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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Nature powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concerns from Nature players were general damage and healing balance, and form changes. Healing and damage have been adjusted on top of the overall rebalancing, and form changes have been overhauled as supercharges.

    • Damage
      • There have been changes to the way that Poison functions, and how other abilities interact with this power interaction.
      • Chaotic Growth is now 100% Supercharge
        • This supercharge should now provide maximum damage in a single cast.
      • Carnivorous Plants is now 50% Supercharge
        • Many complained about the damage compared to other 100% supercharges. The damage was reduced to accommodate the healing portion of the ability.
    • Healing
      • There have been changes to the way that Pheromones function, and how other abilities interact with this power interaction. SEE THE OVERVIEW!
      • Bloom now provides instant healing, followed by Healing Over Time.
    • Form Changes
      • Form changes have been converted into Supercharges, to increase the passive bonuses they provide. We chose this route since, as a normal power-consuming ability, some stats must be decreased on Insectoid and Primal Wolf to keep them balanced otherwise. We also wanted these forms to be optional, instead of being the absolute most effective way to perform the role.
        • Primal Wolf: +10% Damage, +15% Critical Attack Chance, +30% Critical Attack Damage
        • Insectoid: +10% Healing, +15% Critical Healing Chance, +30% Critical Healing Magnitude
        • Gorilla: +30% Defense, +35% Damage, +35% Healing
    • Power Interactions
      • Poison and Pheromones have been reduced to a single stack, to decrease the amount of ramp up time and allow more room for other abilities or supercharges.
      • Poison and Pheromones are applied as over time effects and the remainder of the effect can be consumed as an instant effect, providing the players with more control over the Power Interactions.
      • Poison and Pheromones have been opened up and are both now available in Damage Role and Healer Role
      • Pheromone applying abilities:
        • Bloom, Cross Pollination, Metabolism, Flourish
      • Pheromone consuming abilities:
        • Blossom, Flourish
      • Poison applying abilities:
        • Briar, Serpent Call, Thorn Burst, Vine Lash
      • Poison consuming abilities:
        • Harvest, Savage Growth
      • Poison exploiting abilities:
        • Voracious Plants
    • Damage abilities
      • Savage Growth now deals instant damage and consumes remaining Poison for additional damage. No Healer Role effects.
      • Harvest now deals Damage Over Time and consumes remaining Poison effects for additional instant damage.
      • Thorn Burst now deals instant damage and trailing Damage Over Time. No more Shield effects.
    • Healing abilities
      • Blossom now consumes remaining Pheromones for instant group healing.
      • Flourish gives Healing Over Time and consumes remaining Pheromone effects for additional instant healing.
    Saturday Hotfix
    • Shapeshifting Form updates:
      • Primal Wolf form and Insectoid form critical chance passives will be corrected
      • Gorilla melee combos will be updated
        • Lunge >> Chest Pound (hold) >> Primate Roar (hold)
        • Basic 1 >> Double Fist Slam (hold)
        • Basic 2 >> Double Fist Slam (hold)
        • Basic 3 >> Gorilla Backfist (hold)
        • Basic 4 >> Double Foot Kick (hold)
        • Basic 5 >> Primate Roar (hold)
        • Double Fist Slam (hold) >> Gorilla Backfist (hold) >> Double Foot Kick (hold)
      • Form ability tooltip will be updated with the proper effects listed
    Future Hotfix
    • Re-evaluating the Swarm pet
  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Bug report: So the dot from briar, vine lash and serpent call are precision, the burst hit is might but the dot that trails is precision. Also theres a might dot and a precision dot that come off harvest and thorn burst. I though all damage that came from powers was supposed to be might??
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  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    My first impression of nature is in theroy it sounds cool to put out poisons and consume them for burst damage but in game its more like fighting with yourself. Your in a constant setup battle with yourself and after only playing with it for 15 min it just became a hassle and kind of annoying to be honest.

    Consuming your poisons and taking away your dots will hurt your dps overall in content. While other powers have dots running in the background as they do burst nature takes its away to leave you with nothing going on till your next power where you have to set a dot back up only to take it away again.

    I was expecting to at least be able to stack 2 dots and refresh/spread them with harvest or thorn burst but thats not the case anymore and to be honest the entire new thing nature has going on just doesn't work and plays very very awkward. I like the change to savage growth being a 300 power cost burst but it should not consume your poisons it should be just a burst power.

    Another thing is with all the powers that used to be dots being the same dot you now have a bunch of powers that are pretty much useless. I really think we should move back to how nature was where you put out dots and spread them but only 2 dots not 3 so nature has room for a super.

    I like that forms where made into supers i just don't think the bonuses they give are enough for me to ever use them except for maybe gorilla in some situations.

