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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by spord, Mar 2, 2017.

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  1. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Overall this is a test and stuff happens but I'm glad they're are trying still and I do commend them for some of the changes. Someones brought up taps in boxing and claw after first use it says taps are 50 if only one is working sounds like all are sposed too and I didn't test that.

    Have gn guys and srry sable for being part of agreeing wit impact and rams changes we get anywhere if we don't at least try different things.
  2. CassUV Well-Known Player

    Agree. I know that i belong the small group that likes it but, while i was testing it on server test, i feel uncomfortable...

    I tried a duo and, when adds appears, i used a "standard" rotation - our most used range rotation - and the adds werent slow down, they continued to run and run and I I hit they and they continued to run like my hit was the most normal thing in the world. I defeat they?, yes, but the sensation is that they dont "feel" the damage. Sensation that nothing can stop the adds come to you but the faith that you will have a massive damage that you burn they before they attacks you...

    I like to use Grasping Hand in duos while in DPS Role cuz the animation of a hand "catching" the add n stunning him is amazing and very useful to me on duos but now its gone... Use it a lot on PvP too...

    Chompers i like to use in PvP cuz it causes panic and it drives the adversary crazy... the HL stuns in PvP role is very useful and now it seems its gone too...

    Anyway, these are a little examples for me, in my humble opinion, agree totally with the Tsavorentless post, we will have a power designed for raids, but a great loss of diversity in solos, duos and, if the changes affects PvP, we will never stun a enemy unless you are in troll role, imagine 1vs1 or 2vs2...

    Sorry the bad english.
  3. ItsRem Well-Known Player

    I'll leave more "in depth" feedback soon, but I have a question. Would it be possible to allow the last hit of a combo to play out regardless of power level?

    I hate how it feels like a dropped input. I'm not saying to allow infinite combos, literally just the end of a combo.

    Example: Ram, fan, light claw, tap, tap (run out of power) hold claw.
    Instead of how it currently is of ram, fan, light claw, tap, tap (run out of power) stand in enemy's face.
  4. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Leverages Daze:
    • Chainsaw (300) (AoE): 58 to 64 78 to 86
      • cChainsaw (AoE): 44 to 48
      • cChainsaw (taps 1-4) (AoE): 38 to 52 40 to 52
    • Hand Clap (300): 81 to 88
      • cHand Clap: 55-61
      • cHand Clap (taps 1-2): 55 to 61
    • Fan (300) (AoE): 78 to 85
      • cFan (AoE): 43 to 47
    • Light Claws (300 200): 91 to 99 82 to 90
      • cLight Claws: 47 to 57 40 to 44
      • cLight Claw Slash (taps 1-2) (AoE): 32 to 40 22 to 24
      • cLight Claw Slash (3rd tap) (AoE): 32 to 40 26 to 29
      • cLight Claw Slash (4th tap) (AoE): 53 to 59 43 to 48
      • cFinal Claw (AoE): 61 to 67 43 to 47
    • Boxing (300 200): 82 to 90
      • cBoxing: 55 to 61 47 to 52
      • cBoxing (1st tap) (AoE): 47 to 52 37 to 41
      • cBoxing (taps 2-5) (AoE): 37 to 43 25 to 29
    • Whip Thrash (200) (4 hits) (AoE): 56 to 64
      • cWhip Thrash (4 hits) (AoE): 52 to 56
    • Snap Trap (200) (5 hits): 64 to 77 66 to 75
      • cSnap Trap (5 hits): 52 to 63 50 to 58
    • Grasping Hand (200) (13 hits): 54 to 83 66 to 71
      • cGrasping Hand (13 hits): 40 to 49 40 to 55
      • cGrasping Hand Pull (2 hits): 50 to 56
    • Ram (200) (AoE): 53 to 58 67 to 73
      • cRam (AoE): 50 to 55 48 to 53
    • Impact (200) (3 hits) (AoE): 54 to 57 66 to 75
      • cImpact (3 hits) (AoE): 51 to 57 66 to 75
    • Minigun (200) (6 hits) (AoE): 120 to 132 114 to 126
      • cMinigun (6 hits) (AoE): 114 to 126
    • Light Weight (200) (9 hits) (AoE): 81 to 90 135 to 153
      • Thrown Light Weight (AoE): 41 to 45 39 to 43
    Applies Daze:
    • Entrap (300) (AoE): 66 to 73 82 to 90
      • cLunging Swing (1st tap) (AoE): 38 to 42 47 to 51
      • cSwing (2nd tap) (AoE): 57 to 63
      • cSwing (taps 3-4) (AoE): 44 to 49
    • Light Weight Strike (200) (AoE): 60 to 67
    • Spikequake (200) (AoE): 45 to 70 48 to 53
    • Chompers (200 100) (5 hits) (AoE): 54 to 62 40 to 45
    No PI:
    • Light Blast (200) (5 hits) (AoE): 80 to 90
      • Under 35% (5 hits) (AoE): 160 to 180
      • cLight Blast (6 hits) (AoE): 96 to 126 114 to 126
    • Ballistic Assault (50%) (6 hits) (AoE): 342 to 378
    • Strafing Run (100%) (13 hits) (AoE): 540 to 563
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  5. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Bug Reports/Feedback:
    1. Impact appears bugged as the regular and construct versions are doing the same damage. I believe the construct version should be doing less since it only costs 100.
    2. Regular Ram got a damage boost, but construct Ram seems to have received a slight damage nerf compared with last time. Aren't both versions supposed to be doing more damage?
    3. Regular Grasping Hand's DoT lost its damage range; it does the same exact damage every time now.
    4. Regular Minigun appears to have been nerfed. It now does the same exact damage as construct Minigun. Is that intentional?
    5. Should Whip Thrash perhaps be getting a melee damage bonus since it moves you forward so much?
    6. Ram and Impact are missing the tooltip that indicates they do more damage on Dazed. The extra damage does appear to be working though (for Impact at least).
  6. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Well since the PI is currently bugged we can't judge the attacks well yet, and it's a weekend so we wont get any updates until Tuesday. And I don't use Impact or fan, for range I always use Ram-Snap Trap, I don't like and have never liked Fan as part of my range rotation so right now I'm using LWS with the current range AM, I don't use weapon clipping either because I rather use constructs only. As is I'm mostly testing how long I can keep the combos running, for damage the power is pretty much on par with Live on melee attacks, range still has issues. But I still don't see the change to Impact being so dramatic, but they did say a trade off would be needed for range to have more damage so I think it's a good compromise.
  7. bmce84 Loyal Player

