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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Jun 9, 2017.

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  1. spord Developer

    Hey everyone, we’re back with another set of Stats Revamp updates! This thread is for feedback specific to Atomic powers. Before testing, please read the notes for our general changes here.

    The biggest concern from Atomic players was power usage when playing from the tray. This should no longer be an issue for players that purchase the Power Mastery box as well as points into the Might box. It is important to note that when you purchase Might you will also get some Power too.

    Most of the other changes made were related to the Ability Output Update section of Avair's post. Here are a few of the changes:
    • Neutrino Blast - Now has a small heal and cost 200 base power
    • Geiger Beam - No longer deals extra damage to enemies affected by power interactions
    • The following abilities cone attacks now have a wider angle:
      • Atomic Reorginization, Radiation Shower, Atomic Blast

    Upcoming Patchnotes:
    • Atomic Combos - In Tank Role, Molecular Charges now restore health equal to 40% Dominance, increased from 28%
  2. RLManuel Committed Player

    Is there a load out that does good damage without the aura? Or is the aura the only way? Never really liked how the aura looked, trying to avoid using it for dps...

    Also what about making fracture like quantum tunneling where you teleport with or without a target, shielding you from damage and causes a small explosion that knocks down enemies, or turn radiation burn into an AOE instead of a supercharge?
  3. L T Loyal Player

    Yeah, but without the aura you're applying a PI and either clipping mid to high cost powers with a hybrid build or spamming a low cost one in a pftt build. You can make either work but it will have a vanilla feel. I'll post some specifics after I test some

    I kind of like Fracture being different from quantum tunneling.
  4. L T Loyal Player

    OK so tested atomic.

    Combos: Using power mastery, combos are decent. I used mostly TCE/Beta Surge. Need a troll to be able to use neutron bomb consistently but that's as it should be.

    Non-combo pftt: Surprisingly effective with Unleash Anti-matter, Electron Flare for a DOT, and Anti-Matter Bomb. More fun than I expected.

    Hybrid: Hybrid for Atomic is strange but workable. I found I could get more use out of neutron bomb playing hybrid. Used APA / Neutron Bomb / Electron Flare / Anti-Matter Bomb / Unleash Anti-Matter / Radiation Burn . Probably not the best load out, but worked reasonably well in solo content. Subbed Fracture and Ionizing Eruption in for Neutron Bomb. Fracture would be great if it were an AOE attack.

    Tanking: Tanking as atomic is much much better with the 40% dominance heals. Crowd Control feels weak still. Please look at restoring the CC to all the combos. Also, combos not working as counters is still kind of a problem (or will be in end-game raids).

    • make either beta surge or nuclear burst a 300 cost power, giving Atomic combos an option for higher output when lots of power is available. there's not much need for two super-low cost range combo powers.
    • If CC is being restored to most powers, beta surge should get it back!
    • Energize is now a very strong heal, but I kind of liked the medium-heal and higher availability.
    • Atom-Powered Assault is no longer appropriate as a shortcut power. Maybe want to make Unleash Anti-Matter or Density into a shortcut.
    • Make Fracture an AOE
    • Consider restoring counters to the combo powers. Maybe in tank stance only?
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  5. RLManuel Committed Player

    Yea fracture looks cool with the spinning uppercut but it really not that different than quantum tunneling and how useful is it? Only time I see it used is when I'm bored and running solos...
  6. RLManuel Committed Player

    Electron flare is pointless since you have to be right on your target. The only reason I'd use it would be to have the visual for it active since it looks better than the quark-gluon...

    Why does ionizing eruption daze enemies, instead of doing additional damage to dazed enemies?

    Also since atomic tanking relies on the quark-gluon so much... wouldn't making Energize a non-supercharge move, be better so you could activate the aura instantly?
  7. L T Loyal Player

    I think that's really a fair criticism. If it was at least an AOE it might be useful in some circumstances. Other than that maybe the ability needs to be rethought.
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  8. Cyro Committed Player

    Imagine how cool it would be if it was atomics super taunt, you teleport to them and hit them then come right back to your starting point, however they would prob cause some problems. couldnt agree more with it being useless, the power needs to be changed to some degree
  9. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    • Beta Surge:
      • Added knockdown back in and reduced the damage slightly.
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  10. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Last night I tanked JFA using a full tank build/spec. My base stats were:
    health- 55,228
    defense- 76,610
    dominance- 8,512

    Overall the tank wasn't in as bad of shape as I was expecting, but there are some minor tweaks that should be made. The biggest problem I see with atomic tanking is the loss of CC to atom splitter. This is a HUGE hindrance while tanking with atomic. Majority of my problems stemmed from pulling adds or boss/adds having no CC effects on them, yet they can CC me constantly with their built in mechanics. I had a lot of issues getting stunned repeatedly interrupting my combos which resulted in me losing my aura a few times throughout the raid. Once they stun you interrupting your combos you are taking in a lot of damage losing a ton of hp getting to a pretty scary place in your mind. This also causes a higher power consumption because you are constantly having to restart your combo that you were interrupted on not to mention the cost if you lose your aura. The CC ability needs to be restored to atom splitter.

