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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Shin-O-B Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Gadgets powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concern from Gadgets players was overall pacing and cooldowns. This was one of the earlier powersets we revamped, so we have been applying some of our learnings from later adjustments to Gadgets in this rebalancing.

    • Pacing
      • A variety of Spammer options available:
        • Paralyzing Dart, Gauss Grenade, Napalm Grenade, Cryo-Foam
      • Adjusted cooldowns to account for cast time:
        • Sticky Bomb, Thermite Mine, Taser Pull, EMP Pulse
      • Stealth mechanics adjusted:
        • Now Detaunts and Surprise Attack spreads Dazing effects
    • Balance and Damage (particularly Damage Over Time)
      • Damage Over Time options available:
        • Fear Gas, Napalm Grenade, Thermite Mine, Implosion Mine, Cryo-Field
    • Reactions have been added, giving Gadgeteers more control over how they play, whether that is the choice between instant damage, Damage Over Time, or crowd control. We also created more synergy between the different ability types to encourage a variety of combinations between the different power interactions.
      • “Electroshock” reaction, stuns and deals Damage Over Time to targets:
        • Electric Gadgets VS the Dazed power interaction
        • Stasis Field VS the Electrify power interaction
      • “Freeze” reaction, encases enemies and sets up targets for other interactions:
        • Ice Gadgets VS the Frostbite power interaction
        • Implosion Mine VS the Frostbite power interaction
      • “Detonation” reaction, destroys encasements and allows some abilities to deal instant damage instead of Damage Over Time to targets:
        • Fire Gadgets VS Encasements
        • Fear Gas VS the Burning power interaction
    • Dazing Gadgets
      • Paralyzing Dart now exploits Daze only
      • Stasis Field now applies Daze and exploits Electrify
      • Fear Gas now applies Daze and exploits Burning
      • Implosion Mine now applies Daze and exploits Frostbite
    • Electric Gadgets:
      • Taser Pull now deals target area-of-effect damage, applies Electrify, and stuns in Control Role
      • Gauss Grenade now exploits Electrify
    • Ice Gadgets:
      • Cryo-Foam now has a reduced cooldown, applies Frostbite, and will encase Frostbitten targets
      • Cryo-Field’s cooldown has been reduced
    • Fire Gadgets:
      • Sticky Bomb now applies Burning
      • Napalm Grenade now exploits Burning
      • Thermite Mine now exploits Burning, and has an increased cost and cooldown
    • Debuff changes
      • Defense
        • Taser Pull
        • Cryo-Foam
      • Damage
        • Sticky Bomb
        • Paralyzing Dart
      • Healing
        • Gauss Grenade
        • Napalm Grenade
    • Photon Blast no longer exploits any power interactions
    Saturday Hotfix
    • Battle Drone will shield in Control Role, but still damage in Damage Role
    Future Hotfix
    • Re-evaluating the Suppressor Turret pet
  2. Penryn Loyal Player


    I'm not liking these defense debuff changes at all.

    Putting a debuff on a pulling power (Taser Pull) has always been problematic. In raid settings,a Controller can easily end up pulling a dangerous mob away from the tank while trying to apply the debuff.

    Cryo-Foam has its own set of problems. It has multiple control effects associated with it in Controller role - stun and root. If you apply two control effects at the same time, mobs are more likely to break out faster.
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  3. RAbram Level 30

    Yes Please make the following changes to the Suppressor Turret Pet.
    1. Make it so you summon it once and it’s there until it gets KO’d
    2. Give the players a power that busts the Turret like earth and sorcery have.
    3. Give it some functionality depending on your roll doing more damage in damager roll, and give power OR debuffing in controller roll
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  4. Penryn Loyal Player

    I'm trying out the changes right now and I have no idea what to think of them. This version of Gadgets barely resembles what we've been testing for the last few months. It feels like the powerset has been turned upside down again and I'm testing something brand new that just happens to be called Gadgets.

    Encasements and Detonations
    My initial impression from testing in group content is that the new focus on Encasements and the "Detonation Mechanic" aren't going to work for Damage role players in group content. Damage-role players won't have enough Dom to setup the encasements. Also, players won't be able to encase anything that has immunity.
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  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Reports
    1. Implosion Mine and Thermite Mine still do not advance the hit counter on detonation.

    2. Fear Gas is listed as being compatible with the Empowered Channeling tactical mod. However, you're still Vulnerable to Interrupt when using Fear Gas with Empowered Channeling equipped.

    3. The description for Gauss Grenade needs to be updated to include the "Usable While Controlled" tag.
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  6. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Bug Reports:
    • Photon Blast applies VFX to the target, which is nice, but it doesn't expire and stays on the target indefinitely
    • Stasis Field does not apply Dazed
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  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    Just to add on to this, it seems the power interaction is tied to the encasement. My observation has been that you only get the Dazed PI only if you are able to encase the enemy. If you don't have enough Dominance or the enemies have breakout immunity, you can't setup Dazed.
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  8. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    From the Munitions notes:
    Defibrillator was also increased to 300 base power cost and I'm noticing an increase in Precision/Weapon DPS from 1.6.

