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  1. Penryn Loyal Player

    Have you tried clipping EMP with Suppressor Turret to and jump canceling Turret? That works, though I'm still on the fence about whether it is productive or not for StatsRevamp. That used to be one of D3vi1's favorite clips back in the day.
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  2. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I completely forgot that it was actually part of the tree back then. (Rest in peace Energy Shield though, alongside Intimidation and Cryo Foam now)
    Completely agree with the mines not being very useful. You can use them in Arkham/Ace and similar arenas and to troll some noobs in PvP phase but their utility in PvE is pretty much limited to being a gimmick to build stairs or nonsense like that. Opening them up for regular loadouts would make them interesting options for both roles.
    Implosion Mine being midrange would also be thematic (does it still pull? I forgot to check) and distinguish it more from Thermite Mine as well as giving us a cheap midrange PI. I'd like for Implosion Mine to be changed to Thermite Mine's cast time and cooldown though but just making it available and increasing its range would be great.
  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    Unless the Mine powers are going to be adjusted, I would prefer to see them be swapped with something more useful like Cryo-Foam or Energy Shield. Cryo-Foam would help to fill that low-cost, medium damage PI consumer power void. A reworked Energy Shield would also be useful. The two shielding powers available to Gadgets have lower damage cap numbers than what you'd see on Mental's Telekinetic Shield.
  4. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Yeah I've been playing around with Turret a bit. I like to play fast (Explosive Shot clipping) so EMP proved too expensive for me. I ended up with a Napalm - Turret - Sticky clip. While Turret was on cooldown I could add in another Explosive Shot -> Sticky and Holo Decoy clipped with Battle Display was the "frame" of my rotation. Last slot was of course Stealth with SC (Asphyxiation Gas since Bunker Buster is a 100% SC now). I think I had some tiny lag issues on test (EU based) so the Turret clip didn't feel as smooth as it did on live when it was popular as the Stealth "super clip". The rotation was ok although Raven's constant CC threw me out of it frequently.
    Either way I'd like to not use Gauss Grenade anymore since I'm pretty fed up with the fact that it's a ballistic power and still misses frequently on live.
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Some comments on individual powers:

    Battle Drone
    Could this power be updated so it can be cast from Stealth? All of Gadgets other supercharges can be used from Stealth. I can summon a Suppressor Turret while in Stealth form. Battle Drone is the odd supercharge out here.

    EMP Pulse
    I don't think this needs to be made vulnerable to interrupt. It has a lengthy cast time and isn't a a group PI applicator.

    I preferred the older animation compared to the "ground smash." Tapping in codes on your wrist console seems more Batman-like.

    Fear Gas
    It would be very nice if this power could take advantage of the Burning, Electricity, and Terror PIs. It would make it a lot easier to run combinations of powers from the Burning and Electricity power interaction sets. Swapping the "Electricity" potion of the power for Terror makes the powerset feel very fragmented.

    The DoT component of this power is broken and gives inconsistent results.

    Gauss Grenade
    Can this power be changed so it is more like Paralyzing Dart and not a projectile? Gauss Grenade is infamous for missing fast-moving enemies or ranged enemies.

    The PI on this power is currently bugged and enemies won't take damage from Gauss Grenade if they are Electrified.

    Holographic Decoy
    I have strong concerns about some of the the proposed adjustments for Holographic Decoy. On Live, Holographic Decoy is one of Gadgets signature control powers. It is one of the few things that helps to differentiate it from other Controller powersets. It has saved my raid groups countless times. If the deployment time is only going to be reduced to a few seconds, that will greatly diminish its utility.

    Implosion/Thermite Mine
    Prior to the introduction of Gadgets Advanced Mechanic, Thermite Mine was a separate power in the Gadgets power tree and could be used outside of Stealth. The Controller version of the mine applied a short-range AoE stun. When the AM was introduced, Battle Display replaced Thermite Mine in the tree and Thermite Mine became a Stealth-only non-stunning power.

    With the way the power is right now, it isn't very useful. Restricting it to Stealth form reduces your usage opportunities. I've always felt the range on the power was inadequate. Trying to use it in a group situation has always been problematic. Groups usually don't want to wait 2 to 3 minutes for you to setup a vast minefield. About the only situation where it worked well was for ganking unsuspecting players in the PvP phase. If I'm already in a combat situation, I would rather use Surprise Attack over Thermite Mine when switching to Stealth form.

