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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Dec 9, 2016.

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  1. L T Loyal Player

    What I think I was seeing is that it typically one-shot easy enemies and didn't jump from there. On tougher enemies I saw the jumps.
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  2. Here2Help Devoted Player

    I suppose it's so if you're using both, you'd constantly be using the lower CD power for constant damage but can then also use the power with a longer CD almost like a mini SC for a bigger chunk of damage every now and then.
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  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Ugh, Electrocute with 12 ticks but a 20 second cooldown
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  4. L T Loyal Player

    I noticed that overcharge didn't seem to do any extra damage with the electrified PI applied. Seemed like Tesla Blast always did more damage than either Overcharge or Arc Lightning, regardless of whether there was a PI or not.

    That might be by design based on power cost and/'or animation time, but I'd argue that the powers you get as you level should generally get stronger.

    On the bright side, Electroburst is now a burst rather than a fizzle!
  5. spord Developer

    Yes super powers that have lower cooldowns like Shockwave and Overcharge will scale in damage when you gain Might just like Electrostatic Bomb will. What it sounds like you are describing are two different ways to play. If you want to play with mostly weapon attacks and use Wired (once I fix it) then you might as well take the heavy hitters with long cooldowns because they won't affect you much. You could also use faster abilities that deal less damage and use weapons less often.

    Having said all that, if you are finding that there are no loadouts that can be made with Electricity because there are too many long cooldown superpowers then I need to know. Also for anyone that wants to talk about the over all philosophy of the stats revamp changes hit up this thread.
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  6. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Is the calculations for flux still the same which is 125% restoration while in healer role. Or did it change to dominance?
  7. Cyro Committed Player

    Bug: Circuit breaker currently only provides a breakout. I looked in active effects and saw no bonus to damage
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  8. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Ok so after healing something at 30 I found that attempting to solo heal difficult content will basically be impossible. Your cooldowns are all way too high among other things (all numbers are based on the level 30 gear you get from the hall of justice, couldn't really judge power costs) :

    Arc Lightning - Seems to Arc much more than live version, hits for about 200-300, cooldown is way too much.

    Bio Surge - Exactly the same as live, hits for about 200

    Bio Capacitor - This change is the worst thing that could ever happen, your limiting elecs only source of reliable group healing and on top of it adding such a long cooldown. Hit for around 400

    Galvanize - Same as live, each initial heal tick was around 100+

    Flux - Same as live

    Electroburst - Not going to be useful for PVE, the range is the size of the animation, your not going to get that leeway in trying to position yourself on trying to heal mass amounts of damage. Hit for around 200-300

    Invigorate - Didn't Use

    Ionic Drain - Didn't Use. (But you shouldn't use this anyway)

    Electrogenesis - Didn't Use (I forgot this existed actually)

    Even if the healing numbers are bigger than their live values for some of these powers it doesn't matter because if everything in your arsenal is on cooldown and the the boss / ads decide to ninja damage someone you can't do anything, once one persons safety net is gone they're at so much risk, you have no effective or reliable way to heal them. Galvanize and EB are too position and group reliant for the heals to mean anything, Arc lightning would only work their near the ad range of where you casted yet the heal may not be strong enough, your back to spamming electro surge just like pre-revamp only this time you'll be spamming it a lot more since bio capacitor is next to useless.

    The main problem I kept ranting about was that bio capacitor had way too long of a cooldown and you guys tripled it :/ The old bio capacitor worked well, it just needed a lower cooldown so that you could refresh it's PI on allies that already triggered it.

    This logic I don't understand, Admonish has the lowest cooldown and offers a combo into an 8 man HoT, but electric or sorcery can't have this cooldown even when their subsequent effects require more effort from the player than Celestial (Well maybe not Sorcery)

    But for all we know this could all the your new vision for healing, making cooldowns so long that two healers are required - But this also goes against your philosophy of giving players more options, these changes will literally demand two healers for raids in difficult content because one won't be able to keep up at all... unless the other healer powers will not have changes as drastic as electricity.
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  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I really think for some proper testing of the powers that we need some higher lvl gear, skill points and mods to really see whats going on with these powers and how we will be using them. Drop us some gear boxes for the 135 gear (i think thats what it was) and let us give the powers a good going through and see where we stand cause right now i'm a bit scared :eek:
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  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Right now, as I am leveling up, I feel like I'm playing Legends toons. I haven't had to heal anything yet but I am apprehensive about the changes as well. This isn't meant to be a slight to anyone on the Dev team. I will definitely be a different style of DPS and unfortunately, it feels like we are back to the WM style of DPS, except now, we don't have long DoTs to sustain damage during weapon combos.
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  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Thinking more about general gameplay and cooldowns, I have become even more concerned. We have several bosses in this game that shrug off DoTs or gain an add phase, or shield during an add phase. It will almost be like we won't be able to use powers because of long cool downs or we will want to save something for the add phase. A recent example of this is the Gorgon fight of UT where you have to fight adds or sometimes the Phoenix. If you have all you abilities on cool down, then what?

