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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. spord Developer

    Please use this thread for feedback specific to Electricity powers in version 1.1 of the revamp. For general combat feedback (not specific to Electricity), please use this updated overview thread instead.

    When posting feedback, please include your character name, level/CR, and skill points.

    Updated changes:
    • Electrocharge has been replaced with Repulse.
  2. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    So I just logged onto test and the cooldowns for the majority of the healing abilities have not been touched at all?

    Arc Lightning I can see a reduction but it's not really feasible still. Everything still seems the same??

    Is this seriously how you want to go about healing now? Requiring two healers because the first heals abilities are still on cooldown so another is needed to fill the gaps? Why can't you just reduce the value of restoration to base healing and standardize the power sets to what the leading healing powers have already? I mean I created a thread for Healing Balancing in October for people to pitch their thoughts in, not one post in that thread said increase the cooldowns for healer abilities. The majority of people agreed that Sorcery as well as Electric should've been buffed to Nature / Celestial's capabilities. And my suggestions seemed most logical for that. But those were based on cooldowns on live servers.

    My feedback to reduce the 4 man heal ability's cooldown would have helped immensely. It's good that you standardized the range for the abilities that have been previously suggested but Electric healing was only lacking reliable group healing before this revamp. Now everything has a longer cooldown I guess my reliable group healing would be a second healer now?

    In the earlier days of DCUO you rarely saw people Solo Heal content, why? Because they were still new to the game and were still learning, plus the restoration stat was valued much lower than it is now so it was difficult for new players to manage all these variables. You rarely saw any Solo Healer for Prime Battleground during it's prime did you?

    Solo healing is now possible because of the high restoration value as well as the decreasing difficulty in most content. Why should I be punished because I played since 2011, stuck with my role for all of it, become good enough to solo heal almost everything piece of content and now have it thrown back in my face? I put the time to learn my powerset, learn my role and all of it's strengths and weaknesses and then switched to other powersets of the same role to learn them and determine the balancing difference between them all by constantly trying them in difficult content.

    I know how DPS mains must have felt like when GU36 came around now. GU36 Part 3 is going to happen if nothing gets changed, and this time it's targeting support roles.
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  3. Derio Steadfast Player

    Bio capacitor was changed from 30s to 18s. A nice change

    However I still feel like the change from 4 to 8 and such drastic cooldown disrupts the core of electric healing. Compared to other healing powersets electricity already fails to have options when it comes to healing loadouts due to the power itself lacking options, especially after ionic drains change.

    Love the power changes.
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  4. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Either way, I still dont think increasing cooldowns on electric is a good idea. If theres one thing I dislike, that is every powerset being the same just different animations. Electric alone because of how the healing mechanics works, relies on being quick and bursty + positioning.

    I havent been able to heal it at endgame so i don't know. Without us not being able to test it at its full potential @ endgame, idk how we can give a valid reason and overview of how best the power can be perform and how novice the power can be perform.

    I really think we should be allowed to acquire endgame max cr and skill points. Thats really the only reason why I cant even give proper feedback because I don't know how this will effect my character that is at endgame.
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  5. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Im not there yet, but please anyone on test make note of electric healing bio surge and bio cap

    Bio-Cap - Puts a net on 7 of your group mates. If the group falls behind 45% of their health within 30seconds, they will gain their hp back.


    So im not too sure, but wasn't the combo of bio surge and cap part of the am thats taken away. Because what im thinking here is.. How efficient will that net be then, since we have more of a cooldown on bio cap? What im getting at is, since we had the pi interaction with surge and cap, we was able to maintain people hp to stay up above the net percentage, plus the net stayed up for 2 minutes. So this change would be less of a lightbulb to me if the PI stays.

    But since its been change to 30 seconds, plus the pi interaction not being there no more....... Does anyone else see where im trying to get at here. Any level 30s that healed on test can comment on this.
  6. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    There is no more interaction with Surge, the healing has been butchered compared to the live version.

    This new Bio Capacitor was not asked for and is completely out of place in the power set.

    Someone did tell me the safety net heal for Bio Capacitor on test has much higher base values than on live so if it triggers and crits that person will hit max health to a near guarantee.

    Here's my comparison I wrote on the previous feedback page

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  7. Derio Steadfast Player

    The PI interaction is no longer there, not sure if that was a bug with 1.0. However the heal amount from the net is larger than before. This was when the cooldown was at 30s. I will have to check the potency with the recent changes now that biocapacitor is now 18s cooldown. I also need to test the supercharges as well.
  8. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Thank you for the list

    The description of it still says 30 seconds, which brought my concern
  9. Derio Steadfast Player

    The net is 30s. The cooldown on the actional ability is 18s. The description of the net is accurate
  10. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I gotcha. im thinking the net stays but the hp regen is only active for 30secs which i thought would make the power useless.
  11. Here2Help Devoted Player

    The safety nets were originally 68-83 and are now 86-126.
    Bio Capacitor changed from 48-59 to 68-83.
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  12. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    So a few observations:

    Wired, Electrogenesis and Electrocute all have 12 second cooldowns. Electrocute and E-gen do damage, 12 ticks over 12 seconds with E-gen being a smaller tick of damage.