    Unless the Mine powers are going to be adjusted, I would prefer to see them be swapped with something more useful like Cryo-Foam or Energy Shield. Cryo-Foam would help to fill that low-cost, medium damage PI consumer power void. Energy Shield is an older Gadgets power that was removed when the Advanced Mechanic was introduced. A reworked Energy Shield would also be useful. The two shielding powers available to Gadgets have lower damage cap numbers than what you'd see on Mental's Telekinetic Shield.

    Napalm Grenade
    Needs a slight damage buff to bring it up to Gauss Grenade's damage output levels. Even then, it still seems like it would be the inferior power. Gauss Grenade can be used while controlled and sets up the PI for EMP Pulse/Photon Blast. Napalm Grenades setup Fear Gas/Photon Blast.

    Neural Neutralizer
    This power sounds good in theory. It is a shield with stun/damage/pi applicator components. In reality, it just ends being very awkward to use. If you're trying to rally someone, you have to wait for the initial deployment animation to play out before you can attempt to rally the person. The damage, stun, and PI applicator components are all very short-range. The long cooldown time means you can't use it as a reliable PI applicator.

    Stasis Field
    As mentioned in a previous post, Stasis Field does terrible damage now. At 10223 Might, it does 15 ticks of 91 damage (187 crits). With that kind of damage output, I don't see anyone using it on a Damage role loadout.

    Suppressor Turret
    I would prefer to see this remain as a mortal pet. One of my favorite tricks with this power is to deploy Turret, damage a mob group with one of my attacks, let Turret hit the mob group with a grenade attack, and then hit Distract. That detaunts the enemies and sends them over to attack Turret while I get in some free attacks. That trick works well when used in conjunction with Holographic Decoy. Making Suppressor Turret into an immortal, but temporary pet makes that a lot harder to pull off due to the power cost/cooldown times. I would like to see Turret reworked to be a more reliable damage dealer. It has a wide variety of attacks that do low damage numbers. For example, the Flamethrower attack usually only does 1 damage.

    Surprise Attack
    The way the camera zooms out and back in for this power is really jarring.

    Terror Power Interaction
    I appreciate that virtually every power in Gadgets inflicts or uses a power interaction now. Being able to inflict power interactions for other powersets was an important duty for Controllers during the first year of the game. However, I feel like the introduction of the Terror PI into Gadgets is making the powerset more fragmented and complicated than what it needs to be. Two of the powers associated with the Terror PI are restricted to Stealth use only. Fear Gas had its Electricity PI changed to fit awkwardly into this Terror power group. That has caused some other issues as noted above and in other posts. Surprise Attack and Cuff'em would work just as well with the Dazed interaction.

    Are the existing Accelerated and Critical Intimidation mods going to be converted to Battle Display mods?
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  6. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Bug Report:

    The instant power back ability is extremely weak, Defibrillator I think it's called?
  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Originally what a lot of gadgets I know wanted from Turret possibly but they added the part where it hurts your power regen while it's alive. Which means you'd probably need to spec into power to run your same rotation which makes it a damage trade off between you and the turret. Could end up iffy.
  8. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Had 2 trolls in an oly run and even with close to a perma battle drone out, power bars were barely 10%. Dps's weren't heavy spec'd into power but I expected to have 10-15% maintained without a supercharge out all the time, not with. I spec'd full vit in my mods and skill points (full crit with ~150sp in vit) and kept 2 debuffs on the boss while dumping at max cooldown and was still sitting at full power. Rest of the group was dry'ish and there was nothing I could do to even remotedly help since my sc was already out and I can't dump faster xD
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  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bunker Buster and Asphyxiation Gas both appear to work really well from Stealth. Captain Venz provides a demonstration:

    Bunker Buster:

    I think that added up to 85k damage. That was a bit over 25% of his health.

    Asphyxiation Gas

    I saw 35k to 40k damage every time I used Asphyxiation Gas.

    What is your vitality and what type of power return were you seeing?

    I think everyone's experience so far has been that power dump doesn't return much power relative to our power pools. It is mostly up to the individual players to manage their power pools. The Controller just provides a modest boost to regeneration capabilities.

    History Lesson for the Uninformed
    In its original incarnation, Gadgets had three terrible, immobile Turret powers that all specialized in a specific power interaction. When Gadgets was overhauled the first time, all of those Turret powers were consolidated into one Turret power that randomly used the special abilities from the three previous Turret powers. The current incarnation of Suppressor Turret hasn't changed much since then. The AI was tuned a little bit during the first Advanced Mechanics pass, but that's about it.