    I'm thinking of Electrogenesis. Right now, I am not that happy with it. It's 5 ticks on about a 10 second cool-down. It generates two auras and then anything in the range of an aura gets affected. It seems to be based on the rules like it is on Live, but with half as many ticks of damage. It's nice that you don't need PI for it but it seems rather useless because you ideally want to use it for 3+ NPCs. Pre-AM, the power used to have auras that stacked on any NPC that did not have an aura already - I would love a return to that with the current cool-down or I would be willing to have the amount of damage per tick reduced for more ticks. It should be a true DoT or a fractured burst.

    The thing I want to make the Devs aware is that we really don't hate the concept of Damage Over Time mechanics. I love it! All powers should rely on some form of it to maximize damage output.

    But right now, and I'm sorry to say, I feel like I would do more damage with RSK, weapon buff, building a SC, and barely using any powers at all.

    Also, if Voltaic Bolt and Electrogenesis have their DoT removed, then Electricity has no AM anymore.
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  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    It's quite apparent that Electroburst was made a melee power. It was communicated previously that mid-range was a mistake, however Static Push which was made full range is back to mid-range. Is this true of all SC-related abilities? Is it just a mistake?
  13. GarrickTheFlash New Player

    These cooldowns are insane , people were already intimidated by electric healing.
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  14. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    How come Mental and Ice got a single target abilities for a SC generator but Electricity has an AoE one ?

    Edit: Overcharge would make more sense as a SC generator.
  15. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Obviously comparing to live is redundant but I can tell from experience if this is the state of the powers as it goes live electric healing will not solo anything and could potentially even struggle further.

    Here's some further insight:


    Bio Surge with PI = 8 Man heal every 0.5s

    Bio Capacitor = Adds PI to closest four and heals four, moderately long cooldown (moderately long because it's a very important ability to rely on)


    Bio Surge = Heals one regardless

    Bio Capacitor = Heals 8 adds a Safety net, really longggggg cooldown

    Electric loses so much burst healing from this you can forget calling it a burst healing power. (Burst healing power... only every 6-30~ seconds though!)
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  16. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I cant really overreact to electric healing changes because just like many others I am comparing electric to its live version as well as other powers on live.

    But if all healing powers in the game are getting extended cooldowns such as admonish, shards, cross pollination, etc. Then that makes sense.

    However why increase cooldowns? Would it make more sense to just lower healing potency of moves?

    Electric has been known for its quick reaction to health loss and that is not just through its saftey nets.
    Since Ionic drain no longer heals like other channeled heals, does this mean moves like Guardian's Light, and other channeled heals are getting removed from the game or getting major increase in their cooldowns?

    DPS got more simple, but it seems like healing with electric became so complicated that nobody in their right mind will want to use it.

    Key changes need to be made on the healing side, because even with extended cooldowns on other healing powersets, electric will still fall far behind.
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  17. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This thread is specifically for feedback about testing electricity. Thanks!
  18. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    So after running even further testing (Area51) Alert I actually found something positive to come from all this - Surge, Bio cap and Flux all have render distance range, meaning you can heal people across the universe like celestial :p

    Cooldowns are still way too long, I don't think I will change my opinion about that. I can actually judge power costs too, we didn't run a troll but anything that wasn't surge used a third of my power bar, it's like PVP which isn't a good thing, your self power regeneration will let u cast surge or flux immediately but everything else costs a lot. Maybe it'll be manageable with a troll.
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  19. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    Im liking E...but E was so broken anything was better than what was there...just started so really no details worth detailing yet...but its nice to E again and not feel foolish...
  20. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So I am trying to figure out how Electroburst works in healer role. It appears to generate a flat heal regardless of how many targets are nearby and it does no damage. So the utility of this ability has just been thrown at the window. I know people complained about it in PVP, but I knew people who could use it in certain PVE instances and get huge heals from the set up.

    So the DPS side of Electrogenesis only gives five DoT. I can confirm that the healing side only gives 5 Heal Over Time on a 12 second cool down. This ability always had limited value because we could not control where the second aura went; now it has no value.

    Talking to Cyro last night, he pointed out Invigorate is 100% SC while Group Transducer is 50%

    Ionic Drain has been changed back to its original animation. It has an 8 second cooldown and does 6 ticks of damaging and healing in just a few seconds. The healing is so minimal, compared to the other abilities, that this is no longer an ability useful to healers.

    So we have had one healing ability completely removed from our list of options which means essentially these are our healing ability choices.

    BioElectric Surge
    Arc Lightning
    Group Transducer

    Considering 2 are SC, I would say that I would never use Electroburst as there are powers that would be more useful and do damage like Arc Lightning. The minimal heals of Electrogenesis and it's long cooldown make it so that I would never use it. So if I was going to heal, I'm stuck with one loadout with a choice of Supercharge to which I would stick with GT.
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