    I'm going to reserve the rest of my feedback till the dots are straightened out and are might based cause maybe stuff just isn't working properly at the moment but from what i've read and tested im really not a fan of how nature is right now.
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  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Not sure whats up with this or if this is how its supposed to work now but if you cast briar the dot only lasts 12 seconds no mater if you cast the power over and over. I would think that every time you cast the power it would start the dot cycle over like it normally did. Now you have to wait till the 12 seconds is up to refresh it.
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  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Thorn Burst has no visual animation just your character doing a chest bump.
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  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Bug Report: Chaotic Growth is still 2 hits and personally i think it should remain 2 cause if its one hit and that hit doesn't crit then your supercharge just did terrible damage and it won't be worth it for a 100% super cost. If you leave it 2 hits it gives it more of a chances to crit making it more worthy of a 100% super.

    Having a 100% super and taking a 50/50 gamble whether its going to be a dud or not stinks, leave it 2 hits please :D
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    test server is installing... how about weapons in forms? how does the forms sc is any better than rampage and neo venom boost?
  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    QUESTION: why is it that thorn bursts DOT does weapon dammage? should it not have yellow numbers for its dot?
    also question: why did you remove thorn bursts shielding again? wasn't that exactly the powers strengh?
    additional question: why not adding a second SC generator to each power? it is not alot choice you are giving us with only one...
  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    QUESTION: the buffs you gain from wolf form are basicly the same you get from rampage?
  10. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    I am starting to see less and less hope for nature. Honestly these changes are terrible. Go back to the drawing board. The healing is terrible and the dps is terrible. Please rethink all the nature changes. Why can't you make nature fundamentally the same thing as live while removing hive mind? This isn't rocket science at all. Use the same healing fundamentals what is on live without hivemind. Fix the power cost like you should have done years ago instead of how daybreak added that stupid power back AM to bug in the first place. Then you can focus on the dps portion.
  11. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i think it was a smart move to make dot expode in an instant by consuming them... i aproove this change as a good one!
  12. stärnbock Devoted Player

    just wanted to say that you forgot to mention the forms unique weapon combos have returned ;)
  13. stärnbock Devoted Player

    how about form change would slowly drain the SC bar? that way, ppl would have an indicator to how long the form is lasting
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  14. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    After messing around some more with nature I'm pretty disappointed with these changes. Nature isn't about this put out and take away stuff, its about strong constant dots. I don't know how we keep straying away from such a simple formula. You put dots out, spread/refresh them and do burst damage and weapon attacks in between.

    -Just give us 2 strong dots, Vine lash and Briar and give them both an initial aoe hit and only a single target dot till spread. Maybe even a dot from Harvest when enemies are affected with poisons for a total of 3 dots. If the Harvest dot isn't something you'd like to get into thats fine just make sure Vine lash and Briar are real strong cause those 2 dots are whats going to be most of natures damage.

    -Have Harvest also do a aoe burst when spreading/refreshing. Make Harvest and Thorn Burst be the exact same thing but one is a ranged ability and one is a melee ability.

    -Keep Savage Growth a 300 power cost burst but none of this consuming poisons stuff.

    -You can leave Serpent Call as is for when running in more fast paced situations where a more bursty option is needed..

    -Swarm can be left alone just some damage adjustments after we see where the rest of the abilities are.

    That right there pretty much sums up what nature should be and what it basically always was just with some small changes to fit with new times. Please consider just going back to what nature has always been and just keep the simple formula nature has had for all these years just this time lets get the damage %'s correct.
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  15. Unida Dedicated Player

    well this is depressing af to read

    so DPS still isnt good, and somehow in the face of all things that were ever good about nature, they've made healing worse.

  16. light FX Steadfast Player

    After 2 years of waiting for nature to be fixed i dont even think i can express how disappointed i am with this. There has been a fix for this stuff for awhile now. Speed up the animations to apply the DoTs and buff the dmg they do. Simple. Instead we get this and honestly i cant understand why. I agree with what was said above, go back to the drawing board.
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  17. Lithiumz Well-Known Player

    I am not going to sugar coat it. This rendition of nature blows. Electricity is miles ahead. I am already contemplating about just switching to nature and leaving all this behind because they cannot get nature right. Nature is a complex beast. I do get that but the healing side is NOT desirable and it is outclassed by electricity majorly.
  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    If something isnt changed im just dropping my nature toon. Ive had enough. Im not giving them $ to switch powers cause they cant get this right. I will just drop the toon and move on. Ive waited 2 years now with this is gonna fix it then thats gonna fix it and then the revamp will fix it. My patience has run out with all of it.
  19. Surtur Well-Known Player

    yuuup, there is precision damage popping up on all the dot attacks.
  20. Surtur Well-Known Player

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