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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. stärnbock Devoted Player

    playing quantum using time bomb, at times feels like driving with a truck, while everyone else is driving with sports cars.
    if time bomb is slow like a truck, then at least let it HIT LIKE A TRUCK... still need to find out how this cap works, however:
    i just hope this "cap" isnt like what we have on live server: crippling quantum to a low tier dps... well, right back to test now ^^
  2. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Right now quantum is actually beating HL which is funny. Gonna make a tier list later for the powers to rank them but quantum is by no means bad or even just decent for raid situations.
  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Some initial observations and comments.

    Anomaly: Good that it is now 8-target. A pretty weak HoT but the positive is that it is full range. Still a healing debuff.

    All other debuffs remain unchanged to what is now on Live which is good.

    Time Shift: still targets four only.

    Tachyon Burst - not sure if this power is useful.

    Lift is interesting. Without PI, it does a single target burst. With PI though, it does a decent sized burst on your main target, then causes 4 ticks of DoT on surrounding targets.

    At might 10007 on a single target, my Time Bomb was capped at 13597. On the 8 sparring targets, my overall damage on Time Bomb was 3399*8=27192 which is basically double the single target.

    Even running the duo, abilities like Singularity were doing what they needed to do in damage role.

    Quantum is kinda fun to play right now though.
  4. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    After testing the DPS, I was very, very sad ...
    The costs are abusive !!
    The quantum has always been known as a power that stood out for its variety of powers and combos!
    But with these costs?
    To be able to play the way I wanted it I had to have 44 thousand of power bar this with cr 166! With mods of migth and power and power and health and all of skill in power! This was the only way to really get to play reasonably! And do not go live in the game and delete all my quantum characters!
    I'm really very disappointed ...:mad:
  5. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I was testing out the CC of Lift earlier and if I had an enemy on their own they never broke out of the CC, only came back down when the effect ended naturally, which meant I was able to keep casting it indefinitely until the enemy died and I didn't take a single lick of damage since the enemy never gained CC immunity.

    It was different when I used to CC a group of enemies though. The enemies seemed to break out as normal and gain CC immunity as they should.
  6. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So quantum plays pretty well. I like that the uniqueness of time bomb was kept and now also works with precision damage as well as might.

    The damage is in the correct ranges with some abilities but the power cost is way to high. I was using time bomb, Grav well, time shift, alcubierre wave and Inspiral waves. That combo was putting out good numbers but the cost of some of the abilities needs to be lowered but the damage CANNOT change if you want it to stay in the correct damage range.
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  7. Absolix Loyal Player

    With the switch to Power being a primary Dps stat over Might, the cap on Time Bomb might have to be changed to scale with a combination of Might and power, as increasing your power would increase your damage, but it does not increase the cap to correspond to that increase in damage, if the in-game description stating that the cap is still a percentage of your Might on test is accurate.
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  8. Absolix Loyal Player

    After double checking, it appears that Gravity Well is still behaving more like the live version. It benefits from Graviton-Charged, and while the Graviton-Charged effect appears on enemies when it is used on them, powers are not receiving the damage increase they normally get from hitting Graviton-Charged enemies, ie my Einstein's ray wouldn't hit higher than 108, but once I used Singularity instead it jumped up to 110+.

    edit: more weirdness, it wouldn't buff Einstein's Ray's damage or Lift's damage, but Gravity Well does seem to be correctly buffing Inspiral Wave's damage. This one seems like a headache.
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I was definitely getting the damage increase yesterday when I was testing with Inspiral Waves on the dummies in WT. It was hitting for between 4.5k and 4.8k before casting Gravity Well and hit for 5k+ every time after casting GW.
  10. Absolix Loyal Player

    Inspiral Wave
    without Graviton-Charged 53-58, I did get 59 two times, but after doing it another hundred times I couldn't get a third
    with Graviton-Charged 66-71
    I know it is a spammy power with a such a short cooldown, but it is very weak and is one of only three powers in Quantum with a range restriction, the others being Alcubierre Wave and Gravity Punch.

