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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Retain Ice Elementals old weapon mechanics! I think we shouldn't just change every unique aspect of the weapons that are still around, they stand to be some of the funnest aspects of transformations. Reducing Ice Elemental to brawling is honestly a huge blow to ice from my perspective, as well as any other transformations.
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    Hey Moja

    Feedback given is from the God of Monsters Raid I ran as an Ice Tank.

    My Spec and Stats were:
    20% Crit Attack Chance
    21236 Health
    20540 Power
    20966 Defense
    6823 Dominance (w/ 138 Skill Points in the Dom Stat Innate)

    Inescapable Storm, Reflection, Shatter Restraint, Winter Ward, Impaling Ice, Ice Elemental (Supercharge)

    Surviving in the Raid was not fun. mechanics wise werent an issue it really was just having the Shields not being strong enough. Winter Ward I feel being the strongest of the Shields would come and go very quickly.Using the Weapon Mod Absorption Adapter could bea nice addition to shields but I feel its ineffective in reducing damage whenever it procced.

    I used Ice Elemental because I wanted to use the extra Defense and I mean, its a Supercharge. Turn into this badass Ice Monster. I didnt look at the stats while in Ice form to see if there was a difference in stats but the damage wasnt mitigated and i didnt feel like I was getting less damage done to me. The Animation time turning into it leaves me vulnerable too for about 2 seconds where damage is still coming in and making me a hindrance on the Healers during my transformation.

    Cooldown on Winter Ward could be reduced to be the same as Reflection or at least close to it to have a reliable rotation of Shields.

    Shatter Restraint I just need some clarity. Its classified as a Shield and lasts for a short time. There is no animation effect on it soits hard to see if its there or even the duration. Is the "shield" duration the same duration as the Breakout? Meaning does the Shield effect stop when the flashing white stops?
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