    Suppressor Turret has never been a good pet power. I only found it useful because it would sometimes do AoE damage and I could use it as a stand-in for Decoy.

    I was hoping Suppressor Turret would undergo a more radical overhaul as part of the StatsRevamp effort.
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  10. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Here's some Gadget Controlling footage to be looked over. I definitely enjoyed controlling with Gadgets, it's very fast and very engaging. There's definitely a lack of tools for power healing compared to Live that's for sure so that's an area that I am disappointed with. There's more CC variety on Live, but what we have right now on Test is solid as well.

    I think Decoy is definitely a huge plus for Gadget controllers. That with stealth, the tactical gameplay, and the PI interactions, really make the powerset unique from the others and I appreciate that the developers continued to embrace that aspect once again. You definitely get to feel like Batman that's for sure.

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  11. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Did you find a good use for cryofield? I was gonna get a controller so I could actually try battle troll'ing today or tomorrow.
  12. DarkAya Committed Player

    Isn't a 'Distract' ability a better choice to do that?
  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    You would think so, but look at the damage cap reports for Distract in these posts:

    Distract's damage cap is approximately half that of Neural Neutralizer.

    It only takes a couple of light hits to break Distract's shield in raiding content. That makes it harder to rally players if you're using Distract over Neural Neutralizer.
  14. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    It's terrific for crowd control (one of the 6 second stuns I believe). And it sets up a power interaction.

    In my video above, I actually found Neural Neutralizer useful to use plenty of times in my run with adds. Let's say the tank died in the middle of adds, I would pop decoy and then clip with NN and NN would stun everything around me which gave me the extra seconds I needed to pick up the tank.

    Against single boss fights it's definitely not as useful as Distract since Distract is an excellent detaunt. So they both have their uses depending on the scenario given.
  15. DarkAya Committed Player

    Cryo-Foam was usefull to me as Rooting range power, miss it already. Cryo-Field's new animation makes more sense for Gadgets user, previous one looked more 'metahuman', however Cryo-Field doesn't provide Rooting effect (description says otherwise) and it's point blank only :(
  16. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I cannot speak much to the DPS side of things...I haven't been Gadgets in so long that I will leave that to the folks who are much more versed in that side of the power set.

    As for controlling, I did find a few things I would like to bring up.

    Stasis Field
    I have read some folks being unhappy with the damage it does in the DPS role. I noticed in the troll role that if I put someone in the bubble, the damage I did to them while in the bubble was greatly reduced. This has been a beef of folks for years...encased enemies taking less damage. If this is intended, fine. But it will cause beefs. I found it to be one of the more reliable duration controls in the Gadgets arsenal.

    Sticky Bomb
    This seems to be just a single burst of damage now instead of the multiple ticks in a row. Is the change intended? I would encourage for it to go back to the other version (multiple ticks) as it allowed a slight juggle control.

    Gauss Grenade
    I noticed this with Sticky Bomb as well, but targets would get the "Stunned" effect label but immediately come at me to attack. This could be due to Grenade not hitting electrified targets correctly, but it seems like the control effects here are either not working or are too short.

    I love this power. Have always loved the differences in Gadgets to the other controller sets and this still being relevant makes me happy. My only beef here is with the supercharge generation. I am wondering if it is too quickly generated. I realize that's probably going to be an opinion not shared by others, but it felt like 2 or 3 decoys gave me a full SC bar. No need for any other regen at all.

    The range on this seems hit or miss. I get it's close-ranged, which is perfectly fine, and it looks like it is point blank AoE, but sometimes I feel like it does not hit the guys in a small circle around me. This may need further testing from my part (or anyone else to chime in) but I feel like this could be extremely useful if it is consistently stunning 4-8 targets immediately surrounding you. Definitely adds into that "skirmisher" gameplay I saw discussed earlier in the thread.

    Defib/Power Out
    As folks have said, no power out to yourself, so not sure if that's a bug or the new route. Beyond that (and maybe this is for the larger revamp thread as well) is that I seemed very incapable of doing anything on the power side of things. I went into a duo with a leaguemate. He was Damage role, I was in Controller role. We tested a few different things. Our innate power back was anywhere from 400ish into the 1000-2000 range. We could not really see a method to the madness, some may have been from enemies getting KO'd, but it was never a consistent number. Our Power stats were both between 18k and 19k.

