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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. bmce84 Loyal Player

    I'm going to post this here too as I already put it on the power thread.

    I'll give some of my details on Electric
    CR 176 SP 170 (could be more but I'm sticking to what they gave us and only upgrading gear)
    DPS (only testing solo content right now as testing group content might be an issue if I'm trying to really see how the power is doing, and don't have a league on test to help, barely seen anyone ever since 1.1 started)

    Spark Barrage-Shockwave-Static Push-Tesla Blast-Electrocute-Megavolt

    51 SP in Might, 51 SP in Power, full crits on both and the rest of the SP is in Dual Wield (no WM) and movement mode.

    So far that loadout has worked outside of boss battles which are very unbalanced, I start with Static Push then Tesla Blast and Electrocute then go Sparl Barrage to Shockwave, then one weapon attack and go back to Shockwave then spark barrage, now most times adds are either dead or very low so I can kill them fast and still have enough power. As mentioned on bosses it doesn't work, I need at least 1 soder per boss and supply drop plus an Orbital Strike (which seems to be bugged at the moment). Like most I struggled on Faust and Artemis, but worse boss has been Pengbot, the adds during the second phase are a big issue since by then Pengbot already has me down to 50% health.

    After continued testing I can say a couple of things

    1- There's an issue with Orbital Strike, it's not hitting at the right moment as it seems to be lagging by a second or two.

    2- Clearly either bosses need to be adjusted or we need more damage, I can run a full rotation then one weapon attack and spam Spark Barrage and Shockwave with weapon attacks both are done but I'll only have enough power to use Static Push, if I want to run either Tesla Blast or Electrocute I would need to do constant weapon attacks or use soders.

    In conclusion a rotation with only 1 high cost power and 1 medium in which one is a PI and the other AoE meaning they have long cooldowns with the other 3 being low cost is still too much to keep without any weapon attacks. Lowering the cooldowns wont matter if we still run dry on bosses and if you have more than 3 adds you'll run into the same issue, we don't have enough power and damage. So either we need more damage (which we can't have on our own because we need to spec into power), or we need more power (think damage but in reverse). One thing we were told from the start is that a DPS would be able to only concentrate on their damage stats without having to spec into anything else, that's clearly not possible as we have to spec into a troll stat and right now to actually be able to run something close to a tray rotation you still need weapon attacks which are weak because we just can't afford the Precision stats.

    This is my suggestion, devs you can consider it or ignore it (which is what will most likely happen anyway). Do not change the cooldowns because the power will end up a spam fest anyway, however we either need more damage or a better power regen mechanic. I think the PI abilities should apply a bigger power regen while active. Now this might sound like AM but think about it, we have to use PI anyway because on their own the abilities don't do enough damage anyway so might as well make them regen too. Trolls would still be needed in group content anyway since adds are stronger there and my suggestion is meant to affect solo and duo content. Another suggestion is of course more damage, I understand why this is probably the last thing you guys want to do but if you aren't fixing power cost then we'll need more damage, make the PI and DoT do more while interacting with each other, that way power cost is still kept in check but we get more damage from our rotations. Anyway maybe if this is listened to something can come out of it, if not then I'm really feeling like I wont use Electric on live.

    NOTE: Have not tested healing, I'm only focusing on damage but if anyone wants to group up for group content or a duo I can test some of the healing abilities, but others have already pointed out the issues with it also.
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  2. spord Developer

    We made an adjustment to solo and duo NPC damage/health internally that will be on PC Test soon.
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  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    GIVE US back LIVE electric.. TEST SERVER ELECTRIC is not viable..
  4. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Obviously thats not how its gonna work demanding such things. We are early into this testing and obviously Healing and even Damage numbers are not finalized as this is still a work in progress. Currently their focus has been Power Costs and Cooldowns. Thats what Spord has been saying and when its time to discuss the other stuff Im sure he will looking at the feedback given and move on from there as we continue on.

    Saying things like "bring it back" is not helping testing and wasting folks time reading feedback that isnt helping what we have. Please stay on topic giving feedback on what is on test.
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  5. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Thanks for the update, I do have another question and I have asked about this many times and still haven't had a single answer, what are the values of crafted soders on Test. Not a single soder has the values other than the 80/90%, this is information that would be helpful in planing a rotation and testing as I'm using the perma soder but would like to check with the crafted soders also.
  6. Cyro Committed Player

    Remember how the community said no to wm? Remember no to am? Remember no to cr differential? Look where thats got us, #FixingPastMistakes. Now we are telling you the changes are bad(just like we did during gu50) yet you ignore some of our points - basically any specific elec points we make.

