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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Both rage and atomic demonstrate that you have much better survivability while being active then you do while turtling. Rage you need to be active to pump your health up and atomic you need to activily combo (of course it's always been that way). Sure you can pull and block, but be prepared to either work the healers or die. That's not giving people the freedom of choice that they preach about so much for the stats revamp. That freedom needs to extend to support roles too, not just DPS.
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  2. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I see it like this in stats matter.

    What I like is that DPS is getting attention in a way that's collaborative with the community (with certain Devs).

    I 110% enjoy it more on test than on live in regards to DPS and even Controlling. I'm 100% fine with Auto PoT and the dumps.
    I like the buffs to the debuffs.
    I like that Healing is not overpowering mechanics.
    I like that Tanks can be active.
    I like SP being percentage based.
    I like that some content is difficult again and may see league runs for nostalgia and old times sake.

    These pieces of content aren't trivialized by burn and role strength anymore and can have longevity, but it's almost an artificial longevity because of healing being so underwhelming and tanking being dare, I say under powered.
    Khandaq, Inner Sanctum , Sub Construct, Outer Caverns, Arkham Asylum, Stryker's Prison , FoS Trilogy, Black Dawn, Prime, Dox, Nexus, Throne, etc.

    I do not like this:

    DPS based stats matter but Support Stats don't matter.

    Base heal value (30% resto plus 25% dom)
    I can say for healer powers, it's not necessarily the base values that are out of whack. The formula itself is the problem.
    You have Dominance in the formula. which has a weird relationship with critical healing magnitude (an exponential scaling mechanic of 15%) but you didn't increase the amount of dominance healers get in gear or give them a passive dominance buff.
    You want it to be a significant investment, then you should have increase a healer's dom in gear by 10x's what it currently is and give healers a 25% innate dom boost.
    That's would really make our shields actually worth a damn for mitigating damage, however you really should consider making shield durations 12 seconds.
    But that's probably a lot of work so you might not do it.
    If you don't then you just revert shield strength to 125% restoration

    You can not continue to make tanks so weak either.
    Defense may need to be buffed a little and you may need to let block mean something. It's really a shame that you have these awesome tanking ideas but they keep falling flat...
    Atomic didn't need too much tuning.. it was already great in battle tanking.
    Ice is still good as a tank. Ice will need 12 second shields to survive current Elite content. I don't like how limited I feel with moving and positioning mobs. I feel like styrofoam lol.
    Rage is too frantic. I like that we can move more.

    IDK guys y'all gonna have to look into some changes y'all made for tanking.

    I'm fine alright controlling as long as you guys look into removing immunity (which means Fire and Earth tanking is in serious trouble if not handled carefully and properly)
  3. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    The thing is.... Some people, devs included tend to think adding damage solves everything.

    This is exactly how DCUO got into this WM / AM mess in the first place.
  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Yea we discovered a serious issue where you can wear lower cr gear and have just about equal or in some cases even better stats then someone at max cr. Since power costs are lower at lower cr's you can just swap out some gear and lean more heavily into stats resulting in actually doing better dps in lower gear with more power hungry power sets. You can even do things like just simply take off your face of utility belt and get reduced power costs.

    This is a huge issue and if they keep things like they are now lots of people are going to be running around as literal glass cannons. One thing that would help is if they scaled power costs differently like you mentioned or not with cr. Another things that would help would only being allowing to mod a t5 gear piece with nothing higher then a t5 mod.
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  5. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Why should a Tank that's being active in ability-usage, weapon-usage, and in seeking counter-hits be equivalent in performance to a Tank that just sits there holding their block button?

    "Turtling" is not really a style of tanking; it's just something that was easy to do that was disproportionately effective for the amount of effort involved under the old system. Ideally, the only time you should hold block is when you're actively trying to score a counter-hit, or the boss mechanics require you to block.

    If being passive-and-turtling was equal in effectiveness to being active-and-engaging, then they really wouldn't be equal at all since it'd be easier and safer to just turtle in every situation.
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  6. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    you can still pump up ur health and turtle with rage.. Atomic was purely DESIGNED to be a battle tank.. Ice and earth are turtle power.. lol
  7. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    i agree wit you kara..
  8. Maxwill Committed Player

    I agree that's why healers and trollers should heal and give out more so they are not too busy spamming heals and instant power out for group.
  9. Maxwill Committed Player

    At the moment the pot is just too low with maximum vitalization (all olympian mods+ full 165 lvl gear) , we have about 2.400 and the pot 639+ is which is not even half of the lowest (or close to that) dps/healer/tank power (2586 power needed for the lowest, 7704 the highest power cost for dps power,it's pretty much same for other roles) , so average would be about 10290/2=5145 ... instant group power heal gives about 2000 power out.Yes we get some power from passive power regeneration but still that's not enough, as troller you'll spam instant group power heal, and dpses, healers, and tanks(rage and atomic if they use combos) too have to get alot more power from sp and mods...And we have so much vitalization but the pot is still too low, so you'll have to increase base power over time by 300%, I know sounds alot but that will help trollers not spamming so much group power heal , so they can do other stuff like damage , debuffs, stuns.