    Alcubierre Wave
    without Graviton-Charged 94-104
    with Graviton-Charged 116-127

    Gravity Bomb
    without Graviton-Charged 55-61
    with Graviton-Charged 68-73

    Energy Expulsion
    On enemies above 35% health 4 ticks of 23-26

    Looks like I'm not going to have enough free time to get through the initial testing of powers as quickly as I wanted, but I wanted to get one more in tonight.

    Time Bomb
    1 tick of 10-11, despite saying it deals more damage to Destabilized enemies the normal damage that happens outside of the looping mechanic does not appear to change when an enemy is Destabilized.

    Time Bomb looped damage
    approximately 94-95% of damage dealt while Time Bomb is out
    Is no longer affected by damage percentage modifiers, like the +10% damage in damage role or Neo-Venom Boost, a second time.
    Also, Oblivion was working with the mechanic, so I assume other supers are too.

    The Cap on Time Bomb's damage appears to be way too low with initial testing. I was able to very quickly find out the cap at 142 Might is 171, and it only took 4 Tachyon Blasts one enemies with no PI, still leaving room for two more powers, to reach that. Honestly the biggest reason for the cap was that flat percentage damage modifiers affected it twice, so combining things like multiple Temporal Vortex casts, a supply drop, and a trinket into one Time Bomb could theoretically create too strong of burst damage. But, since it appears that Time Bomb is no longer affected twice by flat percentage damage buffs, there doesn't seem to be a reason for it anymore.
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  11. Absolix Loyal Player

    Check the edit in the post.

    I will probably want to get through the rest of the powers before coming back to investigate Gravity Well more closely, but it definitely isn't behaving quite like the game says it should.
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  12. Absolix Loyal Player

    I forgot to mention, the cap wasn't increasing with any flat percentage rates anymore either, which presents a problem since the flat percentage damage buffs still affect the damage used to load Time Bombs looping mechanic, thus increasing Time Bomb's damage without increasing the cap and making it even easier to hit the cap. This would make things like Neo-Venom boost and supply drop buffs less useful Quantum than for other powers.
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  13. stärnbock Devoted Player

    this ^
    it is acceptable dammage (even with the cap... it seems that your main dammage is comming from other abilities, but the cap is still lame anyways. not tryed time bomb on much lower targets, but my guess is: its pretty much the same as on live server), however: i tryed some classic time bomb rotation: anomalie, warp barrage, timebomb, tachion blast, tachion blast, tachion blast, tachion blast.
    needless to say i was running out of mana pretty fast. dunno, does the time bomb also count weapon attacks? i will try this now:
    time bomb >cw> weapon buff, anomalie, solar flare >cw> tachion blast, solar flare >cw> tachion blast, solar flare >cw> tachion blast.
    but i think the powers over all consume too much power anyways... not sure: maybe you just have to use weapon combos with it...
  14. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Have you tested using a nitro soder and dps trinket to increase your might to temporarily have a higher cap? Like could you drop a supply and hit neo while on a dps trinket and have the extra time bomb damage actually useful? I was thinking of having a reg trinket, a secondary trinket, and then the cc trinket *continued activations* to keep my might boosted as much as possible to squeeze out extra time bomb damage from a higher than normal cap. If that doesn't work a part of me wants to say that an ability should be made to temporarily increase your might. Like how the prec buffs were originally a 33% increase for 6 seconds that got changed to 12 seconds, I think there should be a might buff for quantum that lasts for 12 seconds and has a 36 second cooldown so you can get 2 huge bursts, and then 6 regular damage rotations and with 12 seconds, you fall into the duration of a dps trinket as well as a supply drop to benefit from the extra damage. Since destabilized rotations were trash damage wise, I ended up running a rotation that required 5 slots and while it does good damage that competes with other powers, it doesn't have a supercharge generator like my earth dps or my hl or atomic and it costs just as much power if not slightly more since I'm using rifle taps instead of HB. Being able to increase my might on a somewhat consistent basis to increase time bomb's cap would make up for the supercharge difference in content.
  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    wouldn't it be better for time bomb to return only 50% dammage dealt, but without any cap?
    dunno, i would rather have less dammage overall, but reaching the cap all the time...
    wait a second: what if the time bomb would explode, the momment you reach its maximal dammage cap?
    therefor, the bomb would stay in cooldown for as long as it is active, when the dammage has reached max,
    it explodes and the cooldown gets off to emediatly activate the next round...
    dont you think that this would be way better, devs?

