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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Fire powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concern from Fire players was the performance of Channels and long cast time abilities. Both have been buffed in accordance with our new standards. Let us know how they’re performing now!

    Patch Notes
    • General:
      • General pass for new balance values.
      • Channels now always allow retargeting
    • Volcanic Calamity:
      • Increased the size of the visual effects
    • Burning Determination
      • Reduced the amount of healing (healing is no longer treated as using shield values)
    • Burnout:
      • Increased cost to 200 and increased heal accordingly.
    • Meteor:
      • Increased cost to 300, up from 200, and increased damage accordingly.
  2. spack2k Devoted Player

    Yo, what happend to that awesome blue flame sfx? it would fit way better the weapon buff then what we have atm...
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  3. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Blue flame with sound effect would be missed.Can you incorporate it? maybe as a shield?
  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Feedback: fire seems to do well, I've managed to hit 36k (which is higher then most other powers) with the channel abilities on 3 targets, 201 cr modded and specced full might.

    One thing that worries me though is the channels are more power efficient then the burst abilities in terms of PFtT. Not sure what can be done here, I seem to last at least 50% longer rotating between cascade and mass det then I do rotating between wildfire, flashpoint, and detonate. Although both yield roughly the same damage.
  5. Duck X Active Player

    Fire dps side is very nice. The only thing i see that should get revised is mass detonation. Its a cast power, it should be a very hard hitter. Increase cooldown and power cost but make the damage worth the cast time, power consumption, and cooldown.
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  6. Cyberpunk2077 Well-Known Player

    How is increasing aoe of visual effects related to Damage increase? I thought all the SC's were getting damage boosts.. why is VC getting just the visual update when meteor is still getting a cost increase?
    Also can we please get a short/smoother animation for Mass Detonation/Meteor? That hand animation is really clunky and overused.
  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Just for a good laugh, enjoy! :p

    P.S, yes this playstyle is 100% viable in duos and alerts. Raids would be tricky cause you;d have to get close to pull it off.
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  8. SteHyatt Well-Known Player

    Hi All

    Still playing around with loadouts. I play from tray in live. Burning det, fiery weapon and spam flame cascade, fireburst when in close (never ever use weapon). In live I currently have 210sp and test 190 I think. My power back is great in live but I can't get the same effect in test. I spec'd all sp in crit attacks then might/power (left hand side of sp tree).

    When this goes live I need a dps loadout and sp spec that I can use not only in groups but solo open world as easy as I do now. Any ideas please?

    Thank you
  9. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Use some low cost powers instead. Your rotation will definitely be different if you want to sustain your power with no troll. Your damage may suffer but that isthe trade off and outside of alerts and raids , it is not a big deal.
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  10. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    The new meta has arrived!
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  11. Moja Developer

    If you never use your weapon, then you shouldn't use Fiery Weapon. It only buffs weapon damage, so it would be a waste of power and time for you to cast it. Likewise, if you never use a weapon, you should use Power Mastery (you didn't mention which mastery you chose, but I wanted to mention it just in case). Your skill points sound correctly specced, but you didn't mention mods. Having 4x Power generator mods will help a lot, and using Power or Might/Power gear mods will also contribute a lot to your power generation. Also, skill points increase stats exponentially, so those extra 20 SP should add a good chunk of Might and Power. Also, the Reserve Tank chest mod is a nice bump and super easy to get.

    Hope that helps!
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  12. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    MOJA....i get it that but on test you have some of these so called testers still running with 1 controller like I had to endure a few hours ago before test went down.....5dps....nobody said it but me and another dps That the CONTROLLER couldn't handle the power because in a raid if your gonna dps like before pre dox then you need doesn't take 5 dps to do should be 3.....they bringing that solo crap into test which is one of the many reasons revamp happening.....solo IS killing gameplay.....dude couldn't even debuff.....its pathetic running 5dps....youe gonna have spot if low newbies with low sp thinking they can solo.....this stupid burn mentality is why there aren't skilled players guys got to support a TEAM EFFICIENT MAKEUP OF 1 3 2 2 or 2 2 2 2...this is when the game WAS MAD MAD FUN TO PLAY.....these player base now have NO idea of teamwork or TEAMPLAY just a non skilled button smash BURN....solo controlling and healing IS a disease now in the live pick ups no MECHANICS no DEBUFFS.....i thought this was a team superhero game based on JUSTICE LEAGUE....BRING BACK THE TEAM ADRENALINE RUSH FUN OF 1 3 2 2 TEAM MAKE up......then you will see DC back at awesome.....5 dps is just league just had a meeting and agree as we have always done the game live with this makeup....there are many who feel this way.....put TEAM BACK in DCUO Devs!!!!
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  13. Duck X Active Player

    Yess i agreee 10000000000000000% i hate the 5 dps mentality, i want the 2222 or 1232 back. Even alerts should take all roles not 3 dps 1 healer or 4 dps. And people complain about power but power management is part of dpsing, stop complaining about power and learn to manage your power or get 2 trolls back into raids like its supposed to be and sacrifice abit of burn for a smoother run. I love dc back when if you could solo troll or solo heal stuff you were considered a freaking god lol.
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  14. Korlick Loyal Player

    Wait a second...Burning Determination is being nerfed again? Really?
    At least put the burning effect back again. During the first version of this Fire Revamp, some people asked for that and we were told that if that were to happen, the healing effect would be reduced. And now, the healing is being reduced and the burning is not being added. For real? Come on.
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  15. L T Loyal Player

    Didn't get a chance to test fire before test changes over to summer, but that was exactly my reaction
  16. Pyrometers Active Player

    Please buff stoke flames to make up for burning determination two nerfs or just buff burning determination either way stop nerfing the heals, The passive was already nerfed and burst heal was taken away from stoke flames for '' Increased healing over time'' and two, one understandable nerfs balance the nerfs by buffing other powers. Cool burning determination nerf but Absorb heat got a heal increase so If you use impowered channelling mod you get a good defense buff. or lallow engulf to heal a SMALL amount for each opponent hit like wild fire.
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  17. ArchWarAngel1 New Player


    Damn I miss them old days and yes I agree with you 100% people need to learn how to manage their power and stop complaining.
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  18. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    No it's 5% still. Which is decent if you have a lot of power.
  19. Korlick Loyal Player

    Got ant chance to test this new Update?

    I got to doesnt looks good. Nerfed health. Nerfed healing-in. Nerfed self healings. But oh wait!!! WE GOT A SHIELD!!!:rolleyes:
  20. Duck X Active Player

    Mass detonation needs a major damage increase because wild fire hits almost the same and its instant cast. Mass det should have a power cost increase a cooldown increase with a drastic damage increase.
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