Stats Revamp 1.4 - Rage - Imposter Edition

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. Avair Lead Systems

    Hello! Today I will pretend to be Moja – so go easy on me, I sometimes make mistakes. He is out of the office today and I will be posting his notes, but he will be responding to them when he gets back. There were some updates to Rage. Without delay here they are:

    • Channel Hate - changed to mobile cast and reduced the damage slightly
      • This is a quality of life improvement.
    • Severe Punishment - now grants a damage aura in DPS role
      • We wanted to make Severe Punishment a better option while in DPS role and this should bump it up a bit to make it more usable there.
    • Frenzy - is no longer vulnerable to Block
      • This should make it more consistent with how combo abilities work.
    • Redirect Rage - now grants Fervor in Tank Role
      • We heard worries about not being tanky while Severe Punishment was down. This should help grant you the defense that you need to survive in the interim while giving you an option to Remorseless Recovery.
    • Plasma Retch - Shortened the channel duration to 1s, changed to mobile cast, and now deals damage over time for 12s. Increased the cooldown to 5s. Is no longer Vulnerable to Interrupt while channeling.
    • Lacerate - removed the knockback, increased the cost to 300, up from 200, and increased the damage
    • Outrage - now categorized as melee, increasing the damage slightly
      • Yes! High five!
    • Revenge - now categorized as melee, increasing the damage slightly
      • Another high five.
    • Relentless Anger - now categorized as melee, increasing the damage slightly
      • Alright, this is getting old. So many high fives. [Mepps Edit: Perhaps try a fist bump here.]
    • Ire - reduced cooldown to 12s and reduced the heal accordingly
    • Ferocity - due to the changes to Ire's cooldown, this ability has been removed... for now...
      • We want to test this out and see what it does for you. We will be keeping an eye on it over the course of testing.
    • Vindictive - cooldown increased to 30s, up from 12s.
    • Rage Blast - increased damage slightly

    Please be sure to respond to the changes after you test them and let us know how you feel. Thanks!
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  2. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player


    1. Just making sure, no change to power cost, correct?
    2. Why the damage increase?
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  3. Cyro Well-Known Player

    Just from reading the changes it looks good. I hope you forgot to talk about reducing power cost instead of not doing it at all.
  4. Saybro Committed Player

    Looks ok...will test it.
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    • Channel Hate still isn't a Combo Based Ability? We need more ranged DPS options. You guys made it mobile and didn't add no combos to it. Very annoying considering Light-blast and Mini-gun Exists for Hard-light -_- . How is this a quality of life improvement though? No Rage tank/dps that I know of ever used Channel hate in there loadout.
    • Severe Punishment sounds intriguing, with that in mind I'd actually like to see Severe Punishment become the SC generator instead of Relentless Anger.
    • Happy to hear the change on Plasma retch.

    Question: are you guys still looking into adding more Ranged Powers/combos for Rage DPS? I see nothing in the patch notes about Dreadful blast. And that concerns me.
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  6. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    They stated at the beginning of stats revamp that melee powers would put out more damage than ranged options. That hadn't been taken into account with these powers correctly. They were just doing damage based on power cost.
  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    Cool, it was already broken strong before xD
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  8. Cyro Well-Known Player

    Id imagine if they wanted to add another range option it would take more time so hopefully they are still working on it.
  9. spack2k Devoted Player

    so now that they increased the dmg of melee abilities they can reduce the power cost by adapting the damage to the status it had before last hotfix... why scratch with ur left-hand ur left ear if u can use the right hand for ur left ear.

    BTW every rage ability in tank role should grant the def buff Fervor
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  10. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    Vindictive having a 30 second cooldown is not good in my opinion. This makes it difficult to implement in a standard tanking rotation since it's by second cost. It's useful for that 4 second cooldown and it would be used every 3 rotations if has a long cooldown like that.

    Please revert!
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  11. Nemisor Committed Player

    those changes to retch and severe look interesting for dps. likewise redirected rage buff. i look forward to testing these out.

    one think i had forgotten to comment on is our supercharges.

    i think maybe vindictive and the infuriate are ok. berserk needs a longer duration to be more effective and mangle is meh. maybe replace mangle with a ranged supercharge option? i think someone mentioned the butcher rushing out of the ring? that would be cool. not sure how viable a new animation would be.

    how about using the miniguns animation for HL, color it red, make it longer, huge damage and call it a 50% SC?
  12. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    I know one raid isn't enough to give proper feedback, but I'll leave my thoughts about it for now.

    One breakout is fine with a 12 second CD as it lines up with Severe. It still sucks not having the other one because it did grant you immunity and not having that second immunity is very noticeable.