    The problem is that I'm seeing a 18.2% increase and not the 20%. Here is my setup:
    1. Base Precision: 9174, Weapon DPS: 4551 with me in Controller role
    2. Join a group with another Gadgets Controller.
    3. Player #2 casts Defibrillator
    4. My Base Precision is now 10842 and Weapon DPS is 5379.

    Assuming it is supposed to be a 20% boost on my base stats, I would expect to see 11008 Precision and 5461 Weapon DPS.
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  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    There is a form-transformation bug that drops combat. Here is an example with Surprise Attack:

    Whenever you return to your normal form with Surprise Attack or "Return to Normal," combat is dropped. This can be easily exploited in a number of ways.

    I've also seen this happen with Nature form transformations.
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  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    Using the "Electroshock" power interaction on Gauss Grenade causes Gauss Grenade to setup the Electrify power interaction. Here is a brief demonstration with Stasis Field and Gauss Grenade:

    This doesn't seem to be a VFX error. EMP Pulse was getting boosted damage from Electrify if I used it as the third power in this sequence.
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  11. Penryn Loyal Player

    I'm finding the encasement functionality on Cryo-Field to be difficult to use.

    Frostbitten must be applied to the target before it enters Cryo-Field's area of effect in order to setup the encasement. Usually, Cryo-Foam is used to inflict Frostbitten on the target first and then Cryo-Field is cast. The target will then be encased as the field expires. However, if Frostbitten is inflicted after the target enters Cryo-Field, the enemy will NOT be encased. Also, if a Frostbitten enemy is pulled from a Cryo-Field's area of effect before the field expires, the enemy will be encased. Finally, a Frostbitten enemy can be pulled into Cryo-Field's area of effect before the field expires to setup the encasement control effect.

    Can these edge cases be made more consistent? This would be much easier to explain if Frostbite could be inflicted on an enemy inside an existing Cryo-Field to setup the encasement.

    One of the other problems you run into with setting up Cryo-Field's encasement functionality is the number of required control effects. If you setup Frostbite with Cryo-Foam in Controller role, you are going to apply the root and stun control effects. That's usually enough to trigger a breakout which means you won't get Cryo-Field's encasement. If you use Freeze Breath or a consumable, you are praying that target won't break out of those stun control effects before the encasement is setup. Also keep in mind that Cryo-Field applies its own control effect.

    Setting up a Cryo-Field encasement in any content with aggressive breakout profiles seems like a tall order. Nevermind the fact that this is going to be a Controller-only control effect for group content.
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  12. Penryn Loyal Player

    Is the shield component of Battle Drone working correctly? Here is a demonstration:

    I think that added up to about ~100k damage absorbed over 15 seconds. It looks like Battle Drone is constantly recasting the shield while it is deployed.
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  13. Penryn Loyal Player

    Do Vortex Cannon and EMP Pulse still have different base damage values for Damage and Controller roles? Looking at my EMP Pulse numbers for Damage and Controller roles, they are coming out to the same base numbers.
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  14. RAbram Level 30

    I find myself agreeing with Penryn it feels like a radically different power set.
    In my testing the Power Interactions don’t seem to be working at all.
    Some of the PI don’t make any sense like Napalm Grenade should inflict burning not just do additional damage to a burning target.
  15. RAbram Level 30

    On a different note, I still thing Gadget DPS would be better off as a more pet based power set.
    I would like to see the suppressor turret used for gadgets the same way fury is used for sorcery, and the holo-graphic decoy used the same way watcher is used “but with power instead of health”

    Replace the self-destruct power with one that strengthens or powers up the Suppressor turret and holo-graphic decoy.
    I make no sense to use a power to blow up the pet that will blow up in a few seconds anyway.
  16. Penryn Loyal Player

    Unfortunately, Self-Destruct Signal is an important part of Gadgets power interactions now. Self-Destruct Signal detonates any Stasis Fields or mines within range of it. If you're going with a Mine-focused build, Self-Destruct Signal is very handy. Now that Stasis Field is an AoE multi-target encasement power, being able to reliably destroy all of the encasements you are setting up with your SC Generator is also very useful.
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Nevermind this post. See my next post for a couple of Fear Gas bugs.
  18. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    A couple of things related to Fear Gas

    1. Sometimes you only see two damage ticks when using Fear Gas after Sticky Bomb. Here is an example:

    EDIT: This can also happen without the Burning power interaction being setup. If you just cast Fear Gas normally, sometimes you will only see the two big initial ticks and not the eight small ticks.

    2. Is Fear Gas supposed to remove the Burning PI?
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  19. RAbram Level 30

    I stand corrected stasis field followed by Self-Destruct is a useful combo.
    But I still the turret needs to be a full fledged pet not just a 15 sec attack
  20. Penryn Loyal Player

    Bug Report
    I am not seeing Stasis Field is on the Gadgets power list. Here is what I'm seeing:

    Stasis Field appears on my loadout list, but not on the "Powers List".
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