    1- Impact is meant to do more damage in both roles now, so I think it's supposed to be that way.
    2- Probably because the CC got removed and since it only does 1 hit and the PI isn't happening the construct might bugged too.
    4- Probably another bug related to the PI and removal of the CC effect.
    5- Wouldn't that mean applying mid range again which they said was removed?
    6- I think Impact isn't getting the PI buff either, it's just getting more damage because of the knockdown being removed.

    Not trying to answer for the devs btw, just sharing my observations since so far you have been the most detailed tester.
  8. krytine Loyal Player

    What about 5he wall construct the one we could use to pin adds and prevent them from damaging us while we tore them annew one. I want the wall back
  9. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    I like chompers being a dot but the fact spike quake lost it's dot kinda makes it pointless cuz you can only really clip it with inspirtation and I don't like spike being burst cuz again you can't really use both cuz they don't clip at all. I'd rather chompers have the cc cuz the animation is the same.

    In a perfect world chompers is dot still has cc and spike was back to wit it was and you could clip them.

    Ram and impact needs to go back.

    Pretty much I like the thought but in pvp it's all cc and it's pretty much the same in solos and duos.

    Also I don't like the fact 1 shots will be removed. That would make it to easy completing content unless u change the way aggro works and change the rally to 1 secs to pick up so we lose people.

    Alot of things feel weird to me n I think of all aspects cuz i play them all. They change the cc its gnna be unable to pvp as a dps.

    Minigun is about the only thing wed get away wit cc being removed that's it.

    My though you add all the cc but minigun and if a power can spam with 1 troll pure playing from the tray we have a little bit more of a power issue then them and that's ur difference. 1.5 troll difference just it's a little faster to run outta power then ones that can with 1 is my thought. Just using a comparrison I lnow we can't have half a troll lol.

    Seeing them change things is getting me excited but only excited for raids and alerts wit tanks .

    Pvp will be unplayable unless you troll and solos and duos you can only use melee.

    Being balanced to other powers n they could still do those things is not balanced.

    Only way we het the wall back is if it's not channeled it's stupid cuz you can't use and do anything anyway but think wut you'll do next n wit the way things r you'll have think things in advance.But really you shouldn't have to. If it has no cast sure bring back the wall but it's pointless how it used to be.

