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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. spord Developer

  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Did Electroburst damage get updated yet?
  3. spord Developer

    We wanted to have a comparison point on PC Test instead of against Live. Have you tried Electricity since the power costs were reduced and the regen increased? I know that wasn't most of your feedback but just curious.
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  4. spord Developer

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  5. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Thank you. Can't wait to try.
  6. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Ill give it a try with an open mind..
  7. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Power costs are a second priority to the functionality of the abilities, I know I'm sounding like a broken record but with Sorcery's release the differences are night and day

    Sorcery has a lot of reliable healing with the now lower cooldown associated with Ritualistic Ward as well as decent healing with the Watcher, this ability alone is stronger than what anything Electric can offer currently because of the numerous reasons I stated on the V1.1 thread. This is what Bio Capacitor needed to be along side the Bio Charge PI to give it a lot of reliability to which then the abilities that don't guarantee a strong heal like Arc Lightning, Galvanize, Electrogenesis could try and supplement.

    With response to your question, I didn't play electric after the power cost changes because I was too frustrated with how the power set functioned to continue with it, there was a lot of abilities that required unique circumstances with little pay off in terms of poor healing strength, long cooldowns or just unreliability and it just wasn't fun to use.
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please do. (These threads are for feedback from active testers.)
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  9. Mystere Well-Known Player

    I played after power changes and power is still an issue when not with a controller - even if you put tons of points into POWER. And, if you do put tons of points into POWER, those that put it into crit/crit dmg and stats and use a mix of weapons and powers do A LOT more than those that play from the tray.
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  10. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I know I give a lot of healing feedback but I have a request for DPS.

    PLEASE make Overcharge an AoE Electrified PI applicator.
    Also could you make it benefit from its own PI?

    Buff Megavolt. Seriously.
    It does around 28k aggregate damage on a boss fight single target... buffed up with a Supply Drop... 34k..
    But Supercharges like Bolt Barrage, Mass Hysteria, Grand Summoning... they do triple the amount and more.
    I really would like to see that gap closed significantly. At least make one supercharge worth using in Electricity because we're better off not using one in both healing and dps.

    Electrogenesis is lacking in comparison to Circle of Destruction, Psychic Prison, Pyrokinesis, and other powers of nearly equal power cost and animation time.

    Tesla Ball is not performing as strongly as Cryofield, Bitter Winds, and other powers with equivalent power costs.
    Please extend to a 6 tick dot.

    Healing feedback

    Bio charge will be needed once more. Sorcery healing is much much smoother and power efficient than Electric healing.
    Not so many huge cooldown issues with Sorc but is a problem with Electric.
    Ionic Drain should receive the same huge buff that Invocation of Renewal is getting.
    Electroburst and Transmutation should be on equal footing imo.
    Electrogenesis becoming a full raid heal would be of much benefit.
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  11. Derio Steadfast Player

    Power cost is much better for both healer and dps role.

    DPS feedback:

    The positives:

    I have accepted that playing from the tray is simply not possible so for all the naysayers this is not from a play from the tray perspective. I have used Electrocute, Voltaic Bolt, Electrogenesis, Wired, electrostatic bomb, Megavolt. High cost powers ending with wired into weapon combos until cooldowns are gone and power is at least 3/4 then repeat.

    This works well, and this is not comparing it to any other power. Gameplay feels fluid and good, and power is very maneagable for several rotations other than the one listed above( the one above is just one that did the most damage in a short amount of time).

    The negatives:

    Circuit Breaker increases damage but IMO is not enough to warrant to use it and is weaker than ice elemental.
    Megavolt, still feels slightly underpowered when I compare it to other supercharges.
    Playing from the tray is not possible even after speccing 100+ skill points into power.
    Overall compared to other powersets electricity feels weaker in solo and duo content. In alerts and raids you really cannot tell until you see the scoreboard. But you notice it for sure in solos, especially in all AF3 content.

    And comparing sorcery on test compared to electricity on test is a day and night difference in damage, and I am sure that is something you all want to avoid. But it seems electricity is the lowest damaging power on test right now, and Its not like you can really buff only 1 or 2 abilities to fix.

    Healing Feedback:

    The positives:
    Love, love, love the power cost reductions.

    The negatives:
    *Warning mini rant incoming*
    Now that there is a second healer powerset on test you can see all of the loop holes in electric healing. If I had a choice of 2 healers on test I would choose 2 sorcery healers.

    Galvanize- no comment on this since its completely situational
    Flux- no comment, working as intended
    Bio electric surge- weak heal but it makes sense for the cooldown
    Biocapacitor- Reduced power cost makes this power better than it was in 1.1, but my gosh you better save this power for a rainy day because if its on cooldown you are pretty much screwed.
    Electrogenesis- I have no problems with this ability, but it could be better
    Arc lightning- I have no problems with this ability
    Invigorate- I have no problems with this ability, but some people feel it needs adjustments
    Electroburst: Did not try this ability since it wasnt worth it in 1.1 and I doubt it got improved.

    Electric healing needs help. It doesnt have a good amount of options and compared to sorcery where sorcery has its 4 man heal( 4 including the healer) and the watcher along with a good amount of HoT. A nice mix of burst and hot is where electric continues to fall into last place.

    Also Electric lacks healing options. Ionic drain needs the healing factor returned to be like sorcery's IOR. Spord please consider giving electricity more healing options or strengthen its core healing options.

