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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Moja, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I have tested all the powers and rage is FUBAR. Something is wrong.
    I can PffT all day long with the other powers@116 CR 13k power using 100 powers.
    Rages 100 combos are just as messed up as outrage (200) is.

    It has something to do with the double ticks on the hit counter. There is extra power being lost in the mix somewhere.
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  2. Saybro Committed Player

    If you don't mind me asking, how are you speccin DPS wise?
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I still can't believe cc affects are messing with power costs thats pretty silly imo
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  4. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    So kinda frustrating situation here.

    My current Live Melee rotation: EviChain>Outrage>Revenge>EviChain; will be ruined cause EviChain has insane 6s cooldown at Test.
    But performing Outrage second time as a Tap combo keeps making me miss correct inputs and it drives me crazy but as far as melee Dps goes we cant really skip it cause that will be the only way to play full time melee.

    So who exactly will need to have that option to skip performing Outrage second time ? Tanks ?
    Sorry but I dont see how battle tanking can fit multiple combos. Im planning to battle tank with weapons and just 1 combo (EviChain) to stop Rage crash. Even if someone tries to battle tank with multiple combos he will be forced to always perform Outrage second time just to match cooldowns between combos.

    Change second Outrage to a Hold combo pls!

    Another concern about tanking is that Severe Punishment's effect only heals back damage for 8 sec but it has new 12 sec cooldown (which is 4 sec longer than at Live Server). What are we supposed to do while being exposed in that 4 sec window ?
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  5. Moja Developer

    Severe Punishment's cooldown on Live is 10s, so it's 2s longer on Test. The duration is 8s for both. During the 4 second vulnerability window between Enrages, you have lots of options to survive, including: Remorseless Recovery, Redirected Rage, Vindictive, CC, Block, or Kite. You can also just power through it, since with a Combo Counter of 15, your EHP already matches what an Ice Tank has with Ice Armor.
  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Gotta ask, can the cooldowns for cancelers be the same as DPS stance in tank stance? The reason why it was lengthened was so players just couldn't constantly be in cancelled state, but with the changes now, I don't see a reason to keep that.
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  7. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I second what Bumble asked.

    To bring rage on par with atomic combo wise.
    Can we get the cancelers removed & bring the cool downs inline with DPS role.?
  8. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I'm starting to think there are some issues with the original coding in rage.
    The numbers on (100/200/300) power consumption should be in line with the other powers and they are not.
    It has always been power hungry and after setting the same standards as the powers before rage in the revamp the power consumption is still higher. So there has to be an issue or issues with the original build within rage.
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  9. Pults Loyal Player

    Redirect rage pops in an instant, RR wastes a slot you would use for a breakout since running with just one is plain stupid. Don't kill Severe Punishment with a prolonged cooldown, on live the 2s in-between window feels already as too much.
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  10. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Running with one breakout is not plain stupid. I've done it for a long time with no issues. It's entirely down to your own, individual playstyle. That being said, I do agree that SP should have it's cooldown put back to the original.
  11. Pults Loyal Player

    Unless you alternate the 1 breakout with a diaper you will suffer. A testament to that is rage tanking in SM or the Darkseid raid.
  12. Trexlight Loyal Player

    i think you can make your point and not be rude about it fyi. if it works for him then it works for him.
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  13. Nemisor Committed Player

    thats completely wrong, ive tanked everything in the game ( bar some of the higher levels of SM, which i dont bother to run much) with only 1 breakout, no problems. some people have the skill to do it, some dont.
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  14. SasquaT Dedicated Player

    Im totaly agree with that we should have 3 power to survive and 3 what we want to use but its not gona happend since trex and jafin is here .
    We have supercharge cooldowns/charge mods but we dont have spot for supercharge.
    We need to use taunts and pulls but we have only one spot so we need to choose.
    Pls guys start thinking before you destroy totaly rage tanking .
    Survival its not everything and Olympus its not the only raid in DCUO .
  15. BRITTENY Dedicated Player

    It has nothing to do with skill, it's about preference. No one is wrong for wanting 1 or 2 breakouts. Preference.

    I run 2 breakouts due to preference. I could run zero and complete every piece of content. I PREFER to run 2 because breakouts have been broken for a long time and I don't like to leave my breakouts up to chance. That doesn't mean I'm less skilled than someone who runs 1. Nor does that mean the person that runs 1 is less skilled than someone who runs 2. Please don't confuse the two.
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  16. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    That would be what we call "situational." There are instances where all roles have to switch up their loadouts from time to time, that doesn't completely discount one playstyle from another when you're talking about very specific things. I use Remorseless Recovery because, yes, from time to time I do crash. It happens. RR makes sure that when I do crash I have that cushion to soften the blow. I'd rather crash with a safety net in place than run the risk, however small, of crashing without one.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't run with two breakouts. If that's how you like to play, that's how you like to play. I'm just saying that discounting one playstyle over another when both are viable is a bit silly.

