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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Think it was nerfed because of how fast we can get it possibly? I'm already scared for battle drone for gadgets but still. We have 2 mods that gives supercharge back, a supercharge regen ability, and weapon combos that are better for supercharge regen as well.
  2. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    You can get a Base Item Amenity Sparring target via the Vendor RNG Base Amenity Box you may end up with way too many undeletable deeds, but you should eventually get 1.
  3. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I can't do it then xD I need room on my toon lol
  4. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    They don't pay us to test, and they can't even spare extra bank and inventory slots; nor a respec token.
    Like they're doing us a favor having us work for them for free.
    So I complain, what are they going to do fire me?
    If they get tired if hearing me complain, I'll be gone.
    They can leave it to the "Yes Men".
  5. TheDark Devoted Player

    As for controlling in content, I found the design of the long cool downs on the "mass CC powers" and the defense debuff annoying. I used my weapon not just for obvious reasons of power and damage but because weapons also control. Bow's trick shot/explosive shot juggles target for example.

    So while a combination of weapon and power control effects is more engaging in that you have to cycle activity, if the content developers ever achieved creating content where controlling NPCs was absolutely necessary to progress due to numerous NPCs, controllers would have to be more conservative as to when they use the mass CC power. This would no doubt create conflicts for some inexperienced controller. 1 to 2 target CC from weapons will need to be used. WHat I'm getting that is I want to control with my powers, or in my case gadgets, more than weapons. Visually it's not appealing to see long cool downs on mass CC powers and I have to use my weapon more. This is clearly a gameplay transition switch when using long cool down powers that cc. A short cool down CC power can be used but they will not control 8 targets.

    If it's just 1 or 2 NPCs, controlling them is no issue even if they are required to be controlled to pass an objective. The cycling of power and weapon control effects on NPCs is nothing new as it used to be one of the mechanics NPCs fell victim too especially around the release days of FOS3. While it is no longer the case, there would be NPCs that gained immunity to powers then you needed to control them with weapon cc. once they received immunity to weapon CC you needed to use power CC again. The mechanics have not reverted back to that as that would be too clever, but the combat type is what's being switched just like back them. Again that's when carrying long cool down CC powers. Whether I emphasized it enough or not I'll repeat again, there is one major problem...

    The developers are assuming that controllers will have more to do with the now simplified AutoPoT. This is true in regards to controllers pursing more damage out. I played around with an offensive controller build designed to be originally CC heavy and supercharge build aimed. The major problem the devs are unaware of is that controllers do not have more to do when it comes to controlling npcs when the npcs they are designing breakout immediately from our now very short duration CC effects and gain immunity for long durations to CC effects.

    I saw that mostly in mostly in raids. In alerts, I can repeatedly control NPCs by cycling weapons with long cool down mass CC powers like in Rip in Time for example.

    While running the content, I still have the habit of using the instant power heal as my clip to defense debuff use of any other power application. WIth the longer cool down on Empowerment, the combat feels sluggish as I transition from one power to the next. The exception comes from weapon to power use since powers all clip weapon animations.
    The long cool down on the defense debuff of horrific visage is annoying when I want to apply the debuff on the next target.

    While I'm definitely not a fan of the changes to controlling (power and CC), if they were actually adjusted to feedback from more experienced players the various options to deal damage would make the control role more interesting in practical game play. As our powers do damage, they also can and will inflict other mechanics. So there is possibility here. Just currently on test it's not that attractive for me. I'll most likely go back on test during the next phase.

    Also, the instant power heal gives power to 4 members in total. That includes the player who cast the instant power heal (empowerment).
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  6. TheDark Devoted Player

    Thats what I mostly used bastion for. It was just the power over time. Since you can regen supercharge quickly, I started using it more often after I realized I didn't need to reserve it for an oh shoot moment. But with the high end damage cap, it's completely weak compared to what's on live.

    The NerfRevamp puts Bastion at 6604 on test if i wait 2 or 3 seconds then lunge in. Look at my dom and resto. On live, the damage cap would be 12,376.
  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I think I was using the power dump clip on every 3rd cryokinesis I used as a battle troll. I was using short combos so it worked. But when I did actual dps rotations, clipping the power dump was at awkward non-consistent moments so it was more of a looking every few to see what combo would I clip it with this time. Actually kind of annoying.

