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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Shin-O-B, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. tiempo Well-Known Player

    was this with 3 sparring targets? if so i was getting 20k at 169cr.

    Also, is the Supercharge Canivorous Plants splitting damage?, I find it hitting really hard for a 25%.
  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I've not tested sc for it yet. Been working with rage atm, but yes, sparring.
  3. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm guessing swarm plays such a big part of your dps for a few reasons. 1 being they didn't want to keep spreading/refreshing dots all of your dps cause unless harvest cost a insane amount of power it would have been to power efficient for the dps it did and that doesn't really fit what they are aiming at so they had to divide the dps between something while still maintaining what made nature nature. So now you have to use a combo of dots, swarm and burst to achieve the best damage keeping you using more then just harvest to keep up max dps potential.

    Second thing I think is swarm is natures sort of burst damage for faster fights like adds. While its not burst it is a healthy dot so it def holds its own in faster paced gameplay but also while still maintaining the dot theme nature has.

    Overall I think they did a good job and i'm very happy they didn't mess with the core of the power. #Naturelivesmatter
  4. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Overall a pretty good update but I feel a bit disappointed about Supercharges.
    Could Carnivorous Plant be buffed to a 2000 SC with a proper damage? It wont serve much of a purpose in its current state as a 500 SC with weak effects. No need for the Crushing PI either.
    Also, Regeneration seems a bit useless with just HoT but no Shield. It would be much better as another 2000 SC but with Shield.

    Bug report:
    Dps Human, Wolf - only stuns, no damage, no healing.
    Healer Human, Insectoid and Gorilla - stuns, deals damage over time, heals over time.

    I hope it was intended for Roar to have access to both DoT and HoT at least in Gorilla form if not all 3 Forms.

    Thorns Burst - initial burst damage tick is available only to Human Healer, Insectoid and Gorilla but it is missing for Human DPS and Wolf.

    Savage Growth:
    Human Dps, Wolf and Gorilla - Deals damage to myself and damage ticks dealt to enemies are suspiciously low.
    Gorilla - Healing from Pheromones seem very low.
  5. stärnbock Devoted Player

    ALSO: while i can understand why nature has certain weapons for certain forms (gorilla uses brawling because brute force, wolf has martial arts because its fast, nature uses handblaster because why not) is it realy nessesary to maintain this philosophy? i could understand if they would still have some unique variations... however: since they became the same weapons like the normal versions, i think this is an unessesary restriction! what are your plans? if the unique weapon combos come back later, i am ok with it. otherwise, why not just let us use whatever weapons we would like to have in whatever form we play? i would like to use brawling in wolf form, if i can not have the older version of martial arts that uses claws... well, is there any chance we could get at least this variation as a new weapon? but then let us choose our weapons for the forms too, please? everytime i see wolf doing the smoke bomb, a part of me is wishing back the old days allready... please?
  6. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I think us not being able to choose what weapon we can use is due to it being a set transformation.

    But would be nice to be able to use a katana as a wolf or a 2h shovel as a gorilla.
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  7. stärnbock Devoted Player

    right ^^ i mean: if the weapons are the same like others, why forcing weapons there anyways...?
  8. Lightws Dedicated Player

    For the amount of damage that the dot's seem to do I think that the power loss from them should be way lower. The set up time alone drops you from 100% power to 10% power. That seems pretty bad in-terms to the fact that...... They do such minuscule damage compared to swarm.

    Past that I think everything else about it is great besides the bugs. I feel Nature right now is probably one of the better powers again.....

    I wish rifles damage nerf was done away with whilst keeping it spliting though I feel like that utility would help nature even more for the spammy rotation. But other then that nature seems pretty good with everything that was given to it.

    Also I feel personally that the wolfs attacks should be reverted back to the previous state. The normal MA combos don't feel right. And it's uppercut etc. had way more utility then MA could ever give it... Not to mention how awkward smoke bomb looks on the wolf o_O.

    But other then that most of the feedback that was posted via bugs etc. Have been spot on from what I found.
  9. Elusian Crowd Control

    Okay some further stuff on the healer side as personal impression on the loadout:

    I found it fairly ideal to ab-/use the Insectoid Form by pushing my basic loadout for setting up the pheromones in either the Insect loadout bar or the human loadout bar and the main heal loadout in the opposite bar as it allows me to rotate Cross Poll out as soon I got all hots set up and even Metabolism wouldnt be needed anymore as its too weak for its power use. Savage Growth still does a good job so I would keep that in the main healer bar.


    Setting up Pheromones and general loadout (the Regeneration SC slot is being covered by the Bug Form, if you wonder what I healed with without bug form before):

    Metabolism (1st Pheromones Stack) | Flourish | Savage Growth (2nd Pheromones Stack) | Swarm Shield | Cross Pollination (3rd Pheromones Stack) | Bug Form

    Then in Bug Form the actual core heal:

    Flourish | Savage Growth | Swarm Shield | Variable Slot (Bloom, Blossom, Cross Poll in circumstances like last boss GoM) | Regeneration SC | Return to Human Form

    Variable Slot:
    If you know the fight contains mostly dmg towards the tank go with Blossom (still meh but what ya can do).
    If the group has a lot of damage to handle Blooms changed healing helps to maintain extra heals raid-wide on top of the Flourish heals.
    For tight space or group formation and lots of damage on multiple targets (group members or even NPCs) you can get better and faster results with Cross Pollination over Bloom.
    If you think you wanna be beast DPS in healer role you can go with Roar. The healing isnt exciting but it does solid heals with supportive damage apparently. My go-to alert heal.