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  16. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    1. no, that's a decrease in damage. Caring too much about being capped to the point to where you're nerfing yourself and then you'll be complaining about how the damage sucks. Stop caring about being capped unless the cap isn't satisfactory.

    2. Reactive cooldowns are probably not even possible to code with the system they have. They still have bugs for overkills in PvE where they can't even register a boss should be dead and to skip over other boss mechanics, I doubt they can do a live damage check for time bomb.
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  17. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    EDIT to previous reply*

    OPTION 1: my 1st reply

    OPTION 2: Time bomb does extra damage to graviton-charged enemies as well, up the damage and cost of singularity and reduce it to make it a supercharge generator but with a 3s cooldown (nerf the amount of generation to compensate) so singularity sets up the graviton-charge pi as opposed to using gravity well for a supercharge gen since I do not want to use gravity well as a controller nor do I want to force a healing debuff on my loadout as a troll either from anomaly currently. With that being done, change gravity well to doing extra damage from the graviton-charged pi and I'll be happy. I'll just use the supply drop etc. when I use my supercharge instead of having it affect time bomb.

    OPTION 2 Part 2: Still need to up the damage on destabilized abilities across the board to make graviton-charged or destabilized a personal choice for dps's and making Anomaly the same as how I described singularity.
  18. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i see, so this would be complicated to programm and since they try to make things easy...
    this would also need a lot processing power and it may not even be possible to connect.
    thanks, that was a very evident response. i admit, i have no idea how programming works ^^
  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    I mean ti's possible, I can imagine what the code would look like, it's just that I can't recall anything else in the game that's coded in that way to show that they can do it. The closest thing I can think of is boss health when it comes to 1shots in regards to say examples like Black Adam. His health reaches a certain %, he changes forms and does other combos, and it happens repeatedly until he dies. However, if you 1shot him, he just stands there at like 0% health and won't change forms or die. There's several bosses like that that have a trigger problem when it comes to multiple things that could happen. I wouldn't want some bug to happen to where I can somehow do like double/triple time bombs in like 3-4 seconds. Like dropping a supply drop, hitting the first time bomb, doing a reg rotation and capping out, boom 1 time bomb, supercharge capped out, boom 2 time bombs, supercharge capped out, boom 3 time bombs, in the spawn of like 3-4 seconds because the firs time bomb might explode after 2 casts because of the supply drop buff. You have 2-3 quantum dps's that come into a first boss fight with full supercharge, you might half-life that **** in under 6 seconds lol

    - drops supply drop
    - hits dps trinket
    *time bomb*
    300 power cost repair bot clipped 300 power cost*
    *first bomb explodes*
    *time bomb*
    *second bomb explodes*
    *time bomb*
    *third bomb explodes*
    *time bomb*
    300 power cost rifle tap 300 power cost or bot clip with a 2nd bot*
    *fourth bomb explodes*

    4 full strength time bombs and 2 supercharges in 8-9 seconds probably assuming the supercharge isn't bot clippable. If it is, I could prob squeeze it down to 6 seconds and then just switch the bots out after the burst.
    But with 3 dps's, that's 12 time bombs and 6 supercharges in first 10 seconds of a fight easy.
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  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i see. well, scratch that with the cooldown gets off when time bomb explodes.
    lets just think on the time bomb exploding at the momment it reaches its cap.
    cooldown would stay the same. now, you get the advantage of a faster hit.

    as it is now:
    if the time bomb doesnt hit untill it takes the time to explode, and still is capped,
    thats putting quantum in a disatvantage anyways... most probably the targets are gone
    before you do the hit, wich is why quantum falls behind: activation time + cap.

    as it could be:
    now, if time bomb explodes, the momment it hits its maximal potential, this would
    make the odds more even for quantum dps to land the hit as soon as its ready.
    cooldowns prevent time bomb to get exploited. i admit that cooldown makes sense here...

    any thoughts from the devs perspective and everyone else would be apreciated ^^
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