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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Sorcery powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concern from Sorcery players was pets. We have adjusted how Watcher performs to make it a more specialized healing option. Otherwise, pets seem to be in a sweet spot where they are strong options but not mandatory for those who prefer to play without them.

    Patch Notes
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
    • Polymorph and Baleful Transmogrification:
      • CC effects can no longer be broken by solo and duo NPCs.
    • Arbiter of Destiny:
      • Reduced cost to 50%.
    • Final Ruin:
      • No longer benefits from PI.
    • Grand Summoning:
      • Increased duration to 30s, up from 20s.
    • Rejuvenate:
      • Increased power cost to 250, up from 150, and increased heal accordingly.
    • Soul Siphon:
      • Cone attacks now have a wider angle.
    Upcoming Patch Notes:
    • General:
      • Channels now always allow retargeting
    • Watcher:
      • Now passively restores a small amount of health over time to up to 8 nearby group members with the lowest health.
      • No longer casts Soul Siphon (damage), but instead uses its power exclusively for Remedy (healing).
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  2. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Ok, I avoided testing until everything was on test to ensure there were no excuses from being heard. I'm starting with Sorcery and Nature then going on release order of the others. I've played all of these powers on live and on test and have a lot of experience with the healing role in the games most difficult content. Since this is basically the end of testing phase, until these powers go live I expect some feedback from these posts to understand why certain things are because the state of some of these powers are miles off from being ready.

    TL;DR, Sorcery Healing has a lot of abilities doing the same thing in a small area and needs too much effort for being useful and even then are still useless in comparison to abilities in other power sets, these localized abilities need a big buff in strength, cooldown/power costs or whatever because they just suck. Not using the Watcher in your loadout means you won't stand a chance to heal anything remotely difficult and using the watcher just restricts anything else you can use on your loadout, not that your other options are even useful.

    This power set for healing has had the least amount of changes made since it was "revamped" and these changes have resulted in the annihilation of it. Compared to live it's a million times worse, compared to it's counterparts on test it's absolutely worthless and you have no reason to pick this power set unless you're a roleplayer or you really like the DPS side.

    A lot of feedback was given in the initial thread in regards to healing that did not mention the word pet, and none of that has been taken into account. Sorcery has all it's powers essentially doing the same thing very poorly; Shard of Life, Transmutation, Circle of Protection, Soul Bolt, Soul Well. Burst or HoT, there are numerous things that diminish each of these abilities to prove to be actually useful, all of these abilities are localized, and for some extremely weak because of it, some have too high of a cooldown or power cost for what effect they actually produce.

    Shard of Life / Transmutation / Soul Bolt - All of these abilities do the exact same thing, just in a slightly different variation to one another and all of them do it very poorly, Shard of Life isn't as strong as it was before because of the removal of Bad Karma healing, on top of this, it's cooldown is abysmal to work around in a 6 power loadout.

    Transmutation is a carbon copy of Shard and therefore suffers exactly the same.

    Soul Bolt is the third amigo in this trifecta, it does the same thing as the other two abilities but so much worse because it's a projectile - it can miss - why on earth would anyone use this ability unless everyone was meleeing a boss? And then you would use the two abilities above. The healing is also completely redundant, why waste a loadout slot for this power at all - there is no situation where this is a good power to use. Just remove this ability and bring back Soul Siphon, as situation as that ability also was it was still useful for what it was intended for.

    Circle of Protection has the least amount of adjusting to do, let it heal people once they leave the circle, this power is worthless to use on anyone but the tank because the content makes people move around, this change just reduces the consistency Sorcery has to heal even more.

    Soul Well, needs to have a larger range and let it stack 3, too long of a setup time to be useful in things that die fast but if you can stack it up in a boss fight and it has increased range it can be fairly useful, right now with it's current range I see no point in using it.

    The reason all of these abilities are as useless as they are is because there are abilities in other power sets which allow ease of healing by pressing one button without worry of location, if you're going to make situation heals make them useful and actually good in what they do in comparison to the cookie cutter press a button and save everyone ability.

    Sorcery is the only healing power that struggles with ranged healing options which were mostly not that much of a problem on live due to the watcher healing 8 people with render distance range, now the watcher hits 4 AND I need to have Sacrificial Offering which means I essentially only have 1 ability I can work around with - Boon of Souls, Rejuvenate and Ritualistic Ward are a MUST because of how reliable and easy they are in comparison to everything else Sorcery has, if you do not have the watcher in your loadout you will be severely disadvantaged in your ability to heal because all your options are impacting the same segment and are all very poor in their capability of replacing the potency of the watcher.
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  3. silikyan Well-Known Player

  4. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    Pets still scale on cr or do #statsmatter?
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  5. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Im guessing Soul Storm is still not a mobile cast ?
  6. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Sorcery, like some other powers, will suffer because it's not a popular power. This is why limiting the powers on revamp worked better than all at once. There's to much to try and focus on with everything out. Gadgets, nature, and electric are getting the most attention. Our end product will show and will make things unbalanced again. Just saying, if testers don't show the same attention to each power, it will just mean more hot fixes, patches, updates, and nerfs for 2018.
  7. HymnOfMercy Dedicated Player

    I'm in full agreement with Celestial Powers assessment.