    If he took off gear, my defib hit him for less. If I took off gear, my defib hit him for less. In other words, the controllers power out capabilities seem to depend not only on the controller's stats, but on every single person's individual stats as well. That seems counterintuitive to me. Sure, have your innate power decrease if you have lower stats. But why would your personal gear change what your controller can do? That should be based solely on the controller. Otherwise, why even have 'em there? Why have them be responsible for the power aspect if they do not solely effect it?

    Beyond that, in a duo, I thought control effects were easier to put on. DPS can often stun in duos. Yet I felt inadequate. My stuns were shortened (if there at all), defib did next to nothing to help his power management. I do not know if this differs from mental, but this is like a completely different role than what is on live. I cannot control the way Power over Time works, I cannot control how much my instant dump hits for, I have less control options instead of more, debuffs are on powers that seem silly (taser pull? that should be a utility power only, nothing added to it). I know, I know, it's all been said before. Just adding my two cents now that I've been able to hop on and get my hands on stuff.
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  17. TheDark Devoted Player

    I want to add on to what's below for Devs.

    For Devs,
    I experienced a few runs in OLY Reg on test with a decent group and then with one not so good for the "stress tests" I perform. I got the innates for power crits and the rest of SP were split between Vit & Power. Full Controller gear from Gotham Knight (red head style) vendor guy.

    Power regen on the Controller end is sufficient but not great unless you go to extremes to invest skill points/mods from what I experienced. Under moderate circumstances, the Controller has power to spend a majority of the time if they're focusing on power healing and crowd controlling. This also includes a damage route. However, in regards to overall group power healing, the role is far more limited in the delivery of power on test server.

    Players reading, looking for close to reliable testing, or who seek credible sources on the Controller role on test need to understand a few things if you're going to run 1 or 2 Controllers.

    Controller power healing with Group
    Power healing is limited in that the instant power heal (Defib & Empowerment) has a 3 second cool down now.
    Power Over Time goes to the player with the highest Vitalization and does not stack. It's also suppose to tick every 2 seconds but I reported there are times where it will tick every 4.

    Power Over Time is influenced by your Vitalization.
    Passive regen for the Controller and other players is based on Player's power bar %.

    Players cannot expect to be well supplied consistently over 60% to 70% on test. Not even in decent groups in more recent "challenging" content. Individual players are now further responsible for their own management of power. You may need 3 or more controllers if DPS choose a high/moderate power cost power tray only option or high/moderate power cost weapon & power clip heavy route.

    Even with constant power supercharges being cycled, 2 controllers keeping instant power heal on cool down at all times (assuming it's a power spam fest) power healing will be a struggle for players looking for more power and controllers looking to give it. Again, this is not under low power cost/weapon focus with slight power use routes.

    Powers bars remains around 10% or below in the real bad groups. While power remained around 10% to 30% with 2 trolls cycling power supercharges constantly and with players making effort to conserve power. There is no doubt in my mind that if power healing went live as is, you would have an influx of complaints from players regarding power healing from both the very experienced and the very bad. PUG groups will be a disaster.

    The game has been out too long for players to accept, or get used to, being responsible for their own power. Power healing is too limited in that while we may have the power bar full or near full, it's the delivery to the other players that is a major issue. Controllers need to be able to deliver large burst power heals to players. It has always been far more practical to rely on burst power heals.

    How this is delivered and how long of a cool down on such an ability will be something everyone can give input on. I recommend something more engaging. This is one of the reasons I favored the Double PoT tick. It was for it's back to back large chunks of power plus the instant power heal. It was was practical and served use during combat. I suggest something that is interactive but also functions as something else other than strictly a power heal.

    I'm also acknowledging that a 1 or 2 controller group with higher power bar managment MAY be possible but the players would all have to be on the same page in regards to low power cost and higher weapon frequency use. That will only work if the weapon route's damage is practical as well. For now, your average players, and there are alot of them, will struggle far more than the advanced players but that will not give immunity to the advanced controllers either.

