Stats Revamp 1.5: Quantum, Earth, and Celestial

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. Absolix Loyal Player

    Clipping is not an exploit. Clipping regular, non-channeled weapon combos with powers is the entire basis of the Hybrid playstyle, which the devs have stated are on of the three playstyles they want in this update, the other two being weapon-base and play from the tray.
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  2. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    First of all, hybrid play style is using powers & weapons together not clipping the animations.

    If we are basing damage off of animation times then clipping animations has to be addressed whether
    we like it or not.

    The only way to balance the damage between the three play styles is to address clipping. If clipping is not addressed then the clipping play style will always out perform the others because the animations are being shortened / cut / clipped. If the animations are being clipped the damage should be clipped as well.
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  3. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    From your videos I see you did 32,1k dps in 32 seconds with hybrid 2h weapon mastery and with play from the tray you did 16,4k in 32 seconds with that loadout....about double dps... That could me that hybrid loadout are the best for power consuming and for damage output.Seems play from the tray isn't one of the best options for dpses and that's one of the reasons, the main reason I strongly suggest they reduce power cost or increase passive power regeneration.I can't even imagine what will happen in t9+ ...
  4. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    can't play with Rage combos (galling erruption, revenge outrage) and atomic combos(atom splitter, thermochemical explosion, atom powered assault), Celestial combos (admonish, wrath of presence,consume soul) , don't get me started with Light .It will help us out if you increase the passive power regeneration+ reduce power cost for combos at least.
  5. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    you're right about troller's supercharges, sorry.

    about weapon hits I tried 1handed Spin Chop which does about 8.6-9.1k damage (not counting criticals) with my precision (about 16,7k) and Flip Slash about 9,8-10,4k ...Flip Slash I was using weapon buff btw, warped reallity .So to be specific weapon hits that take like 4 hits and more should do about 30% more damage compared to the ones that need 3 hits/taps or 2 taps 1 hold
  6. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    clipping powers, and weapon hits has been in this game for about 6 years or more dude !
    Learn first how dcuo works and then come on forums and say things like that .
    Because of people like you they nerfed clipping and alot of players, members stopped playing this game and now most of players don't know how to play their roles and powerset.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    You don't really expect to get away with saying all of this without getting banned, do you?

    Oh btw cele PFtT is hitting 44 k on 3 targets, PFtT isnt doing "half" the damage of hybrid
  8. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    I'm not sure about that, untill i see a video proving it.
  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Or just read the cele thread, unless you deem Crappy as an untrustworthy scource
  10. Backblock Well-Known Player

    He wants the combat in the game slowed down to where it'll be a horrible experience for seasoned players.
    Clipping can be used offensively and defensively.
    But of course remove it so players can be on some equal level because one side isn't as smart as the other.
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  11. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    Yeah remove all clipping make it slow as possible so we can fall asleep while playing dps, waiting to see all animations every time we play for as long as we can play like that which won't be for more than 1 week.You hope people get our sarcasm.
  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Did you actually read the OP? Let me quote a small part for you.
    Why do you have to come in here and whine about clipping and other powers that we're not even testing right now? Do you have any constructive feedback to give about Quantum, Celestial or Earth? Otherwise start a separate thread.
  13. Maxwill Dedicated Player

    lol dude, I'm not whining about clipping, I like clipping, it's one of the best thing in this game, I was sarcastic about removing clipping,I even said it...
  14. Absolix Loyal Player

    Actually clipping is the entire reason the hybrid playstyle would be possible. If you can't clip weapon animations or power animations and try to use a combination of them, one will always provide you higher Dps than the other. In which case it becomes better just to stick with whatever is providing higher Dps, just power, or just weapons. Clipping weapon combos was the basis for Dps pre-AMs and WM. Even after them Combo AMs, other than HL, still rely heavily and clipping, and pftt options for them in the stats matter update still rely on clipping.