    Avair and mepps has said that they have healed gom with two elec, well thats wonderful news however - just because its possible doesnt mean its fun. Every game developer struggles to find a balance between fun and challenging which is the issue with elec healing on test. It isn't fun. Do you really want to take the fun out of this game? The quick paced action that people have come to love. I have elec healed for quite some time now, through sm's, hard content i have stuck with it even when people have told me to switch. The changes you have made to elec healing, are lobotomizing the power to the point where i dont recognize it anymore, and i sure as *** will never elec heal once this goes live.

    Now i dont really dps all that often so ill make this quick. I thought the point of "stats matter" *cough* cooldowns matter *cough* was to increase our choices not decrease dots were what made the power special yet you are getting rid of them so it will be indistinguishable
    from other powers. Doesnt that go against the whole point of this? Whats next? Remove the pets from pet powers, remove the combos from combos powers, make prec based powers might.......O
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  7. Harlequin Loyal Player

    This is a shame. Hopefully the adjustments are minor.
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  8. bmce84 Loyal Player

    How is it a shame, we keep telling them we have issues with power and damage and since they keep resisting any real change to each might as well fix NPC health and damage.
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  9. Harlequin Loyal Player

    Because not everyone is having issues with power and damage? No lie, the very first time I ever played Iceberg Lounge was a couple of days ago on test and I only died on Penguin because I didn't respect the bomb bots enough. Now, I clear the whole thing at CR166 in 10-12 mins using a tray-only loadout as Ice. I'm betting I can get that time down even further as I refine and test new loadouts (and quit changing stuff around mid-instance) and specs at that same CR.

    I enjoy engaging (read that as non-faceroll) content, especially solo content where my own skill and creativity is put to the test. I enjoy challenge. I like figuring out strategies to conquer those challenges, not whining for nerfs. This little bit of challenge is one of the only sparks of hope I see in this game right now and I hope spord and the team don't ruin it by making the content snorefest easy.
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  10. Xibo Loyal Player

    Agree. the issue is the power cost, not the NPC but probably the power cost now is intended and for this reason they will change NPC's health. Get rid of the mechanics isn't correct in my opinion.
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  11. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I think the main problem is the fact that they are still having a hard time finding the "sweet spot" on all the powers... trying to play from the tray with electric, well let's just say it's an "interesting" time.
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  12. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    love seeing all the ideas of the game testers on here....I pop on the test just to see how things are....I tried the powers briefly but here is my problem.....THE WEAPON BUFFS seriously need to TICK THE WHOLE 12 seconds.....thats my feedback..... wish I had more time to help you guys test but real crime has picked up in my city and I got real bad guys to go arrest....sigh....DUTY CALLS.....keep up the ideas league and I are soooo looking forward to electric the most.......PLEASE MAKE WEPON BUFFS TICK WHOLE COOLDOWN ....DCUO 4LIFE SINCE BETA
  13. L T Loyal Player

    You're joking, right?
  14. L T Loyal Player

    Please don't nerf it too much. Enemies seem about right now.

    On the test server this morning:
    1. Arc Lightning was consistently healing me twice on each cast. In DPS stance while soloing.
    2. Circuit Breaker seemed to buff only weapon damage, not power damage. At least Voltaic Bolt definitely wasn't seeing any increase.

  15. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Arc Lightning always did this, when you cast it you get heal and then it creates a secondary arc which arcs back to you.

    Seeing as they only want buffs to affect Precision it might be intended to work that way now.
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  16. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    circuit breaker always thought it was a weapon buff.
  17. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    if you were following all of my post you'd now exactly what i mean.. peace bro
  18. Delta796th Loyal Player

    crit attack chance / crit attack damage buff
  19. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    BRO.. the TESTING of this NEW ELECTRIC is worst than what is already LIVE.. You play rage, you cant really tell me how to play electric bro.. Ive played electric as my MAIN for years! Me saying keep it how it is LIVE, is a WARNING sign to not continue down this path.. Majority of every1 in this post is agreeing about electric but yet you still siding wit the developers.. Developers not listening to the players is what got us into all of this mess for the past 4 years or so.. I am on topic.. my comments are an EXTENSION of my ORIGINAL breakdown.. I gave in DEPTH breakdowns about cooldown and power cost, did u miss all of that info in THIS same post?? SEARCH FOR IT. Youre welcome to read it, since you only like to attack specific statements.. I know youre cool with the devs and want to protect them thats fine, as long as i dont disrespect them and talk about the game, constructive criticism is fair game.. I love the devs too but, Chill trex its not your battle. Wait till rage update comes.
  20. xD25x Dedicated Player

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