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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    Taps in PvP (both range and melee) are hitting as hard as weapon combos. Same with lunges for almost all weapons and BBs. Taps shouldn't hit more than 50 IMO, and Lunges no more than 100.
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  2. Sooner Well-Known Player

    Looking at USABILITY/User interface issues... Can we get a bulk "add" for stats? This "add one", "click yes", "add one", "click yes" for over 200 points is time consuming. Is there a way we can get a "how many stat points do you want to add?" to make it less painful. I know there has to be grind items, but this shouldn't be one of them. :)
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  3. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    With the resto and dom cut you will need those shields to be 12 seconds again.
    However in PvP they cannot remain at 100% strength with no form of punishment for using a shield because they are prone to abuse currently since they are the best form of protection/healing currently.
  4. Krossssss Well-Known Player

    Couple easy questions will all dps powers now be more equal?
    Will skill points really matter after the rebirth?
  5. DemiGodRick Active Player

    Boy. I was wondering for years if this wouldnt have been brought up. Also when you make a mistake be able to remove one instead of reseting entirely boy so annoying specing sp.
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  6. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Can you provide a loadout or the link in the Power thread of your loadout thats not working? Like you said, choosing the abilities for your loadout will be key in your Power management and so running in Open World/Solo and Duos, your loadout will be different compared to running Alerts and Raids since youll have a controller. With a Controller, you could switch out a low to a Medium or a Medium to a High. If you're running with all Highs then you're hurting yourself and the controller thats trying to top people off.
  7. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Dps are equal? = Thats the goal. having the Powers on par with one another is the intent and is why there has been a lot of back and forth on usability and damage output. The Powers should be on par but the variable we will see in game will be depending on the player itself with knowledge of Skill and the amount of Skill Points they have and their spec.

    Will Skill Points Matter? = 100 times yes. Shout it from the rooftops. Skill Points are one of the important ways to increase your Stats along side Modding and etc. Its best to work on getting Feats now in preparation. Just remember it takes 175 Skill Points just to max out one stat like Might, Vit etc and it takes 20 Points just to unlocked those so already you are looking at 195 Skill Points but thats not even maxing out your Crits and you still have points to put into Movement mode and possible your weapon combos.

    It adds up pretty fast. Good hunting!
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  8. Mighty Committed Player

    This. This has been an issue dating back to Origin Crisis where the CR acceleration and corresponding power cost increase dramatically outpaced the increase in vit. It's been a non-issue for years because of WM and AMs, but with those on the outs, we're seeing it again. The power cost increase per CR increase is too severe, and really should be a top priority between now and the revamp going live.

    Part of the issue you're going to get is troll abuse. In the pre-WM meta, the controller had to be one of the highest-CRs in the group, and was really the only pug to get much of an inspect to see if he'd modded for crits, etc. Now, while one should be modding, that aside, having low-CR trolls catching a ration of crap from groups they're trying to pug with, and groups they're struggling to keep powered, is not going to be healthy for the player-base. There will be some toxicity in the community if the power status quo on test goes live. I think dialing the power cost-per-CR multiplier way back, would be an elegant solution to much of the power issues we're seeing across the revamp with different powers and roles.
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  9. Krossssss Well-Known Player

    Trexlight Ty at my sp level I should be good then:cool:
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  10. Golden Spartan New Player


    Also some WM moves are broken and there still exist a disbalance between weapons / required time to pull combos / damage.
    Taps damage should be in line and congruent. As an example, taps are doing up to around 7 or 8 times more damage than some dots do, considering dot related moves don´t have the initial hit anymore, this will make people just do taps. This is not good at all for pvp.
    Lunge should be an utility move, not a damage move (otherwise it will become a similar fiasco to what is in live right now with MA lunge spam).


    ATM the biggest offender is still MA, with MA lunge outperforming long holds like DW. DW 6tap - 8 tap hold combo is doing as much damage as a tap crit or MA lunge. Considering it is one of the longest combos in the game, this should be reviewed. Same case with some brawling hold moves.

    Uppercut mastery hits up to 4k. I managed to take out 50% of Cactus HP and kill him in 2 combos.
    Taps: They are hitting sometimes up to 600 crits, with consistents 250-300ish. As comparison, some brawling moves land for 600, and dots in the range of 60-90s i would say. This should be reviewed, because this makes some weapons just not as viable as others.

