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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    On test and I like how it shows your crit chance etc., however, I would like to see the formula for the other stats such as might, prec, resto, vit, etc. stating how much of the stat would be required to increase performance by say 1% or whatever.
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  2. Jacob Dragonhunter Devoted Player

    Can we please for the sake of testing have a Set standard of how much stats we would need to do the specific playstyles?
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  3. KlarkKent Well-Known Player

    After checking Sorcery and Electric healing range changes, I hope we won't see "..... healing range reduced" kind of notes about Celestial.
  4. Saint Nutella Loyal Player

    I like this!!! I'm being more optimistic. Hopefully the combat is NOT as slow.
  5. sir_deadlock New Player

    No disrespect to Mepps, but stat revamps are going to make this game better?
    More math?

    I like the DC universe lore. I like the voice acting. I like the character customization. I like the missions. I like the simple weapon combos, spectacular powers and awesome UI. The raid queues making it less required to establish a team was also much more inclusive for people like me.

    Stat tuning never appealed to me. Stats are something I dealt with because I had to.
    This was essentially my stat tuning strategy: I'm a healer, so I should try to pick up any stats that say healing or restoration.
    No complex thought involved. And it usually worked out pretty well. I'd forgo it entirely if I could.

    A more welcome update to come back to would have been a change to PVP where the gear had its own tab and wouldn't take up inventory space. I'm not saying it would revitalize the game, but it would be a welcome change.

    I'm sure this update won't change any of the core things I love about the game; but it sounds like it will install a new learning curve which I don't know if I'm interested in dealing with when I've got other games to play.

    I was going to buy like $30 worth of episode content I've been missing since I left at Home Turf, but I don't know now.

    Can anybody who has tried the test server tell me whether the system they're working on is vastly different? Would I have to change the way I play a whole lot or is it just a few details that take adjusting to?
  6. Tygerfyre Well-Known Player

    Sorry, but nothing about the original post sounds like you've abandoned 2x4. It sounds like you're aiming for it, but making it possible for a skilled team to do other configurations.

    In any case, my original suggestion remains: better queuing for raids would go a long way to making pugging more viable, especially if you are adjusting what the suggested team make-up might be.
  7. Carbon Based Unit Well-Known Player

    A lot of people are focused on the 2x4 vs 3+5. So here is an observation ad a suggestion.

    The observation is that 3+5 is only supposed to work if the 3 are good at their jobs. That is not disposing of 2x4 or moving away from it completely as a goal. Instead, it is straddling the edge between 2x4 and other things.

    The suggestion is that they could still focus on 2x4. Just do so for Elite. The people who are speaking out for 2x4 are largely looking for a challenge. Well, Elite certainly is a challenge. Also, that sort of requirement for tactics and so on certainly falls in line with that.

    Now, I am no expert on Elite raids, not by a long shot. However, I am certain a few that do participate in them could certainly chime in on that idea.
  8. Winter Sabel Dedicated Player

    Read this again. I broke it down and then highlighted a couple things.

    Combat Roles!

    We made significant changes to our expected group role makeups. During the whole of the Stats Revamp, we have been aiming for every group to be made up of 2 of each role for Raids (we affectionately call it 2 by 4). This has always been our goal, but has rarely reflected how players actually choose to or prefer to play.

    The changes in the revamp that were expected to make this more of a reality - closer to requiring a second role for success - saw much negative feedback. Individual roles were not feeling impactful. So, we have changed our assumptions and goals to better reflect how you play.

    We will now expect it to be possible for groups to consist of one of each role (Controller, Healer, Tank) and five Damage
    IF each role-player is quite skilled.

    If you still struggle with content using the 5/1/1/1 makeup, you should roll in with the 2x4.

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  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    5-1-1-1....really? I thought we wanted to get away from dps universe and bring back more balanced groups?? 2 healers and 2 trolls should be the normal group setup and if content dictates it 2 tanks. 2 trolls in my opinion should always be a thing and depending on how geared up or skilled the healer is then maybe a solo healer. I don't think anyone wants 5 dps runs where did this idea even come from??

