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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. Moja Developer

    Stats Revamp - Quantum
    Please use this thread to discuss your testing results of the Quantum power set.

    Overall Updates
    • All abilities have had their costs, cooldowns, aoe sizes, and throughput rebalanced to Stats Revamp standards.
    • In order to increase their damage, a number of abilities have had their CC reduced or removed. Affected abilities include: Time Shift, Time Bomb, Warped Barrage, Tachyon Blast, Inspiral Waves, Energy Expulsion, and Alcubierre Wave. Even so, of the Quantum abilities that deal damage, 14/19 still apply CC.
    • Several Abilities have had their Power Interactions adjusted (application vs. benefit), including removing the Polarized PI from Quantum. This was done to streamline and consolidate Quantum’s Power Interactions and bring balance to the Force Quantum’s PI options. Please see the Power Interactions list below for details.

    Major Ability Changes
    • Lift: AoE now affects 7 additional targets when the primary target is Graviton Charged, up from 1.
    • Anomaly: In addition to its other effects, now acts as Quantum’s Supercharge Generator
    • Temporal Extortion: In addition to its power heal, now applies the new Controller Raid Buff (%Precision and Weapon DPS buff)
    • Time Bomb: now benefits from any damage you deal, rather than specific powers. Duration and cooldown increased to 6s, up from 4s. No longer suppresses enemies during its lifetime, but still knocks them down on detonation.
    • Quantum Tunneling: added visuals to show the Shield duration
    • Oblivion: updated visuals
    • For your consideration: we have also discussed changing Distortion Wave to a Supercharge, swapping places with Temporal Vortex. Distortion Wave has impressive visuals, and making this change would allow its damage to be increased to match. Please let us know what you think :).

    Ability Costs
    Low Cost
    • Tachyon Blast
    • Inspiral Waves
    Medium Cost
    • Lift
    • Tachyon Burst
    • Einstein’s Ray
    • Quantum Tunneling
    • Anomaly
    • Temporal Extortion
    • Time Shift
    • Time Bubble
    • Warped Barrage
    • Singularity
    • Energy Expulsion
    • Gravity Bomb
    High Cost
    • Distortion Wave
    • Gravitonic Field
    • Gravity Well
    • Time Bomb
    • Warped Reality
    • Alcubierre Wave
    • Closed Loop – 50%
    • Temporal Vortex – 50%
    • Oblivion – 100%
    • Event Horizon – 50%

    Power Interactions
    Applies Destabilize
    • Anomaly
    • Time Shift
    Benefits from Destabilize
    • Time Bomb
    • Warped Barrage
    • Tachyon Blast
    • Distortion Wave
    • Tachyon Burst
    Applies Graviton Charged
    • Singularity
    • Gravity Well
    Benefits from Graviton Charged
    • Lift
    • Gravitonic Field
    • Inspiral Waves
    • Gravity Bomb
    • Alcubierre Wave
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  2. light FX Steadfast Player

    I havent gone on test yet, i only read the changes. So i will post some feedback as my main is quantum. But i am against the changing distortion wave to a supercharge.
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  3. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Agreed, also heavily against changing distortion wave to a supercharge.
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  4. JohnnyDWellens Level 30

    Again, haven't tested this yet. But I am curious...if Quantum already struggles a little bit with adds dying before Time Bomb can go off...does increasing it's duration really help? Sounds like me like it's going to have the same problem it always does. Targets that move out of its range or targets that die before it can go off are going to reflect poorly on the damage. Or am I ignorantly missing something here? Also I don't know how I feel about changing Distortion Wave. It would all depend on how it interacts with the rest of the powers. However my initial reaction is...nah.
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  5. Neo Synapse Well-Known Player

    I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully I'm also misinterpreting.
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  6. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I only did a quick run of Seeing Shades Again as a DPS (video in my sig for anyone who wants to have a gander) but from what I played I absolutely...LOVED IT. Like holy crap, I was a bit worried about what would happen to the power set but I really enjoyed it! I did a PftT loadout and played quite comfortably with it. I did a quick and dirty rotation of Time Bomb > Anomaly > Gravity Well > and then alternated spamming between Inspiral Waves and Tachyon Blast. I really love that Time Bomb retained its ability to increase the damage it does based on other abilities you use while it's waiting to explode. I honestly wasn't expecting that since that was invented for the Quantum AM.

    Trolling changes look good on paper (or screen) but I haven't tested them so I can't properly comment on them. I am, however, against Distortion Wave becoming a Supercharge. That is my go-to mass stun when I'm trolling. I know that you changed Lift to levitate up to 8 enemies now, but I much prefer having the "hard" stun of Distortion Wave to having enemies floating in the air.

