difficult for some trollers in the game to even keep PoT up on a regular basis when it was 20secs but now will be expected to PoT every 6 seconds and be synced up with the other troll in a raid group? Sorry but in pug groups that will be a nightmarre. Its only day 2 right now but this needs some major tweaks imo. Its just not very fun.

    And im not sure why the focus seems to be about slowing everything down. A lot of players play dcuo and have stuck around for a long time because of the fast combat. Slowing it down is not going to go over well with a lot of players;) I know its very early, but please think about reconsidering the long cool downs and slowing everything down. Lastly some stuns need to be there. Removing the stuns is not a great idea imo. I know i said above we dont have to stun much but sometimes it was required and could be important. Not having it at all felt strange and sometimes i was just standing there doing nothing. Btw i also trolled area51 for the record.
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  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Bug Report:
    Thought Bubble says it's supposed to do damage over time, and when I cast Thought Bubble; it's only doing 1 tick of damage and the damage over time isn't registering or showing at all.

    I've tested this against multiple adds just to see if it wasn't just a rare issue.

    Is this intended?

    How to Reproduce:
    Cast Thought Bubble on a Trash mob and see if the damage over time appears(Which in my case it's not)
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    When I cast Menace and look at Current Effects, it says it gives a 33% increase to Precision and "DPS" for 6 seconds. Does the "DPS" bonus also cover Might-based abilities? I just want to make sure I'm interpreting it correctly.
  6. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    as soon as I ran out of blue muscle memory kicked in and I used my 2H weap like a champ...the "REAL supers dont use weap...they use Super Powers"...crowd will not like it...thats for sure...the clipping spammers are prob foaming out their gaping mouths about now too
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  7. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Why do some powers have PI's like Burning, Frostbite, and Electrified? None of the Powers from Mental benefit from having these PI's available.
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  8. TheDark Devoted Player

    Additional Feedback on Psychic Resonance Power OVer Time

    K so the Controller with the highest Vitalization will overwrite the Controller with the lesser Vit.
    Controller A has 900 Vit
    Controller B has 1000 Vit

    Controller A casts PoT. 2 Innate PoT ticks in... Controller B will cast Pot and the remaining 6 ticks will scale with Controller B's higher Vit. My Vit was 1044ish i think. I just need to confirm my Power Pool amount along with Penryn to make sure the Innate PoT actually scales with Vit. The self power heal is stated to scale with % of the power pool. IF the innate pot does happen to scale with power instead of vit, which i do not think it does, then it's rewarded to the higher power pool troll. (again i do not think this is the case. I need access to power and vit pool soders/way more SP to really say that without the input of a developer).

    The Self heal PoT also says under current effects that the base is 65 to 72 power to self.

    Feedback on Bastion Power Supercharge
    I didn't test the shield strength on this yet. Ran out of time. But if the shield strength is the same as it scales with the non super troll shields, then it'll be as described in the stats thread. Dom is favorable over Resto. My question remains as to how much? In the past the formula was shared with players. For example, on live supercharge shields are 100% resto + 100% dom + 10 X 1.25 (iirc). non supercharge shields are 100% resto + 100% dom + 10.

    The power return on Bastion was changed. It's no longer instant burst power heals over 5 to 6 seconds/ticks. It's no 12 ticks of power scaling with Vitalization. I guess that would be neat. A supercharge builder power like Thought Bubble (not a fan of the encasement even with the CC combo of encase>levitate>push away) and power/weapon use (still haven't had the chance to look at supercharge regen scaling with weapons. with powers it seems per hit on a registered NPC restores supercharge. You cannot hit air.) along with Innate PoT Psychic Resonance and Bastion cycling would be more similar to how power was restored in small per tick amounts in the first year and half of the game. Assuming the supercharge builder will be allowed/works in Controller stance when it gets on live, it might be interesting in terms of power healing. I'll be able to tell in the future.

    Cooldowns & CC on addtional powers
    Pryokinesis will actually stun 8 targets but as i mentioned before. DOm values are currently too low to determine if it still scales with the DOm duration mechanic and if it's actually practical.The 360 degree Area of Effect is too small.

    Terror Tendrils - 13 second cool down- No control effects at all

    Menace - 12.5 second cool down - No stun/panic/CC - It no longer PROCS might damage - increases precision by 33% & DPS by 33% as stated in current effects.

    Terrorize - 8.3 second cool down - Single target - now delivers 4 ticks of damage to enemies.
    with 772 mightat melee
    +35% health each tick does a range of about 188 to 197
    -35% health each tick does a range of about 379 to 407
    These ranges were gathered over 5 hits each so they're ok granted a slight +/-. I suspect a possible shift to Finishers if the big hitters like TK Bolt (i think that's what it is) total much something higher. Not factoring in supercharge, power of other avenues for damage.

    Psychic Shock has a 6.3 second cooldown. No CC at all.

    Thought Bubble - 12.5 cool down - need to hit a target for supercharge return - deals 1 tick of damage now - a majority of might based burst powers still bypass the encasement to register damage on the target inside.

