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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    I agree with everything until you amusingly mentioned PvP. PvP play style, power mechanic, everything should be almost alien compared to the PvE demeanor of playing. PvP should always stand alone as a different world, a new area of gameplay for players that desire a tactically action oriented realm of combat.
    Not that you implied it shouldn't be, but I saw an opening to state the fact for all that bear their eyes.
  2. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    I agree FIRE is GREATLY improved and IMO is about 90% complete.. With the exception of Vulnerable to interrupt updates being the last 10%.. Well done

    I also HOPE they give the UNDER ACHIEVED weapons(2h,Staff,arrows dual pistols, shield,brawling) the ability to generate SC faster than the TOP TIER/POPULAR WEAPONS(MA, 1hand, Dual, rifle, INFAMOUS HB)... There is no benefits choosing the under achieved weapons if they arent OPTIMAL. Popular/TOP TIER weapons outclass then in every way.. Hope to see this gets balanced out. DMG wise and SC wise..
  3. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    Never understood why Immolation needed to be a shield if it relies on things attacking you.. Im pretty sure they can turn another Breakout move into a shield instead... But if immolation is going to stay as a SHIELD. then it definitely needs to be CLIPPABLE.. If all other SHIELDS in game are CLIPPABLE then this should as well.. Following the rule: Whatever we do to 1, we have to do for the others.
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  4. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    Current Tank role buffs for PvP are inactive or unresponsive for fire. Likely similar cases for other tank powers but I have yet to investigate.
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  5. Gwendolyn Active Player

    I personally felt Immolation needed a change. It was essentially a weaker Enflame with no juggle and required targets to attack you to burn them. With it now being a shield it becomes a much more beneficial power. Plus it is more unique than other shields because it still burns melee targets so you get additional healing capabilities. It's a win win. I hope making it clippable won't mean it loses its burning effect otherwise I would prefer it to stay the way it is. That's just my opinion.

    Burning Determination no longer burns so unless you have fire ball in yout loadout, stoke flames and immolation are the two tank powers that will most likely be b&b in loadouts that cause burning.
  6. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I have not seen that name in a while. :D

    PVP will never be addressed because it does not have the earning potential as PVE. Sad but true.
    With that being said PVP will never be stand alone.

    The only way PVP is going to be addressed is by combining the two to where the stats are the same.
    The worst thing DCUO could have ever done was to make the PVP & PVE have different stats.
    The only thing separating PVE & PVP gear stats did was double the work and create more chances for conflicts between PVE & PVP phase.

    Do you remember when T5 was released with the open world content how & players were exploiting the PVE content with PVP gear? I do. The instances would teleport outside and bam...a couple players would toss on PVP gear and then they would crush everything outside.

    The same issue was happening with the PVE bounties. You could solo the T1 bounties with around CR 15 PVP gear before DCUO adjusted the stats on the PVP gear. The same thing was happening with the CC bounties.

    I'm not trying to be argumentative but pushing for PVP to be totally separate will hurt PVP even more. If we want PVP to be addressed in a timely manner. We as players need to accept the fact that PVE is what is earning all the money and moving PVP stats to where they are the same as PVE will get PVP fixed.
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  7. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I am not totally sold on engulfs animation as a pull. It seems like its missing something.

    Can we get an updated list or at least add highlighted changes to this list?
  8. Korlick Loyal Player

    If they change it to be clippable but remove PIs, then i expect other powers to get the same treatment. Like Reflect, which is clippable and deals damage when hit but also has CC.
  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    About the Blue Flame, how about you guys use the visuals for the shield or for some other powers that we would use alot in dps or tank role?
  10. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    Hm. I'm always against the idea of money intake completely determining how a game is going to be, yet much to my dismay that seems an all-eclipsing constant before the actions of The Devs. I suppose PvP isn't what needs to be corrected first....

    Its worth noting by simply altering the importance of Defense could fix the issue easily, and the current mechanics for PvP are in favor of that.

    The idea of Player Penetration was simply adore inducing! This allows a clear PvP advantage and a strict dissuasion from PvE settings where dmg will be ineffective and defense too absent to be of use.

    I stand by the idea that PvP mechanics must be different; it is inherent. The meticulous playstyle encourages greater power consumption, damage must be navigated skillfully, heals must be conserved in junction with opportunity; CC effects in tandem with presumed enemy weaknesses.

    To make PvE as it is at live, such as DPS simply DPSIng players, would be as evidently repugnant soon as it is now on live.

    A PvE troll would merely dish out power obligatorily, but one in PvP could do it to dish more power in sake. Perhaps I was..unclear. It is always nice to have a listener, so don't leave yet. I believe that in PvP, the Power
    results should be different.

    If one move is the hard hitter in PvE, perhaps give it a different result in PvP. A hardlight DPS needs to be rapid in PvE, instead he will be patient in PvP. There should be different pay offs; and our much esteemed developers should make priority in ensuring that things progress in that direction. We would all hate to see 123 spammers doing well against veteran block breakers, right?
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  11. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Blue Flames color for Shield... hmmm I LIKE IT!
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  12. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    With the Blue Flame Sound Effect, and the Shield, Flame Shaped!
  13. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    So...a few very important questions in my POV.

    1. Why do we need 3 spammers (4 with fireball and 5 with the pull, but that doesn't really count, lol)?

    2. Why was mass detonation turned into a spammer?

    3. Do you intend for fire to only have 2 high damage ranged abilities? (Overheat and Wilfire, since the other 300 is a DoT).

    Wasn't Mass Det better as a high power cost ability? Why would we want to spam a channeled ability, vulnerable to interrupt, to do the same or less damage (assuming they actually hit, lol) than detonate and flame cascade? When I tested at CR 105 against enemies, it was actually doing far less in most circumstances.
  14. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

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  15. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

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