    It's almost 2am here so no more testing tonight. I'll get back on tomorrow to do some thorough testing!
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  7. Neo Synapse Well-Known Player

    Is the damage on Time Bomb capped, regardless of what or how many powers used before it explodes? Thanks for your testing!
  8. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I didn't check to be honest, but I was usually getting 12k+ and the small bit of damage (1.5k-ish) that Time Bomb hits for on its own. I'll give it a look tomorrow when I have more time to test, unless someone else beats me to it.
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  9. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    I've been testing quantum as well in the test server and I'm not convinced I'd go as far as "LOVED IT".

    I think it's a bit too early for that and I don't know about you, but spamming 2 moves from the power tree over and over seems like it lacks the same depth that we suffer with the current AM structure.

    I'm not sure I'd find that particular pleasant to play with over the long term.

    I'm also wondering whether it may be better to have 2 supercharge generators in each power types one that applies a supercharge generator and PI i.e. a supercharge generator that destabilizes and another that graviton charges.

    This would enhance the variation of rotations and load outs that a person might want to maximize the efficiency you get from particular power interactions.
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  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    So the super charge generator is anomaly and it applies destabilization, not graviton charged. It needs to apply both PIs. Other wise u are encouraged to use only the powers that benefit from destabilization to be optimal. Variety and choice has been talked about a lot and the PI being that way limits choice and variety.

    Please either make the super charge generator apply both PIs or make a 2nd super charge generator that applies graviton charge. On a side note i think its premature to say how great quantum seems before every loadout has been tested and the optimal loadout has been found. Only saying that because my main is quantum and really want this to be tested thoroughly and done right :p

    What ive found to be good so far is using destabilization PI with anomaly, oblivion, and then 4 other powers that benefit from destabilized. I dont wanna say what my exact loadout is cause still tweaking a bit and testing. But to me it makes sense to use 1 PI or the other. And ya kinda get locked into destabilization if ya want to be optimal and as efficient as possible and also because of what i said above. Btw i was doing pftt. I also find the spamming of 1 move to be super boring. But i do know thats how things are gonna be i guess. I may need to swap oblivion for temporal vortex too. Gotta test a little more to see whats best.

    Edit: But also having some power issues when trying to go all destabilized. And im specked into a ton of power. It seems strange to me that the ideal pftt loadout has to use both PIs. If i go full destabilized i keep running out of power because there is only 1 low cost move that benefits from it. Gotta test some more and will post some more feedback 2mor night when i have more time to test this. Oh 1 last thing, i said above dont change distortion wave but im curious why it would change spots with temporal vortex and not oblivion?
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  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    As I said it was a quick loadout and I just did one solo with one loadout and liked the results. What I played was also a PftT loadout, but I'm really more of a hybrid playstyle type of person so I'm gonna work on that tomorrow when I have more time. Spamming powers will be a staple for people who want to play from the tray since they'll need to rely on low cost abilities if they don't want to drain their power bar, which is why I was doing it there. And really it wasn't even spamming them, that was only being done to supplement the DoTs from Gravity Well and Anomaly whilst also waiting for Time Bomb to explode, so it's not like spamming the same power over and over was the only thing I was doing. I was honestly dreading what would be done to Quantum so I was just happy to see that it was easy to make a viable DPS loadout rather quickly since really I was a crap DPS before AMs came along. When I said I loved it I was referring purely to how it felt while I was playing it. I didn't record any damage numbers or anything like that, so it wasn't anything to do with damage potential, I just liked the way it played.

    I mainly troll, and I haven't tried that out yet for Quantum so how the trolling side is remains to be seen for me.

    I agree on the SC generators. I feel like since most power sets have two main PIs they should also have two SC generators, one for each PI. SC generators are practically a must have if you want to actually use SCs, and tying them to a specific PI applicator makes the player more inclined to use abilities that take advantage of that specific PI.
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    For all those testing this weekend, for clarity, we will be stopping in a bit to check on feedback tomorrow and Sunday, but we will be reviewing as a team and primarily responding and answering questions on Monday.
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  13. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    No I wasn't critisizing your loadout/rotation I understood when looking at your moves why you were doing it and what you were attempting to achieve.

    That's what I really don't like in general about PftT it's just so limiting based on low cost moves etc. which isn't your fault and I agree its not the most horrible power I've tested in this revamp.
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  14. Absolix Loyal Player

    Love this. Lift was always weird since Singularity had the same pulling effect, in a larger area, and didn't need the PI to activate the pull.
    Still hate that these are a thing.
    Cool, this was a really interesting mechanic, will still have to see how it plays out to know whether it is practical or not.
    I am not opposed to this, but the problem is with Temporal Vortex. If we get that to replace Distortion Wave it would feel extremely underwhelming, and if something else that was better was created to replace Distortion Wave, then it becomes a question of why isn't it replacing Temporal Vortex instead.