    And for the record I have tanked DWF with only one breakout with no issues.
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  17. Nemisor Committed Player

    i wasn't confusing anything. and that wasn't the point. the point was pults was implying it cant be used with only 1 breakout, some of us have only ever used 1 breakout. therefore it quite obviously can be done.
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  18. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    The biggest nuisance concerning Rage tanks is new 12 sec cooldown ot Severe Punishment! This will throw things out and it has be brought back down to 8 sec like at Live server.

    My tank loadout at Live Server is:
    Range pull, Severe Punishment, Remorseless Recovery, EChain, Ire, Ferocity.
    I usually clip first 3 powers then block for like 6 secs and then cancel Rage crash with tray EviChain(no combo) clipped with 1 of the Group Immunities.

    The only improvement for me is that now Remorseless Recovery grants additional Defense buff while not blocking so Ill be able to probably do Weapon damage like 50% of the time and rest would still be blocking (now I do weapon damage no more than 10-15% of the time and at 189cr I can still get a lot of DamageIN from bosses and adds).

    There is not 1 single power I want to change in this loadout for raids.
    For alerts, I might try to drop Ranged Pull and Ferocity in favor of Outrage and Revenge but I dont see how Rage tank can have same amount of power as Dps to be able to constantly combo while keeping Severe Punishment up and breaking out of control effects. Tank might have 3 combos at his loadout but he would still have to resort to Weapons quite often.
  19. Nemisor Committed Player

    so as far as loadouts go we need:

    range pull, severe, echian or outrage, breakout, remorsless and redirected rage or vindictive. more group aoe pull using without mercy. not game breaking as we can no longer stack health ( which is a horrible idea and we have lost one of the things that make rage feels different/special) anyway. but its nice to keep those pesky adds close without having to spam ranged pulls.

    but also due to the cool downs we are pretty much forced into only doing damage via weapon attacks.

    now i thought the whole point of this stats matter update business was to allow multiple styles to achieve the same outcome. so far youve just limited us even more by restricting the powers we can actually use when tanking.

    is it possible to tank using only the damage/heal back without rage mode?

    look, this isnt atomic, we dont want it to be atomic. i could respec if i wanted to play atomic. i dont, i like rage. the tanking is fine on live, all weve ever wanted was for you guys to look at the dps side of things.
  20. Cyro Committed Player

    Can we all stop attacking each other and actually talk about rage ON TEST.


    Plasma retch needs to be jump cancelable again

    Galling needs to have a bigger range

    Another range option. People are suggesting the flail that Atrocitus uses which i would be all for. Or perhaps another plasma based attack i always hated that rage only has two, why not give it another.

    Get rid of lacerate. We have mangle so do something else with that

    Make channel hate useful like an aoe move that applys the pi, or simply a dot

    Outrage power cost needs to be reduced. Someone made a great argument that we shouldnt get a damage reduction to reduce the power cost, in order to use outrage we have to piggyback the tank, the risk of using it is the balance.

    Rage tanking on test right now has little choice, we need RR, we need SP, ragebringer, rage canceler, breakout(s). Someone suggested we remove a breakout and reduce the cooldown of the one remaining, and i have to agree. Doing this will give us more variety, there is little more that i hate in this game as everyone running the same loadouts. Now i know people will say we dont need two breakouts which is true but it does have quite abit of risk which is not worth the reward. Too much of a rage tanks loadout is filled already, by giving us one breakout with a short cooldown we get an extra slot to put whatever we want this could be aoe pull, shield, sc, or even a combo to be a better battle tank.

    I was tanking gom and i got messed up by adds which is not new information. I would love if we got some remnant of health stacking. We could get 2-5% health increase however it could just be a flat increase. So for example i have 3 adds nearby and i use a power so i get an extra 6-15% health but i cant spam powers to increase that amount, it doesnt stack.

    The health we get from increasing our hit counter seems off. I feel as though the math is off(which someone said it isnt) or the health increase is too low.

    Why is it a battle tank such as rage has things being capped by dom and resto? shouldnt it be dom and might or dom+(might+prec)/2 It would make more sense seeing as we are a berserker power.


    I agree with your decision to reduce the amount he get healed back, it always seemed too high on live.

    I like that we can no longer permastack our health however like i said before i think it should remain to a small degree.

    I love how you are making rage into an actual berserk power however i do wish we could have the option to turtle. If we do it now we lose out. I know a lot of people want to battle tank but not everyone. As far as im aware you dont have to ice battle tank, it would be nice if rage and earth had the option to turtle as well.

    I love the extra combo to outrage and how frenzy feels smother however, can you increase the range to frenzy a little bit it seems too short.

    Overall for a rough draft i think rage is looking good, unlike elec im excited to see the final draft
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