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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Karasawa Loyal Player


    Could Minigun and Light Blast be made mobile channels in both their regular and construct combo forms? I've been playing around with both as a combo starter and it always throws me off going from one version where I can move around freely to another version where I can't.

    Also, I really like how Entrap is both a combo starter and a PI applicator all rolled into one. I really, really think we need more abilities like this. I'm finding it quite inconvenient to stop my combos to re-apply daze using Chompers or Spikequake. In actual content, I more often just skip the PI altogether since it breaks my flow so much. I wish we had something like Atomic's Quark-Gluon Aura where it just gives us 10% more damage automatically from doing our combos.

    And I mentioned this before, but with so many complaints about the power consumption going around I feel even more confident that having a few 100 cost combo starters would help alleviate some of these issues. A large contingent of the Light community enjoys clipping the end of their combo extensions with another combo starter as a method of DPSing. But because all the combo starters cost 200 or 300, clipping them on top of each other this way effectively increases their shared costs to 300 or 400 every time.

    If we had some 100 cost combo starters to use instead, clipping them would only increase their combined cost to 200, which is much more manageable and would really open up the OPTION of dealing damage in this way.

    P.S. I see some discussion about moving the SC generator off Light Weight to something else. That's fine, but please don't make any of the combo starters an SC generator as that would probably mandate a 6 sec cooldown and possibly a damage reduction.
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  2. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    That would actually be fine because we don't need 2 of the same power basically it's the same type of power. No debuff we don't need 2 like that.
  3. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    It sounds like you guys what old school rifle taps along with:
    tray>combo clipped with another tray> combo:
    GL with that since tray powers cost 200-300 power to activate and that extra clipping will push power usage trough the roof. Infinite chaining will need 100 power per combo where combos heavily clipped with tray powers will need 300-400 power in same amount of time.

    If you can find 3 trollers and OP enough solo heal to support that extravaganza then good for you. I would occasionally enjoy such runs as well but average groups would run with 1 Tank, 4 Dps, 1 Controller and 2 Healers.

    Light Dps in such group will have to find a way to be damage and power efficient as other Dps in group.

    I think that making Ram and Impact leverage Dazed PI will be enough of a damage push for Ranged Infinite combo and if not then also minor buff to Minigun's combo should do it.
  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Something I am wondering is if giving up 2% damage increase or ignoring 2% of an NPC's Defense (Core Strength and Penetrating Strikes) is worth lowering all your power cost by 5% (Power Efficiency).

    There is no adequate way to test this right now as we don't have access to TC Mods on Test.

    Mepps or any developer, is it possible for you guys to give us a vendor on Test with all the TC Mods?

    P.S: Apologies if this has already been asked and I missed it.
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  5. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    They got somethings to think about

    Power costs of tray abilities

    Power costs of combos

    2 of basically same type of power spike quake and chompers being we'd have to throw another power with no dazed for the generator that causes even more of an issue with power. Do they add a bigger a dot or change it to a generator? They change the generator lw probably could be better.

    Ballistic assault needs the channel or cast gone... no one will use this.

    Some cc off abilities that don't have debuffs to make it stronger.

    Controllers actually weaken the dps?? Idk I only parse...

    Ram cc Probably minigun cc Hc cc impact cc not a pot anymore?

    I'm still surpised nobody liked my debuff im combos idea for troll so I'm going to put it anyway.

    Breaking out

    Am I missing anything?
  6. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Rite now all the other powers aren't doing it either and most are coming out ok. I wouldn't put that as balance that way.Were also missing an accellerated mod cuz the power has been gone and replaced with inspiration.
  7. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    shiiiiiiiiiiiii, let me get an Energized Ram, Energized Fan, or Energized Handclap real quick temporarily for testing purposes ^_^ ^_^
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  8. Aaron Cross New Player

    So after about 5 hours of testing in different content here is my feedback on Light power. Actually there three words that can describe my feelings: slow, boring, clunky.
    After AM hits the Light power it became boring as hell. Entire gameplay changed to "play 2 combo we're saying or and suffer". Ranged combo is pure fun (no): right hold, right hold, right hold, right tap, right tap. Exuberant high spirits. Same as for melee.
    Then I've seen the news about greatest game update and there was a hope. Hope that Light power will become fun again. New combos, faster gameplay, probably new powers. But now it's gone. Nothing changed compared to live except now combos eats power.
    I'm sure everyone who remember this pic will agree that it was the best times for Light power.