    5 dps raid groups need to go. If things are balanced correctly 3 dps is all you need.

    And the whole power thing is still a bad idea, its just not good for the game. Theres way to many people that don't understand the game now with how easy it is and now you expect them to try to balance out power vs stats....when this is live its going to create so many power issues for a large portion of the game and troll will be getting yelled at cause people are out of power. Then my other reason, you free up my skill points only to take them away.

    Another thing with having to spec power and PftT vs a Hybrid playstyle the PftT does terrible cause your stats vs the Hybrids are horrid cause you have to spec so much power to keep you going. Thats another huge flaw in the powers system. I highly recommend this specking power thing gets removed.

    You guys just need to get trolling right and stop with this passive power and specing power stuff. I had a good post in the power thread last time that would really help a lot of the issues i'll see if i can dig it up and re post it. Basically let the trolls PoT do the majority of the work and have it split after 4 and let PoT stack so you need 2 trolls for a raid. That way everyone gets good power and trolls don't have to be batteries. And just give people a passive power for solos and duos if you want but its really not necessary imo.

    And i can tell you right now balance is a mess and its going to take a very long time to sort everything out not just balance. If you just took AM's out most of the powers were pretty well balanced but for some weird reason you guys just made 2 more years of work instead of just a few months...Not only are we far from balance and this going live but we're far from fun and to many things have been changed with the powers that some don't even feel like themselves any more.

    Not be be a debbie downer but this update is such a let down and has so much bad in it. Why can't you guys just listen to people for once and i mean really listen not try to fit some of our ideas into your theme.:mad::(

    I see a lot of people saying "this is great" and sure there are some improvements but most of these players have no clue how things really work or how to balance things. This update is never going to work with such skewed feedback. I don't even know why i bother sometimes.. :(
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  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    You should be aiming fro 2 healers and 2 trolls and 2 tanks but only if content dictates 2 tanks. 5 dps runs are terrible for team work and the game in general. It also hurts you guys when trying to make interesting mechanics for the game.
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  11. Xibo Loyal Player

    5-1-1-1 is fine, the problem is the scorecard.
  12. xD25x Dedicated Player

    Probably 75 percent of the playerbase is dps only. While I agree with most of what you said it just makes sense from a business standpoint to try and appeal to that crowd. I imagine more subpar dps only players would rather r leave than learn a support role.
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  13. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I just don't get how they go back to 5 dps. We said we didn't like the pace of how things were being played meaning slow boring combat not we need more dps..more dps isn't going to make my stripped down electric dps fun lol
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  14. XFuriouSGamming New Player

    Yesterday I logged in, and I thought it would be amazing.
    I thought it would be what whe wanted.
    First of all:
    I tested gadgets dps and sorcery healer.

    As gadgets dps, yes, you can now spam more powers before being out of mana, and thats what I first realised, and now there's no DoTs, I don't really like this, but well, if the game is going this way, I won't care I guess.
    But the worst came when I started testing dpsing...
    You can now spam more powers before being out of mana, but NOW, Vortex Cannon, PDart, and almost all the other powers, do half damage than SR1.2, and I hate it. Yes, bosses do die fast, thats reasonable, but come on, with my 130 toon on live server, i hit 70-100k with a critic of EMP, and 40k usually, at least what we wanna see is big numbers when we're almost 180cr, as we saw on SR 1.2, vortex hitting 10-15 and 18k, PDart the same, and Gauss grenade and Sticky bomb were hitting great.
    Thats maybe all my (by now) thoughts about gadgets dpsing.

    As sorc healer:
    I feel like you changed nothing, I mean, I'm still can't heal a dps with only one (or even TWO) powers, because my instant-healing powers heal 2-4k, and thats way so bad, I thought we were going to be able to heal a 50% health dps with just a power, but now I see that's impossible, so, can u please tell me, how a healer is supposed to solo heal a raid now?
    Haven't tried it yet, but as I saw yesterday night, it's kinda impossible, if a 4-man group is low health, you have to spam at least 4 powers to heal them, and you can't outheal a boss' damage on a dps, it's impossible.

