Stats Revamp 1.6: Munitions

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  2. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Pump Shotgun needs to be FAST and unlimited SPAM, similar to jackhammer.. still waiting for it

    Machine Gun Turret SUPERCHARGE needs a buff.. For 1, it locks you in place, 2 cannot be clipped, and 3; the damage is subpar for locking you in PLACE. If this SC is going to replace a 10sec rotation while other powers benefit from using a SC and having access to their rotation, this needs needs to do MORE DAMAGE. HYPOTHETICALLY, SC Turret having a Shield is USELESS; bcuz if its too weak in damage, people even wanting to choose this SC in their loadout as a VIABLE/COMPETITIVE option, wont, bcuz youre locked in place. Now if you can LAY it down to the side while having access to your loadout, similar to a sentry gun turret then that would be AWESOME!!!. LASTLY, for me the amount of bullets(sound effects) being heard doesnt match the amount dmg ticks.. Would be dope if the sound effects of the bullets spraying would SOMEWHAT/CLOSELY match the damage ticks.. Just a suggestion

    Grenade launcher needs to be combo 3x SPAM

    Mini Nuke is fine.

    50cal; end DOVE TAIL too long.. and the damage doesnt register right away after the sound effect.. Not sure if thats intended or not.. i also wouldnt mind increasing the power cost(increased to 400- 450) for more damage.. Mini Nuke i believe has a shorter animation +cast time but does alot more damage.. While 50cal takes alot longer and does right around the same damage, more or less... Im pretty sure thats later on when all VULNERABLE TO INTERRUPT powers will be looked at..

    Maybe removing the COST to SURVIVAL tactics(De-taunts/distracts enemies) since the best MOVES are all high cost, making it a viable OPTION to clip moves like MINI NUKE etc, to rotate into your channeled powers..

    Would be DOPE, if most of these CHANNELED/VULNERABLE powers had chained COMBOS.. Example after 50cal press two more times , same power cost for continued damage.. just a suggestion.. Maybe Channeled combos for the future? MAYBE?

    Just my two cents..

    Please add back the POWER COST.. Not sure if it was coded for the NEW LOADOUT UI yet..
  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I prefer the AA-12 shotgun.. SPAM those BULLETS!! we dont have a move like that in the game! why would you want a slower gun?

    PUMP shotgun needs to be SPAMMED UNLIMITED like jachammer..

  4. stärnbock Devoted Player

    this guy ^^ love his videos :D
    problematic i see is that the power bar is empty fast...
    this is just a PFTT problem, but: if you want to spam it,
    either the power costs are to high for it, or the combo is to fast.

    also: should the dammage not be much higher near the targets,
    and very much lower at long distance? well, maybe its slug shots ^^
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  5. Elusian Loyal Player

    Only strict melee moves (e.g. Electricitys Electroburst) do higher damage than a move that can be used at "any" range.
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  6. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i see... ok, lets pretend shotgun uses slugs then ^^
  7. Dipin Gujral Committed Player

    In its current state, Munitions is trash in comparison to other powers. It will perhaps be at the bottom of DPS charts and will become the new nature and electricity post revamp.

    I hope such is not the case.
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  8. Backblock Well-Known Player

    I don't think many people care about the power.
    All I have seen in this thread are meaningless bug reports and those have been the only things that has been addressed and "fixed"
    The people in here aren't even munitions mains, they just wanna further derail the power.

    It really is a joke of a power now.
    The turrent SC needs a buff, a lot of things need to be looked at.
    Oh well, thats the nature of this game and other MMOs.
    Balance doesn't really exist.
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  9. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I realy can't play munitions the same as other powers.
    it is because it has just the shotgun as low power cost spam attack.
    however: shotgun has a cooldown of 1sec, where other powers have at least one power with 0.5sec.
    therefore, you have to use shotgun as combo.
    the combo however feels totally clunky still.
    i think that munitions would need one more low power cost attack with 0.5 cooldown that also benefits from fire (except shotgun).
    make it a granate. problem solved.
  10. Cratz New Player

    My main toon is Munitions and since it came out on test server i ve been doing some tests, and from I can say the main problems with this power have already been pointed out .... but devs already said clearly tht they think most of the powerset is OK (rllllyyy ?!? :mad:o_O) so they dont plan to do nothing in the near future except for the channel issue....... o_O

    The main problem with this power right now is that they've removed the AM (from imo, is a pure am power) and CC but instead of compensate in terms of dmg output/power cost/risk, they put the same model like they ve done with all powers, power cost dmg based. Only thing that they dont understand is that model need to be adapted to each powerset so it fits with the power mechanics( e.g. we dont play the same way with a burst build as we do with a dot based or channeling based one or a fast paced one to a slower one).

    LIVE SERVER --> AM + Bullet Frenzy buff + power base dmg VS power cost dmg <----- REVAMP

    (CC to counter interrupt risk) vs (no CC, interrupt all time, if interrupt = zero dmg + power cost)
    (most of the powers re channel type, cant do nothing while channeling) vs (same)
    (no need to ve medium/high cost shield) vs (must ve a couple of shields)

    -------> Is this what they say, that its OK ?!?!