    Animation times got standardized in GU36 so that the only powers that don't have a 1 second animation time are channeled or cast bar powers that can't be clipped without canceling them anyways. Also, weapon combos got changed since it was already pointed out that only scaling with animation times caused shorter ones to be too rewarding, and so now there is also more of a reward for longer combos now.

    Clipping appears in many games too, albeit not to the same extent as DCUO, but in Overwatch Roadhog and Reaper mains cancel there reload animations with melee and Genji's best burst combo revolves around clipping his alternate fire. It is not a new concept, and frankly DCUO needs it at this point.
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  15. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    ^ This.... so much this.
  16. Xibo Loyal Player

    One of these options. We're still having issues with power given by trollers even running with 2 trollers, otherwise ppl will be forced to change to the weapon playstyle to run a raid with 1 troll.
  17. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Is it at all possible that weapon combo inputs will get looked at/revamped. You have Range vs Melee and slow vs fast but even so I would like more uniform combo inputs. Dual Wield having 9+ tap combos is insane.
  18. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Are these 10 second parses using the in-game parser? Are you only counting the final hits? What are you measuring against: single sparring target or group of 3 targets?

    Using my Weapon Mastery testing spec from my initial post:
    40355 Power
    12191 Might
    14366 Precision
    And: Battle Display, Cryo-Field, Robot Sidekick

    I did a few damage parses with a few of One-Handed's combos on the 3 sparring targets in the league hall:

    One-Handed Dual-Flurry Mastery

    Spin Chop

    Flip Slash

    Running only the weapon buff, Dual Flurry Mastery gives me steady 20k/s to 22k/s 10 second parses.

    Some of the Weapon Masteries - not all of them - are parsing higher than what you'd see trying to Play-from-the-Tray.
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  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    He's doing single target like I was. My findings for the WM's/common basic combos were:

    17920 PREC, Full crits (should just be pre oly mods and gen mods. no prec neck socket, no blast adaptor, no sp in prec just 60 for the crits). 60s parses. *also have the precision buff from trolls because of my bots in the background*

    -EXPLOSIVE SHOT - 10.145
    -FLURRY SHOT - 12.951
    -GROUND POUND - 12.828

    -MAGNUM ROUND - 10.885-11 *LATE MISTAKE*
    -FULL AUTO - 9.156
    -SPINNING PUNCH - 11.659
    -SMOKEBOMB - 12.743

    -SHURIKEN STORM- 10.230
    -ENHANCE SHURIKEN - 11.932-12.198
    -HOME RUN - 11.683
    -DOOM SPIN- 10.271

    -METEOR BLAST - 8.7-8.8
    -ULTRA FURRY - 7.079
    -DUAL FLURRY- 11.333

    -ARROW FLING - 9.862
    -EXPLOSIVE SHOT - 10.401
    -HAYMAKER - 11.511
    -GROUND POUND - 11.641

    -LUNGE ALONE - 9.400
    - SMOKEBOMB ALONE - 10.5-11.2
    -METEOR BLAST - 9.456
    -UPPERCUT 15.777 CRITS FOR 40-50K
    -SWEEP SHOT - 10.515
    -LOFT SHOT -11.487

    - FLIPSLASH ALONE - 10.539
    - PULSE BEAM - 12.948
    - SOLAR FLAME - 9.968
    - DUAL FLURRY - 11.935
    -STUNNING SWIPE - 12.640

    -AIR LAUNCH - 11.845
    -FLURRY - 13.358

    -MAGNUM ROUND - 9321
    -LIFTING STRIKE - 11.404
    -BIG SCOOP - 11.002
    -HOME RUN- 11.197

    -MORTAR - 9.365
    -FLIP BURST - 10.056
    -AIR LAUNCH - 11.066
    -CLEAVE - 11.955

    - MEGA SMASH - 8.352
    -ARROW STORM - 9.870
    -FLURRY SHOT - 12.823
    -SPINNING PUNCH - 12.192
    -KNEE LAUNCH - 10.703
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  20. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Do you have any numbers recorded for Handblaster Fist Slam? Fist Slam was parsing pretty well for me in 1.4.
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