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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Went back and tested jackhammer/upheaval again on top of the original test I did.
    1st go round (unrecorded as soon as i hopped on test after the update yesterday): jackhammer was like 27-28, upheaval was 26-27 with spikes up to 28.

    I came back and went to record it this time and got the opposite.

    Upheaval got me a 28.3k and Jackhammer got me 27.2k for 60s. Thought I was bugging/maybe there was a crit problem since there was a small crit amount difference so I did it again.

    Upheaval got 28.7k, Jackhammer got 27.4k for 30s. I said ok, maybe my crits are just acting up consistently, let me remove them and see what happens. So I go to the WT and respec to where I have no crit chance or damage.

    Upheaval got 15.1 @ 3.8% crit chance
    Jackhammer got 15.88 @ 5.5% crit chance
    Upheaval got 15.5 @ 4.2% crit chance
    Jackhammer got 15.8 @ 7.2% crit chance

    At first I was happy but then I realized 7.2% was somewhat high so I said, let me redo this one more time to see if I can get a 4-5% crit read as Jackhammer just to be safe.

    I got 15.65 @ 4.7% crit chance.
    15.65@4.7 compared to 15.5 @4.2.

    That shouldn't even be possible for a range power vs a melee power. a .1dps difference is literally 1000 damage for a 60s parse. That's rng/1 crit difference. I'm thinking the base damage on these two is actually almost the same, maybe a slight edge to jackhammer? as long as you're clipping the 4th upheaval (3rd aftershock) with another cast of upheaval (similar to how rage dps does dreadful blast I think it's called). Crit bias goes in the favor of upheaval because it has bigger ticks and upheaval has a shorter cooldown for actual rotation use along with less power consumption. Jackhammer's damage, if I'm right about it being slightly higher base dps wise, shouldn't be so small that crit bias makes upheaval the better option for range and melee if one of them is going to be chosen for a rotation. If someone else that knows how to do base line base line testing or can repeat what I did to see what they get, I'd be interested to see how these two line up.

    sidenote: 152 = stats revamp 1.5 update 2*
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  2. RLManuel Committed Player

    I'm not able to test the moment, how would you describe tanking/dps'ing with and without pets?
  3. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Bug report, Pebble Blast is working ticking differently in Tank stance compared to DPS stance. It ticks twice in Tank stance and ticks once in DPS stance. Both forms are single target.
  4. Aggro Well-Known Player

    I didn't go that far into the calculations lol but I knew it just by looking at the numbers, something is definitely wrong with jackhammer.

    First jackhammer punch is fine has is, but the punches that cost 100 power cost, either hit the same or less then when it was 35 power cost in 15.0.

    The cost is there but the damage isn't, even with upheavals *slight nerf* for range, it's still a better option for both melee and range as of now.
  5. Sooner Well-Known Player

    For me, imo, earth got very squishy and depowered. I'm not a "jackhammer" person, for me to hit one power and spam the melee key is a little boring. For the past few years I've been doing the Fortify, Reinforce, Rumblecrush and Striking Stones along with mr. golem. I've been easily hitting for about 26K+/sec. So I went onto test and tried to get a similar build with abilities on the same tray that I use now. My damage dropped immediately to 6-20k/sec with the highest being in the upper 20k. A major change from what is on Live to Test. From what I've been reading here it seems like earth will need to be cookie cutters again to do any damage. Some may disagree, but that's what I've seen by comparing the two systems to my standard tray. The test earth had about 20 more SPs than I have in Live, and a little higher CR.
  6. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    how do you only hit for 26k on live?
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  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Rotation wise, it was better easily, I just wanted to see what the solution was. Was it actually doing less damage individually, or was it the rotation differences that I have to make for jackhammer because of its cooldown compared to upheaval.
  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i like the changes very much! all of them. however: something doesnt fit well with these:
    unstoppable applies dazed at close range, upheaval benefits from but is not melee and jackhammer now benefits from crushed...
    still not sure why not just remove dazed completely from earth and just work with crushed...

    i also dont like that jackhammer has that 6 second cooldown and uses too much power in addition to melee,
    while upheaval has not realy any risk and still does good dammage while low cost low cooldown... odd!
    i think the best way to balance would be to reduce cooldown on jackhammer at least to 3 sec.
  9. Cold Fusion Well-Known Player

    I expect to use powers in my power set and not have to rely on iconic powers and consumables to get the job done... Did you watch this guys video below. This guy did a good job but it was sad what he had to use to do it. They allso had 2 heals and well geared CR and it looked to be a struggle to stay alive without spamming powers.