    Its pretty obvious that Munitions is way far from being balanced when we compare it to other powers like earth, fire, .... or just with what we can do on live server ( not counting with SC )

    But at the same time, devs really should look to all powers and make them more or less equally like they are doing with tank, that could be a way of looking to it... cause like we can see right now Munitions will just end up being a dead power if nothing is done, and the work needed dont need much more feedback then it is atm.

    I really hope they stop 'fooling' around and really get to work on it cause overall its a shame like it is right now :(:( ...... I hope it can be fixed correctly by the time revamp is out :eek::)

    p.s. sorry for any english error .... :p
  11. RomperStomper New Player

    Like many other testers I tried some PftT loadouts and some hybrid loadouts with Munitions. Like in most cases, hybrid wins by far eventhough clipping weapon attacks with channeled spells feels weird and looks odd. But that's just cosmetics, the damage potential of Munitions is high. I managed to be top DPS with 2 different hybrid loadouts playing raids and SM (no noob dpses in group).
    PftT is no viable playstyle for regular sets like Munitions. The only power sets dealing insane damage using PftT are combo sets like HL, Rage and Celestial. And even there you want to begin your rotation with weapon attacks. Still, PftT and Power efficiency do not like each other.
    Please dont feel offended, but I have to say this:
    Everyone complaining about Munitions Damage and issues with Power Costs does something wrong. Of course there are better and more efficient sets than Munitions and it is not my favourite 'coz of the following reasons:
    1. Channeled Spells and their long casting time makes gameplay clunky (has always been clunky, even on live I dont like Munitions because of its slow pace)
    2. Comparing the casting time needed + powercosts with other sets, Munitions' power/damage value ranks in the bottom third. (Again, Munitions deals great damage, but some sets deal the same or even a little more for way less powercosts and faster gameplay)
    Overall Munitions is a stable DPS set, but due to the 2 issues I personally have with it, this power will not be my #1.
    Power consumption can easily be handeled by an average controller.

    Trolling with it feels exactly the same like with any other Controller Power, just the Powercosts of some debuffs are double as high as Mental's debuffs.

    My thoughts:
    To improve general gameplay, I suggest to get rid of any kind of channeled spells or make them clippable with weapon attacks and reduce/remove their dovetails. It feels so much better to play fluent using non-channeled spells with short aniamtions.
  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Personally, I think Munitions has a lot of potential ONCE CHANNELED ABILITIES ARE ADJUSTED.

    In solo content, you're forced into a kind of specific loadout just because of being vulnerable to interrupt. I like using Chain Grenade Launcher to set up the PI since it's multitarget and has the stun. Then any channeled ability like rocket launcher or railguns. After that Multi-net launcher for another stun and to bring the whole group close range for 'Splosion and Mini-Nuke (not close range power but who cares, lol).

    I agree that pump-action shotgun should be usable as many times as you want (or maybe up to 6 or 7 times, similar to frenzy's rate), making for easier spamming.

    I love the fact that Mini-Nuke is not vulnerable to interrupt. CD feels appropriate for such a high damaging ability. Is it possible to remove the knockdown from Mini-Nuke for a small percent increase in damage? I ask because it seems to be splitting pretty drastically with groups (full damage on only 1 add, then scaling reduction from 2 on).

    Also, this whole idea of knockdowns and knockbacks and stuns AFTER your high-damagining abilities doesn't make any sense to me at all. You want to CC something when transitioning from your hardest hitting ability into a low-damage ability? I would rather keep the stuns in the PI applicators and maybe a juggle in five-barrel minigun instead. That way our high-damagining abilities can either A. cost less for the same damage, or B. do more damage for the current costs.

    In raid settings, the fact that your damage isn't limited by distance anymore makes Munitions a good choice for ranged. The numbers will be better once damage for channeled abilities is looked at.
  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Hmm, world shutting down. Looks like I tested this just in time, lol.
  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I agree: channels are risky (especially fires channeled attacks wich deal no dammage at all if interrupted) and i don't think that the risk was not taken into account, when calculating damme. also i think that the more risk an attack has (higher power costs, long cooldowns etc.) the less do powers pay out for it with dammage...
  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    So wait, We're doing something wrong with Munitions Damage's even though you admit Munitions' power/damage value ranks in the bottom third?

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  16. RomperStomper New Player

    Yes, the value is not the best. But that doesnt mean, Munitions is a weak set, not al all! Look at HL, it is one of the strongest sets, but you will need 2 good Controllers. The power/damage value of HL is even worse, but the set is dealing great damage.
    Again, if ppl complain about beeing last DPS they do something wrong. If ppl complain about having no power after 2 or 3 spells, they do something wrong.
    Still, in comparison to other powers, Munitions is not the most efficient set.
  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    The power stat, devs came up with, would benefit munitions the most because of its channels and high power cost...
  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Maybe shotgun needs to allow more time for the combo input, especially the first tap. Also the last tap should lead to reload animation...
  19. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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