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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Maxwill Committed Player

    You're The Anxient's best friend or supporter or what?I don't want ice to be op,I can play all roles all powersets, I have the sp, I have the replay badges to unlock all sp on my atomic and rage and fire and earth, so I can just switch char if other power is better than my main.I actually want powers to be balanced, I want that for so many years...I've been hearing and reading that developers want that too so I try to help them.So you're wrong, because you don't know rage, atomic and ice tanks as well as I do + proven in my video that atomic is better than ice now on test server.
    Please next time you quote me make sure you know very well what you're talking about.

    And yes of course there are better rage and ice tanks than me , but very few of them coz they play more time ice tanks than me as well as I or better, for example KingNero, maybe N u on US and Brittny the rage tank on US also.I don't mean to be arrogant or anything just saying what I've seen.I've talked with N u and KingNero, they're both not happy about the changes and they have probably given up coz of changes.
  2. Maxwill Committed Player

    English is not my 1st language so you'll have to excuse my mistakes... And my friends don't tell me how op I am.I'm not op like some few others that I mentioned., I'm just better than some others coz I've been trying very hard to be ( at least 3 years of effort, 5+ hours per day , every day , checking videos, myself, others, talking with people wondering how i can be better and better).
  3. Nemesir Well-Known Player

    I told u before that i know you coz we've been together at Solo Elite before when BigDaddyDru was still ingame. In fact, you are the last player to be recruited in Solo Elite.

    N u and KingNero are both Ice like you of course, but they're not the only Tanks ingame on LS. And Britteny isn't a dedicated Rage Tank either coz she changes power according to what's needed by her League and the current content and feat they're aiming.

    Please be more specific next time on changes you want with Ice with clear justification.
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  4. Warped Dimensions New Player

    For one, Britteny is a main rage tank. She only switches for the higher rounds of SM where rage isn't really viable. I can most certainly get her to clarify that if you would like. And secondly, this is a thread for testing feedback, not for arguing about who is a better player or who is more dedicated to their role.
  5. Karasawa Loyal Player

    You've mentioned "defense buff" several times as a reason why Ice supposedly isn't as good as Rage or Atomic. But are you aware that Ice gets a defense buff every time it uses a shield?
    Using a shield gives you Ice Armor automatically. And Ice Armor increases your defense by 80%. As long as you keep rotating your shields you will always have a defense buff up.
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  6. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    Please tell me what power I switch to for feats? Since you want to derail this thread, I'd love to know. I switch off of Rage for SM. I didn't know there were feats in SM. But since you know more about my history in game, please educate me. If I didn't see the name, I'd swear you were someone else.
  7. Maxwill Committed Player

    I know that but that's not enough as I've proved in the video.
  8. Maxwill Committed Player

    Already done that, how many times I have to write the same again again and again and over again?And N u and KingNero are the ice tanks that have more experience than me and I would say they are better than me, others I don't know( and by I don't know them I mean I haven't seen them play,at all or very well) therefor I don't trust.
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  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    And guys please let's continue our conversations in a private chat, not here.
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  10. Karasawa Loyal Player

    What video?
  11. Maxwill Committed Player

    check my youtube channel
  12. recoil Committed Player

    for sm fos or any other sm this point onward i would advise being the maximum cr and probably being: hardlight troller, fire dps, ice tank. or nature healer. all of these excell at their roles. nature has an amazing flow of heals over time complimented by it's range. fire dps is damage centric and a self healer dealing lots of damage but also taking some stress off a single healer, hard light trollers can debuff, controll mobs, and provide power and they can do some fighting thanks to light claw. and last but not least ice's ability tray rotations are perfect for shields and tanking making an ice tank very durable.
  13. Nu31 Well-Known Player

    Congratulations, you just successfully formed one of the worst SM group setups you could possibly congregate.
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  14. krytine Loyal Player

    The biggest issue is pot has never stacked ever the troll with the highest vit wins thats all now trolls will be able to focus on other things then pot but again one pot is enough.
  15. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Quality of Life request:
    Can all cast and channel powers just be mobile while casting them?
    Example would be Bloom, Invocation of Renewal, and Ionic Drain.

    IOR could get the animation like Phantom Stranger's channel while walking.
    Ionic Drain is the easiest, because other powers have a similar animation that are mobile.
    Bloom could get the plants on the players it's healing, like Celestials glyphs.

    I think things like this would help the utility of the heal, because getting stuck in an animation when something is happening isn't always good. Especially if you have to reposition yourself while doing it.
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  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, that's false. WM, AM, PftT, ect are all examples of the DEVS not understanding how to balance their own game.

    Tell me this, how can you balance powers and not even work on weapon balancing? Why give trolls a precision buff only? How can you start working on new powers when gadgets sticky bomb, on test, is still broken. Lol. Have fun with your testing.
  17. tioalbert Well-Known Player

    Hello everyone


    1.- It seems to me that there are still players making criticisms or comments based on live game instead of game in test or mixing them, instead of specifying.

    2.- Some criticisms (complaints) are not clear and worse do not propose solutions (leaving things as they are live is not giving solution to anything.

    3.-I agree that the support papers are still missing (I hope that the lack of attention in these means that the changes needed to polish them will give minor problems) and that perhaps they will be carried out in the last update of the game's advanced statistics in proof.

    4.- In my opinion we are going to have tests directed from start to dps with each style of power (electric, fire, ice, water, etc), bone 15 already included water, and then auxiliary adjustments.

    5.- In my hours of play I have not run with luck to find people and do duos t1, t2, t3 and t4.
    So I only solitary t1, t2 and t3 (t1 harley queen. T2 penguin and t3 joker).
    In t1 cr less than 40 (34), without mods of home base or exos or sinteticos and sp = 0 without using neither one, it is possible to finish them.
    In t2 we already need some of the following cr34 vs cr56 to use all the mods and at least 50 well located sp.
    In cr44 vs 56 without any mod. Only 7 sp in weapon, 20 sp to critical damage, 70 sp to presicion, 1 sp defense, 1sp to force and 1 sp to power. (With this formation can run both t2 and t3).

    6.- Which leaves me thinking that this runs well in t1 with at least 30sp which is what you get in the leveling from 0 to 30 approximately.
    But it will not be enough for t2, t3 and much less t4.

    7.- I have almost not seen feedback from instances t1, t2, t3, t4 of the S.R. 1.4 with respect to do them with minimal without sp and without mods or on how it runs with both and in the threads of each of the new 3 powers I have also not mentioned ,.

    8.- Finally the changes that are being made so far have been good (although some powers of my choice have changed and I am already doing changes for when S.R. leaves).

    Luck to all with the coming changes I will definitely choose gameplay Weapon, that PFT or Hybrid.
  18. recoil Committed Player

    i didn't say "one of these one of those, one of that too." that was a suggestion for individuals. which was obvious from the use of the word "or".
  19. recoil Committed Player

    it would definitely make healing easier. it's not hard to get sniped healing without a good troller.
  20. recoil Committed Player

    anyone of these in a group could give the group of 8 a higher success rate. fire dps/dps' would work well with any healer(provided they're a good healer), ice tank is ranked the highest tank ability only barely competed by atomic(and having been both i would prefer ice), nature or celestial is good due to range and availability in combat(power over time). all roles work together. can't just throw a bunch of idiots into an arena and say go fight. i've seen that fail a few times. and the funny thing is each and every last person i've seen fail, you know what their moto was? "i am the best, i can do whatever i want."
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