    I have a hunch there is a significant advantage speccing for Weapon Mastery, rather than hybrid / Power mastery noticing the dmg cactus was doing (specced with WM) compared to myselfs (hybrid spec).

    Shields: I like the idea of blocking 100% of incoming dmg as long as there is a cap. (Back in the day it was cap for healers up to his resto, for tanks/ trollers up to his domincance).

    Also, i applaud the aproach to the skill points, considering some people prefer to PVP rather than to PVE, and PVP doesn´t have enough feats to keep up with PVE. This way, people still can sub, get the perks and just play the aspect of the game what they prefer without been forced to pve. Yes, some of us prefer the unpredictability and fast paced of pvp. PVE is too repetitive for me no thanks xD.

    If time allows it we´ll try to do more in depth testing in the next days but those are our initial impressiones.
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  11. Golden Spartan New Player


    Not sure if this can be done, but is there a way you guys could provide us in test server with CR101 dummy with pvp stats for testing purposes?
  12. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    There's a cap for shields and it's determined by Restoration and Dominance. Shields also have a modifier.
    They will also be increased to 12 seconds in duration so there was a cut in restoration and dominance available to players.
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  13. JaxonRoberts New Player

    Given that we will all be respecing our toons multiple times, and given the large amount of stat points that most of us have, can we get a pop up box to input how many stat points we wish to allocate to any given stat, like the boxes we get when splitting up inventory? I love the entire revamp, but for those of us using mouse and keyboard, assigning stat points is a long and painful process!
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  14. Trexlight Devoted Player

    If you're on PC, mouse over the circle and hold your spacebar.

    This is a feature that has been requested a number of times and they know we want it but there of course seems to be UI hurdles they havent made a way to jump over yet but they do know about the request and will get it in game when they can.
  15. Maxwill Committed Player

    As much as I like many changes you guys have made, removing power where we could use our extra sp, is troubling me ... Many of us have 320 sp or more (according to , 367 characters ) and we'll get more IF you guys let us use those sp to get more Might or Power. You can increase the S.P. we can put in Might (make it 350 instead of 175, because about 330 is max now and after some months will be about 340+ ) or bring back the option to put S.P. in Power stat.
  16. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I think i had this issue everytime i tryed out something on the training dummies with various powers, for example: spamming munitions shotgun with occasionally setting up a PI with flak granate... however: i did a MISCALCULATION: fights on trainings dummies are endless, and fights in any other szenario are very much shorter. that left to a false impression: anywere else, you would come out of combat much faster, get blue bubbles for killing adds, in groups you also have a troll sometimes and if not, you are dead before you can burn down your power bar. i will take back what i sayd about the regeneration time from the PFTT buff. however: i still think weapon mastery buff is OP and should completely loose auto power regeneration... just my oppinion at the first day of testing, need more time to make sure
  17. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    People on the test run with the wrong mods or even without them at all(including HT mods) and after that go complain about revamp. Also, most "testers" use only 200+ abilities in PftT build... Seriously? Stop this nonsense. If you do not know anything about the game and stat matter update, please stay away from the testing feedback. Or at least before write something read Public Test Update Notes.
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  18. Trexlight Devoted Player


    This is why Players need to provide Stats, Specs and Loadout when providing feedback. My loadouts use mostly Medium Powers because that works in Solo/Duos. When a Controller is in the Group, you can play around and add High Power Abilities because of the constant Power Regen. There are some players who dont use Mods or HT Mods, we have F2P and Prem players on Live so thats how they test if they want to match their character on Live like a lot of people do here. Sure it gives some misinformation but if they provide the data, it helps better to see why they dislike something.
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Why did you remove the power stat purchase? It was my suggestion to attach power to other roles stats but just putting it in the might one limits roles that might pftt like atomic or rage. Please either bring back a separate purchase stat option while keeping the might plus power as is or add power to dom vit and resto.
  20. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    The attaching power to might was a logical solution since the power is the basis of PftT playstyle. Addition power to other stats will cause an overabundance, so most likely this will not happen.
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