    Earth is a ice tank now without the shields in our power set to rotate through.. plain as day.

    • Smooth? You had to use a iconic shield and loaded consumables to negate damage or control adds instead of using powers in your power set..

      You couldn't stop spamming back and forth from shield to shield to stay alive with 2 heals. Not to mention the 3 adds after the first boss and 5 adds after the second boss almost killed you because the heals weren't spamming.

      The cele heals always had there bubble on you which won't always happen... You could barely handle the lava on first boss for seconds .. you went through 3 supers on the second boss fight to stay alive which also won't always be a possibility.

      You did a good job getting through the raid with what you had to work with but telling them it was smooth instead of the obvious will probably give them the wrong idea.
  10. Aggro Well-Known Player

    well on 15.0 jackhammer was doing 4k-1.8k and now its around 3k-1.7k damage wise AfterShock hits the only thing that change was the first big hit going for 17k crits compared to update 15.0. the power cost increase didnt change the damage, it looks like it made it worse.

    individually and rotation wise upheaval is faster and still hits harder then jackhammer despite the change, If they reduce cooldown it might speed it up, but i think the cooldowns fine it just need abit more damage changing the cost and having it hit less is odd.

    35-100 power cost is no same jump, if they wanna keep upheavals damage as is, increase the aftershock punches to the correct power to damage ratio.
  11. Sooner Well-Known Player

    That was low end, it was usually much higher (hence the "+" sign after the 26). I felt if I put down the lowest number I saw during a few runs that would put it into better perspective that the new change is drastically below the lower hitting levels.
  12. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Whats your cr? Back @175, I was parsing for like 220k/sec with elec on 3 targets. Are you a t4/t5 old player that quit doing single target?
  13. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    What does unstoppable Do now? And is there anyway it can be changed t a shield ? I'm asking you as I'm lot familiar with how the new stat stuff works but I don't see why unstoppable can't be the oh shiz buttonfoe a strong. It quick shield
  14. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    aoe knockdown that dazes, supercharge generator, can clip any power in the powerset. oh shiz button involves a shield, which it isn't currently nor a defensive power at all. oh shiz button would also need to have a long cooldown which means the supercharge generator would need to be passed into another ability along with the dazing pi.
  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All posts above this one in this thread have been reviewed by the development team.
  16. DCUO Gaming Well-Known Player

    The damage done by jackhammer has improved but not quite enough. Some suggestions are listed below:

    1. Keep Upheaval's damage the same, but upgrade Jackahammer's damage some.
    2. Decrease the cooldown for Jackhammer some (150~75~75~75), instead of (200~100~100~100).
    3. Increase the cooldown for Jackhammer slightly (I think It's 4 seconds right now, so switch it to 6 seconds; could be wrong though.).
    This should give the user more of a reward when using the risk vs. reward process.

    1. I really think Crystal's damage needs to be looked into. Compared to Fury's damage out Crystal seems to be lagging behind.
    2. Passive Power regeneration seems a little bit slow compared to what it is on live by a few seconds. I think this is because it decreases the rate of passive power regeneration to both Crystal and the Player instead of just the Player; this might be a bug as well.
    3. Bug: Fortify Golem is not regenerating power back to Crystal when passive like it is on live.
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  17. Xibo Loyal Player

    Agree 100%
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  18. Caz Active Player

    all I hear is aftershock tanking how is my boy brick doing :(
  19. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Please increase the range of the Supercharge generator. Is melee range...
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  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    All posts above this one have been reviewed by the development team. Thank you for the continued feedback.
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