    Given the pattern with the other powers that have CC removed Phantom flames will join that club. I made it to level 27 i think before i had to go. IF mass levitation and mass terror do infact stun (mass lev will levitate which places it under the Dom duration mechanic. Mass terror states it stuns inthe description) that will be limiting in CC options.

    Also, while the devs may seek for Controllers to have the best CC in game, this isn't actually supported. Pushes from TK push only push 2 targets at most. Only about 3 non supercharge powers in the whole power set actually control 8 targets. Controller CC is in fact limited in number of targets and type of CC effects.

    We'll have Pryo, MassTerror (assumption it stuns 8 targets), Mass Lev (assumption it levs 8 targets), and levitation as the only long duration CC effects for Mental Controlling. Thought bubble encasement is on the list but a hit/interference will break it. The option to stun for a long period of time is here but the various options to do so is in no way shape or form in great quantity as it is on live. 5 or 6 powers out of 15+ is infact a major reduction in effectiveness, or simply put a nerf.

    The battery aspect of the role has been one branch and it's straightforward even on live. It's been simplified for sure on test, and now that Control effect options are far more limiting, as a player who has really enjoyed & actually understood nearly all possible routes the role can take, I have to say this is a disappointment. Obviously I'm not going to rage and cry about it for weeks but I do want to voice that concern. I've read posts from players having distaste towards the CC changes. I still suggest the changes be reverted back or altered for favoring it.

    Overall Damage
    I've been playing with a mix of supercharge build (troll & Damage), weapon use with menace, power tray with resonance. again the stats are too limiting at this point to invest into a stat to see real differences. But the overall feel is ok. There are far more options and routes to take in terms of damage. I can see a supercharge approach in boss fights with possible mix of the others. Perhaps start off with full supercharge in instances to eliminate trash mobs then armory switch into the other 2 options. It really depends ont he rate of supercharge regen.

    It's fun to actually go back to a mix of weapon attacks after straight power attacks from the heavy hitter powers. Due to low power pool or spec ytou have to get to weapon use once you're low. I mentioned yesterday how I do understand the long cool down has to be on the harder hitting abilities, along with higher power costs, which forces you to use some weapon attacks. It's just goign to take time to get used to this considering the speed at which you can deal damage with powers is different on live. I did notice the leaning towards slightly more burst damage.

    I was able to squeeze all this in this morning. If I'm able to I'll squeeze an hour or 2 during the week. I'll definitely post when I get to check out mass terror and mess lev. At this point though I think more detail will be given once we have access to endgame stats.
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  9. DCUO Addict Committed Player

    Bug Report:
    Got stuck in animation when using bolt barrage. The power didn't go off, but the character was stuck for about 5 or 6 sec.

    How to Reproduce:
    Have not reproduced, yet. Will update if it happens again.
  10. Shin-O-B Developer

    Psychic Resonance was positioned after Psychic Empowerment to bring its access in line with the other power types. Since restoring Power to all is the Controller's expertise, we will take another look at it.

    I'll also look into when Invisibility is granted. That sounds like a bug.

    Thank you for your relevant feedback, Mr. First Poster! :)
  11. Shin-O-B Developer

    Yes, they are both still vulnerable to interrupt. Since Mass Terror and Mass Levitation are both AOE and crowd control superpowers, they're not going to hit as hard as a single target nuke.

    And don't forget! The damage output will increase with more Might!
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  12. Shin-O-B Developer

    Thank you for your feedback! This is our first pass and is still a work in progress, so adjustments will continue to be made. Our primary focus for this first pass has been on the PVE experience, but we have not forgotten about PVP. :)
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  13. Lernik New Player


    Is removal of CC going to be the meta across all controller power sets? You removed the big bulk of CC from Mental. This highly concerns me.

    ^^^ please answer this
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  14. Lernik New Player

    Keeping all these powers vulnerable to interrupt is completely POINTLESS.

    Please consider making Mass Terror a DoT again.
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  15. Shin-O-B Developer

    Mr. First Poster,

    In Controller Role, Psychic Resonance will grant Power Over Time for 6 seconds with a 12 second cooldown. The version applied to the caster differs. It will grant Power Over Time for 3 seconds, as it does for the other power types.

    The nice thing is that the self Power Over Time and group Power Over Time from Psychic Resonance will stack for you!

    Unfortunately, the Power Over Time from two Controllers will not stack, so you will have to coordinate!
  16. Shin-O-B Developer

    The removal of crowd control effects is going to be the meta across ALL power sets. This is our first pass, so adjustments will continue to be made. We will take a closer look at the scope of these crowd control changes for Controllers.

    We would like Controllers to remain effective at crowd control, but would like to shift away from every superpower having some form of crowd control. Please continue testing and providing feedback so we can find the sweet spot! :)
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  17. Shin-O-B Developer

    Stats matter! ;)

    Investing in both Power and Vitalization will significantly affect your ability to restore Power. We would like you to use your weapon more often, but the ratio of weapon use to superpower use will depend on your stats!

    I understand it may seem a little slow at the beginning since you're starting from scratch, but your effectiveness in different areas will change depending on your stat investment.
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