    As troll: I didn't try it out, but I saw how our group troll (on an alert) was spamming defribilator and he wasn't able to give me (as sorc healer) mana enough to heal a 2dps-troll-healer group, mainly because a power that heals 2k to me and a group member, costs 2k mana, and the one that heals 300 over time, costs 6k mana.
    So, I'm not really happy about this last change, I mean, you took the feedback, and I appreciate this, but that's not the way we wanted to.

    Let me just summarize it:

    -Healers have to spam to heal, if anyone is being hit hard (40-50% per second) he will die, there's no way to keep him alive.
    -Trolls are still can't output enough power, at least to a healer, and these two things are horrific, and it makes us feel it's a joke.
    -Dps eat less mana, but they do 50% damage than SR 1.2, and this kinda says us a 80cr dps on live server would outdps a 180cr test server, and it feels, again, a joke.
    -Yes, trolls now can spam instant-mana,but they output way too less compared to other roles (mainly healer and dps, can't say anything bout tank) mana using, and yes, I do know all roles have passive power regeneration, but it's still feel like this.

    That's it. It just feels like Stats revamp 1.2, but now dps eat less mana (healers are supposed to do it as well, but haven't realised to be honest), they do half damage than, and trolls can spam instant-mana, but their output is too little (or others roles eat too much mana)
    That's it. Sorry for my english but I wanted to leave my feedback, which is now what I would've wanted to, but we'll see.
  15. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    Bravo bravo....Well said bro.....kill this solo pug noob community burn bs....aim for balanced he said some people on here are just BANDWAGONEERS don't have a clue about mechanics... it should always be 2 healers 2 controllers..TEAMWORK
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  16. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    NO 5-1-1-1 is not fine it's crap and it destroys game fun and mechanics NO DEBUFFS NO PICK UPS cause you want to do stupid scoreboard burn....cant even enjoy a good superhero fight cause a million dps on a team....its just stupid and boring no challenge...when you ever seen the JL use all dps to take down a bad guy.....its called TRUST YOUR BALANCED TEAM OF 2-2-2-2 or 1-3-2-2
  17. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Is that why Mass Terror and Mass Lev still have 12 Sec Cooldowns?
  18. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Dear lord did you not read what Winter Sabel posted? Did you comprehend the highlighted part s/he posted? I am a loud advocate for the 2x4 method and content can STILL be done in that format. It is still an option for players to do. They are making it now for those that want to want 3+5 possible BUT theres a catch. If youre only going to run with 3 support then they have to be the best at that Role to get it accomplished and if that fails then someone needs to hit an armory and go a second Support Role. Its giving those players who know their Role a chance to shine and not forcing Players to play one way. I have friends that play both ways of grouping and this works to everyone's benefit.
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  19. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    I Guess SP's don't matter.
    I saw a 5% boost in Power when I added in all my SP's to Power.
    That's a Soda or League Buff.
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  20. Fies Committed Player

    Since we obviously have to go down that road now...

    How are you going to balance 3 different playstyles / power? If any playstyle exceeds in DMG-numbers (even if by a small margin only) the others will be discarded.

    What are your plans for weapons? How are you going to balance them according to their respective range/speed/regen/dps...? Or are you fine with having certain go-to weapons that are stronger than others in one or more aspects?

    Im under the impression that our "freedom of choice" (different playstyles) basically ends as soon as we have to mod our gear to fit our desired playstyle- even more so since you reduced the overall contribution of SP ("flexible" stats). This combined with what I wrote in my first (+second) paragraph will most likely further limit our "freedom of choice".

    Will certain Powers benefit from a certain playstyle (eg. "Fire is best when PedftT") or are you going to force the same playstyle in order to get the best possible results for every power?

    Unless you get (at least) these points right I just cant see the benefits of the update (talking about the powers -everything else aside).
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