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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    GOOD LORD know what she he said and I DONT SUPPORT 5-1-1-1....sorry you got a problem with that bro...but that's YOUR opinion.....peace
  2. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    Well this is disappointing
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  3. mousy New Player

    overall i found combat and power usage in t8 to be much better in this version but you still have power costs increasing faster then unmodded power pool, with high cost powers at cr 32 you can cast 5 powers before your powerbar would be empty. At cr 166 that number is 3.5, that represents a massive change in how a power rotation would work as you level up thru the tiers and the consistent lowering of that number would cause further power cost issues as you add more tiers later, eventually the ratio could decrease to 1 or lower at that point we would need to mod or sp into power to be able to cast high cost powers at all
  4. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player


    Out of your list Super Charge and Pet sound the most exciting. Heavily leaning towards pet. Hopefully you mean that anyone in any role can have and use pets. Not just making stuff like Earth/Sorcery pet gods. Some of the options I really hated....if your going to make a weapon specific playstyle then making Melee/Ranged specific playstyles sounds incredibly dumb and unbalancing....those should both already fall under weapon specific playstyles and both do well......


    It would be great if all weapons got a second look at their combo's and animations. It would be great if focusing on weapons allowed you to play like a really fast fluid action combat game like god of war, bayonetta, devil may cry, darksiders. The button input for combos needs to be looked at and made more fast, fluid and fun. Dual Wields x9 tap into 1 hold is insane. Likewise 1 tap = 1 hit is also pretty boring and really rough when the combo includes holds.

    Another huge issue with a weapon specific playstyle I would love to see addressed is weapon buffs. These do not last nearly long enough and or do not give enough benefit. Weapon Buffs should be an advanced mechanic trigger for this playstyle. FOR EXAMPLE: You activate your weapon buff that does whatever, as long as you are beating on stuff with your weapons it STAYS UP. If you get knocked down or interrupted, as long as you break out quickly and continue attacking it will not drop. It only drops if there is a long pause in the action. Compare this to Gadget's Battle Display, Mentals Psychic Resonance, Munitions's Killer Instint. (that are all going away aparently) As long as they stay up your advanced mechanic is working. So as long as you beat on stuff your weapon buff should stay up.

    I actually try to play my Quantum as a weapon specific role. I buff my weapon, toss out a stun power, and then start doing combo's and weapon masteries. It does not work worth a crap at relevancy but in lower stuff I have a ton of fun.


    I love my pffts.....rage, gadget, mental, celest, hard light +. But what the heck..... Your saying if you play Hybrid your might/prec will determine Damage, but if you are pfffts it will be your power that determines your damage. How does that change happen. Your saying a Hybrid will only pop 1 very high damage power like once every 30 seconds and a PFFT player will fire off 10 very weak powers in the same 30 seconds??? Having precision and might be two competing stats for damage was a huge mistake in the first place, now its like your adding a third. There should just be 1 damage stat, and 1 power regen stat. Then just let it be up to us the players to determine how we play our characters. Everyone will push for more damage and more power regen but whether we use just weapons, weapons+powers, or just powers is up to how we feel like playing. And everyone at a certain CR/sp will have about the same damage and power regen so things will be roughly equal.

    I dont know...I will leave it to the testers to figure out and provide feedback.
  5. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    Problem is credibility.

    When ever they claim to design content a certain way it never turns out that way...Elite raids...ECT.

    For years content was designed with 2x4 as the baseline, and now look at where we are now, we have even more DPS's than before.

    We now know they cannot build content to force 2x4 or even 1-2-2-3 due to whatever reason we as players can think of but to force it upon us, players threaten to quit or whatever.

    There catch is too easy, remember nobody was suppose to get past certain rounds in survival mode or better yet beat survival mode.

    It just is not appealing to have solo support roles feels like a carry for damage.

    It is a band-aid to help no skilled players and it is cheap.

    The content should push us not be pushed by us.
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  6. Trexlight Loyal Player

    I agree, before AMs I always ran 2x4. Friends began going towards the 3+5 but it just wasnt for me. With AMs and the amount of damage coming from them 2x4 wasnt needed really. Im not a fan of the 3+5 but certainly be testing both formats to see how they compare on different levels. 1.1 and 1.2 testing was basically forcing us using 2x4 and testers werent having fun at all with it so now we have a new aspect to test and see how it goes.
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  7. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    Oh, by the way, we also updated movement abilities, added more stats to the stat screen, AND put cooldown and cost amounts in the ability tooltips. Information! You got it. *drops the mic*

    I was thinking, the whole time while reading the PftT section, "If you're focusing on power for this play-style, I hope you put cost amount in the tips." - Thank you.
    I do have a question regarding this style of play:
    Is the 'putting SP into 'power' literally going to increase damage of powers from the tray, or does it simply mean you will be able to use more powers from the tray?' Ex: 50SP into power = Xamount of extra damage? Or 50SP into power = Xamount of more power?
    Basically, will putting SP into Power look more like the live version of putting SP into Might?
  8. Xibo Loyal Player

    You don't lose boss mechanics when you run 5-1-1-1.
  9. Sir-Ivy Dedicated Player

    I see mental still has that stupid pull. This is crap, the power most changed for the AM will remain it's butchered self.
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  10. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    You certainly do when you can just burn past the mechanics. Go run Nexus at the recommended Cr and then run it at the current Max Cr and you will be able to completely ignore the mechanics.
  11. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    So Avair what will the overall "EFFECTIVENESS" of Skill Points be then?