    Electricity healing is doable, dont get me wrong. But it feels sub par when comparing it to sorcery.
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  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Electrocute and Circle are supposed to be sister abilities I would guess. I brought up Psychic Prison vs Electrogenesis which I thought should be sister abilities and Spord confirmed PP was doing too much damage earlier this week. I don't know if it I got fixed but I did bring it up in the Mental 1.2 thread.
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  13. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    So I realized I did test these power costs changes when they were implemented, I assumed V1.2 addressed these further but they seem the same. It still doesn't play well, power costs are something to figure out when the abilties are worthwhile using. My feedback in previous threads as you said didn't all mention power costs a lot and none of it has been touched.

    I don't know how many times I or someone else in this thread needs to say it, electric healing how it is now isn't viable for the play style of difficult and challenging content. You can say it requires more skill than the other power sets but I don't see that here at all, you disadvantage yourself more than Sorcery for healing that still costs a lot and achieves very little as the abilities are dependent on your team mates as well as your own positioning.

    I'm not going to regurgitate my feedback in the V1.0 and V1.1 threads because frankly I'm sick of repeating myself and nothing being done about it. That feedback is still relevant for so many more reasons other than power costs so to think it isn't important is just showing that you're abandoning the potential in this power sets healing.

    As Derio mentioned above, no one in their right mind would use this power set as Sorcery outclasses it in numerous ways. Please see my feedback regarding Sorcery in it's own thread to see my thoughts and comparisons I may have made to Electric.

    The cooldowns for Arc, Galvanize must be reduced, Bio Capacitor needs to be reverted to how it functioned on live along with the PI and needs to be given Lives Admonish Cooldown / Tests Ritualistic Ward Cooldown. Arc and Galvanize need to be stronger. Electrogenesis needs to be stronger and more healing options are required.
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  14. krytine Loyal Player

    Change electrogen needs to switch from nearest ally to furthest rendered
    The pi should cause ever heal to be stronger
    Correct galvanize to have a ripple effect as it hits an ally its range and strength are increaced
    Eburst should have its pi restored to allow hotsplus the burst heal for up to 7m range
    The stunning effect is still weak and could use an upgrade

    I have said it before electric used to have the largest burst heals and they were a compound power meaning while a heal was active the next heal would be stronger. Restore the stackable interaction to allow each heal to be stronger give a few more options as in powers the heal and damage at the same time
  15. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Electroburst is much better now for damage. Thank you.
  16. Mystere Well-Known Player

    My only issue with eburst is the range. You have to be up their grill for it to hit reliably. Not sure why it doesn't always seem to hit things that look like they are in range.
  17. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    It's up close for sure. I didn't test outer range because no testing dummies.
  18. Derio Steadfast Player

    I dont think its just electric healing, but electric dps needs help as well. Now that we have more powers to compare it to. I think its self evident of where electric stands.
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  19. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    It definitely seems the 1.2 powers fare better than the 1.1 powers but it's not because the individual abilities are imbalanced. They just have some abilities that are much better. I did some comparison videos between Electricity and Sorcery. Using similar powers, you gain similar damage and I completed Iceberg Lounge in about the same time. Electricity doesn't have anything like Grand Summoning though which is the difference. (Side note: not sure if GS is back to 100%).

    I feel like Ionic Drain is still a bit weaker than Final Ruin. Not all executes are the same based on numbers of ticks. I hope the color heals of ID aren't a factor in making it weaker. If so, then remove them as the heals aren't keeping anyone alive. And it's not a viable healing ability for healers.
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  20. L T Loyal Player

    OK lets compare it to the other power sets.
    Let me both agree and disagree with Black Jaq on the finisher. Ionic Drain is WAY weaker than Final Ruin (or in fact, any of the other finishers). The other finishers all do 4 ticks of damage, Ionic Drain gives you 7 half-strength ticks-- so you lose 1/8th of your damage. Even if the damage were the same the DPS is way way lower because it's spread over a longer period of time where you can't do anything else. The healing back from Ionic drain is really, really weak. If it were 20 times stronger it might be interesting, but it isn't. On top of all that, Ionic Drain doesn't benefit from either Polarized or Electrified power interactions, so you lose an additional 10% damage there (the other finishers all benefit from a PI). So you're vulnerable for twice as long, and do less damage, with virtually no upside. Ewww.

    Mental's Mass Hysteria is a good supercharge. Not Grand Summoning good, but good. Bolt Barrage is good also-- but only from invisibility. Still it hits hard from there. Both of Gadgets Supercharges also hit hard from Stealth. Atomic's supercharges both seem to do quite a bit more damage than Megavolt. Circuit Breaker would be a good supercharge if it affected power damage as well as weapon damage, but that doesn't seem to be the case, so it's good only as a break-out. Circuit-Breaker should be a 25% supercharge as-is. Megavolt needs a Mega-Damage-Buff. As test stands, Supercharge-wise, Electric fizzles.

    Arc Lightning is a good power. There. I said something nice about Electric.

    Beyond that, Electric is a plain vanilla power with nothing added. Ice has Chill Effects and Ice Armor. Atomic has its combos, Gadgets and Mental have Stealth, and Sorcery has pets. All of them have better supercharges. If Nature got the treatment that Electric's been given, that would probably be OK since Nature gets all its interesting Form Changes. Electric gets nothing and likes it.

    Fortunately, Spord is on the job! I'm sure he can come up with something unique and interesting to restore everyone's faith in Electric as a power set.

    (heh-- see what I did there?)
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