    Final input, the supply drops, soders, and any other power regen/heal out ability, each player was using was far more superior to power healing than the actual controllers in the run. Again, that's because of the way the Supply Drops deliver burst power heals. I understand there is a direction to have players focus more on their own power management with stat spec with passive regen... but I also recommend another look is taking about how power is restored through individual players and/or take another look at the way Controllers power heal. Perhaps some minor tweaks on each end.
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  18. TheDark Devoted Player

    Gadgets Control Effects & Info on Powers Part 1

    Sticky Bomb
    • Damage Debuff
    • Dazes Enemies
    • Stuns for 500 milliseconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Delivers knockdown
    • Delivers 1 tick of damage
    • Far Range (can even hit a target when you're just entering gray cross hairs)
    • 1 second animation & cool down
    Paralyzing Dart
    • Heal Debuff
    • Additional Damage on Dazed targets
    • Vulnerable to Interrupt
    • Stuns for 6 seconds
    • Stuns 1 target
    • Far Range (25 meters)
    • Brings out of Stealth
    • 1 second animation
    • 3 second cool down
    Neural Neutralizer
    • Dazes enemies
    • Usable While Controlled
    • Stuns for 6 seconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Melee Range 8 meters or less
    • Shield last 6 seconds & has damage cap of 4862 with 5692 dom & 7955 resto
    • Animation is 1.2 to 1.5 seconds (just cast any power to cancel the last .2 seconds of animation)
    • 18 second cool down
    Vortex Cannon
    • Additional Damage on Electrified enemies
    • Stuns for 6 seconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Delivers a knockdown then stun
    • Midrange 13 to 12 meters
    • Animation is 1.2 to 1.5 seconds (just cast any power to cancel the last .2 seconds of animation)
    • 3 second cool down
    Stasis Field
    • Defense Debuff
    • Encases 2 targets
    • Encasement last 6 seconds
    • Max Far range (possibly 30 meters)
    • 1 second animation
    • 3 second cool down
    Suppressor Turret
    • Passive Power Regen is reduced while it's out
    • Inflicts Burning & Electrifies
    • Control effects in controller role
    Applies stun grenade & stasis field which does encase
    • Damage abilities
    Flamethrower, Stasis Field, Primary Attack, Stun grenade & Grenade (does heavy damage)
    • Self Destruct deals 44,920
    • Jump cancel Turret & cool down is 2 to 3 seconds
    Cuff' em
    • Inflicts terror
    • 12 second stun
    Surprise Attack
    • Additional damage on terrified enemies
    • Deals a knock down effect
    • Renders you visible from Stealth form
    • You can hit enemies 7 to 8 meters away
    • 18 second cool down after the clock begins otherwise 19 seconds from start cast
    EMP (it's true name)
    • Additional Damage on electrified enemies
    • Stuns for 500 milliseconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Midrange 13 to 12 meters
    • 1 to 1.2 second animation
    • 3 second cool down
    Photon Blast
    • Additional Damage is dealt on electrified or burning enemies
    • Vulnerable to Interrupt
    • No control effects (totally ok)
    • Single target
    • 1 to 1.5 second channeling animation
    • 4 second cool down after channeling ends
    Thermite Mine
    • Additional Damage on Burning targets
    • No Control effects
    • Explodes after enemy contact, 3 minutes expire, or Self Destruct cast