    And for debuffing several targets, I picked up the second defense debuff:
    empower, tele pull, horrific, grandeur, bastion, cryo was the loadout I ran recently. still waiting on tele to have the option to pull so I don't pull a punisher toward the group xD Maybe it's meant to promote the 6 socket affinity bonus, idk. And even that socket only has a % chance to work if I remember right. More than 2 defense debuff targets and you're hit. And it's funny because if you miss one, then you only have 1. And if you have 2 bosses and an add or 1 boss and 2 adds that you would want to debuff to burn faster than normal, you can't. Some instances like Forge Master or last boss HoH, you wouldn't be able to debuff as much as you want. You'd have to pick and choose. And if I remember right, at least for Forge, he spawns 3+ adds if you enrage him and I can't remember if it was one or all of them but there's an add that chunks people so they need to be gone asap.
  8. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    sidenote: If I remember right, using cc on the bots that buff Granny in Darkseid disabled their function temporarily didn't it? We wouldn't be able to do that anymore would we.
  9. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    FYI I placed a Base Sparring Target into my base, and it is invisible and unusable.
  10. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

  11. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I got a sparring dummy in my base too and can't use it. I think the devs want us focusing on content, not sitting as hermits doing parser tests.
  12. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Not sure if the developers see my logic, but I don't see the point of testing content with current dps capacities if they're going to be increased later. If you take 4-5 dps's and increase their damage output by 10-20%, you might as well add an extra dps. Combine that with people who learn to battle troll or heal effectively, the burn through content can change a lot which changes other factors. High end testing is done inside and outside of content especially for dps. You don't find the best rotations for any role inside of active content, you find testing grounds and go in active content afterward to see if your tests were successful and work the way you predicted they would.
  13. E Clip Dedicated Player

    Played for a few hours yesterday and today. Generally, I think its a step in the right direction. Few things which I observed and Im not sure if they are intended or not.

    Phantom Flames consumes 1/3 of the power bar, while all the other damaging powers consume significantly less. I dont see how this can be intended.

    Seeing Mass Terror dots again put a huge smile on my face, good job. However the range is abysmal, going for a Terror range build with Tendrils is super lame in my opinion.

    A Dazed loadout with simply spaming TKPush produces the highest damage from what I can tell and its also the least power hungry. I cant back this up with empirical data, its just an observation. Perhaps a Terror loadout can match that, but PF being too taxing on the power, its hard to tell.

    Controlling side is a nightmare imo, but not because its a bit different with the longer cooldowns, but because the combat mechanics of adds is very annoying, you're stunned every 3 seconds which is absolutely infuriating and when you stun them back they immediately break out and have CC immunity for a long time, I think the immunity lasts 10-15 seconds, but not too sure. I realize that this isnt Mental specific feedback, but since Im giving my 2 cents on controlling I dont see why it should be neglected.

    Visage behaves very weird, sometimes you'd turn multiple adds into ghosts who are too spread out, yet sometimes adds are hugging eachother and only your primary target will be transformed into a ghost.

    TK Shield and Bastion are too weak. Bastion barely replenishes any power and the shield is gone very quickly. Cant see why this would be intended.

    I find the controlling side much more interesting now that instant power has a longer cooldown and PoT is automatic. I like the idea of moving away from the battery role, however I dont think its fully fleshed out yet because there arent enough multi target stuns with short cooldowns at our disposal unless you count Psychic Prison, but thats a melee power. Together with the CC immunity that the adds get when they break out, its not fun at all.

    Perhaps tweaking adds to do less stuns or reduce their immunity will take lot of work, so maybe what you can do is add a power to all controller powersets that increases our resistance to being controlled and/or a power that will decrease control resistance of adds. Most of the time I was using only 4 of the 6 power slots, with the occasional Bastion, so thats 5, you can simply add this type of power and we can actually use all 6 slots again. I mean I still used all 6 slots, but in my last power slot I was alternating between TKPush and Menace ... In fact during my last few runs I used both TKPush and Menace because I got rid of Bastion since it was almost useless.