    Those are all better than the weak Metabolism which is only good for the pheromon setup. As said you could swap around and push those extra pheromones setup in your bug form if you prefer human form.

    Setting up pheromones before the fight is enough as it will blow your power bar at the start but form there on you only need to use Flourish every 6-12 seconds (the time its available between its own cooldown and when the pheromones reset). The advantage is here really that you as the healer being the carrier for the pheromones spread so as long you are alive you dont have to worry about re-applying those through the whole raid.

    There is a small window between your death and a fast pickup of your body that allows you to refresh pheromones from someone else in your group without having to re-apply them.

    In conclusion:

    Its still behind Electricity regardless. Having burst like Elec helps to maintain emergency situations under control and tanks causing such situations more than every 6 seconds. HoTs alone cant cover this. Nature is a good supplementary heal that pads its numbers mostly on NPCs so it looks on the scorecard like the best heal powerset right now when the effective healing is below what others can do.

    In a 2 healer scenario an Elec + Nature combination with what we have on Test right now is something to go to for stuff like SM or hard Elite raids.

    It isnt a bad healer powerset just to repeat that! You only going to miss the current live server burst heal component that Blossom offers and got fully taken away on test. It's versatile-vice definately weaker than its life counterpart. Keep in mind everything you do is going to be raid-wide. Elec and Sorcery do not have this kind of luxury.

    Get worried op celestial healers, you are next! ^.^
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  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I haven't got into the healing yet and im a bit scared lol. Was wondering if you setup your stuff in bug then go back to human it would work the same way correct??
  11. Elusian Crowd Control

    Yes it doesnt matter which way around.
  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Good cause i hate that darn bug!! I'll chip in on the healing side in a bit. I'm not a fan of the burst being so weak :(
  13. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Bug Report
    In Duo settings, it is possible to get the "team buffs" if you have a Nature player that switches forms.

    Watch my Defense stat and buff indicators in the following video:

    When my teammate switches to Insect form, we both gain the Controller and Tank buffs. My defense stat goes from 10044 to 15066.

    If my teammate uses Wolf form, I gain the healing, controller, and tank buffs.
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  14. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I see Nature is another form that will be using the "Throw the Baseball Motion" for it's Spam Power.
    Will there be a Baseball Uniform Style coming out in the future?
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  15. JohnnyWatson New Player

    The damage numbers are way off.
    for only using swarm i get around 5000k/s damage
    for using all 3 dots and harvest (this takes 4 of your 6 powerslots) i get around 1300k/s damage.
  16. Polythesis Active Player

    So set aside the whole weekend to play nature and here are my thoughts so far..

    I ran with Swarm>Briar>Serpent>Harvest>VP>IT - swapped Briar out for TB and IT out for CG in solo boss fights like Artemis

    Took SG off my hot bar due to self damage bug
    Looks like Swarm is going to be a MUST have because it is the only power giving damage which is a shame because I thought the revamp was about using any loadout you want and being creative, but if it means keeping the damage we have ...
    I played around with power stat points and found that having 100 points in power allowed me to do a full rotation of setting up and spreading poisons with about a 1/4 of power left before I needed to go to weapon combo's - this seems a bit high to me. I only had to put 70 points of power into Ice and I never ran out of power! Nature needs to stack all these poisons so why should the dots be a high cost, whereas VP is only 100 yet doesn't stack or spread poisons.
    Not too bothered about wolf form being whatever it is because i don't really like it and am pleased I dont have to use it or bug form ever again! However saying that i see the animation to change into wolf is still causing a delay - would be better to be able to change into wolf the same way you change out of of it - instantly!
    It was awesome to be able to play solo content at level or even slightly higher than me - something you can't do with nature on live without a struggle.
    I liked that i can now play nature ranged without having to use SG

    I did get a chance to heal (only because I ran Raising Hades duo with someone that 'struggled'). Cross Poll>metabolism>Fourish>Swarm>Shield>Bloom (never used b4 so thought i would give it a go) - The first 2 were pretty meh hardly saw any health movement. Was great to have swarm to help with damage! Bloom OMFG, the animation is pretty long but wow the healing was incredible!

    Overall nature revamp is pretty darned good (but then atm nature is so damn crap that any increase will seem awesome) - does need a few tweaks though. Pitted against Elec (only had a duo to compare) it was not on par damage wise.

    OK off to play on it some more...laters
  17. krytine Loyal Player

    Personally i never understood why nature had animal forms. Isnt nature just plants and isnt it based on poison ivy and swamp thing. You would think the animal forms would be a whole new power in its self
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  18. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Amazing Nature by Boosting Health!
    Health 26901
    Power 18135
    Defense 9546
    Might 7937
    Precision 8901
    Health VIII Mods in all
    Points spec's into Health 100
    Defense 40
    and all Damage Crits
    Ran Seeing Shades Easily, by Swarm and Occasional VP Spam, and Occasional Various Powers, and mostly Hand Blaster.
    Stats Don't matter with Nature.
  19. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Its Flora and Fauna, both are Nature.
  20. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    Mad rabbit said it wasn't splitting.
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