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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Gadgets powers.

    For general combat feedback (not specific to Gadgets), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    For a power cost overview, go here.

    What else has changed beyond global balance changes:

    Thrown Gadgets
    • Low duration cooldown and low crowd controlling effect abilities that can be used repeatedly
    • Sticky Bomb
      • Inflicts Daze
    • Napalm Grenade
      • Inflicts Burning
    • Gauss Grenade
      • Inflicts Electrify
    • Thermite Mine
      • Leverages Burning
    • Implosion Mine
      • Leverages Electrify
    Control Gadgets
    • Moderate duration cooldown and high crowd controlling effect abilities that are used readily
    • Defibrillator
      • Group Power Heal
    • Stasis Field
      • Inflicts Crushing
    • Fear Gas
      • Removed Panic and now inflicts Terror
      • Leverages Burning and Terror
    • Taser Pull
      • Inflicts Electrify
    • Cryo-Field
      • Now a Field instead of an Aura
      • Inflicts Frostbite
      • Leverages Frostbite
    Heavy Gadgets
    • Moderate duration cooldown and moderate crowd controlling effect abilities that should be used tactically
    • Paralyzing Dart
      • Leverages Daze
    • Suppressor Turret
      • Inflicts Burning and Electrify
    • Vortex Cannon
      • Leverages Daze
    • EMP Pulse
      • Leverages Electrify
    Utility Gadgets
    • High duration cooldown abilities that should be used strategically
    • Holographic Decoy
      • Supercharge generator
      • Inflicts Terror
    • Stealth: Cuff ‘em
      • Inflicts Terror
    • Stealth: Surprise Attack
      • Leverages Terror (Batman style!)
    • Battle Display
      • Weapon Buff, in place of Intimidation
    • Neural Neutralizer
      • Leverages Daze
  2. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I said it with mental and I'll say it again for gadgets, stop putting debuffs on pulls. You're not doing anything besides putting a big "DO NOT USE ME AS A DEBUFF" on that ability. If I'm scared of an add and want to damage debuff it, there's no reason what so ever why I would want to pull that add into the group even with a debuff on it. If I want to pull an add, I want to pull an add. That is a completely separate NPC interaction I want than debuffing it.
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  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    The patch notes mention that Vortex Cannon leverages Dazed. The description says "Enemies take additional damage when Electrified."

    Which is it?
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  4. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Secondary immediate notices:

    Decoy now lasts the full duration of the cooldown. What was the point of the cooldown reduction mod offered on live. And you realize that since decoy soaks infinite damage, you just gave gadgets a free tank for content ALL THE TIME.Keep it like how it used to be where ~35% of the cooldown it was down to balance how op it is.

    Suppressor Turret reduces my power regen. Not like anyone even used suppressor turret as a dps besides for clipping, speaking of which, thanks for lowering the cooldown on that, now I can be a clipping god xD Don't change this.

    Cryofoam gone. Meh impartial.

    Cryofield animation changed. Put it back to how it was. Swirling debris was better. Looks like a non-moving version of ice's field. Also used the mobility of it being around you for pvp. Rather have cryofoam back as a range thrown field if anything.

    Intimidation should've stayed as the buff. Name matches the function.
  5. Shin-O-B Developer

    It should leverage Dazed. That is an error with the tooltip. Apologies!
  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    Is Paralyzing Dart supposed to be a single target attack now?

    I'm throwing it at groups of enemies and only hitting a single target.
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  7. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Didn't get on test yet but on first glance: What's the point of having Stasis Field inflict crush? I've been wondering that for years and I saw it with Ice on test again. Does anyone besides Earth actually utilize crush? What's the point?
  8. Shin-O-B Developer

    Decoy's duration is going to change, for sure. It will be somewhere between 35% and 50% next patch.

    Suppressor Turret will probably receive a mechanical adjustment as well. In Raid testing, it seems to die pretty quickly! Lol

    Try out Cryo-Field in some situations and then get back with me :)
  9. Shin-O-B Developer

    Yes! And, since it's single target, it's the hardest hitting ability below Stealth: Surprise Attack. I recommend Vortex Cannon for a multi-target attack that leverages Daze. More targets means less damage out per target.
  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Does Cryo-Foam still exist? I'm not noticing it in the tree anymore.
  11. Shin-O-B Developer

    It has been like this for most Encasements to give Earth more Powers to interact with.
  12. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    nope xD I was bugged too.
  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    Thank you for the reply. What should I used as my "ranged group heavy hitter" now? Vortex Cannon and EMP both appear to be melee to mid-range attacks.

    Telekinetic Bolt in the Mental tree has very generous range on it.
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  14. Shin-O-B Developer

    Not right now. Cryo-Foam and Intimidation are out at the moment.
  15. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    ^_^ and what do u mean by mechanical adjustment? You that it's going to be like earth and sorc pets now? It's actually going to do meaningful damage and not be like a robot sidekick?
  16. Shin-O-B Developer

    You're welcome! :) Vortex Cannon and EMP are your hardest hitting ranged group attacks and are both mid-range. Fear Gas and Gauss Grenade have a longer range and lower cost, but don't hit as hard.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Are Thermite Mine and Implosion Mine restricted to the Stealth form? I can only put them on my Stealth loadout.
  18. Shin-O-B Developer

    Leaning toward an immortal pet for a fixed duration, as opposed to a mortal pet for an infinite duration.

    During an earlier Raid playtest, I spawned Suppressor Turret from range, and it seemed happy lobbing grenades. Then it suddenly rushed into the fray to try to perform a flamethrower attack. Poor guy was never seen again... :(
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  19. Shin-O-B Developer

    At the moment, yes, but we have discussed making it available outside of Stealth.
  20. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    See what had happened was lol
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