    I love lw strike and how reg lw is somewut better and how combo can stack but I think things are still acting goofy anyway.
  10. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Also we have enough burst in combos we don't need spike burst just to make it differen't all that does is kinda makes it poinless. I'm not spamming spike quake lol. Chompers and spike stack. spike way it used to be chompers is the dot it is with cc. Make them clippable and spike be different animation.
  11. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Rite now were equal to a sparring dummy that's it lol.
  12. L T Devoted Player

    Whip thrash should definitely be melee. It's basically a lunge and (probably a bug) it's still vulnerable to block.

    I might be doing it wrong, but light's crowd control seems really weak now. I have a hard time completing shades solo with it.
  13. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    What if Triage's healing becomes based at damage dealt to enemies and is causing a stunning proc like the stun old Gadgets' Intimidation used to have ?

    That would make it a lot more useful if played well and it puts it on par with similar abilities other combo powers have, all requiring player to be proactive. I propose stunning proc since Light is a Controller power set and because all other self healing abilities from Rage, Atomic and Celestial have secondary effect beside the self healing. I think pretty much everybody here will be on board for such change.
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  14. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    even though some of my ideas were good it is a test but I feel like I'm messing stuff up if I give an idea people agree with and it makes it worse.

    Makes me feel bad. Lw strike I like alot though. This is alot more difficult then i'd thought it be and not only does it make me respect testers more I also respect the devs more.

    As long as they try is all I ever wanted.
  15. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Nope not from me again that's my favorite power it's clippable and with sheilds stinking in pvp this helps surving. I know its a pve game but No. people might not have used it on live in pvp but it was unbelievable. Now with all choice of powers no problems specking everyone will ise this in pvp.

    I think the other trolls don't have a heal and I actually love it. When it wasn't clippable it stunk. Inspiration , triage and lb are lights best pvp powers.
  16. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    Ballistic assault and restore kinda ehhh but I'd still want restore also. Every power doesn't have to be all pve which you could clip and heal urself. I dont use it in pve bit it's because I have a sheild but in pvp that sheild is replaced wit triage.

    In comparrison it would be like getting rid of light barrier in pve compared to changing it cuz now you have nothing to survive in pvp but supercharge.

    When they changed this I fell in love with it. People that don't pvp at all I don't know wut to say.

    With change to spike chompers if they can make them worth it more and the lw strike being added we have more then enough powers to use in your loadout. Battery idea though may be cool if it was a pot which we don't anymore and it inly work in a supercharge power type but we have group sheilding.
  17. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    U could use triage 4 times before ur soda cools down and I'm not specked into any stats to make it better . It's like having 2 sodas in that time frame in cmparrison and I have no mods or dom or resto specked idk wut the changes are to dom and resto and I'm not going into all the stats to say exaclty how much better or witever it does on test. At the least it's like having 2 sodas compareed to one in the time frame of one soda cooling down at its weakest state. We have enough powers that are burst and aoe is channeled and burst and now we have a dot. I don't see wut the need to be change it unless you had a 10 power loadout.

    Only thing I would even consdier changing it for would be a pet which it wouldn't be as strong as a sorcery or earth pet it be like that dumb ice pet which wouldn't be worth it.

    No change to triage because wut it does for survivability and for pvp.
  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    If you're having trouble CCing mobs now you should definitely try starting fights off with Light Weight Strike. It's way better than Ram or Impact were for CC since it's a stun instead of a knockdown and it lasts quite a while.
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  19. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    I am not tripping and you have no clue as to what power I start with. What they ( DCUO DEVS ) definitely should not be doing is listening to your massively inept ideas.
    Are you trying to trash ranged HL?.......... That is what just happened.

    Removing the DoT's from Spike Quake is just as bad of an idea.
    Let's all just screw up HL because we can. Unfreaking believable.......
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  20. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Have I tested HL??? really.
    What was it that mepps asked for these Revamp threads? DO NOT COMMENT UNLESS YOU TESTED. period.

    Go run some solos and duos at CR using ranged combos and see what you get.
    Before I was doing just fine now these changes make you play a certain way.

    I'll say this again so you can see where I'm coming from.
    This revamp is suppose to be about having MORE CHOICES......NOT BOTTLE NECKING POWER CHOICES in certain situations.
    Removing the CC from Impact & Ram in DPS role took away the choices that players have.
    These changes trashed ranged DPS in solo & duo instances. There is no getting away from that.
    If these changes make it to live. There will be some highly PO'd HL players.
    The majority of the HL players that I see use the ranged combo that I am testing with.
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