    No one, myself included, is going to want to play atomic tank on live server if all we do is constantly get stunned interrupting combos causing us to inevitably lose the aura making us fully healer dependent and not feeling like a tank. I also had a ton of issues with power while tanking, but I think that is a problem with the controller role itself not the atomic powerset or it could be both at this point. I found myself quite a few times without the power to preform a full combo, and in some instances I had no power to even start the combo so something definitely needs to be looked at there. These 2 problems actually caused me one death in the raid I ran last night. I was repeatedly stunned interrupting my combos with absolutely no power, no aura, waiting to die basically at that point.

    Overall atomic isn't THAT bad just minor tweaks and its ready for live.
    • return the CC to atom splitter
    • look into power consumption (really think its the problems with controller role but just in case)
    Will leave you the link for the raid I tanked last night so you have a better understanding of what happened.
    Video credit: Fatal Star (ty Fatal :p )

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  11. krytine Loyal Player

    I believe fractur should be a solo tuant as well and should have a juggle or interupt to it. It would have been kick ars if it could also combo on single targets.

    If all tanks had a range single tuant and melee it would give more diverse load outs and allow better team work in a two tank situation
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  12. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    EDIT: return CC to atom splitter in tank stance ONLY plz and ty :D
    meant to put the role and forgot.
  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Is no one going to talk about how the dps side is slightly under performing?

    Full might spec, even had a buff cola, used thermochemical explosion, atom splitter, radiation shower, electron flare, neutrino blast, radiation burn SC, barely got above 33k, average came around 29-30k on 3 targets.

    Next a tried ranged combos, beta surge, neutron bomb, nuclear burst, highest was barely above 32 k with average right around 29.

    Tried non combo loadout involving gieger blast, highest I pulled off was 31 k.

    Put on atom powered assault, whipped out staff melee combos and tested hybrid, highest again hovered around 31 k with average right around 27 (it would be slightly higher had I specced into weapon mastery probably but it wouldn't make up that big of a difference).

    For starters atomic lacks a lot of powers that could be used for hybrid dps unless you just want to use the initial abilities for each combo. Electron flare is the only true melee power and doesn't really hit hard enough to justify that. The melee/midrange combos are doing only slightly more damage then the ranged combos, maybe you can give atomic the celestial treatment and buff combo damage with number of inputs it has (not too much, just a slight bump up with each input). Otherwise both cele and rage greatly outclasses it. Rage goes above 40 k with melee combos and cele can push 40 on a good parse.

    I would also like to suggest decreasing the range on TE, make it a true melee combo so it can get a bump up in damage.
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  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    On a side note, the supercharges are amazing damage wise, now go give celestial a good one like those and ill shut my mouth!
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  15. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Don't forget TE is for tanking also and decreasing its range would affect the tank aspect of it. I'm not willing to lose range on tank side for dps.
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  16. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Could Unleash Anti-Matter also be a shortcut for the aura like APA or PR along with its current functions? By doing this it would open up a space in your loadout that you would otherwise be using on APA, PR, or Energize.
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  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    To add on to this feedback,

    After messing with atomic a little more and trying a different loadout (courtesy of Hollow), I was able to hit 43 k on 3 targets using BS, N-bomb, and N-burst. Only issue is, you do only one input instead of both, clipping the input with the next power. The second input isn't even worth using because it does such low damage. This needs to be corrected in my opinion, because it will just lead to a "one loadout to rule all" that we see now on live server.

    Additional changes I'd like to see:
    -Increase damage on final combo input
    -buff damage on dazed PI powers, hybrid atomic is still underperforming and not worth using compared to the combo loadout
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  18. spord Developer

    It sounds like the combos and Aura PI are doing better than everything else and should be brought down. How do your hybrid dazed loadouts compare to other powersets?
  19. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Dazed hybrid loadout is underperforming in regards to other power sets. In 10 second parser intervals can barely get above 30 k, if I drag it out for a full minute I doubt till be above 30 (celestial is doing 32-33k consecutively on full minute intervals, rage melee is doing 41k +). There's not really many options for starters and the powers associated with it are all fairly low costs so the damage isn't very good, maybe buffing ionizing eruption up to 300 cost and radiation shower up to 200 will help a little since hybrid is fairly low on the power consumption side. Gieger blast could probably become 450 as well.

    As far as combo damage, I don't think it needs to be bought down per say, maybe stretched out more so the second input is worth using.
  20. Cyro Committed Player

    I didnt test atomic thoroughly but from what i have seen dazed dps was under performing
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