    Implosion Mine
    • Additional Damage on Electrified targets
    • No Control Effects
    • Inflicts Frostbite
    • Additional Damage is dealt on frostbitten enemies
    • Frostbitten enemies become encased at the end of the primary Control effect
    • Stuns for 6 seconds
    • Stuns 8 Targets
    • Targets entering 360 degree Area of Effect are also stunned
    • 1 second animation (like Distract)
    • 6 second cool down
    • It's range is limited to where the player now places CryoField. It is no longer a mobile DoT Aura.
    • Places you in another form that removes Power Over Time
    • Grants access to Cuff'em, Surprise Attack, Thermite & Implosion Mine from Stealth Tray
    • Few Power still remain nonaccessible in Stealth form.
    • Renders you invisible and Stealthed to NPCs that are in combat and that are not in combat. Think of a clock. If you stand infront of a NPC between 10, 11, 12, 1 and 2 o lock, the NPC will see you and attack you. If you stay to the side of or behind of 2, 3, 4 all the way to 8, 9, 10 o clock, the NPC will not detect you. This allows you to get closer to use special Stealth powers.
    • 18 second cool down
    Fear Gas
    • Inflicts Terror
    • Burning and Terrified Enemies take additional damage
    • Stuns for 8 seconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Far range
    • .5 to .7 cooldown after channeling is canceled or finished
    • 2 seconds of channeling
    • Can still be jump canceled
    • Usable While Controlled
    • Shield last for 6 seconds
    • 6 second immunity to enemy control effects
    • Damage Cap on Shield is 2504 with 5692 dom and 7955 Resto
    • 1 second animation
    • 18 second cool down
    Battle Drone
    • 50% supercharge
    • No burst Power heal on the final tick
    • delivers 12 ticks of power scaling with your Vitalization
    • With 14,075 Vit, power ticks range from 202 to 216 power per tick
    Napalm Grenade
    • Heal Debuff
    • Inflicts Burning
    • Stuns for 500 milliseconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Max far range at gray crosshairs
    • 1 second cool down & animation
    Gauss Grenade
    • Defense Debuff
    • Electrifies enemies
    • Stuns for 500 milliseconds
    • Stuns 8 targets
    • Far range
    • 1 second animation & cool down
    Taser Pull
    • Electrifies enemies
    • Damage Debuff (bad choice)
    • Pulls then Stuns target
    • Stuns for 6 seconds
    • Single Target damage and pull/stun
    • Far Range
    • Can still jump and pull for double distance
    • 1 second animation
    • 3 second cool down
    Just wanted to post this for digital reference. I'll be getting damage ranges tonight or tomorrow.
    Not all powers are listed. Some I did not get too because I'm reserving them for damage as well like the supercharges. Decoy is subject to change and while I have that info ready as is, I'll post when it's hotfixed.
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  19. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    Based on my testing earlier, I am not convinced this is working as intended. For Gadgets at least.

    I didn't grab video/screens because lazy...I can go after them later this weekend (yeah holidays!) if it would help. But, in general, here's what I did:
    • Went into duo with a DPS while I stayed in Controller Role
    • Both wearing vendor box gear. We have 166 CR.
    • Go in, spam some powers to lower our power bars so that my power out in my combat tab shows up nice and clear ;)
    • With all of our gear on, I noted the numbers for the Defib out to my partner. It was somewhere between 400 and 550 (seemed random every time. Not a consistent number each time.)
    • The only other power numbers were something along the lines of "innate power return". Nothing about Power Over Time specifically.
    • My Partner took off some gear to drop his stats and his CR to 149. Defib immediately starts hitting him for LESS (20-100 points less) than it was just a moment before.
    • My partner puts his gear back on and the Defib numbers immediately jump back up. NOTE: I did not change my gear/stats AT ALL thus far.
    • We swap the test and I take off some gear and the same thing happens. Defib to him is lower than the original numbers. Put the gear back on...back to normal.
    I did not ask him about his innate power during this, we were looking JUST at the defib numbers because we expected those to depend strictly on the controller's stats. Dark, you mention power over time and passive regen, but do you know if the above sounds wonky for instant dumps?
  20. TheDark Devoted Player

    The "innate power" is the label for Power Over Time now. Just like the instant power heal # has a range, the PoT now has a range it will heal for. It's not a flat consistent # anymore. The Devs over complicated the system strictly due to Stats Revamp. They are also not sharing formulas including the Instant Power heal & Innate Power equation.

    Power heals for example,
    with 15,460 Vit = PoT range of 503 to 556 per tick
    Instant Power Heal (Defibrillator) range of 406 to 447 per Defib/Empowerment

    with 14,763 Vit
    PoT range of 480 to 530 per tick
    Defib range 387 to 427 per cast

    with 5644 vit
    PoT range of 184 to 203 per tick (quick sample size so not full range)
    Instant power heal range of 141 to 161 per cast (quick sample size)

    I did a test in Metro city hall duo and Typhons monster invasion open world. Depending on the vitalization of the player, that influences the Power innate and the Defib amount. When I had the controller, and myself, go from 174 CR to 65 CR vit decreased and the PoT & instant power heal followed in conjunction. When vit increased so did the Pot and insta. The instance seemed to follow what we were doing. I didn't find any limits due to an instance on Defib.

    Also there is something called Recovery. That comes from weapon holds etc now if I remember correctly.

    Possible bugs still
    **Mental's Empowerment still restores power to the cast of Empowerment. Defib gives power to players and not the caster.
    ** Innate (PoT) Power continues to skip a PoT tick (innate power tick) every 2 seconds. The link I gave in a previous post shows Moja said the innate power pot is suppose to occur every 2 seconds. So either this was changed or it's a bug.
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