    Trollers have very high DPS stats. My CR 173 troller has 8.2k might and 8.9k prec without having allocated any SP in the DPS stats while my 174 DPS has 11.5k might and 10.5k prec all SP in DPS stats. Perhaps this is intended and quite frankly I dont mind it at all. I just find it weird that as a troller I was able to outdps almost all dps players in the duos. Keeping Elec and Mental DPS powered up was very hard, while Ice was a walk in the park, I barely even used Empowerment for them.
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  14. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Did you try it with Psychic Prison? As in casting PP and the tank pulling the add while both were inside the PP? If the add was still within the Psychic Prison was the effect totally negated for the rest of the duration of the power?
  15. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    It seems you are right, going with a 1,1,1,1 Rotation of TKPush is the best. You can sprinkle a few other powers to relieve boredom; but they do not produce as much damage.
  16. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Psychic Shock is the TK Push equivalent for Terrified PI and takes the same amount of Power.

    TK Push is broken and does double ticks on dazed targets. Without PI, TK Push and Psychic Shock do the same damage so with PI they should be equal. Phantom Flames is the Terrified equivalent of TK Bolt and they do the same damage for the same Power cost.
    That means a Terrified loadout should do slightly more damage due to Mass Terror's dot doing more damage total than Mass Levitation.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    This was my experience too. Depending on the rotation I was using, power dump would come off cooldown at very awkward times. It worked better if I was using a very offensive build. If I was using a build more focused on debuffs/sc building, the timing didn't quite work out.

    Pulling an enemy inside of Psychic Prison negated the crowd control effect. Watch the Gorgon in this first 10 seconds of this video:

    The Satyr walks into Psychic Prison at ~7 seconds and ends up getting stunned. Psychic Prison ended before the crowd control effect is reapplied to the Gorgon.

    I recorded another video where Rokyn kept a Gorgon strictly inside the visual FX range of a Psychic Prison and the Psychic Prison didn't restun the Gorgon. That video is somewhere in a mound of hundreds of video files from this weekend though.
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  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Firat tine to play Mental since the second go round. I like the DoTs alit. I ran RH with a tank who was less than spectacular (mods are free on test, use them) and liked lunging in with pistols, setting DoTs and then jumping back out. Probably not an optimal weapon but it wasn't bad for how I was playing.
  19. Penryn Loyal Player

    1. Move the Defense Debuff from Telekinetic Pull to Telekinetic Push. Telekinetic Push has a short cooldown period and the crowd control effect on it is generally more desirable than what you get from Telekinetic Pull. Even Telekinetic Bolt would work better as the defense debuff.

    2. Reduce the cooldown on Telekinetic Pull from 12 seconds to 5 seconds or less. I believe the 12 second cooldown is a holdover from when the power was converted from an encasement to a pull and the encasement power was the SC Generator.

    3. It would be nice if there was at least one other power that used the "Dazed" power interaction. Dazed has 3 setup powers and 2 that use the PI. Terror has 3 setup powers and 4 that use the PI. Once Terror Tendrils works reliably, the Terror PI tree is the one that will be the most fleshed out.

    4. The power descriptions need to list what the shielding power scale with. Damage cap numbers for shielding powers should not be a surprise.

    5. Bolt Barrage needs a damage pass. I haven't been able to find a way to produce satisfactory damage with it.

    6. Mental still has some nasty bugs:

    7. Breakout profiles and tank-controller interactions need to be reviewed. These two things make Controller crowd-control feel useless. Relevant feedback:

    8. Consider making Reflect Pain a "Beneficial Power." That means you'd be able to clip an offensive power with it. That would increase its utility.
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  20. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    BTW, I haven't seen anyone mention it, but is there a max range PI option? MT and Terror won't apply terror at max range dps'ing. Levi and Tele can but isn't Push mid to close range? I'm thinking bolt would reach but it has a long cooldown. What would a max range mental dps loadout look like? Would it just be pyro and cryo spam or?
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