    Am downloading. Will try to get base damage values this weekend.
  15. Absolix Loyal Player

    I don't quite get some of the changes. I understand that the old Time Shift and Tachyon Blast were fairly redundant, but Time Shift is still fairly redundant as Anomaly offers a same power cost Destabilized applicator that generates supercharge and Distortion Wave offers a Destabilized applicator with better damage.

    I would have thought that turning Tachyon Blast back into a cast time power and maybe widening Time Shift's cone would have been a better choice as it gives each of them a unique function, especially since turning some powers back into Pre-AM versions was discussed brought up before the update, and there seems to be a startlingly lack of that across the powersets implemented so far.
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  16. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

  17. Absolix Loyal Player

    Testing used no gear, only sp in Power to keep from running out, no base generator mods, no league efficiencies, and tested in Controller role to undo the effect of the +10% of the Damage role.

    1 tick of 24-26
    3 ticks of 7-8
    1 tick of 19-20

    No Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 77-84
    With Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 86-104

    Einstein's Ray
    No Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 99-108
    With Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 110-121

    Gravity Punch
    No Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 57-62
    With Graviton-Charged 1 tick of 70-76
    This seems oddly weak for a single target power that requires performing Einstein's Ray to combo to it.

    Gravcitonic Field
    No longer has an initial tick on cast
    No Graviton-Charged 3 DoT ticks of 34-38
    With Graviton-Charged 3 DoT ticks of 40-46

    Gravity Well
    No Graviton-Charged 12 ticks of 11-13
    With Graviton-Charged from Singularity 12 ticks of 12-15
    Weirdly enough the damage numbers were changing when I applied Graviton-Charged with Singularity first. I will probably double-check this when I have more time

    Will try to get to Destabilized powers tomorrow and try to nail down the updated numbers of Time Bomb mechanic.
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  18. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Not a fan about time bomb. The cool down takes too long. I have to wait for the cool down every time. 6 seconds is too long.
  19. stärnbock Devoted Player

    description says that time bomb is "capped at a percentage of your might"...
    not sure what that even means... is there a cap of wich the time bomb cant do more dammage (like it is on live server)
    or does it work differently now??? i just dont realy understand what is meant, but when i read capped... dont cap!!! please
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  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    So i need to clarify what i said in my last post. What i dont understand is the PIs. Normally u would pick one of the PIs to work with and go from there. For example if ya chose destabilization u would use the 1 power that applies it. Use the spam move that benefits from it, the sc generator and the sc which for some reason dont benefit from one of the PIs, also the power that gives power regen and im fine with that not benefiting from either PIs, and lastly a medium or high cost power that also benefits from the PI. But if ya try to do this ya struggle with power even when being specked into a lot of power. Im talking about pftt style.

    Its very weird to carry 2 different PI applicators and powers that benefit from both. I did a ton of testing and it seemed that was the only way i could pfft. That isnt variety and choice. And mepps had recently spoke about having must have abilities in your loadout and how thats not a good thing. Well quantum pftt is all about that.

    It should be pick one of the PIs to work with then shape your loadout from there. The sc generator and sc itself should benefit from both PIs because those are pretty much must haves but they need to benefit from both to make a 1 PI loadout/rotation is possible. Also please make the 1 PI loadout/rotation be possible to pftt. Atm i couldnt do it. Making people use both PIs is forcing players to carry certain powers no matter what and it is extremely limiting. And honestly i find it to be a bit silly.

    Lastly i cannot stand time bomb as a power. Slow on live and now even slower with this revamp. Just awful. Get rid of the cap. Quantums dmg output has suffered for a long time because of the cap on time bomb :mad: People have asked for the cap to be remove for a long time now and complained how slow quantum can be. So ya made time bomb slower and kept the cap? :confused::rolleyes: Was the feedback here dismissed? I like to hear the reasoning why this was done to get a better understanding.

    And no again on distortion wave being changed to a supercharge. The stun it does in troll role is the reason. Do not change this unless ya wanna see many many upset quantum trollers out there. And if ya dont play quantum on live please dont say yea change it. Cause thats asking for a power to be changed that u dont play and wont be affected by but others will, thats very silly. Please fix the PI system, it isnt streamlined, in fact it feels all over the place and silly. Sorry to be harsh but my main is quantum and i call it like i see it and want this power done right because its been under performing for a long time now. Hope what i said makes sense and sorry for the feedback above, it was a bit sloppy.
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