    So here is my suggestions to make Light fun again:
    1) Change some powers ( like ram, light claws, boxing, impact) base cost to 100. Even with decreasing damage or removing crowd control effects. For now it can be hard to stay power efficient if you getting knocked out over and over after spendng 300 power to start melee combo. To see what I'm talking about just try to fight Artemis in Gotham Under Siege solo mission.
    Also it makes viable skipping to make gameplay faster.
    2) Add some new combos. In my perfect world every power should have combo for right tap, right hold, left tap, left hold. It will make Light more fun and easy for new players to play more intuitive. At the moment we have no ranged powers that can combo into Hand Clap and only one combo into Snap Trap.
    3) Include powers like Spikequake, Light Weight, Chompers, Entrap, Triage, Light Barrier, Inspiration in combos.
    4) Add\replace some powers from legends: Kyle Ryner's Lantern Ward, Kilowog's Jackhammer, Amon Sur' Nightmare Construct( probably with different skin), John Stewart's Construct Grenade, Guy Gardner's Morning Star, Arkillo's Saw Throw. This powers already in game and don't need to be designed from 0.
    5) Add Light Weight variation like Ice\Fire meteor to make weight to drop from above. Also PI should be added to fit other SC Generators.
    6) Make combo Light Blast and Minigun animations similar to Light Blast's when used from tray - faster animation, faster damage ticks. Minigun from tray mechanic should be similar to Gadget's Fear Gas.
    7) At the moment Inspiration is only weapon buff that has no animation. In my opinion it should be fixed.
    8) Fix counter mechanic issues like Whiptrash still can be blocked.

    Most of this suggestions won't make huge impact for balance but will make more ways to play Light and enjoy this amazing power again.
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  9. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    Make spike quake the super charge generator.

    We don't need both chompers and spike quake to do the same thing
  10. SparkmanX Committed Player

    Oh my God!
    Seriously man, where you found this piece of history. This is great. This is a relic. I do not know who you are, but you seem like an amazing person to me. Thanks for bringing this piece of memory, it means a lot to me.

    I support 100% all your suggestions. I just want Hard Light to be great again. :cool:
  11. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I agree that's the one I'd want to do it also.
  12. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

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  13. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

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  14. SparkmanX Committed Player

    Oh my sweet and beloved Jesus.

    I think a tear runs down my cheek. What you have published there is pure gold. An invaluable relic of our history that portrays the moments in which we had a true community. Omarrs' old guide and Battery's guide will always be in the hearts of those who were loyal to Hard Light.

    My respect to all those who participated in that sacred community and were part of the making of this wonderful guide. For me that was and always will be: the true book of Oa.
  15. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I don't care if mine blows up but doing the parses is really annoying with no troll. Once they sorta do something about the power to some degree with light I'd do numbers. I spent n hr just collected styles to get feats but tht isn't gnna help. I kinda wnna see comparison towards live to some degree. Now with bonus weekend and me going back to work that's it for me until the next 1.5 cuz it is really annoying.
    Really needs more testers testing cuz this is why things get missed imo. I'm only spending 15 mins here 20 there I'm just not gnna waste peoples time.

    guess why they're prolly gnna have another 2 .0 and up probly of every pwer.

    Also with dazed I forgot self sheild but even so thats your whole loadout with so lw can be changed. Not like ur going to be missing anything.
  16. stärnbock Devoted Player

    I like what i see on test server. I think the devs made a good job adjusting this power in the revamp. I have nothing to complain. Hardlight is the best example for why it is good that power points are gone ^^ need to be tested in a raid yet with equal CR group, but i guess the devs did a good job on balancing dammage potentials overall so far!
  17. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Light Weight's main effect swinging around is pretty good for a melee debuff.
    It is the Tap Range construct combo throwing the object ahead and moving everything in its path that is causing problems.

    It would be great if we can get:
    1. Hold Range combo that would drop the construct from the sky and above enemies' head. But the construct should disappear once it hits the ground instead of keep rolling around.
    2. Tap Melee combo that can transition into Light Claws. :eek:
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  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    I do think it'd be nice to get just a few more combo possibilities. In particular, I wish I could use cHand Clap out of more ranged combos. Currently it only combos from itself and Boxing Gloves.
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  19. iRelentless New Player

    Here's my opinion on the problem with the whole sc generator implement is that 1. Its always going to be a particular ability or abilities I don't understand why unlock all the abilities and yet force us to have to use a particular ability or abilities that might not fit our playstyle or the playstyle I believe you as dev's are trying to promote " infinite combos ".

    With that being said some of the possible solutions to that would be 1. making LW fall from the sky as others have said because swinging it around is going to knock everything in its path all over the place leading to the player getting kicked from content very quickly.
    2. Making the ability where you can combo into and out whether you're in melee or range as others have said as well. Now whether make any sc generator changes I think we can all agree that we would like for the ability to be able to combo into and out of LW. This applies to chompers and spike as well.

    Which leads to the whole 6 second cool down thing ....... Why not make the sc generator implementation a passive ability for everyone for example if you use 2 or more abilities from your tray within a 8 sec span you generate extra sc or and if you combo from one ability to the next within that timeframe you will generate more sc as well but regardless of what you do or playstyle this passive effect only takes place every 8 seconds.

    I will give you guys tremendous credit as dev's the whole unlocking all the abilities thing was a big step forward towards improving the game its going promote diversity and creativity.
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Please see today's new threads to continue the discussion.
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