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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. TheDark Devoted Player

    It's unlikely they would ever allow for it on bosses. They would argue that counters (except on few bosses) is a way to control them. I think there's confusion on the match part here. Even on test server you can control Matches for some time even though it's not exactly like Live server. They still breakout earlier than they do on Live. The duration depends on the power you use aside from the NPCs own breakout.

    Matches and higher ranked NPCs aren't always designed to be controllable for long periods. Some are but always have breakouts on Live. Matches and higher ranked NPCs are designed for tanks to deal with as well. Herds of NPCs usually have a mix of NPC types, both matches and/or lesser ranked NPCs like minions, because there are ones controller effects will control repeatedly and those that break out so the tank has something to deal with. That includes countering, taking damage from them, moving them, just overall interaction. You can't have all match and higher rank types be controllable in every raid group indefinitely otherwise there is no need for even 1 tank in fights on the way to bosses.

    In boss fights that can vary and since we can't control bosses, that's where controlling for longer periods on match, minion and less ranked types would be best since the tank is already occupied.

    NPCs need to be given higher threat levels that warrant the need to control them. Even if they break out quickly that isn't a bad thing as long as their immunity does last long. If they breakout and their immunity window is small, you can just control them again and that's interactive because you have to hit a power again. Thats how you would go about it since controllers can't stun for longer than 15 seconds on test anymore. The most a NPC would be controllable for if it didn't break out would be 6 to 12 seconds flat depending on the power.

    They nerfed the role completely but so far changes were made to make it slightly better than how Mental was when it was released on test server last month. I rather take "garbage" over "complete garbage" is the only way I can put it that seems opimistic.
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  2. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    Well, even if you don't think they would cave in to the outcry (seems like they won't) I'd encourage everyone to enjoy what is on live while they can. I'm pretty well convinced that stats revamp will be the thing that kills the game. And I know that prediction has been around forever and hasn't been true yet, but it will be true one day. Might as well dance until the Titanic sinks.
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  3. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Played around with Gadgets briefly and not liking the "skirmishing" theme. I'd like more options for AoE DPS at range than Napalm and Fear Gas.
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  4. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Thanks for clarifying this. I've enjoyed your series about Controlling on your YouTube channel. Very informative, even to old timers like myself. In fact, the video you did about Crowd Controlling and the breakout profiles pretty much helped reinforce my belief that chasing Crowd Controlling to make up for the losses in power return is a lost cause.
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  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Has anyone ran DWF with these changes?
  6. TheDark Devoted Player

    Thanks for watching it. It's among one of my favorites that I made because it's a very rare topic about the game.

    Only a few of us actually know what specifically to ask for. The more detail that's given to the devs, especially with something like CC, the better their response is. They've made some leaps over the past 6 years with NPCs controllable windows compared to what we started off with. They havent completely failed on that end.

    It's just they need more focus on high priority reasons for us to control. We actually have deadly NPCs in the game, most from the original raids, but it's like once in a blue moon they'll come out 1 specific type of add in a raid out of like idk 5 new raids that pose a serious threat & need trolls to work them.

    I agree with you somewhat in this case but I have to admit they did respond to improving control effects for Gadgets atleast. We can control 8 NPCs with a majority of our powers which is better than what I played with on Mental from the first 2 phases. Most of our powers also stun for 3, 6, 8, 12 seconds aside from a few that stun for 1 second which is still better than what I last touched on Mental. Some NPCs still breakout too early but there are some that are controllable and can be controlled immediately after a breakout.

    Overall this revamp is a complete step backwards for more than just CC. I'm reading the feedback people have on the dislike for the changes. The devs spent months on this revamp behind the scenes. I wonder if they would really cancel or significantly alter what they've been working on all these months even if constructive feedback and concerns say most of these changes are not good. I like a few concepts but they don't work. I don't see them turning back or reversing most of this. If they did it would be a complete shock because that's soo much time and money spent on this. Giving feed back that would make my experience playing less lame just seems like a better route.
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  7. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Even though we got into it that one time i still respect your feedback cause your one of the few knowledgable people we have left in the game. ( no bad blood either man, i think your a cool dude and we both have one thing in common we love the game) One thing i will disagree with though is what i highlighted in red. I agree we should give them good feedback but at the end of the day we're the ones that have to play the game with these changes and you have to think to yourself do you really want to play the game after all this goes through and how much longer after do you see yourself playing?? How many people do you think this will chase away?? I know i'm not looking forward to this at all. I would rather play the game the way it is right now with AM's and a buff to nature and electric then what we have on test.

    Every attempt they have made to change the game has only chased players away and made the game worse and more stale. I think for once instead of what the dev's think is the right direction for the game they listen to us for a change and i mean really listen to us. We play the game everyday and know the ins and outs and i'm sure the dev's know some stuff but they do not know the game like we do or a lot of the things that are going on now would not be here.

    I think this is the time we take a stand, this should be the time we take the game back and actually get things fixed and have the game that we want to play. Not the game they force on us. All the attempts they had have not worked out but i bet if they let us take the wheel we could straighten this place up in no time. Im just so sick of ideas that don't work. If you just simply asked most of us if these things would work or how they would affect the game we could have told them in a 45 min skype conversation and not wasted all the time and resources on it. And don't get me started on how bad some things are neglected. Nature and god you can't tell me that figuring out how much to raise the percentage of damage the dots do is rocket science. I could of figured that out in less then a hour but yet the powers remain in a unusable state for dps for more then a year. Like really someone couldn't take a day or two to fix those powers :mad:

    I say we stop testing this stuff and just let them know how it is. Whats on test right now just isn't going to work out and in the 6-8 months it takes to get it playable we could have been done and had a much better game going by just simply removing AM's,WM bonus and Cr differential on top of some other needed changes. Going this direction will never lead to the game any of us want to play let alone fun. If we all stand together the'll have no choice but to listen.
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  8. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    You are right about us stopping our testing. This is a failure; and by continued testing we are contributing to it.
    We will become part of the doom we are trying to prevent.
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  9. SilkyPawz Well-Known Player

    80%of my league quit the game after GU47. Now all my league mates are talking about what game we will all play next after this will go live, no one wants this or will stay if this goes live !!!
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  10. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    This and, in troll mode, I would like to use cuffs out of stealth as part of crowd control.
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  11. JayAreLIVE New Player

    a lot of the time Gauss Grenade and Fear Gas dont do damage even when im right in front of the add a lot of the time it doesnt do damage at all.
  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    They are bugged when update was released. It has not been fixed yet.
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