    I'm still not happy with something. I don't know if it's just the over all feel of everything, or that Rage is basically any tank power, just reskinned with some different animations. Nothing about it feels unique. At 189, I still can't handle a big group of adds (Oly Reg). I tried to pull a big group of adds and it was pretty rough. When I say big group there was probably 6-7 adds. It wasn't easy at all. That's with me trying to mitigate as much as I could through counters. I would have thought at the higher CR, my survivability would have gone up, but I felt exactly the same as if I were 175.

    I don't expect everything to be a cake walk, but I also don't think it should feel like we're dragging our feet. The pace of everything feels like that.
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  13. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    I want to say thank you very much those changes its almost all what im dreaming of .
    Lets c how it works .
  14. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Wait, was your response to "not just dreadful blast spam" just giving a melee damage buff and an AOE on severe punishment?!

    And Lacerate got buffed? Por que?
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  15. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Just some notes on the Tank side:

    - Fervor doesnt stack (just pointing it out in case folks bring it up)
    - Fervor 55% buff on Severe only lasts the 8 sec duration that Enraged is going
    - Redirected Rage shield strength is still ~30.12% so no change. Will see how effective it is in Tank though if the Def helps it

    Still looking at stuff just quick tests i looked at.
  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I was thinking the same exact thing in regard to the power cost
  17. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Since the DoT is pretty much the rage timer, why should a DPS use Severe Punishment? The dot is weaker than Galling and Violence and the cooldown to refresh it, you are just losing damage to go into the enraged state. If your reasoning is, survivability, in dps stance, rage deferring was NEVER as good as tank side. So in the end, stepping back and just doing a range dreadful spam would be better.
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  18. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    You can't even Do a Dreadful-spam rotation as is on test, it's literally that bad.

    The fact that they tried to encourage Severe Punishment for DPS and didn't do anything to the Ranged DPS side of Rage has me very concerned.

    Where's the Stat-revamp Surveys when you need them?
  19. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    • Channel Hate. 1 word-Terrible. It's not very good, the healing is meh, there's no real damage output. and it's not worth being interrupted. This isn't a Quality of Life improvement, the power it's self is awful.
    • Severe Punishment: Terrible. The Damaging Aura is out-performed by pretty much any other Rage power, including relentless anger. The healing sucks too, you expect someone to melee dps with this and they'll out-right refuse. If Rage is gonna be forced to melee, this situation is gonna be worse then what's on Live.
    • Plasma retch-Good change, good damage; nice mobility.
    • Ranged DPS is still awfully messed up. Weird Cooldowns, Slow pace, and just not fun at all. I even tried including Plasma retch and the newly updated"Channel hate". Just terrible, I don't wanna see any powersets experience something like this.
    • Melee DPS feels clunky. I'm used to fast pace-melee DPS on Live. On Live you can transition smoothly between out-rage, revenge, and e-chain as long as you kept up the pace of your clipping. On Test; the cooldown makes pure clipping a hit or miss, you're spending too much time waiting on some power to come off cooldown.
    • No Changes to Galling Eruption? Galling shouldn't cost 300 power if we can't cast it from long range. Ice has Wintry Tempest, Sorcery has Circle, Electricity has Electrocute, and so on. And guess what? They can be casted from long range and they cost 300 power too.
    • Relentless Anger: Still garbage, I can do way more damage with melee combos. I still hate this thing as a SC-generator and I still hate being forced to lunge for low damage-output. I'd rather have you guys duplicate Karmic Suspension versus having Relentless Anger the way it is on test right now.
    • I was looking at Powers and "Frenzy" won't prevent Rage-crash. Considering this is a melee only power, It should have the ability to cancel out rage-crash like Outrage and all the other powers do.
    Conclusion: The only good change that occurred was Plasma Retch, everything else about the Rage powerset is still terrible.
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  20. Nemisor Committed Player

    ok so after a little bit of testing:

    the redirected rage change is good, but the cooldown means we still need to use remorseless and redirected rage alternating each time we cancel rage mode.

    i think we either need to revert back to 100% heals back, or revert the timer, or lower the cooldown of RDR and remoresless so we can use either one every time severe is on cooldown. that then allows us to insert ire or a supercharge into our loadouts. because at the moment we dont have room for much.

    also plasma retch is not a bad way to cancel rage mode, as it cant be interrupted, which is nice.

    channel hate? not sure what you were shooting for there......but whatever it was, its not working. maybe consider something like HL's ram in place of what it is now? not sure but is awful.

    at the moment both range and melee dps is very clunky or too power hungry. there is no middle ground.
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