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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Feb 24, 2017.

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  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ya I figured that out the first day so used to light being weapon combos that I got all excited and jumped in like a nimrod.

    By the way don't eat new tacobell fiery tacos they're way too hot lol.
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  2. farm3rb0b Committed Player

    I take it you've never seen the no weapon trolling thread Battery did back in the day, have you? This was actually a pretty big deal. It might have been the fastest way to generate power at one point in time. Brawling into Shuriken Storm might have it beat these days, but I'll still go GH > LB, let that tick for a few to get a 2nd tier hit counter and some stun time before a recharge. Of course, that's moot if the current changes stick.

    I could have dealt with losing the stuns off the combos. Are they nice to have? Absolutely. Especially now that they cost power. In fact, if we're costing power on combos now, the debuffs ought to count off combos as well. If the damage is stunted, the CC is gone, and the debuffs don't count...what's the point in having the combos cost power? I feel like something's gotta give here because those aren't adding up to a good experience for both roles.
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  3. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ya I used to do it and it's one of the reasons I quit. Combos scale off the weapons and 2 hand brawling were teired the same. Picked brawling but then they dropped wm and that's when It started to change then. I played both roles. I was like I can't dps with mastery cuz it was so boring. I was like nope I'm not going to troll. Quit the day lockdown dropped. Came back pbr and quit again til mid dec.

    Favorite part of the game was combo trolling hands down. Light was really fun not just dpsing both were fun.

    Today on live I don't find it fun I just go through the motions.
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  4. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    It would be cool if it debuffed in the combos you could be a hybrid dps.

    Specially with combos costing power idk why its not like this. Before it be op cuz endless power.

    With combos costing power that should be the trade off cuz it cost a little less and people would combo and to make it that way some cc is removed from some abilites not the debuffs. You have a combing, stunning, debuffing , giving power troll.

    Debuffs while comboing should def be a thing imo if they aren't going to have endless power. A combo power not using combos for it's role is stupid to me.
  5. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Also if someone does gome 2nd boss check to see if snap heal debuff is sticking. On live it doesn't only entrap does. I'm 172 so isn't gnna happen for me on test.

    I did combo on 2nd boss in gome elite on live because comboing interrupted the phoenixes healing.

    Interrutions had to be fixed which still is a little goofy but why hasn't anyone brought up debuffing im combos?
  6. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ghan fan imp lb output and def in there

    Whip thrash imp ghand - def and output in there
  7. SparkmanX Committed Player


    That would just break my heart man
  8. bmce84 Loyal Player

    well someone has to fill the hole left by electric and nature.
  9. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Well I got a few base damage values for Electricity to compare with a HL rotation. I'm not done getting all the values recorded so I'll just stick with a 200-100-100 format for now:

    Ram (53-58) + Snap Trap (52-63) + Fan (43-47) = 148-168 base damage
    Snap Trap (64-77) + Fan (43-47) + Impact (51-57) = 158-181

    Repulse (65-72) + Shockwave (44-49) + Spark Barrage (45-50) = 154-171
    Arc Lighting (59-66) + Tesla Blast (58-64) + Shockwave (44-49) = 161-179

    They're not too far off from each other though of course Electricity has a variety of dots whereas HL is mostly just burst. It'll be more difficult to compare those categories to each other.
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  10. bmce84 Loyal Player

    and the power cost?, because I feel that's where the main issue (aside from range being too weak) with Light is.
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  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I see where your going but they are two totally different playstyles you really can't compare them like that.
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  12. Karasawa Loyal Player

    The power costs are 200, 100, and 100 in each rotation listed above.
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  13. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    From wut I've been seeing they've been good with fixing stuff with this revamp. One of the reasons I decided to even jump on this time. Yes every other light revamp players had page after page of things more arguing then anything and was closed and shut down. I'm being optimistiic this time.
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  14. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Would you could you consider any of the following:
    1. Removing Ram and Impact's CC, making them to deal additional damage to Dazed enemies and possibly lowering their tray power cost to 100.
    2. Removing Panic effect from Chompers and turning it into a 12 sec DoT without changing the power cost.
    3. Shortening Spikequake's DoT from 12 to 6 ticks and increasing the initial burst damage, again without changing the power cost.
    4. Light Weight to have a second version falling from the sky.
    5. Adding a Push Back or Detaunt effect to Triage.
    6. Moving Supercharge Generator from Light Weight to Snap Trap or Grasping Hand. Supercharge generator should be a combo starter for Dpsers and a Controller debuff players are willing to use. Light Weight is a type of ability players are getting kicked from raids or yelled at for using it because its causing chaos. Its fun to spin around with it in solos but nothing more.
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  15. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    1. weaponization makes it ok'ish. there are rotations that can use light weight that do more damage than the infinite combo
    2. supercharge generators have to have a long cooldown to not be abused which would ruin hl dps clipping if it was done on grasping hand or snap trap for those rotations.
    3. supercharge generators have nerfed damage.
  16. PBCF Active Player

    Sigh... When I think of Lantern I think of constructs as my dmg source, not basically having the feeling of being forced to use melee weapons for dmg, but in this case since it feels like Light is being ruined by switching it to Might based constructs so they do bleh & I mean BLEH for dmg output if you play from the tray , hence almost every Light player does for the constructs alone , it would be like telling Superman no, no don't use your heat vision or Kryptonian powers to kill something , here use this sword instead, oh but don't use your super strength either , feels like Light is being ruined completely or just a power that is going to be sort of swept under the rug because in some ways it's as if when we do go with playing from the tray Light will fall behind greatly in damage output. A real shame too :/ ... I just hope I am wrong , I've been testing , but personally , I just feel it's being ruined, I hope I am wrong.
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  17. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    Very good points.

    What about Mini-Gun instead of Light Weight for the SC generator? Last I checked no one utilizes Mini-Gun to start any form of rotation right now but it would be possible to do so if it was the SC generator and people so desired to. Not to mention Mini-Gun serves no other purpose as a power (ie: No debuff and no P.I applicator).
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  18. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    tbh, if it was minigun, since it goes into ram and fan, I might try a combo clip rotation that has it inside to use ever so often and see if the sc regen makes up for the damage loss. Grasping hand and snap are used too often in some single target rotations but not minigun. hell i dont even use minigun in 3 targets ranged tbh lol
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  19. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    actually, on second thought, before I clear that idea, let me check the old rotation I had during the light midrange update where i was clipping minigun-ram and fan-impact during the infinite am. I haven't tested that but I just remembered. If the damage is meh, then I support my previous statement. If it competes with some other numbers I've gotten, then I might have to retract that green light for the sake of light ranged 3 target damage and loadout variability. depending on the timing of the rotation, 6-10 seconds of a cooldown or a reduced sc regen amount might be ok, i'll repost after testing, hopping on now after some cereal.
  20. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    1. Ill take your word on that.
    2. Even if SnapTrap/Grasping Hand becomes a SC generator with 6sec cooldown, Dpsers have plenty of options to go around that but in return they can use Strafing Run more often which is pretty good SC.
    3. My impression is that Supercharge Generators that are single target abilities dont get their damage reduced.

    4. We cant always think only how things affect Dps.
    Supercharge generator being a useful combo starter and a Debuff will have much higher positive effect for Controllers gameplay than it could possibly hurt Dpsers.

    Minigun could be somewhat middle ground solution.
    Although, Pushing enemies back is not the most desire able CC effect and its not a Debuff but at least it wont really negatively affect Dpsers in any away.

    That is if tray Minigun's damage has to be lowered cause it AoE and with 6sec cooldown but the combo version remains the same.
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