    E-gen now heals for 12 ticks over 12 seconds. It has been restored.

    Bio-Capacitor has an 18 sec cooldown.

    Flux has an 18 sec cooldown but only lasts 6 seconds. :mad:

    Tesla Ball - 3 ticks of damage, 6 second cooldown

    ESB - 3 ticks of damage, 12 second cooldwon

    Invigorate - 50% SC

    Overall, the changes are better; there's a bit more flow. I am not sure about Flux though. I'm not sure how the DoTs compare to the DoTs on the other 2 powers. I still wish there was a DoT refresh mechanic though. :p
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  13. Mystere Well-Known Player

    All of my comments from version 1.0 still apply. Recharges, while better are still way too long. While better for DPS and Heals, still way too long. Slows game down a lot still.
  14. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Did you mean supercharges?
  15. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Meant recharge rate on abilities (or cooldown). They are still way too long. Improved since last version yes, but still too long.
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  16. SkullGang Devoted Player

    What powers are you finding still too long to come off cool down ?
  17. Tilz Loyal Player

    Couldn'T test it, but sounds promising so far. Gonna jump on test this evening
  18. CrappyHeals Loyal Player

    So after playing around with elec more tonight things are a bit better but some cooldowns are still to long. To start off powers that apply pi's need to have short cooldowns so they can be available whenever needed. Moving from group to group or when new enemies join the fight you need to be able to apply a pi to them when you need it not be waiting. All that does is lead to awkward rotations, improper setups and just a generally bad gameplay feeling. Static push used to be a great move for applying a AoE polarized pi now it has a long cooldown and the range has been reduced. It should be brought back to range with a shorter cooldown. Yea i know its a super builder i'll get to that later in the post but to be short take the super builder off Static Push and let it just set up your AoE polarized pi.

    Trying to run a polarized loadout stinks cause theres really no good AoE applier :(

    Next thing the buffs, they have a 12 second cooldown but only a 6 second up time and that just plain stinks. If you really think about it you kinda only get 4.5 seconds of usable buff cause the animation of the power is roughly 1.2 - 1.5 seconds. And if you want to take it even further you still have more down time after casting the buff cause you have animation times of a weapon attack or another power so your beneficial buff time goes down even more so that 6 seconds could easily turn into 3 seconds depending on what your using. Now sure if you have some dots up they'll be getting some benefit from the other part of the buff but that precision buff for your weapon you might get one buffed weapon combo off maybe 2 if your using something like solar flame from hand blasters. My thoughts on this are buffs should be the full 12 seconds like they always were so we can get some real usability out of them. I also think being able to apply the electrified pi via the buff should come back as that opens up some more possibilities for loadouts.

    Onto the super charge power power builder thing. I think this is a bad idea its kinda just like another AM and we don't want that and we don't want people just running around using supers all the time. We want more thought out and skillful rotations with the compliment of a good super charge for certain situations. We can build supers just fine without a power to help up do so. Also if you were going to have a power build a super and it have a long cooldown it should be a hard hitter and not be a power that sets up a pi it should benefit from a pi. My reasoning in that is cause like i said in the beginning of my post powers that apply pi's need to be available when you need them and having such a long cooldown does not make it readily available.

    Now onto the thing most of us electric players want and miss....the dot refresh. Its just such a bummer that the power lost what made it unique, now its just gonna play similar to other powers and thats such a letdown. The dot refresh wasn't a AM and it stinks that its gone. Nature and Elec got the refresh thing even before GU36. Nature always had it but it got adjusted to be more effective as it was kinda weirdly implemented from the get go. Myself and everyone else i've spoken to agrees this is a core part of electric. Please don't kill electric and nature they've already taken enough neglect.

    Bring dot powers back to what they used to be with dots flying all over the screen and actually doing comparable damage. Some people like burst and some like massive dot builds, let us have those options. Please don't nerf down the dots how it is on test :(:mad::(

    I have more but its super late, i'm loosing my train of thought and Clayface is prob sick of me beating up on him trying things out ( can i have some sparring targets please) Theres prob some mistakes in here but oh well you'll know what i getting at hopefully lol. I'll be back with the rest tomorrow after some sleep and a coffee.

    It would also be nice if we could make characters and be lvl 30 and get some gear. I really want to try out ice and mental but i don't have it in me to level any other characters to 30.
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  19. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Anything that isn't the same cooldown as it's live counterpart.

    Bio Capacitor needs to be reverted to it's live functionality, have it's cooldown match admonish on live.

    The PI with surge needs to be restored as well.
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  20. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    If Devs want to "promote" 2 healer raid runs, it should be by nerfing Restoration from gear or lowering Resto % bonus in healer role.
    Balancing things around huge cooldowns is a very very bad idea. I dont see how 2 random healers can coordinate between each other to manage reactive healing in raids. Ive pretty much stopped playing healer and this update wont make me wanna play heal again, not even a little bit..

    Cooldowns should match duration of the effect!
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