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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    At the moment all powers in good state. Stop crying in every thread. Rage not DoT based power and no one of good players not will be use 4 DoTs in loadout.

    More than that now we can see who is useless damage farmer that prefer to farm damage than revive ppl etc.
  2. Maxwill Committed Player

    No, do more testing , compare the damage out , the damage per second of rage,atomic and light ( at least) and then you'll see that rage does at least 4k/s more than other powers while melee and at least 3k/s ranged.
  3. spack2k Steadfast Player

    its hard to test the potentials of powers without power back ( trolls etc.) so solo u wont be able to do **** atm on test and not everyone can afford sidekicks.
  4. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Testing without Troll it's not big problem. Real problem is that what Maxwill not understand how to test properly. He compares DoTs with Burst Abilities, 100\200 with 300 power cost abilities, CC abilities with pure damage abilities... And after that just crying about imbalance. It is totally wrong. Besides he confuse people which not testing but read testing feedback.
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  5. Maxwill Committed Player

    I don't need to test same rotation for hours to realise the potential of it.There are some people that learn very fast while others very slow....
  6. Maxwill Committed Player

    I could tell you alot of things about dpsing but I won't waste time.I'll just tell you this.While i will be forced to block, roll, revive, carry, activate, lunge and whatever other thing the raid or boss requires me to do and in meanwhile i wont have any dots running because of the way my powerset is and you will have 2 to 4 dots running , guess who will win on damage.The one with running dots !
    And guess what you can do with your cc abilities in raids ? Well let's just say they will be usless + if they will be usefull trollers will complain that we make them feel useless because we do their jobs .They removed pot , they have now auto pot, they will do recharge and maybe some debuffs...What next? You want all dpses to give power out also to make troller job even more easier?
  7. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I saw your posts... You can say only misinformation and how to be anchor for group.

    Let's to be clear about Rage's DoTs: 2 of them (Violence & Severe Punishment) has 5m range and don't stacking + Severe Punishment has only 8 sec duration and 12 sec cd. 1 more ( Galling Eruption) is pool, so if enemies go away from area - your DoT not hurt them + it has 12 sec cd, so you will not recast it fast. And last but not least - Plasma Retch. It really fine ability, but first of all - it is 200 power cost ability so damage not big, second - it has 6 sec duration and 6 sec cd... And like I told earlier no one of good players not will be waste 4 slots in loadout for DoTs. At least not in PftT build.

    Therefore I will repeat once more: Stop crying or at least stay away from testing feedback, especially from Rage thread. I don't want to buy respec token because some people can't test properly and instead of learning just spread misinformation and after that devs sometimes nerf powers to dust.
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  8. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Devs, make Rage great again.
    Yes, I need a self healing. Especially in Tank role and in melee DPS build.;)
  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Rage dps is fine, the ranged playstyle could actually use a slight bump up in damage but not much, as for melee its right in line with a hybrid melee playstyle. Hybrid melee runs about 40-44k and rage is right in that window any nerf to it will ruin it and rage will fall behind same goes for the ranged rotation. Rage is prob the only combo power that hits the marks that a hybrid playstyle does. Instead of trying to get rage nerfed for no reason you should be asking for the other combos to be brought up to par.
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  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    For testing purpose u need to be able to run atleast 3 min @ top performence for somehow accurate results for the max dps potentials for powers in ideal cases where u wont be annoyed with other tasks in group content.( that includes a 100% SC)

    That is something u cant do without external power source. Its good if u think u can learn very fast but if u learn the wrong thing fast its still wrong.
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  11. Maxwill Committed Player

    those are for bossfights that last at least 3 minutes...we have so much more content, most of content is like that, lasts for 3- 10 seconds...
  12. Maxwill Committed Player

    Next time you quote me and you write something please make sure you've read carefully what i've written.I wrote this : Combos should do less damage or increase the damage of light and atomic combos .In the previous page.

    And I'm not trying to get it nerfed, I want rage, atomic and hard light dps to be balanced . And by balanced I mean to have same damage per second , if rage dps does 1k or more damage per second more than atomic or light, then that's not balanced.
  13. Maxwill Committed Player

    I understand you don't know enough things about being a very good dps so you don't realise your mistakes.You should do more testing and try to be better and better with your loadouts and rotations and you'll find out your mistakes.Oh and that will need you to be testing for at least 6 hours, if you're very lucky and you find the <<secrets>> to being one of the best dps.It takes years of practice and experience and knowledge and testing for some people ,including some of the best dpses I know.
  14. Psianide Active Player

    I sincerely hope each one of the Devs has you on ignore, just as I'm about to.
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  15. Maxwill Committed Player

    That doesnt sound like constructive feedback...
  16. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Yeah-yeah... Good DPS crybaby, show us DPS data from the game and from the DCUO log. Especially I want to see that OP build with 4 DoTs that you all time talking about. And don't forget DPS data from the game and from the DCUO log with other power that you compare to rage. If you will don't do this then welcome to ignore.
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  17. Maxwill Committed Player

    I will , it's just a matter of time , I hope it's before goes live and we have again OP powers because developers didn't want to balance them or didn't see how to balance them.
  18. spack2k Steadfast Player

    i see ur point its just that content is not important, in that content it doesnt matter if all powers are balanced cause first come first serve!
  19. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    K, this is not gonna be a popular post. I was just testing Rage (as suggested that the devs wanted us to test everything in real world situations, not just test dummies) and specifically testing stuns, etc. across the powers.

    I can say that Rage at the moment is a glass cannon. Is this what the devs want? Using severe punishment in your loadout is pretty much mandatory for survival in anything but raid situations (and probably even then). And here's the thing, since it no longer heals you for 100% of the damage taken, and with the 4 second cooldown, there's a good chance you'll die anyway if there are 3 or 4 adds.

    If it is, you got it down, lol. So far, we only have about 3 total knockbacks in the whole powerset.

    Relentless Anger - SC generator, knockdown and PI application
    Revenge - Leap and knockback on combo
    Outrage - Knockback on the final combo

    The rest of the time you're eating damage constantly. Again, if this is the devs vision, I guess we'll make it work. I don't want to sacrifice keeping up with other powersets, but not dying is nice too.

    One idea that might not take dps away from raiding, but still provide more protection? Maybe add stuns or knockbacks to the final hit of combo moves. Frenzy's last hit could be a knockdown or knockback, for example. I hesitate to say that for any of the ranged combos though. Maybe Galling Eruption could apply a stun.
  20. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    One possible bug: Rage Blast's cooldown is supposed to be 0.17 seconds, but it doesn't come of cooldown for forever (more like 2 seconds), so you can't spam it. Not sure why anyone would want to, since it's single target, but just wanted to point it out.
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