    Generally decreased effectiveness of Skill Points by 33% (everything but Dominance and Defense)
    • This means you need fewer skill points spent a certain way to achieve PffT
  12. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    Totally agree. The changes to the mental powers is horrendous. It's also failing miserably in test.
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  13. Chicken Well-Known Player

    Repair-Bot clipping is still active as well. Certain powers are not able to take advantage of this exploit.
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  14. Xibo Loyal Player

    In Nexus, you can't do 1 of 2 shots in bosses when you run with the Max CR needed.
  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    It's not "Skewed" Feedback, If anything I've barely seen you submit feedback beyond"Just trash this update!" "Just trash this update!" "Make this game like Pre-gu 36!"

    If you really wanna talk about skewed feedback, look in the mirror.

    Of course Balance is a mess, We're still very early in testing and this is an on-going process.

    5-111 Should be okay, Considering specficially the support roles in that group would have to be skilled enough to make it work.
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  16. VioletSorceress Committed Player

    Ongoing issues with these updates are:
    - In general, Dps abilities lack even simple short duration CC effects like Knockdown and Knockback. This will impact solos and duos to the point that doing these without Weapon control will be impossible. So far Electricity and Sorcery seem to be impacted most will almost no CC effects available. Good luck with PftT without any CC effects btw.

    - the duration of PI and Weapon buffs(too short). How is one supposed to make a rotation if these expires half way? What if my PI applicator is Wintry Tempest which has 12 sec cooldown, do I need to run second PI applicator ?

    - Burst High damage abilities like Karmic Backlash, Electrobust, Freeze Wave etc. have too long cooldowns. Imo, only full strength DoTs should have a 12 sec cooldown and these burst abilities should have like 8 sec cooldowns at max even if damage is reduced.

    - Healer Shields(short duration). Healing is not about shields they are ok as they are on Live server.

    - overall usefulness of these Supercharge Generators (useless atm). Low damage to non existing damage+12 sec cooldown for a slight increase of SC gain, why would anybody use those ?

    - why Tanks (so far Ice and Atomic) had to lose 1 of the 2 Group Immunity effects and why Ice and Atomic's abilities share same cooldowns for Dps and Tank role ?
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  17. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    I think the overall point is that the Devs are supporting an under-skilled community that focuses the majority of content based off of one role.

    99% of groups are going to enforce the 5-1-1-1 setup due to the convenience. Therefore, this will not force players to learn and become more proficient in both roles.

    What the community and Developers need to understand is by LEARNING BOTH ROLES you make yourself a better player as you begin to understand and conceptualize how each role in the raid contributes to the overall effectiveness during the instance.

    For example: If I am an experienced healer, but yet I find my self as a Damager in the instance I will know or pay attention to where and when to avoid damage from NPC's so that I can relieve pressure on the healer which strengthens the success rate of the group for that instance.

    Overtime, this current concept pushes the support roles to carry the load and as a result will turn them away from playing the game.
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  18. Karasawa Loyal Player

    If you want to run 2x4 then just do it and stop worrying about what other people are running. It's literally that simple. So tired of people trying to tell me what I can or can't run with.
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  19. Nucleus DC Well-Known Player

    LMAO you are missing the overall point and long term gain. Yes everyone WILL be able to run as they wish, BUT if the "Standard" is a 5-1-1-1 setup then overtime the experienced population of support roles will decline overtime and will hurt the game.

    A majority of players now play in damager role, DO not mod their gear, and then look up some cookie cutter loadout on YouTube and then think they are good to go.

    It's sad and ridiculous
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  20. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    That's is what happening on Live as is right now. Comparing what's happening on Test to what is on Live is comparing Apples to Oranges, it's not the same.

    "A majority of players now play in damage role" That's always been a thing, AM's and CR Differential made it more popular.

    "Do not mod their gear" Yeah because a lot of Players on Live believe that CR is King and that they don't need a lot of SP or Mods for that matter. On Test you'll want to mod, and you'll want to have plenty of SP.

    "Look up some cookie cutter loadout on Youtube" Not surprised, This is why I was against people have Sparring Targets on test. People use the Sparring Targets to post fake numbers and create Clickbate videos on Youtube.

    Usually 95% of Youtube DPS loadouts showcases someone with a CR way over the 126 sparring target.

    People looking up Youtube loadouts is a Players problem, not a 5-111 setup problem.

    A lot of people will try to run 5-111 after stats-mater, does it mean it's the standard? Nope, because there's one thing that this requires that pugs don't have and that's "Skill".

    The Standard will still be 2-2-2-2 or 2x4.
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