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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    meant to say big* lol. I was typing fast
  2. Heart Well-Known Player

    Here are all of the bugs I've noticed so far while trying out the damage abilities...
    • Harvest:
      • Applies poison instead of refreshing already existing one differing from what the description says.
    • Voracious Plants:
      • The description says it does more damage to poisoned enemies but it does the same damage regardless of whether the enemy has poison power interaction or not.
    • Roar:
      • This ability sometimes hits for 7 times and sometimes for 6 times instead of always getting the same amount of hits and damage.
    • Poison power interaction:
      • The damage overtime from the poison power interactions appears as white numbers instead of yellow numbers like other might based damage does.
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    My poor power :(
  4. JasonIsley Loyal Player

    Our* poor power :(
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  5. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    Yep... and it's been crickets from the devs since this thread started...

    Not even a confirmation on why the single Dot stack is precision.

    I'm hoping it's because they went back to the drawing board with the feedback.
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  6. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Most likely because the dev in charge of this power set spent most of the week revamping Gadgets instead so the rest of his power sets weren't given attention. The bugs I reported weren't even fixed.
  7. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    It is honestly pretty insulting that while nature wallows in its abject failure as a usable DPS power, Shin-O-B spent the last week reworking a power that wasn't in nearly the bad shape Nature is, to the extent that he completely ignored even acknowledging nature feedback from this version, much less actually putting any effort into fixing it.

    I suppose nature players shouldn't be surprised by this considering how they've treated the nature community the last couple of years.
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  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Nature feedback will be reviewed and addressed. You are correct that rebuilding Gadgets took priority last week.
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  9. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    Well I'm totally good with them taking the appropriate amount of time to fix Gadgets right... That's definitely better then switching back and forth making small insignificant changes.

    But heads up on the precision dot and a brb in a few to reevaluate would have been nice so testers could use there time more effectively.
  10. Xibo Loyal Player

    To be honest, my advice is the same of Violet: Nature works as on Live and increase the damage accordingly.

    Nature is fine as it is on DPS and Healer side, it just needs nice numbers.
  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I guess i should be used to nature getting the shaft cause in every update nature gets blown off for some reason but i thought this time would be different but once again it looks like history is repeating itself and nature is taking a back seat once again. We're still waiting 2 years later for a simple hotfix that was said would come when the power went live after GU50 to increase the damage if the power was under preforming............and here we are still no hotfix after 2 years of the power being absolutely terrible and after complaint after complaint and prob hundreds of threads made on the topic. Way to keep the customer happy or put 2 hours of work in for a simple fix, it really shows how much you care about the customer.

    Nature is one of the simplest powers to get right, you put dots out and spread/refresh them. Why is it that this is such a hard concept to grasp and balance when it should be one of the easiest to get right. Theres not much to it you have dots and one burst power, well now 2 with savage growth. How is this so hard to get right??
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  12. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    All Nature needed on the healing side was a refresh and a cut of one pheromone stack to be Power Efficient to push out more burst from Flourish. That's all. Not a huge jump of skill to barely get this power viablly healing.

    I'm. Not a fan of Roar being a bread and butter heal since its a channel animation.
    You need to allow the channels to retain full healing effect when jump cancelled and reach Max render distance if you want channels to be good.

    The Bloom change gets praise from me because it was sorely needed.

    The Metabolism pulse heal was greatly needed.

    The Savage Growth change was detrimental. That literally killed PvP healing and any set up from close range burst healing set ups.
    Revert that change and revert it with a hot damn quickness.

    Blossom needed an increase since it is the heal that makes up for a smaller healing arsenal.

    This powerset is second to Celestial in terms of power usage and this really shouldn't be the case since this powerset focuses on hots.
    This leads me to my next point. All pheromones have to do is escalate in strength per stack just like poisons did.

    Please change this and change it with a quickness.
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  13. Cyro Committed Player

    So i dont know what people are taking about nature being bad at damage, maybe im just horrible at every other dps power but with nature i get the biggest numbers. I dont change a single thing except the power so im not adding extra might. Every other power i have tested i got it around 250-270k on 3 but on nature i get 370-390k

    Loadout from left to right: Thorn burst, swarm, harvest, briar, voracious plants, and savage growth. as soon as something comes off cooldown i use it again. With this loadout i average about 370k. So once again maybe i'm just bad with every other power but the only other one i have come close to this high is rage and with that i get around 360k and with rage i topped the score board.

    There is 3 pages of people disagreeing with me which is making me doubt myself but i am getting amazing damage with nature. More than any other power....Am i missing something?

    Full might spec, might/power in mods.

  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Its not about the damage its about how the power works, not to mention the dots are prec at the moment. The new put out take aways mechanic stinks and imo isn't what nature is about. Right now you literally cast harvest and savage growth back and forth and thats nature dps...
  15. °RAGEZ° Active Player

    Just listen to this Player Devs please thx :)
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  16. °RAGEZ° Active Player

    Well since the Set aint even working as its supposed too, why you even try testing dps? Also for testing dps for REAL, shouldnt you have cr 126 to get realistic Results? I mean your current Cr vs 126 Targets sais basically nothing. Or am i wrong here :confused:
  17. Cyro Committed Player

    Ok i'm not a nature player tbh, i was just trying dps for every power and saw what i can do with it and was amazed. I thought everyone was saying it had low dps :p. My bad misunderstood.
  18. Cyro Committed Player

    There is no cr differential so not a big deal. Also i have tested every power(except for gadgets) with the exact same cr and stats.
  19. UnderMined New Player

    I have not played the test serrver since coming to Xbox, same amount of time I've been Nature. Honestly, after AF3 I had high hopes for nature dps. Would only trail your broken Muni and Mentals by 2-4 mil depending if they knew the broken loadouts or not. This new content, JSA, it's a 10+ mil difference. Granted I am not fully modded or geared on my dps side yet but seriously....Then come in here and read, watch this stuff, sigh.

    All you need to do is increase the speed the dot ticks proc, increase the initial damage, increase the dot damage or all of the above. This removing poison (1 dot stack, huh?) will leave nature exactly where it is now, unbelievably lacking comoared to other powers. On top of making nature dpm (it isnt per second, its per minute currently, so) worse you've made the healing side just as bad. At least on live the healng side makes up for the baby deeps. Now it's going to be baby deeps and baby heals, gg daybreak.

    If Nature is as bad as I've read and seen then I'll just find another game to play, I have been Nature since Xbox server started and refuse to change.
  20. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Id say bring back 3 separate stacks of Poisons and Pheromones, each lasting 12 secs.
    Savage Growth will consume Poisons for additional burst while Harvest should spread and refresh without consuming.
    Blossom will consume Pheromones for additional burst heal while Flourish can be 4 man burst heal and doubling the size of each Pheromone tick that is set on allies.

    Its pointless for half of the powers to set up same 1 stack and the other half of powers to consume this stack for about same effect.
    I dont want our loadouts to be from just 2 main powers and the rest feel like fillers.

    I also think that Wolf and Insectoid should be 50% supercharges lasting for at least 30 secs.
    Gorilla would be better with increased power restoring effect rather than 30% Defense buff.
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