    Healers need to heal at least 50% more from their instant solo or group heals coz tanks get alot of hits that are like 6.000-7.000+ and they'll have to spam 2 powers for that.Now a instant heal, solo(priority) or group Heals about 3,4k...If people will get alot of damage from bosses adds, which happens in latest content( sm, Olympus and god of monsters raids) healers have to spam to keep people alive so they'll not have time to do damage, trollers have to spam also coz of low pot ...Atomic and rage tanks pray that you'll not run out of power :D
  10. Maxwill Committed Player

    Yes unfortunatelly they are atm coz ice can't increase their defense by doing damage, nor heal themselves, nor increase shields damage absorption cap.
  11. Maxwill Committed Player

    Also about healers, is it true that they need dominance to increase they're healing out?If yes then it shouldn't be , healers should be based on pure restoration not dominance at all, same for healers shields, a healer shield should absorb 100% of restoration.

    Trollers shields should absorb 200% of dominance (so it can be close 100% restoration) close to as strong as healer shields would be .

    ALL Ice tank shields and atomic and rage tank shields should absorb 100% of dominance+ 100% of restoration, so we can choose to use dominance or restoration mods, also from sp.Not some weird complicated maths that some people told me(about 18% of 112,5 restoration+ 150% dominance for 1 shield, about 95% for other shield and about 49% for 3rd ice tank shield...).To be honest that's too confusing.The 100% of dominance+ 100 of restoration is clear, simple and easy and helps us decide what we want , also if we change power we will not have to change mods, for example if we're ice or rage and we go atomic or if we're atomic and we go rage or ice and we have dominance mods then we don't have to change mods.
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  12. Maxwill Committed Player

    Oh and great job what you've done about sp, the stats they give, I hope each sp will make a small difference in damage out ,healing out, power out , after a point, let's say 150 sp and after, coz 150 sp is easy to get these days.And would be great also if you increase the maximum skill points we can put in each stat, some of us have 300+ sp and we want to use most of them( sure we'll use 60sp for criticals) on might.If we get to put at least 250 sp in each stat would be nice ,instead of 175.
  13. Maxwill Committed Player

    Don't get me wrong, I like what you did to atomic and rage tanks, well done, they needed that, they got an improvement, but ice tanks didn't get any improvement, instead of that they got some hate, nerf...I like the idea of battle tanks , I'm okay with it ,I've been playing ice battle tank for 1 year , but I won't be able if my shields break so fast and I don't have another shield to use.So if you people really want balance, you'll have to improve ice tanking , also coz as atomic I didn't struggle to survive so much as I did with ice.
  14. The Anxient Loyal Player

    In what world did rage and atomic get a buff? All 3 tanks still need work but ice is the strongest on test atm.
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  15. Maxwill Committed Player

    When was last time you checked test server? the defense buff for both rage and atomic...
    And I proved in my video that ice is not the strongest atm on test .Next time please think better, more ,before you quote me again so you don't embarrass yourself .
  16. The Anxient Loyal Player

    You just keep trying to push to make ice op buddy...
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  17. Maxwill Committed Player

    Lol , well coz of your nonsense I have to stop replying you,I waste too much time and energy trying to explain something you can see if you observe very well ice ,atomic and rage tanks on test server.Ice is nowhere near being op, rage and atomic are, don't get me wrong, i like that , that's how they should be but ice should not be like that.
  18. Nemesir Well-Known Player

    Referring to M******, It's easy to see right thru him, coz his MAIN on LIVE is ICE. He's psyching the Devs to make his MAIN on LIVE as OP as it can be. He's not a tester, he's just here to make Ice OP and nothing else.
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  19. Maxwill Committed Player

    I agree with the fact that the power needed for each power is too high (after a point like t8) + trollers give too low pot and instant power heal.
  20. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Yeah he claims to be so knowledgeable but we've already had to explain the difference between mitigation and absorption. When you get the best of him he just has friends log in to tell all of us how op he is.
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