    Soul Well is a glyph and think that it needs to reach Max render distance and needs to stack up to three times.

    Soul Siphon needs to return as a long range 8 man burst with range equivalent to the range of Consume Soul in Celestial.
    No if and or buts about it. Make it happen.

    Transmutation should not be an emanating localized heal around the caster. It's original design and function was just fine. The only use this has is in PvP now and still the healing doesn't stack up to the likes of Electricity's Electroburst. They even cost the same amount of power yet there is less pay off and more risk because of a PI set up required for a burst heal.
    Electroburst doesn't even need a PI now. That's efficiency burst and high healing per second. Transmutation needs that.

    Shard of Life is burst and hot that is half the strength of Admonish cBlight and Divine Light in Celestial, blown out by Galvanize in Electricity, and barely keeping up with Metabolism and Roar in Nature. It has a 6 second cooldown, 6 second, and a crap ton of power and it's a descending object.
    It's gonna need an increase. Lots the range ain't looking nice either.

    Watcher's Remedy needs to hit all 8 plus allies like it does on live server. Render distance range please.

    You also have Invocation of Renewal which is mandatory now.
    Damn heal hits up to 8-9k hot ticks.

    Soul Bolt is fine imo.
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  8. zor ile Well-Known Player

    when you try to do the power spec it does not get anywhere near hard light.
  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    The dps side of this needs work, it's impossible for sorc to keep up without using the fury, full might spec, and only coming close to other powers when fury is out. Tried different loadouts and rotations yet no dice. Perhaps giving powers a damage buff when fury isn't out and giving them a damage reduction when he is out may be a good place to start. Otherwise if it stays like it is, sorc will be bottom of the barrel in terms of dps.

    Karmic backlash and other point blank abilities do crap damage in comparison to other powers melee ranged abilities. I'm parsing the highest spamming soul bolt then I am mixing in other powers, maybe it's just me I don't know but sorc needs a second look.
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  10. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    What mastery are you picking for your Fury Spec?
  11. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    What people don't understand is that you need to be pure Precision to keep up with or out damage your Fury. Even on live server this is true as well. The only thing you cannot keep up with is whenever you pop Grand Summoning. Now Grand Summoning is 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds as well with Stats Revamp.

    Anyway, try a pure precision hybrid build and you will get a much better result than pure might build.
  12. planetkiller500 Active Player

    What weapon do you use for testing the precision build.
  13. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Fatal was talking about using a Sorc DPS no pet LO and trying to keep up with OTHER players, not the dumb pet.

    Thats basicly my worst fear. Pet should by 1 style. But PFFT/Hybrid without fury should be just as strong as any other dps power.

    I totally wanna ditch fury. I feel like a dumb troll when playing Sorc DPS on live since I spend so much time feeding power to pet. Sorc also has super lame attack animations/graphics(on live). Celestial looks way more like sorcery than sorcery does.

    Sorc does not seam to be getting much feedback. Im scared its going to be one of the worst powers after revamp :(
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  14. Earth Sisters Well-Known Player

    I too am interested in this. If pets still are based on CR, then Sorc and Earth with still be forced to chase after CR for max damage rather than enjoying OP gear.
  15. planetkiller500 Active Player

    I hope sorcery gets some love before its to late
  16. planetkiller500 Active Player

    # i want to do damage regardless to if im using fury or hybrid build
  17. L T Loyal Player

    Pets were still CR based as of statsmatter 1.6

    There was discussion of tweaking them so that they would become less effective as one progressed through a tier, but I'm not sure if that was implemented, or how successful it was.

    Sorcery with Fury wasn't really much better than a non-pet loadout the last time I tested, both at a sparring target and through solo content. Arbiter of Destiny with a non-pet load out was almost as good as Grand Summoning with a pet load out, because cool downs were greatly shortened using Arbiter.
  18. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Sorcery still lacking it appears using ethier,might or precsion builds.
  19. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    Celestial Powers nailed everything wrong with Sorcery and it is not addressed..

    I had 14,709 resto and 470 dom and my numbers do not compare to Cele in the hots with the same spec, notwithstanding the discrepancies in terms of power consumption and range differences.

    Sorcery is not a complicated power to get to function on pat with Celestial and Electric Healing.

    You could just make localized abilities stronger and have a wider radial effect to them.
    Abilities like Shard of Life need to be as potent as Divine Light in Celestial given that it has lots of risk to it.
    Transmutation should be as strong as Electroburst.
    Soul Siphon being just damage is a disappointment imo.
    It needed that for ranged healing. Why not make a separate Remedy ability for players? Give it the ability to heal up to 16 and a 450 power cost with a 6 second cooldown and call it a day.

    Circle of Protection just needs to let players retain healing while leaving the actual glyph.

    Soul Well is about alright except that it's not Max render distance which most hots are.
    I think Sorcery needs that more because of how it's designed.

    Watcher is ok. I would rather it be strong like on live in the healing and heal 16 like on live.

    That alone would put sorcery in a much better spot.

    Invocation of Renewal is great. Keep it the way it is.
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  20. planetkiller500 Active Player

    Has anyone try to heal without watcher or is that a must atm.
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